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Courtney Krishnamurthy


Comment from Courtney Krishnamurthy:

It's hard for me to believe that we're introducing tadasana on day 21 of BTY84 because to me this is *the* foundational posture that informs every other asana I do. I find my neutral here and no matter how I bend and twist my body, I still come back to the sensations I feel in mountain pose. The lift in the torso, the space in the neck, the rotation of the legs, the balance of the hips - it all still exists in every other position, seated, standing, folded, balancing, backbending. In this video, I'm showing how I use a block to find the neutral position and my sacrum and lower spine by playing with the rotation of the thighs. This is especially helpful for me to feel what feels right and what doesn't in my own body as opposed to listening to cues that I don't often find ring true for my alignment. As I send the block forward, I feel the extreme tuck of the tailbone and the pressure on the anterior side of the vertebrae that feels uncomfortable to painful depending on how far I take it. As I send the block back, I feel the pressure shift to the posterior side of the lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae, which I'm more comfortable with but still realize the discomforts and issues that arise from this place. Then there's neutral, and it feels soft and wonderful. That's the feeling I'm looking for everywhere else in my practice. yogachallenge hosted by breathetogetheryoga jennprughyoga yoga yogaeverydamnday yogadaily instayoga instayogi yogini yogisofig yogisofinstagram yogaeveryday summer yogaprops gettingalittlehelpfrommyprops props omfairy bayareayoga yogastyle challengeyourself findcomfort findease flowandhold mountain findyourneutral

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Jessica Song


Comment from Jessica Song:

Once you graduate from an undergraduate university I recognize that most people fall into one of two categories: unemployed and employed. Now what does this mean? Well neither one makes you a superior human. Yes, one has more income than the other one does. Perhaps the later will be looked at with more respect, but that doesn't mean the unemployed will never receive income or the same respect in their later years. Being open-minded to your individual/personal/own (yadayada) path is what this means to me. Honestly, I wonder what kind of changes can occur if we focus our energy in our own lane. As a previous track runner, I was told to never look at my competition and to look straight ahead, even after passing the finish line. Why? Because you don't want to be that lousy runner who looks at the person next to you and end up getting passed up ✋🏼👎🏼😭💀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻 - - - - FutureDPT ForMyself SelfImprove ChallengeYourself YouVsYou WeCanDoThis Korean TrueStory MyThoughts

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Comment from Tammy:

Happy Birthday to this sweet, fun-loving gal @jkernzz ! Have a wonderful day, love! ❤️ happybirthday junebaby fitfam

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Dr. Eboni Harris


Comment from Dr. Eboni Harris:

Day 5 of ShaunT Hybrid Calendar😳 InsanityAsylum Speed & Agility Wow!!! They say every now and then we should change up our routines to prompt our bodies to change. 🌟Challenge 2 Change🌟 What we just did--this athletic training style agility workout--was surly a challenge! It may have taken us 10 more min to complete than the video (we took longer breaks) BUT we finished! ✅ ✨What will you challenge yourself to complete today?? ✨It doesn't have to be a workout...but you should push yourself daily! infinityfitlife challengeyourself challenge2change fitcouple bodyshock fitmom fitdad cardio health healthymama

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Comment from FitSpirationByPrissy:

Hey 👋🏼 Fam!! Here's Day 5 of this week's FBPChallenge!! ⭐️100 jump Squats with 50 squat stance abduction/adduction extensions each leg! You can alternate the abduction/adduction extensions or you can do singles for 50 count each leg! Get them however you please! ‼️Stay low, watch those knees and back! Engage that core while you work‼️ This combo is 🔥🔥 😜❤️💪🏽👊🏽 Remix it however you please, have fun with it!! This challenge is both beneficial to lower body. You are getting some cardio in with the jump squats! 💦💦 Move at your own pace, it's not a race! Be sure to breathe correctly so oxygen is flowing to those muscles. You do not have to do these all in one set, split them up! Mix them in with whatever workout you choose! Working legs is a high calorie burner because it's one of the larger muscle groups on your body! Challenge yourself because that's the only way you will see and feel change! As always, No equipment needed! 😁💪🏽👊🏽 🔥Nothing works unless you do! weeklychallenge lowerbody cardio legs glutes challengeyourself challengeforchange igchallenge instagramchallenge fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration getglovefitwithprissy fitspirationbyprissy movesomething👣👣 Tag myself @fitspirationbyprissy so I can cheer you on and tag a friend to join you!! Benefits: ✔️Lowerbody ✔️Legs ✔️Glutes 🍑 ✔️Core ✔️Plyo

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Christine Goode


Comment from Christine Goode:

Yes! Hit some new highs on the spin bike this morning with the always wonderful @kittencleo in her 6am class! Finally getting my heart rate closer to where I want it, and was able to stay on the beat longer and at a higher gear. Progress

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Pieter Smal


Comment from Pieter Smal:

Online orders at onpoint challengeyourself usnfamily

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Allegra's Ambition


Comment from Allegra's Ambition:

@chandosneville03 @_toby11 set off to Paris. Radio Solent interview live from France at 8.50am tomorrow. Hope youve got lots of shredded wheat. Good Luck boys 💕🚴💕 @solentsport radiosolent localradio hampshire france paris cycling bikelife challengeyourself

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Comment from DavidMendez:

Last Night 1on1Training with this Beauties!!! Don't hate the pain!!! Embrace It!!! Great Job ladies!!! You girls did awesome!!! •1 on 1 Coaching •Personalized Meal Plans •Accountability •Motivation •Group Work Outs •Weight Session •Results DM for details Coach David CallOfFitnessGym CallOfFitness HerbalifeNutrition changinglives 24fit houstonherbalife mindset MealPlan consistency legday shouldersday intensity burnfat sports workouts workoutgear WellnessCoach motivation pumped nofear challengeyourself houstontx

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Young Mild & Clean


Comment from Young Mild & Clean:

This breakfast was egg-sactly what I was dreaming of 😍 • fried eggs with Everything But the Bagel seasoning on top of guacamole on toasted English muffin and sliced peaches • all my dreams come true foodie brunch learntocook gratitudeandgrace

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Comment from Jenn:

flexfriday And Insane Weights ✔ I love this cardio weight training program!! Some of the moves require balance and weight movement because "balance in your workout brings balance in your life!" 35 body parts worked in this phenomenal workout!! Hey, want to try Shaun week yourself?

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Drazen Smith


Comment from Drazen Smith:

80% of success is showing up. fitlife fitness gym challengeyourself workout core pushups viper calisthenics motivation

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Comment from Calebsports:

Bueno realmente es muy agradable tenerlos en casa @michaelrangel9 ver cómo bajan los pliegues en pocos días, ver cómo comen vegetales 🥒 y cambian sus hábitos alimenticios @jonhyavila04 nos debes las foto del día 0, apoyando a atletas de alto rendimiento de nuestro @juniorclubsa ripped shredded muscle comesaludable eatclean comesano rayas instalike fitness fitnessaddict youforfitness picoftheday fitfam motivated motivation instafit gym diet muscles challengeyourself bestofday youcandoit dieta abs forzagen

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andrea 🌿 brown


Comment from andrea 🌿 brown:

Turkey burger with @flavorgod pizza seasoning, salad + lentils, edamame +brocc 🌿🤘🏼SoulFitTips

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Inge K Lincoln


Comment from Inge K Lincoln:

You don't develop courage by being content and settling in your everyday life. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity💋 Courage is always rewarded! takechances courage YOLO challengeyourself confidentmama believeinYOU ⚜️Courage bracelet and key pendant necklace- courtesy of Gratitude and Graces Inspirational Accessories & More

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Comment from Leah:

Flex Friday... Transformation Tuesday... I can never keep the days straight so this is a straight-up mashup of them all... While I enjoy sharing my workouts or my journey to a healthier lifestyle (getting easier than it used to be), I didn't know how to answer the following question. When my coach asked me how I feel now, after losing 30 pounds, compared to how I used to feel before, I actually didn't know how to answer that question honestly. My feelings???? one needs to know about my feelings... I would rather hear about everyone else's... which is pretty much how I have rolled over the last (cough cough) years! Because during those times when I put on weight, I didn't feel anything.... I ate to get rid of any feelings I didn't like or wanted to deal with...and it didn't really matter what I ate as long as I didn't have to talk about those pesky feelings - that extra weight was my security blanket that we all cling to and use to push stuff away... and I convinced myself that because I was active I was just one of those girls that would never lose weight and this is where I will stay... But things have "shifted" this year... not just physically, but mentally as well... These before/now pics (over halfway) may show the physical change, I think that when your energy, posture and our overall thoughts are allow yourself to feel better, have more confidence, and enjoy life more and it just snowballs from there. By no means am I over how food makes me feel better - I have spent many, many years working through that process... but I now have better tools to deal... 💪🏻I have workouts I can do at home anytime I want... 👊🏻I have an easy to follow portion control system 👍🏻I have a support system of friends I know and cherish, challenge group peeps I have never met that motivate me and keep me accountable to my goals 😊a coach I can go to for support 🙏🏻a part-time business that will hopefully help others that have had the same struggles as I have. Any questions? I would love to answer . Just comment below or send me a private message - Let's chat!!!! . . fitnessjourney helpingothers progressnotperfection teambeachbody

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Nicole Cintron


Comment from Nicole Cintron:

MommyFuel 1.025 mi Run! 🏃🏽‍♀️ Spotify 90sHouseParty 2000Hangover RhinoHighFive DeeeLite TreadmillRun GetYourCardioIn SummerBodyGoals FitnessGoals ToneItUp SweatFest RunRunAsFastAsYouCan WorkoutPlaylist RunForFun FitnessPlaylist MixUpYourPlaylist MusicToMyEars 5KTraining TreadmillTraining CrossWalk570 WeightLossWorkoutCenter RunForYourLife RunLikeAGirl WomensRunning ChallengeYourself TakingCareOfMommy @spotify

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9Round Henrico


Comment from 9Round Henrico:

Started off this rainy morning with a happy crew of 9Rounders! loveourmembers loveourmembers workoutbuddies 9Round kickboxing fitnessmotivation morningcrew challengeyourself 💪 goodworkout fitness locallyowned happyfitness

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💪🏾🔥🔥🔥 Snap👻:rosiemoylie


Comment from 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥 Snap👻:rosiemoylie:

Love yourself first! If you don't love yourself it will BE impossible to learn to love others. Trust me! That's why God says "Thou shalt love thy neighbor AS THYSELF." Love yourself first! loveyourself like4like freely family friend friendshipquotes focus follow4follow challengeyourself determination dreamers positivegirls positiveboys herbalife nutrition workingyourself canada haiti

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Amanda Walsh


Comment from Amanda Walsh:

Morning work out with my jamsister and we clearly don't fear color or patterns morningworkout fitness jamcon2017

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Twon Lyles


Comment from Twon Lyles:

US Strongman Nationals 2017 Current Weight 219.5 gymfreak twonlylesbeast gymtime bodybuilding gymmotivation childrenofthesun muscle training photooftheday health gymaddict instahealth hulk Baltimore empath baltimorestrongman strong motivation blackandproud determination powerlifting musclegain strongman theloyalbrand challengeyourself charmcity neworleans evosport

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Minnie Nguyen


Comment from Minnie Nguyen:

Music will move you! I have to work out with my beats... doyouboo betteryourself challengeyourself fitness workout now move blackvibes

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Jane Dro


Comment from Jane Dro:

Try not to raise your voice at someone today. grow peace love unity respect onelove ✌🏻💚 plurlife challenge challengeyourself

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Mariana ⚓️


Comment from Mariana ⚓️:

Estar onde nunca esteve... trocararoupadaalma viajarfazbem permitase challengeyourself

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Lluvia Soler 💪🏼


Comment from Lluvia Soler 💪🏼:

Because nobody's gonna do it for you!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼dontgiveup challengeyourself keeptrying bethebest workhard gymmotivation lifting liftheavy girlswholift getfit strongereveryday setgoals motivationalquotes yesyoucan dowhatyoulove nevergiveup trainer

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Comment from Jennie:

Fina bilder från 😊Bra att ha och jämföra med till nästa gång för då ska jag fanimej vara stenhård💪🏻! newbieposing stage fitness cutting cardio building moretocome challengeyourself momswholift motnyamål motivation girlsthatlift girlswithmuscles lifting liftingladies getfit getinshape getrippedordietrying nevergiveup debut alströmerpokalen2017 nybörjare fitness fitnesswannabe fuckhaters

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Gerald Mercado


Comment from Gerald Mercado:

Couple's workout Art & Twinkle Plank HaloTrainer ChallengeYourSelf

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Story Of My Life


Comment from Story Of My Life:

👉🔊Check this video🔊👉 😂🤣😅😌😱💯💪 . . . gym diet workout focus mommy positive ocdbeforeafter hardwork anytimefitness anytime fitness godbless challengeyourself ocdivers fatloss motivation pray smile cardio healthy goodlife body littleprogress littleabs bodychange challengeyourself weightloss beforeafterweightloss abs abstract

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Carol Carol


Comment from Carol Carol:

6月23日,無風悶熱的夜晚,停了好久,今天終於邁開了跑步的步 跑步 你的選擇決定你世界的樣子 justdoit june run running challengeyourself

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Personal Best


Comment from Personal Best:

Wisdom winning riseandgrind inspirationalquotes pain action allergictoaverage strength stayhungry staystrong stayhumble stayfocused dedication dontgiveup failure getup grind growth justdoit loveyourself challengeyourself change victory beastmode nopainnogain nevergiveup motivationalquotes motivation motivated mindset beastmode

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✖️ Lara ✖️


Comment from ✖️ Lara ✖️:

Still a lot of work ahead of me but I'm willing to fight for my goals. 💯💪🏻 challengeyourself running exercise 5k fridayruns happyweekend hardwork tranaformation loosingweight fitnessmotivation runner

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WILD BLUE ROPES Adventure Park


Comment from WILD BLUE ROPES Adventure Park:

Happy FriYAY! Get your weekend going with some high climbing fun. wildblueropes friyay climbing adventure challengeyourself

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Comment from Chaudé:

Worked hard for this baby body....i just eat lol snatched mini littlelady forever21 changingroom changingroomselfie boston challengeyourself challenge

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