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Jax 💕🌸🌺🌾✌🏼☮️🖤🤘🏽🐈♎️


Comment from Jax 💕🌸🌺🌾✌🏼☮️🖤🤘🏽🐈♎️:

Can it be winter already ? sweden nordic winter cold coldweatherperson coldblooded freezing layer snow metalbabe metalhead nordicgirl nordicsisterhood hippie hippiesoul creepygirls

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Good morning

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✨🔮Heidi Grotesque🔮✨


Comment from ✨🔮Heidi Grotesque🔮✨:

⚘⚘⚘ Skirt coming soon to @corvuscoronefashionphotography Top made by me (I haven't decided whether to put it in the shop or not yet) Boots from Primark

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Samantha Lyons


Comment from Samantha Lyons:

When you need some good ol' covfefe to start your day... MUA: @blackcatsfx PC: @timothykbf @maryimagination adeadlymelody behindthescenes indie horror coffee ilooktwelve caseofthemondays instagram creepygirl creepygirls girlswhoscare spooky givemecoffeeorgivemedeath coffeeaddict horror project film acting

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Comment from cherrnika:

I don't want to live without you anymore 🙍🏼 . . tattooedladies vscovintage pozdro gymlovers hmph vscowarsaw creepygirls chillvibes exploreeurope vscocampoland blacklight inknation blackeverything vscorussian ппбезфанатизма inspiracje thinkgreen tatouages instagrampl polishdesign biegamy darksoul blck tatuaz tattooers vscospring

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Comment from koffinkids:

🔥🔥 @lunastaira 🔥🔥 goth gothic gothgirls gothicgirls koffinkids girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos blackeveryday metal black tattooed inkisthickerthanblood tattooed instagoth alternativegirl altgirl metalheads inkedup girlswithtattoos thedarkside halloweeneveryday punk blackmoon creepygirls blackmetal

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kym • adult goth

Comment from kym • adult goth:

••• Dark waves at Duck Beach •••

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Pinup Pete


Comment from Pinup Pete:

@Regrann from the gorgeously ghoulish @harperleighhollywood - Little Behind the Scenes pic of a photo shoot l did today with @michellexstar for @kreepsville666 🔪💉💉💉💉 That bloody cleaver is a PURSE! Can't wait to show u photos from this set! 🖤💋💋 - regrann creepygirls beauty dark gothic altmodel altpinup cleaver

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Comment from twistedalchemy:

Monday mood. 😜🖤 mondaymood mondaymeme mondaymemes creepygirlsdoitbetter girlswithblackhair horroraddict horrorjunkie horrorfan horrorclub horrorlover horrornerd creepygirls gothicmeme classichorror vintagehorror horrorinc horrorlife instahorror morticiaaddams addams morticia theaddamsfamily funnyhorror horrormeme gothicgirl gothgirl carolynjones horrormemes

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Comment from kat_atomic_fx:

My final look for the closetkingdomcontest , the theme was Greek mythology and i choose medusa . . Medusa was the only Gorgon to possess snake locks because they were punishment from Athena. accordingly, relates Ovid that the once beautiful mortal was punished by Athena with a hideous appearance and loathsome snakes for hair for having been raped in Athena's Temple by Poseidon. . . katatomicfx selftaughtmua closetkingdomcontest sfxmakeup fxmakeupartist fx specialeffects creepygirls greekmythology medusa horrorhags featuremuas undiscovered_muas feature_my_stuff cursed

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Julia Nieto Fernandez


Comment from Julia Nieto Fernandez:

ibiza ibiza2017 party rumors destino bestfriends printanimal psychobilly goth nugoth instagoth tattoo ink tats makeup pinupgirl gothic gothgirl alternative alt summer friendship rockabetty bettiepage rockabillystyle creepygirls witch moondoll

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Jamie Campbell


Comment from Jamie Campbell:

If I could find a way to see this straight, I'd run away to some fortune that I should have found by now and so I run to the things they said could restore me, restore life the way it should be. 🎶❤ youngthegiant coughsyrup cameo stretchedseptum whitehair girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos creepygirls chickswithtattoos chickswithpiercings colourpop

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🌙 🔮Brina Monique Munoz 🔮🌙


Comment from 🌙 🔮Brina Monique Munoz 🔮🌙:

Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Living Dead Girl! robzombie livingdeadgirl green black mua katvond liquidlipstick witches darkbeauty darkness gothic creepygirlsdoitbetter creepygirls glam instaglam makeupgeek morphebrushes moonchild makeupartist metalheadgirl goth girlswithpiercings

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Tammi Renē


Comment from Tammi Renē:

girlswithtattoos creepygirls creepygirlsdoitbetter thickthighs prettyeyes inkedgirls metalgirl makeup outfitoftheday

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Alexa Drummond


Comment from Alexa Drummond:

Another picture from the other day. I don't really like how it came out but hey practicemakesperfect probably also dont like it because it was just a practice one and i washed it off right after, it wasnt for going out or anything. The rainbow mermaid one will be fun and much better. mermaidmakeup creepygirls facepaint motd makeupart makeupglitter facepainter artistsoninstagram selfie mysticalart freaky

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• 💀 E N ➕ S E •


Comment from • 💀 E N ➕ S E •:

Bittersweet goodbyes - my time here in england is almost coming to an end. We had such an amazing week & im leaving with a bunch of great memories. friendship realfriends hategoodbyes travelgram germany california creepygirls weekend gothgirl glamourghoul memories bittersweet girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings selfie potd picoftheday me igers love mua wakeupandmakeup spookyshit europe germangirl californialiving black blackismyhappycolor

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Kimberly Miralda 🌸✨


Comment from Kimberly Miralda 🌸✨:

Birthday girl Make A Wish ! june17th happybirthdaytome blackpinup vintagegoth creepygirls redlips septum ashleypiercing smile gothgirl greeneyes boutiquediabolik smile wishes 22 bow corset blackdress retro girlswithpiercings montreal quebec canada

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Kimberly Miralda 🌸✨


Comment from Kimberly Miralda 🌸✨:

If you are looking for my heart, I put it in this dark castle then I filled the castle with all the most sadistic monsters, serial killer, psychopaths and cannibals.. That in order to find my love you have to die and wait for my soul in the other world... simply because I'm tired of your bullshit and the pain that is inflicted to me. The End. onceuponatimeinspiredstory blackcastle church croix clouds pain sadism onceuponatime bullshit princess queenofdarkness gothgirl gothgoddess gothic serialkiller hannibal monsters psychopath heart creepygirls scarystories sadgirl badgirl

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Comment from ☆☽◯☾☆:

🎶A dreaded sunny day So let's go where we're happy And I meet you at the cemetry gates🎶 ⚰️ golf cart Scenic route and a stop off at the cemetery. avalon catalinaisland Catalina island cemeterylovers cemetery death happy thesmiths morrissey moz mozangeles altgirls creepygirls staycreepy becreepywithme macabre momentomori morbid horrorfiend sundayfunday altfashion goth

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Olivia 🌻


Comment from Olivia 🌻:

to the Moon, we are drawn🌙🍄🍃 . . . . . Moon waxingcrescent moonphases sky blackandwhitephotography nightsky wannabephotographer dark creepy creepygirls nighttime outdoors spiritual themoon laluna darkness moonlight crescentmoon alluring astronomy astrology aesthetic photography

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"White Eye Nation"


Comment from "White Eye Nation":

The "White Eye Nation" is back in town after a much needed and well deserved break. The Original "Queen of the White Eye Nation" the always beautiful and lovely @kk9513, along with her beautiful stepsisters @laura_darklady, and @lucielegale, featuring @sonvaak_do_hahnu, @baddybabby16, and @piercethelion. Thank you so much for your spectacular submissions and we appreciate your patience during our hiatus, You ladies are truly the best and true sweethearts 💛💚💙💟💋💓💕😍💗💞😘Show us your best white or rolled eyes or any other eye trick and we will feature your submission and receive a shoutout. DM or email your submissions to whiteeyeballs2016 eyes whiteeyenation whiteeyesofinsta whiteeyesofinstagram whiteeyes eyesrolledback eyesrolleddown eyetrick eyetricks eyeballs creepyeyes freakyeyes scaryeyes crazyeyes weirdeyes creepy scary weird creepygirl creepygirls girlswithwhiteeyes girlswhocanrolltheireyes girlswhocandoeyetricks

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Guity Rafik🌹💀🌹


Comment from Guity Rafik🌹💀🌹:

🌑 🦇 L U N A R 🦇🌑 Eyes: Solar Glow x9 palette, Squid eye liner, 24 Hour Eye Base, False Lash mascara, Spiked brow pencil Skin: Studio Fix Fluid, Pro Long Wear concealers, Strobe Cream (Goldlite), Timecheck Lotion, Soft and Gentle skin finish, Matte Bronze, Hushed Tone IED blush Lips: Jupiter lipstick, Burgandy lip pencil, Lip Primer makeup makeuplook makeupdolls makeupartist makeupoftheday motd mua instamakeup pinupmakeup pinupgirl redlips gothgirl goth girl inkedgirls inked tattooedgirls glow highlights lips eyes alternativegirl beauty horrorgirl creepygirls horror vampire vamp beauty darkhair glam

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Comment from rachel:

selfie splithair red black creepygirls piercings lipring bridgepiercing

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Horror Chicks


Comment from Horror Chicks:

Horror chick of the week is 1. Name- Sarah 2. Birthday - 7/31/2004 3. Age- 12 4. Where your from -Ohio 5. Favorite color- pink and purple 6. Favorite horror movie- Friday the 13th 7. Why you love horror- can express myself 8. What haunted you work for (if you do) - volunteer at the Haunted Hydro with my mom (Horror Chick Nicole Royster) 9. When you started working at the haunt? Or when did you start to cosplay? These past couple years 10. Intrests and hobbies - volleyball, soccer, basketball, horror n gore, photography and modeling 11. Fun fact about you - as a model been on the cover of a magazine and was also feature model horrorchicks horrorchickoftheweek horror horrorislife horrorisalifestyle horrorismyobsession creepygirls hauntlife

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🦇🕷️🕸️Mollie Mayhem🕸🕷️🦇


Comment from 🦇🕷️🕸️Mollie Mayhem🕸🕷️🦇:

“It doesn't matter how many people run away screaming, so long as I know I'm beautiful"~ Lily Munster 🖤 Get your Lily Bat Bag from my spooktacular friends at @rock_rebel_shop 🦇🦇 Photography by my love @michellexstar, skirt by @kreepsville666 🦇🕸️🖤 rockrebel bat bag lilymunster TheMunsters michellexstar photography photoshoot beautiful tattoo tattoos ink inked dark goth black monsters monster horror halloween creepy creepygirls model models girl girls instagood instadaily

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Stark Graving Mad


Comment from Stark Graving Mad:

I'm chipping away at concept sketches for a large project, so here's an unused sketch for your Sunday evening.

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Comment from GhoulBrains:

Anywhere you go let me go too. That's all I ask of you 🖤pointofnoreturn phantomoftheopera nerdygirl creepygirls alternativegirl silverhair longhair messyhairdontcare feels weeb

11 Hours ago

Tessa Stone


Comment from Tessa Stone:

At Greenfield village Photo credit to @mugeneri 💀⚰AltGirl Alternative Antiques Corset CreepyGirls Dark DarkFashion DarkMakeUp Goth GothFashion GothGirl GothGoth Gothic GothicFashion GothicMakeUp Greenfieldvillage GothMakeUp Helix Industrial LipPiercing Macabre Michigan Pale PaleGirl Piercings PiercedGirls Roseplugs Septum Victorianfashion Victoriangoth 🔮🖤

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Amber Foxx


Comment from Amber Foxx:

"Don't paint me Black when I use to be GOLDEN" thestorysofar • • poppunk alternative alternativegirl altgirl altmodel emogirl emo scene scenegirl scenekid scenekid girlswithtattoos girlswithplugs punk metalchick metal punkrock poppunk punkgirls creepy creepygirls black fade bralette moon moonstone ink inkedgirls

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Annie 💀🔮🎃


Comment from Annie 💀🔮🎃:

💀💀💀💀witchywoman queenofdarkenessmonstermaker morticiaaddams morticiaaddamsismyspiritanimal halloween creepygirls everydayiahalloween specialfxinstructor

16 Hours ago

Amanda Lee


Comment from Amanda Lee:

🌵Yay creepy plants 🌵 skullthings creepygirls grow

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Comment from LV🌙:

Holy crap lol creepy sc filter smile weird scary goodnight sweetdreams bonnenuit 🌙 language nightshift creepygirls evileyes

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