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Cookies Patisserie🍰


Comment from Cookies Patisserie🍰:

А как Вам такое ягодное наслаждение? Наши кондитеры не перестают трудиться над тем, чтобы покорить Ваше воображение! cookies patisserie baku azerbaijan десерты кондитерская торты

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Comment from Needcupcakes:

También hay pedidos que nos dejan 🤔pero después los hacemos y ❤Yokai Watch para Simon! . . . yokaiwatch cake instacake torta instacookies cookies

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El huequito del postre


Comment from El huequito del postre:

Con cajita haciendo referencia al proyecto de cole este año, Asia 🐼 galletasdecoradas galletasprofes galletasprofesora cookies fondant reposteriacreativa

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Comment from BRÜINZS Cookies:

Thank you dear customers for buying the hampers! 💕 . . hamper hampers hampersjkt hampersbsd hampersjakarta parcel parcellebaran parcelidulfitri hampersidulfitri eidmubarak kue kuekering kuelebaran kuekeringlebaran cookies cemilan cemalcemil jajananenak jakarta bruinzsjkt

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Comment from yu_____insta:

2017.6.22 . 甘いものが食べたくてクッキーいっぱい ーいっぱい食べた🍪 エスプレッソコーヒーが一番美味しかった クッキー バイキング 紅茶 cookies chocolate tea sweets

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Comment from alinaphilippova:

Мои cookies 🍪 С каждым разом убеждаюсь, что печь вкусняшки это моё всё😁 И настроение сразу поднимается и аромат на кухне, не передать 💖🙌🏻

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Amber Victoria & Surprise Inc


Comment from Amber Victoria & Surprise Inc:

I just want to make my Bu'e happy, nothing can express my feeling when I saw her smiling. "Maturnuwun Puri Asri" she said. grateful hampers happy parcel gift mother snacks cookies syrup sugar oil coffee tea

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Pipa Criações ❤ Daniela Maia


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Peixinhos amanteigados ansiosos para serem fisgados no Arraial do Pedro Henrique ❤ Decoração realizada pela Alessandra @iupiideias e Deia Zanella @deiazanellaeventos com acervo Minha Festa @minhafestapoa, no espaço Loft 313 @loft313 Foto da Karina Busatto @karinabusatto phfaz3 festaafetiva festajunina patrulhacanina festainfantil kidsparty biscoitosartesanais biscoitosmodelados biscoitosdecorados biscoitosamanteigados cookies biscoitos pescaria

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Jessica Q


Comment from Jessica Q:

A lot of you have dm'd me asking what the hell I write everyday on my ig story 😂😂 the truth is it varies. Sometimes it's journaling about exciting things I want to remember every detail of, or venting after a long day. Sometimes it's goals and ideas, sometimes it's a gratitude list, and sometimes it's rambling about nothing because I like the way it feels to just feel pen on paper, as weird as that sounds. Writing has been such a release and creative tool for me since I was a kid. I do it every single morning as soon as I wake up and throughout the day in my phone if I feel the need. Not only does it help to detox my mind and get my thoughts in order, but i'm a huge believer in visualization and the law of attraction. Every single thing I have ever wanted in life that has come to fruition, I had written down and visualized tf out of first. If I want something, or have a specific goal I will write it out in great detail and imagine what it would be like to have it right now. Try it for a week and see how you feel 💕😘🤗 goodmorning

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Marilena Totaro Fila


Comment from Marilena Totaro Fila:

cake yummy cakes foodporn chocolate cupcakes friends cupcake buttercream cheesecakes sweets chocolatecookie colors strawberry garden bakers baking creamy cakedesign cookie cookies cream shopskins chocolovers chocolatelovers rainbow rainbowcake cakestagram recipe tutorials

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ash seserahan


Comment from ash seserahan:

Parcel lebaran by me 😊 Kue kering by mitra 🎀 kuekering kuekeringlebaran baran cookies cookieslebaran p ran parcel parcelkuekering par g parcelkuekeringlebaran parce parcelcookies parcelcookiesleb eslebaran parcelcantik kuekeri ekeringhomemade kuekeringbanja banjarnegara parcelkuebanjarne

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Comment from Jpheez:

Merit Badge 2016 growyourown organic elite91nutrients charcoir solistek me cookiesorbetter cookies wegrowdifferent summer space weed tbt 661 frostitute

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Devina Food Bandung


Comment from Devina Food Bandung:

Olive & Popeye 😍 olive Popeye kuelebaran2017 kuekering kuelebaranmurah kuelebaran kuelebaranbandung kuekeringmurah kuekeringenak kuekeringlebaran kuekeringonline kuekeringunik kuekeringhomemade nastar nastarkarakter cookies cookieskarakter bandung bandungkuliner bandungfood

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Comment from NanaStore:

db_nastar homebake homemade madebyorder cookies nastar dbnastar pineappletart soldout premieresuccess premiere

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Dioni 🍪


Comment from Dioni 🍪:

bakingday cookies

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Comment from inta:

Cartepilar cookies....cookieshomemadealai

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Comment from Jennybobs:

Tea cup ☕️ pendant. Tilt the pendant to try get the cookies 🍪 into the cup. tea cupoftea fun necklace sculpey fimo clay polymerclay art crafts pendant cookies

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Comment from Justin:

cookies chocolatechips chocolate homemade yum hongkong

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Dani Emtage


Comment from Dani Emtage:

Thank you Betty Crocker for always having my back! Gluten free cookies, and except for the chocolate chunks, dairy free too! Naturally I kept some of the dough back for eating while the cookies cool 😋 . . . glutenfree dairyfree bettycrocker cookies getinmybelly whatsforlunch

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فالنتينا Valentina


Comment from فالنتينا Valentina:

Comb biscuits Yes! Comb biscuits (bascut el misht) because you would use a comb to create groves that are so attractive 😉 One of oriental homemade classics. Healthy, simple and delusions food delicious instafood instataste healthy yummi instagood photooftheday hungry breakfast lunch dinner easyrecipe cookies healthycookies foodtube chef chefsofinstagram cook cooking eats foodart foodphotographer foodie foodstagram foodstyling instachef kitchen nomnom buzzfeedfood

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Comment from Junko.artdevivre:

🌹ロミアス(ROMIAS)・美味しさと思い出が詰まったお菓 ☕️シャルタン口金で生地を絞り、円形の中にアメ状のフィリング フィリングをのせて焼き上げます。 ☕️パリのベルエ・コンセイ ・コンセイユを訪れた時のレシピ💖です。 ロミアス焼き菓子 ス焼き菓子クッキー手作りお菓子手作りスイーツ日々の暮らしベル 暮らしベルエコンセイユパリ青い鳥お菓子教室アールドビーブル cookiessablésweetshandmadeswee esweetstealifeecolebellouetcon etconseilparisdragéeoiseausavo

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Rebecca Halie


Comment from Rebecca Halie:

🎉🍪C&C UPDATE 🍪🎉 @ccbakingfactory is now taking private orders!!! Cakes, Cookies, brownies, and pies! (3 days notice on all orders) CCBaking Private Custom Orders Cake Cookies Pies Brownies Babylon BabylonVillage LongIsland NewYork PayPal Delivery Support FamilyBusiness

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Cafe, Picnic Parties & Events


Comment from Cafe, Picnic Parties & Events:

The little ducks are gathering for a bit of fun during Eat Local Week 😄 SNAP TO WIN! Purchase a Golden Choc duck from our pop up stall at the Boonah Library Wed 28th or from our food van at the Winter Harvest Festival in Aratula 1st July, snap a photo of your little duck somewhere in the Scenic Rim & add eatlocalducks to WIN a $50 voucher for The Picnic Parlour cafe. . . . . Conditions: Eat Local duck must be clearly visable, Comp closes 8pm 2nd July, winner drawn 8pm 3rd July, posts must be set to public, Facebook 's count, your name will only be entered once into the draw, voucher to be used within 6 weeks, voucher is not redeemable for cash.

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Yah-Ki-Doc Bake Club


Comment from Yah-Ki-Doc Bake Club:

Hold your horses! cookies decoratedcookies cookiesofinstagram sugarart baking bakersofinstagram customcookies edibleart instacookie instabake decoratedsugarcookies yahkidocbakeclub horses birthday metrodetroit bakery

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Comment from darktamy67:

RiminiMy parent's homeTodayCookiesAdore😍Pirates ratesBelliebuoni🍪YummyBonappe my lovely friends😍!Buonpomeriggio miei dolci amici😘!Bacieabbracci💋SMACKKK

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Comment from #faatjeskitchen:

Ramadan day 27... SWIPE 👈 dates eid eidprep cookies moroccancookies homebaked bakery bakingday baking bake ramadan dadelkoekjes faatjeskitchen

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Art in Cookie


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Lindas árvores 3d para deixar a sua decoração mais linda!!! 🌳🌳🌳🌲🌲🌲💛💛💛 Fa seu pedido pelo email artincookie ou pelo telefone ( 61 ) 996864520 artincookie biscoitodecorados unicos feitocomamor arvores festademenina festademenino feitoamao encomenda cookies cookiedesign fofura detalhes fofura florestaencantada

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Victoria Brissman


Comment from Victoria Brissman:

Delar av midsommarfikat är bakat och klart 🍪 Homemade cookies for midsummer

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Enjoy your life!


Comment from Enjoy your life!:

Oatmeal cookies with raisins. Овсяные печенья с изюмом. Kişmişli yulaflı pecenyeler. cookies oatmeal oatmealcookies foodstagram instafood foodpic foods homebaking instabake lovetobake onmytable печенье овсяныесмзюмомлюблюпечь кчаю вкусно моякухня вкусняшки yulaflıpecenye pecenye sunumplatformu paylasim_platformu mutfakgram aztagram instaaz sunumgram sunumduragı sunum caykeyfi

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Comment from nuray_sah:

🎂🍰❤ pasta pastam kurabiye kurabiyeler kek tarifler tatlı tatlılar yemekler yemektarifleri yemek muffins sternkekse kekse cookie cookies bake nutella baking caykeyfi

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Hacelo Bonito Party


Comment from Hacelo Bonito Party:

Marcadores comestibles WILTON! cookies decoraciondetortas reposteria pasteleria wilton

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Подъезд № 1


Comment from Подъезд № 1:

Печенье печётся красивым и вкусным, но не печётся о проблемах. 😄🍪 пейте хороший кофе с печеньем и не беспокойтесь о мелочах. ☕😉

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Comment from LITTLE HUMAN:

🍪😌 BensCookies 벤스쿠키 시암파라곤 방콕 태국 쿠키 cookies bangkok siamparagon thailand

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