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Comment from Megan:

It kinda looks like my eyes aren't looking in the same direction.. but I liked my makeup.. and this is the only picture I have of it.. ohwell makeup crosseyed lazyeyes deadeyes

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Astral Boutique


Comment from Astral Boutique:

We are seeing the very first signs of spring... but our FALL orders are in! Check out the blog (link in bio) to learn how we buy today for the perfect set 5 months from now. linesheetsfordays colorstory crosseyed

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Naomi Gurney


Comment from Naomi Gurney:

Others doing cardio like, "I've got 20 minutes left! That's two 10 minute halves, just gotta get through 5 minutes 4 times!"... But in the gym, am I the only one who totally zones out on the food channel? Do it for the food!!! 😅 . . . turnup music ! follow fitness gym gymaholic sillyme selfie closeup nomakeup instaselfie selfiesofinstagram girlswholift cardio days instagram run ! fit healthy healthylifestyle fitlifestyle instafit freckles girlswholift girlswhosquat tonguesout silly crosseyed craziness tonguepiercing lakings

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Jazz Alvarado Segovia


Comment from Jazz Alvarado Segovia:

I'm a mess and you're worse. . . . . ___________________ me greenhair minthair wig makeup wingedeyeliner crosseyed thecomposerlife

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Amber (Perfectly Posh)


Comment from Amber (Perfectly Posh):

Who says Posh is just for girls!? The hubs has terrible blackheads and nasty pores!! So wife says 💥Lets Cackle Spackle them💥 I love this mask!!! It gets deep down into the pores and gets all that gunk out... yes gunk cacklespackle facemask detox nastypores husband crosseyed perfectlyposh

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Comfort Witcher


Comment from Comfort Witcher:

Operation stop eating only Hawaiian Rolls is underway. Haven't taken a mirror selfie since like 2013, that's so 4 years ago. But anyway, feeling motivated!! fitness crosseyed momswholift flextuesday flex stronger motivation sweat

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Cierra Smith


Comment from Cierra Smith:

Sometimes you just have to be silly silly funny lol snapchat crazy crosseyed

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Comment from Dixie:

When mom hits your spot 😂😂 headscratch crazyeyes crosseyed happy pitbull pit dog rescue pitbullsofinstagram pitsofinstagram dogsofinstagram rescuesofinstagram dontbullymybreed bullylove

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Comment from Katie:

When bae hits your spot 😂😂 headscratch crazyeyes crosseyed pitbull pit dog rescue pitbullsofinstagram pitsofinstagram dogsofinstagram rescuesofinstagram happy

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Gracelyn Fairman


Comment from Gracelyn Fairman:

Look at those beautiful blue eyes! I love this cat so much. It's hard to believe that I will have had him for 4 years in June. Thor siamese crosseyed blueeyes kitty

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Comment from bratz_mh_barbie_lolita.night:

Yass henny work that. crosseyed bratz dollphotography aesthetic makeup hair queen slay 90s vibes barbie monsterhigh everafterhigh doll l4l

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Michaelangelo aka Gelo Bean


Comment from Michaelangelo aka Gelo Bean:

Throwback to when I found out I'm not an only child anymore... 😮

3 Hours ago

Spoiled Ben


Comment from Spoiled Ben:

Best part is the second photo ;-). Photos taken in May, 2015. zzscats Spoiled_Ben_2008 SpoiledBen catsmodo siamesemix siamesemixcat catadoption adoptedcat crossedeyes crosseyed catsofinstagram caringaboutthestrays communitypetrescue rescued benjaminbutton 臭本 dailydoseofspoiledben iphonephotography

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Comment from blablabla11_:

Michigan cat punkcat crosseyed skulls necktie

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Comment from Nemo:

I cannot get over the ridiculousness of this picture. I love him so much 😂❤🐶 ilovemydog dexter potd blacklab sillypuppy sillyfaces bestfriend cutie girlsbestfriend dogsofinstgram histounge crosseyed lol lovehim atl citydog pup ridiculous dextergram

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Perry Platypusryan


Comment from Perry Platypusryan:

My good friend Sean got ahold of my phone at church. punk alsoknownasjuan crosseyed geek

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Jezabel Frecuencia Modulada


Comment from Jezabel Frecuencia Modulada:

sexytimexd crosseyed

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Comment from mama.bear12:

•The four eyed gang featuring our new glasses & Sophie crossing her eyes yet again. Lol• 👓😎🤓😂 • • • foureyes newframes transitional crosseyed toddler wildchild toddlerhood parenthood momlife dadlife

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Comment from 👑:

Me: these edibles aint shit Also me: OoOoOooOo takis ☺🙃☺ takis yummy crosseyed love munchies

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Comment from chrisandwampa:

Wampa is quite the dancer.wampa animals cat siamese crosseyed cute fetch boomerang

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Roxy Diamond 🦄


Comment from Roxy Diamond 🦄:

Crazy.... crazy crazyeyes crosseyed fun dragisfun dragqueen rpdr loveit onfleek onpoint tgirl sissyboy mua makeupartist homo gay lhbt lgbt instagay gayinstagram gayboy gaymodel wig @jgoriginal 😂

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Comment from Danae:

When brothers try to slide in my DMs to "advise" me about my IG; fuck out my face! And lower your gaze. 😁 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . drake morelife jenniferlopez jlo mariahcarey ovo ovosound hijabi hijab muslim muslimah crosseyed dimples girl love blackgirlmagic likeforlike like4like mixedgirl allblackeverything blackandwhite blancoynegro makeupoftheday motd picoftheday potd kawaii haram harami

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thor hunter


Comment from thor hunter:

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Jaspurr🐱& Woody🐱


Comment from Jaspurr🐱& Woody🐱:

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Tamar Daliot


Comment from Tamar Daliot:

When i ask who ate all the snacks?! cat cats funny notguilty eyes shameless shame! love crosseyed kitty nani❤

7 Hours ago

Katies Kittens 🐱


Comment from Katies Kittens 🐱:

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Comment from ZOE:

Snapchat filter crosseyed fun like4like selenagomez tiger animals love zoe kyliejenner bellahadid bellathorne springbreak sun summer hot mileycryus funnyface

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Comment from valencypoiwalker:

MISS MOLLY🐱👀 catcatcafebaristadisabledcatsiphone6spluslikeforlikel4lfollowforfollowf4finstapicinstagoodpicofthedaybeautifulcrosseyedcrosseyedcatsfollowme

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Doubles the Cat


Comment from Doubles the Cat:

stomach bug snugglebug 🤢❤🐞 - - - furbaby catsoninstagram catsofinstagram catstagram instacat catvideos cat cats kitty cute neko meow gato pet pets petstagram cutecatsoninstagram instagood picoftheday ねこ siamese crosseyed crosseyedcats catsploitation

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Katie Friend


Comment from Katie Friend:

I put this tiny sweater on Marley. He was not happy about it, haha. I took it right off, but he's still mad at me. 💚 crosseyed crosseyedcat blackcat angrycat instacat catsofinstagram ilovemycat

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Comment from Remington:

Mine. _________ catoftheday cats catsofinstagram picoftheday instacat instagood siamesecatsofinstagram siamese_feature sealpointsiamese adoptdontshop blueeyes blueeyedcats crosseyed crosseyedcats gato meow suitcase packing packingsucks leavingonajetplane crewlife

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Comment from LMC:

This is as close to tongueouttuesday as you're gonna get mom! happy tot Tuesday socialmedia cat cats cats_of_instagram catsofinstagram catagram catgram instagram_cats instacat instagramcats instacat petgram petagram petsofinstagram felinesofinstagram feline siamesecat siamese siamesetabby crosseyed blueeyes kitty meow crazycatlady adoptasheltercat adoptdontshop adoptapet

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Comment from 🐱STAR & CAIRO & BELLE 🐱:

Belle says "Stop the pictures - I know I'm gorgeous!" purrfect twistedlegsyndrome disability handicat crosseyed

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