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weezy wonka


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We would like to say hi to all of or friends on ig. 710 weed cannabiscommunity cleanmeds

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@theeoilrefineryco sugartrim loud terps terpenes shatterday bho errl 710 hash sb420 cannabiscommunity tlc tropicana sundaedriver shatter loud purplepunch dab lowtempdabs pullnsnap claritycounts cleanmeds

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Cannabis Lifestyle


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Keep walking lady Tag that waitress Follow @organic.meds

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🛫 🔥🔥⛽True O.G. out for a flip! Available this Thursday June 29th @dabntag @dabntaglv ⛽🔥🔥 🛫 Vegas trueog flight710 takeflight wfayo dabs errl bho slab shatter hash oil crumble closedloop dewaxed 96hrpurge cannabis kush weed highlife highsociety growyourown soiltooil cleanmeds 710society dabncartsfamily dabncartstour fueledbythc

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GG4 by @michiganmonster so terpy💦💦 blessed I was able to find you guys and get acquainted🙏👊💪 mmmp theprivategrower cleanmeds

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Rugburn OG by the good homies @michiganmonster 👊👊 good looks on the hook up! mmmp hightimescannabiscup cleanmeds theprivategrower

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Terpy McTerps


Comment from Terpy McTerps:

purplepunch one of those strains that makes you look better then you really are, it's like your gf who tells you you're the biggest dick she's ever had. Probably not true but it makes you feel good 😂😂 916 cityoftrees cookiesorbetter supernovagardens credittothebreeder topshelflife bitxhimhigh hightimes cleanmeds weshouldsmoke prop215 sactown sacramento norcal growyourown knowyourgrower iwillmarrymary singlesource futurehash terps yee cannabisheals cannabiscommunity onelove 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Billy Huebschwerlen


Comment from Billy Huebschwerlen:

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hotandhurty jammin to some real good music👌👌👌👌👌👊👊🙏🙏🙏 dabtime😀👌👊😤💨💨💨💨💨💣🔥� straightfire bluecookies from the fam at canadianshatter qualityinsideandout clearitycounts cleanmeds dabcanada dabchamps comedabwithme northof60 cloudsovercanada yukondabber medicateandmeditate fueledbythc 710society dabsociety cannabiscommunity @canadiansinc @rlfdmmj keepitcloudy 👌👊😀😤😧😥😥💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 �💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨� 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 @rob_biglin minitube heavyhitter shredder @ilglass ufo carbcap @culprit_glass pencildabber glassart glasscollector glassofig loveit supportcanadianglassblowers

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Comment from FromTheVine__:

@grim1661 enjoying exotics and taking incredible pictures of our WhiteBuffalo! Exotics Terps FlavorChasing CleanMeds TLCCollective CCASilverlake bohdisattvacollective

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Backroads Extracts


Comment from Backroads Extracts:

A few pics of the cold water washes I did today. Pic 1 Mendo Breath. Pic 2 Blackberry Kush. Both of these washes were done with the "NO ICE" cold water extractor I just custom built myself. Think I got it dialed. I was able to get water temp down to 0.9*F and maintained temps between -4*F throughout extraction. These two pretty piles of trichomes are going to press some 🔥! backroadsextracts backroadsstyle bubblehash belowfreezing noicebubblehash cleanmeds cleanextracts 710life alldayeveryday yeahbubby

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The Werc Shop


Comment from The Werc Shop:

The study reported that “all study participants experienced clinically significant symptom relief.” Patients saw reductions in obsessive-compulsive symptoms, impulsivity, anxiety, irritability, and rage outbursts, and eighteen of them reported a 60% decrease in tic severity. The doses of cannabis were “generally well tolerated” by the study subjects, suggesting that cannabis treatment may be much safer than traditional pharmaceutical treatments. Full study:

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Comment from Cannaroma:

The Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act, proposed by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Grassley, would reduce regulatory barriers inhibiting cannabis research in order to create a stronger body of sound scientific research into the medical benefits of cannabis.

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Comment from mreazywider:

Hmm🤔. terpsonterpsonterps shatter gold cleanmeds tangiebanana lemontangie goldenstrawberrybanana

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Commune Flowers


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🏁🏁🏎🍊🍋⛽️💨🏁🏁 ORANGE PEEL-OUT NEARING THE FINISH LINE🏁🏁‼️‼️ oakland smokeland crockettsogxtangie crockettfamilyfarms communeflowers orangepeelout terpsonterps cleanmeds cleansmoke nopesticides nopgrs weflushalot

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Gold Mind Extracts

Comment from Gold Mind Extracts:

This shot of StrawberryBanana Speaks for itself if you ask me Terps !!! GoldMindExtracts STAYBHOMBING Properrl WESHOULDSMOKE OnlyDabTheGoldest onlysmokethefinest Wfayo Dabs Shatter Errl bho 710 420 Kush Dank Slablife HIGHLIFE Topshelflife Topshelf Cleanmeds Iedabbers Wax ifitdoesntshatteritdoesntmatte bitxhimhigh Oiler Bhomber

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Comment from Chuck:

Sour Stomper "floppy bitch" pheno haha. Smells really great. Not ss good as the other chunkier pheno but amazing all the same! meph_heads mammothp mammothmicrobes colonyx deep6 powersi teamingwithmicrobes autoflower tlo cleanmeds supersoil 420 mmj herb weedstagram420 weedporn budporn weedstagram autoflower terps california organic Kush kusharmy ogkush weshouldsmoke

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Comment from TURBHO_Extracts:

Skywalker og packaged and ready dm for details cleanmeds bho 710 420 weed wax dab dabs terpenes terps ganjagirls ganja marijuana smokeweedeveryday smokeyeye indica sativa wedontsmokethesame weshouldsmoke

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Comment from Alina:

@thespottlabs Keep up the hard work!!👏👏 Thank you for the amazing backpack filled with goodies!!👊 cannabiscup cannabiscup2017 hightimescannabiscup cleanmeds knowwhatyourgetting test fuckcancer cliomichigan cliomichigancannabiscup lovewhatyoudo giveback loveislove seedcellar phantommeds827 prisoncitygenetics grow growmichigan cannabiscures 🌿🍃🌱

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Comment from 💎💎IDEAL CBD💎💎:

IDEAL CBD coming to Michigan dispensaries near you!!! 💎💎💎💎 mmmp cbd isolate tinture hemp annarbordispensaries ypsilantidispensaries detroitdispensaries livelife heady educate therapy antiinflammatory thcfree medicalmitten dunkndab addcbd dabadab hve killcancer 420 710 concentrates crystals chunkcbd crushcbd growingcrystals breakingcrystals cleanmeds

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Tami Kovacs


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Repost @bambin0_da_gr8 ️GIVEAWAY‼️ Must follow @thaidup710 @thaidup710 @thaidup710 @thaidup710 @thaidup710 & Pick a number between 1-1000 and TAG a friend. Can't tag each other.... Repost gets you another guess 💯 OPEN TO ALL.... Winner will get (1) Grape backwood thaistick 🍇🍇🔥 (1) bottle of cbd pills 🍯 (1) Glass piece....❓❓ I will call it when it gets filled up... ENJOY bambin0thegreat thaistick backwoods wfyao weshouldsmoke cannabiscommunity justblazeig weedstagram ffourtwenty 420photography instanuggz grapebackwoods hightimes high_larry_us giveaway gojiog cleanmeds

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Autumn 👁


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Comment from AmandaRose🌹420Nurses®:

MauwieWauwie has gone BANANAS 🍌😂😍 reppin @golden_state_banana 💯🐶 PitbullsofInstagram DontBullyMyBreed GoldenStateBanana Aptos420Nurses SantaCruz Aptos420NursesChapter CannabisCommunity KushQueens CleanMeds GanjaGirls Extracts LabTested 420 MedicatedBarbies GirlsWhoSmoke LetsSmoke HighTimes PrettyPotheads 420Nurses MarijuanaBabes PotheadSociety LegalizeIt BongBeauties MarijuanaModels AmandaRoseMMJ

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Comment from Chuck:

A tour of the icy tundra on yhe SourStomper from @mephistogenetics on harvest day 66. She smells like grape candy in a pine forest. Omnomnom. Shoutout to gbd over at @mephistogenetics for crossing in my favorite strain. Now i just gotta pull yhe trigger and get some regs for the hunt. meph_heads mammothp mammothmicrobes colonyx deep6 powersi teamingwithmicrobes autoflower tlo cleanmeds supersoil 420 mmj herb weedstagram420 weedporn budporn weedstagram autoflower terps california organic Kush kusharmy ogkush weshouldsmoke

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🔫💲Goon Squad Glass™💲🔫


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Cases of CBD tablets on deck. Check out @purecbdiol Purelaxan™ is the number one CBD tablet in America!  cannabidiolcbdcannab annabismichiganpurelaxanposttr osttraumaticstressdisorderptsd rptsdpuremichiganmichiganmadec madecbdftwhighsocietyiwillmarr lmarrymary420cannabiniodscryst crystallinecbdpurecbdletsevolv evolvemedicalcannabisconscious ciouscannabislabgradecleanmeds nmedsbeneficencealtruism0ppmlo

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Comment from WeBSquishin.Extracts:

Can't get enough rosinrevolution soiltooil sho cleanmeds weshouldsmoke websquishin fueledbythc sourpatch kiefpress wax crumble 710 420 cannabiscommunity dank goodshitonly nogasbath lowtempplates

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Nick G


Comment from Nick G:

Night 710 710society dabstagram dablife dabs headyglass heady glassart americanglass 420 cannabis cannabiscommunity ganja weed bud highlife hightimes marijuana maryjane onelove stonerlife staymedicated stayhigh staylifted shatterday dirtyheads wakeandbake cleanmeds medicate highsociety

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Comment from TheSkunkPEE:

Blackcherrypie x GhostOG confirmed female at my other grow spot lol @inhouse6290 👍🏼💪🏼💯👩🏼

2 Hours ago

Joey Jet


Comment from Joey Jet:

Keeping it terpy with Critical Jack from @the_slaboratory 👅💦 207stoners 207terps grabtheslab mouthwatering terps terpcity terpteam flavor 710society 710 dabs dabstagram dabphotography slab slaboratory 420 cannabis concentrate cleanmeds extracts fire mmp

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PureCBDiol™ 🇺🇸 #1 CBD Tablets!


Comment from PureCBDiol™ 🇺🇸 #1 CBD Tablets!:

New batch of 25mg Purelaxan™ bottled up and ready to go. Available for sale on Tuesday! Check out Here at PureCBDiol™ we are the leaders in 99%+ pure pharmaceutical grade CBD tablet supplements. Our CBD tablets Purelaxan™ are top of the line. Our tablets are easy to swallow, with rapid onset. Designed with maximum bioactivity in mind, you'll be feeling better sooner.  Purelaxan™ is the number one CBD tablet in America!  cannabidiolcbdcannab annabispurecbdiolmichiganpurel purelaxanposttraumaticstressdi essdisorderptsdpuremichiganmic anmichiganmadecbdftwhighsociet ocietyiwillmarrymary420cannabi nnabiniodscrystallinecbdpurecb urecbdletsevolvemedicalcannabi nnabisconsciouscannabislabgrad bgradecleanmedsbeneficencealtr

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Comment from Purestarlabs:

Vapes on special all week!! Stock up and save! thinmint chemdawg trainwreck sourtangie sunsetsherbet kinglouie vape vapepens vapenation vape💨 vapeporn gritty cleanvape cleanmeds distillate kushstock thetacosesh bangbangtacoseshgang dabbernation dabbersunite ijustsmokedabluntwithyourgirlf photo by @photosbypink_

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Brandon Bausman


Comment from Brandon Bausman:

Taking in my last day of vacay with some Eel OG by @getguild that I got today from @patientcarefirst for the low low, they always got the fire for cheap wedontdabthesame wedontsmokethesame eelog guildextracts sugar pcf fire weshouldsmoke errls 710 420 cleanmeds sunday letsdab

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Comment from FTFCSD:

@Regrann from @releafcosmetics - @ftfcsd Thanks for supporting the cause! Checkout @ftfcsd and find out how you can get the best medical cannabis products like 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ delivered right to you door. Click the link in their bio for location information and contact info. cleanmeds topical medicalmarijuana nofilter cannabiscommunity painrelief

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