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Comment from Dot:

Chillout in my Garden with a Pinot Grigio .... Cheers 😋🍷 beautifulweather chillax whitewine flowers flowerstagram whiteandpink flowerpower chilloutthursday glassofvino pinotgrigio italianwine lovely italia glassofwhite castellore vinodiitalia me instagrammers myownphoto today enjoy enjoylife cheers

42 Days ago

Lume Brews


Comment from Lume Brews:

Love seeing @360_up_down_all_around light up some castellore pinotgrigio with @lumecube. Thanks for the shot! lumebrew litbylume wine wednesdaywine humpday midweek seemoredomorebemore lightthenight glowinthedark lumelife

162 Days ago

Sophie Chessman-Smith


Comment from Sophie Chessman-Smith:

The Holy Grail 🍇✨ excuse the mild blasphemy and worn nail polish homeiswherethewineis castellore italianwine vino

321 Days ago



Comment from Victor:

romería Llovedor Castellore Hace viento y el ambiente es fresco, pero todo va según lo marcado.

1 Years ago



Comment from Sandra:

Cheers to the weekend! chianti redwine cheers saturyay redwineofitaly castellore chianti2014 rosso vinorosso

1 Years ago

Wine o'clock


Comment from Wine o'clock:

Having a glass of this lovely wine before bed! Smells and tastes fruity with a spicy edge! lovewine wine wines winetime wineglass winelover winelovers chianti castellore

1 Years ago

Craig Addecott


Comment from Craig Addecott:

castellore vinoitalia chianti 2014vintage tuscany tuscanwine wine winelove wineappreciation

1 Years ago

Melanie Klitgaard


Comment from Melanie Klitgaard:

Just bought myself a nice bottle of wine for relaxing tonight 😍🍷 wine whitewine pinotgrigio castellore relaxingtime

1 Years ago

Alex Nicholas


Comment from Alex Nicholas:

Celebration evening newjob wine pizza castellore

1 Years ago



Comment from Kiptupp:

A glass a day keeps the doctor away 🍷😜 wine drink redwine likeforlike castellore italia wineofitaly cheers bottomsup wednesday home fireplace duck

1 Years ago



Comment from Hannah:

Well you can't hqve one empty bottle, it just gets lonely! filiprosecco pinogrigio rosewine castellore ooops howdidthathappen welldoneme

1 Years ago

Gael Browne


Comment from Gael Browne:

Wine, log fire, film, & popcorn time <3

2 Years ago

Michael Ziadie


Comment from Michael Ziadie:

Rosé Castellore ItalianWine

More Than 2 Years ago