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Luke Holder AKA Blue Boy


Comment from Luke Holder AKA Blue Boy:


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Roberto Dias ∆


Comment from Roberto Dias ∆:

FALTA 3 DIAS . . . 🐶 👫 🔝 love instagood photooftheday @top.tags tbt cute me beautiful followme happy friend friends fun tags funny igers friendship party chill dog dogs puppy pup eyes dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal

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Javier schultz


Comment from Javier schultz:

My new black beast jeep grand cherokee black wheels v8 4x4 chill work hard play harder succes business

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Comment from AlyAckley:

Can't sulk for long. The beauty of the ocean is that whenever a wave crashes, it picks itself back up. Surrender to the flow and find your zen. Ride the calm and climb the chaos that resides within😘 💕 🖤 💕 🖤 💕 cellist cello chillout chill chillin cellolove selftaught groove amateur loveyourself findyourself checkyourself

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Comment from ChiNe:

Captain Hook. ⛵️ CaptainHook Pirate Fantasy Captain Hook Wonderland Adventure Disney Disneyland ThemePark Attraction Story Vocation Holiday Trip Wonderful View Activity Emotion Cool Enjoy Relax Chill Fun Happy Moment iloveLA LosAngeles California USA

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Comment from ғᴇʀɴᴀɴᴅᴀ:

. . . . . . . . likes4likes liking likeforlikeback likeforlikealways instachile instadaily taptap chile chilegram picofday photography l4l beach chill followforfollow followback girl style happy calm photooftheday love fashion hippie hippiechic stgo vsco scl loveit

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Reich Dulay


Comment from Reich Dulay:

Relax 👌 party bar resto restobar drinks vodka beer relax chill vacay light bartender drunk partylovers picoftheday photography photos love lovewins

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Alvin Glenn


Comment from Alvin Glenn:

Have less. Do more. Be more. AGTravel adventure adventuretime journey explore travel travelphotography travelph photography photographer nature naturelovers naturephotography sky skyline clouds instadaily sun sunday sundayfunday views pose chill landscape landscapephotography love chill relax reflect

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Gemma Lewis.


Comment from Gemma Lewis.:

Yaaaaay nearly the weekend!!! Oh and the clocks go forward too on Sunday. yippee friday weekend chill relax clocksgoforward springmorning spring nearlytheweekend yay march crayford greatbritain

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Comment from Fernie/Fernando:

homeshake intheshower 👌 nowspinning vinyl records lps albums petersagar indie chill relax indiepop

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HBX Women


Comment from HBX Women:

T-shirt and jeans kinda day. @iamkareno in Luke Vicious, now available at link in bio.

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kai Thompson


Comment from kai Thompson:

@rensonramirez_65 I'm a miss seeing your edits and your messages in the group chat 😭. I'm glad we became friends. I'll never forget about you. Stay strong out there.

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Luis Fitch


Comment from Luis Fitch:

Lovely place coffe colombiano ANGIEDRESDNES flowers coffe table relax chill book goodtaste warm cake read

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Comment from Cancer:

Haha ~ succ - - - - - - - -dankmemes meme420jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams funnyshit funnyfunnymemes dank 420meme savagedanktbhtriggered sëxyboobsdankweedmoneyhalours nochill pussylmaochilldankmemeedgymemeedgyedgymemesidubbbzfilthyfrankhiv

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John Diesoon


Comment from John Diesoon:

Now Gorillaz, today is a good day. 🤖👹👺 gorillaz andromeda demondayz demondays noodlegorillaz noodle 2d music chill plasticbeach fridayjams friday goodday

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Little Me-me


Comment from Little Me-me:

Follow @king.of.kahoot for more!! ● ● ● ● ● -S4S, L4L, F4F lol lmao funny kik drake concert fun chance lmfao nochill follow bruh tumblr twitter humor hilarious cool dead makeup memes funnymemes laugh chill @champagnepapi @chancetherapper

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Bernadette Wendha


Comment from Bernadette Wendha:

Latepost... 👯 TGIF Friday portrait reunion meetup chill hangout lunch besties kuliner culinar vegan veganfood vegetarian vegetarianfood healthyfood yummy happytummy nomnom foodie foodgasm foodaddict foodlover foodporn instafood instago instamood goodvibes weekendvibes vibes

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Comment from Mudo:

Chilling night chillnightbarintercontinentalhotelnightlifeinstagraminstagoodvidavinhowinewinebarwinehouse

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Comment from LILOU M. G.:

Time may not wait, but I would wait for you. friday lights decoration design street streetphotography australia chill summernights summer holidays travel travelgram travelphotography photography photographer photooftheday happiness enjoy beachlifestyle seaside sea beach chill

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Comment from Tara:

A number between 5-9🌻🌼 6️⃣ is a good solid, happy number😃 createthisoracledeck otmoraclecards rocks stones crystals vibes metaphysical hippie woo namaste dreams chill zen tarot oracle cards gems magic tarotcommunity selflove spirituality magick witch witchesofinstagram

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18 INFP Missouri


Comment from 18 INFP Missouri:

Another pic of the beloved downtown KC! . . . skyscraper tower buildings building architecture epic downtown aesthetic chill explore photography hipster nofilter

2 Minutes ago

Your Follow Is acknowledged


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Follow my Twitter because I only have one follower! Follow @srirachsauce for more!! 👉Like,Comment,share!👈 - 💎Follow💎 - 💯Join the sriracha army💯 - 👨🏾‍💻On that grind👨🏾‍💻 - 🔥Road to 1k🔥 - 🗣Tell your friends🗣 - 😈2 account: @destinystreaks😈 - 👇Tag some homies👇 - ❌If you get butthurt leave❌ - _ ⚠️ignore tags⚠️ - - memedankdankmemesjokelollmaolmfaochillnochillsavagefilthyfrankvideogamesbutthurtragewhytextprankhashtagboikyslostbyegetuponmylevelpunps4VSxboxgrindfollownofillter

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Comment from AJ❕❕❕:

Thursday: Always a GOOD excuse to start celebrating Friday🥂❕❕❕🤔🙄😂. • wheneverybruisetellsastory therapy friends love fun fashion nightout style nightlife drinks cute goodtimes bestoftheday memories fashion chill family goodtime funny amazing

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Comment from DopeboyDjs™🎧🔥:

ARIES BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION MARCH 25TH @byousociety "SILENT PARTY" LOCATED 1617 N. 2nd st. Phila Pa 19122 OPEN BAR WITH ADMISSION 3 Djs 🎧BLUE -HIP HOP 🎧 RED - OLD SCHOOL/R&B 🎧 GREEN- TOP 40 EDM EARLY BIRD $7 GENERAL ADMISSION $15 YOU CAN GET YOUR TICKETS ON https: GBE GBE loft loftlife live215radio🎧 silentparty @djyoungscrap @djgucciblack_215 dopeboydjs @thommylive @silentcityevents party partying fun instaparty instafun instagood bestoftheday crazy friend friends tagbeastapp besties guys girls chill chilling kickit kickinit cool

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Nick Thrift


Comment from Nick Thrift:

Puppy day? Hahaha my dog wants your dog to step up. C'mon, step up. You best be nervous nationalpuppyday puppy pupper chill dog smoke 👌👏

2 Minutes ago



Comment from fashion_world_of_russia24.7:

Как подтянуть веки и кожу вокруг глаз без операций Чтобы избавиться от темных кругов и мешков под глазами, нужно, в первую очередь, заняться веками. 1. Ледяной массаж век. Для подтягивания век после сна вам потребуется лёд. Заранее приготовьте кубики льда из ромашки, мяты или просто из минеральной воды, куда добавьте несколько капель лимонного сока. Этим льдом протрите веки аккуратными круговыми движениями, начиная от области ресниц и постепенно поднимаясь к бровям. (Если вы работаете с кислым льдом, старайтесь избегать попадания в глаза). Прекрасный эффект утренней подтяжки век получается с помощью серебряной чайной ложки. Для этого чайную ложечку погрузите в мелко колотый лед, а затем охлажденную приложите на несколько секунд к векам, процедуру повторите 5 - 8 раз. 2. Маска для век с желтком Для того, чтобы избавиться от нависших век, воспользуйтесь следующей маской. Взбейте один яичный желток и добавьте к нему несколько капель кунжутного ли оливкового масла. Нанесите на веки на 15 минут, смойте теплой водой, нанесите крем. 3. Маска для век из картофеля Сырой картофель прекрасно справляется с отеком век, удаляет мелкие морщины и обновляет кожу. Картофель средней величины натрите на мелкой терке, полученную массу хорошо перемешайте и положите в холодильник на 15-20 минут. Потом нанесите маску на кожу вокруг век на 10-15 минут, смойте прохладной водой, нанесите крем. Вместо картофеля можно воспользоваться свежим огурцом, он прекрасно снимает отечности, увлажняет кожу, и делает ее свежей. party partying пеньюар подарки instafun instagood bestoftheday crazy friend friends besties guys girls chill chilling kickit kickinit cool love memories night smile music outfit funtime funtimes goodtime goodtimes белье новосибирск

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Comment from Gia:

blessed truly grateful sinewithin chill flowr😘happyEquinox specialday

2 Minutes ago



Comment from 👽:

Sweet lil pupper charlie pup dog dogsofinsta virginia chill cute love hashtags

2 Minutes ago

choke me


Comment from choke me:

Lmao forgot I recorded this chillvibeshadedmunchieshighsociopathserialkillerrichardramirezcharlesmansonmurderedmundkempersuicideboyssuicidegirlsundergroundtriple6deadinsidedxmvaporwaveericharrissociopathjeffreydahmer666metaldeathmetalinkkvltmichaelmyershorrordaddychokeme

3 Minutes ago

Sean Clarke


Comment from Sean Clarke:

Might have my song of the year picked already ❤ . . . . . . . . . . cherrycoke korean music kpop aesthetics favourites chill synthwave

6 Minutes ago

Tessa Tham


Comment from Tessa Tham:

Had to pay a visit to this lovely boutique with @elcamin0 in preparation for our travels 😍

7 Minutes ago



Comment from southerndabbin710:

@blitzkriega man this piece is Fucking awesome. Shout to @dragonheadzsrq for the smooth and easy transaction. Using the @cpbglass and my @6l4ss4d4yz spoon to scoop some sugared grape flange on a @quaveclubbangers all resting on my @beardedtree stand. FUCK MAN!!! SO HAPPPY. Goddamn stopdropandglob to @802dabs (waste some for me and the haters famery) @mental_activists and @tooloudtohear cheers famiski ptsd ptsdawareness ptsdmedicine 710 420 cannabiscommunity cannabis heady headyasfuck blitzkriega headiesofig glassofig boro superheady americanmade madeinamerica machiatto woodgrain

8 Minutes ago

Anar Limanlı


Comment from Anar Limanlı:

👫 friend friends fun toptags @top.tags funny love instagood igers friendship party chill happy cute photooftheday live forever smile bff bf gf best bestfriend lovethem bestfriends goodfriends besties awesome memories goodtimes goodtime

3 Days ago