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~**~ Lines Drawn (Drawn to you Book 2) By Ker Dukey is LIVE!! ~**~ (Link in bio) Synopsis: One phone call. One secret. One moment changed us all. Everything is different now and learning to survive all over again comes with a price. Deception, heartbreak, and sorrow implode the relationships that were once strong. The lines are drawn, who will cross it? KerDukey LinesDrawn DrawntoYou NewRelease Contemporary romance bookstagram bookblogger ontheblog bookstagrammer bibliophile bookworm booksnwineblog awineloversbookblog IReadRomance amreading amreviewing blessed bookish

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Elimde sürüm sürüm sürünen harika kitabımı bu ay bitirmeye niyetlitim. Okula başka kitap götürsemde evde 1Q84 ve Armageddon dışında okuma yapmıyorum. İkisininde altını çize çize yavaş okuyorum. Nisan'a uzun zaman sonra ilk defa yarım kitabım olmadan gireceğim zira bu ay hepsini okudum 👏👏. Kalınlığı korkutmasın Murakami harika bir yazar nisanda Sahilde Kafka ile devam edeceğim.💗💌📚 Keyifli okumalar. ◇ ♧ ♤ okumakayrıcalıktır kitaplayasamak kitapseverlerkulubu bookaddict booknerd booknow bookshelf bookworm lifestyle book books read oku okumahalleri okumaaşkı vsco 1kitap1fotoğraf bookish bookstagram kitap kitaplar ciltlikitaplarim

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• • • • • • Follow my page for fun book quotes and some book reviews! • • • • • •🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 bookfinds booklover bookobssesed bookworm bookfinds bookstagram newbook newbooks bookshelf read reader bookadict instabook igreads bookish bookblogger bookfun comment 📚 amazon kindle kindlepaperwhite lovetoread bookstore booksamillion bam barnesandnoble pages writersofinstagram writer kindle book

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Chill. . . . . . . . . . . , monster monsterenergy americangods neilgaiman book reader reading bookish bookworm bookstagram bookshelf book📚 chill lifestyle daily dailypost

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Good Morning Readers. What book will you be reading today? • • • • • • Follow my page for fun book quotes and some book reviews! • • • • • •🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 bookfinds booklover bookobssesed bookworm bookfinds bookstagram newbook newbooks bookshelf read reader bookadict instabook igreads bookish bookblogger bookfun comment 📚 amazon kindle kindlepaperwhite lovetoread bookstore booksamillion bam barnesandnoble pages writersofinstagram writer kindle book

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book bookworm books booknerd booknerdigans bibliophile bookporn booklove reader ireadya booklover bookstagram bookish instabook reading likeforlike bookobsessed bookaddict bookaholic coverlove bookblogger bookphotography amreading bookphoto booking page

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amreading romanticsuspense suspense books bookreview excerpt giveaway @tastybooktours . . . bookbloggers blogpost booklove bookish bibliophile bookgram bookstagram booksoninstagram reader reading readergram readingaddict mustreadbooks

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🌿Rereading GoT. I'm not sure I can handle (again) the scene where Ned dies. . . . . . bookstagram bookish books igreads bookworm booknerd booklover books bookaddict bibliophile totalbooknerd bookstagrammer bookstagramphotography morebooks

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El final de el Joker... nunca pensé que sería así. batmanrobin batman joker darkknight dcu ecc comics comicbook graphicnovel novelagrafica comic book bookstagram reading reads currentlyreading instabooks fiebrelectora booklove booknerd libro instabook bookworm bookgeek booklive booktube bibliophile bookphotography magneticbookmarks bookish

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Rach 🍂


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"Whatever you've heard about Caraval, it doesn't compare to the reality. It's more than just a game or performance. It's the closest you'll ever find yourself to magic in this world." 🎩 - Because I finally have time to read (☺), I finished CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber last night - I thought it was pretty good, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting... but then again, that's the whole point of Caraval ✨ I loved the idea, the plot and the characters, particularly their individual stories! - Have you read CARAVAL? What did you think of it? - It's so weird having so much free time after being so busy with work at uni - I could definitely get used to this 😌📚 - bookstagram bookstagrammer bookstagramfeature books bookrec bookishfeatures bookish reading fiction fantasy magic carnival Carnaval ya yalit youngadultfiction youngadultbooks

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Anyone else?? • • • • • • Follow my page for fun book quotes and some book reviews! • • • • • •🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 bookfinds booklover bookobssesed bookworm bookfinds bookstagram newbook newbooks bookshelf read reader bookadict instabook igreads bookish bookblogger bookfun comment 📚 amazon kindle kindlepaperwhite lovetoread bookstore booksamillion bam barnesandnoble pages writersofinstagram writer kindle book

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Anne Pruitt


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I always love's crisp photos. The firy lights pop so well! And then you hve ferocious Mnon nd Abrxos riding into bttle. . . fngirl red reding books bookstgrm bookstgrmmer bookstgrmfeture bookworm booktogrphy booknerd bookphotogrphy bookish booklove booklover bookddict bibliophile bookholic theyglshoutout bookishfetures bookwormsfeture wethedremingdesigns mnonblckbek tog srhjmss

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This month's book haul 😍😍 I have so many, gorgeous books to read... So of course I'm in a reading slump! Send help! And coffee! And snacks! 😅 How do you guys get out of slumps? 💕🌷Summery socks by @happysocks 🌷🌸

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Ci sono storie che non possono non essere raccontate | 📖 ilmioprimogiorno | A breve in tutte le migliori librerie! 😍

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──── photo: @coffee.books.rewind tag your book bookfeatured . ────

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Khouloud ~ خلود


Comment from Khouloud ~ خلود:

I was never a fan of poems .. I don't know why they just scare the sh*t out of me 😂😂 They really intimidate me ! Like the world they use .. I always thought and still think that the poets are very smart and good with words and not everyone can or have the power to understand them.. But when i watched Neil Hilborn's Poem OCD , something changed .. i started reading poems and now i got this copy and i can't be more happy ❤ Thank you so much for this piece neil hilborn neilhilborn bookaddict bookishfeatures books booklove bookstagram poems bookworm bookish

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Comment from Damola:

punchmondayintheface keepgettingup

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Sabrina =)


Comment from Sabrina =):

...the first 30 pages were wonderful but than it got soooo prosy ☹️ I tortured myself through this book 😩 even the more interesting last 100 pages didn't make it better... no reading recommandation =( 💚📚dominicsmith dasletztebilddersaradevos thelastpaintingofsaradevos buch bücher book books bookstagram instabook instabooks booksofinstagram buchliebe bücherliebe bücherwurm leseratte booklove booklover bookworm booknerd bookdragon bookish bibliophilie ilovebooks lesen read reading igreads

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Anne Pruitt


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Such a gorgeous picture from @fictional.fanboy of my Slytherin bookmark! . . fangirl read reading books bookstagram bookstagrammer bookstagramfeature bookworm booktography booknerd bookphotography bookish booklove booklover bookaddict bibliophile bookaholic theyagalshoutout bookishfeatures bookwormsfeature wethedreamingdesigns harrypotter hogwartshouses slytherin

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Katherine Sarmiento


Comment from Katherine Sarmiento:

"I fear for my child" -Lydia

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Comment from samara:

Day 27 of Marchdelirium is Favorite Book-to-Movie is The Hobbit and Me Nefore You / and of BookishBouquetofSpring is A Book You Can't Wait to Read which is This Savage Song (yes I haven't read it yet shoo go away) Art exhibit tomorrow and finals coming up next week 🎉🎉🎉 Oh, the joys of stress . . . . thehobbit hobbit tolkien jrrtolkien mebeforeyou jojomoyes thissavagesong veschwab victoriaschwab ya fantasybooks yalit yaread ireadya bookstagram booksph bookstagramph booklover bookish booknerd bookworm youngadult youngadultbooks yabooks yanovels igbooks igreads booksbooksbooks

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Marion ❀


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It's a beautiful sunny day without work for me ! So I decide to share with you my necklace of the deathly hallows ! newweek monday dayoff thedeathlyhallows harrypottersaga harrypotter harrypotterbooks necklace bookstagram bookish instabook photogenicbooks photooftheday pages books booklovers read reader harrypotterfan jkrowling jkrowlingbooks livres bookshelf bibliophile potterhead

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Catherine Gagné


Comment from Catherine Gagné:

"There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights." - Dracula, Bram Stoker books bookish bookporn booknerd bookstagram bookstagramfeature bookphotography beautifulbooks reader readersofinstagram livres livrestagram beautifulbookcovers bramstoker dracula vampire love lovequotes quoteoftheday bookquotes bibliophile

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Niky Wahyuni

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Everyone has a chapter they don't read out loud. AMonsterCalls PatrickNess NewBook IndoReader BookHoarder Books Bookish BookNerd BookLover BookPorn LessSelfiesMoreBooks BookWorm Bookstagram IgBook IgReader Read ReadingBook InstaBook Bookworm_insta BooksAddicted Bookish_Indonesia BookCollection ShotOnMyLumia MicrosoftSnaps nymph_numb AB2391

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Autumn Mary


Comment from Autumn Mary:

Day 23 alliwantformarchisabook - Favorite Cover Be prepared for quite a few HP posts! I recently bought these UK Paperback books because I love the covers! The metallic writing and the art on all the covers are beautiful! This cover is my favorite of the bunch? Do you own these HP covers!? @honeydukesbooks @beautyandthebeastlybooks @meiiandbooks

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Megan Deslongchamps


Comment from Megan Deslongchamps:

Du nouveau contenu sur le blog! 📚☕ Cette semaine, à la demande de plusieurs, je critique Parlez-moi d'amour de Raymond Carver. Une lecture que j'ai fais dans le cadre d'un cours, mais qui m'a tout de même assez s'agit certainement d'un maître dans l'art de la nouvelle, mais de mon côté, ce n'est pas le genre de texte que je préfère. - En ce début de semaine chargé, qu'avez-vous l'intention de lire?😚❤ - bookstagram bookaddict booklover instabook bookish booklove litterature litt pico pictureoftheday raymondcarver shortstories bookshelf shelves blogging blog newblog blogger livres critiquelivre littérature littqc

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Luke Alexander


Comment from Luke Alexander:

Last notice yall,😊 my SfS contest is ending in less than 1 hour. Check out my previous post for the rules on how to enter💙😄

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Bilbo's 2nd breakfast ☕️


Comment from Bilbo's 2nd breakfast ☕️:

Map My Heart, by Dominic Evans (this is the portuguese version) Map My Heart is an interactive journal that will make you laugh, think, pour out your innermost thoughts, and doodle away all of your angst until you map your way to what's hidden in the deep, dark depths of your heart.Maybe you're a lovable goon. Maybe you're a psychotic bunny boiler. The only way to find out is to map your heart. ❤️ . . . . bookstagram bookworm bookphotography bibliophile booklover bookaddict instareads book bookblogger instabook reader bookish bookgram beautifulbooks reading booktag prettybooks coverlovebooklove bookporn bookphoto ireadya booksandflowers lovebooks bookobsessed igreads disney tsumtsum

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Comment from FEELS TO THE MOON:

Coming to Computers near you on Tuesday STARRING: @thebloomingbreeze and @niafeelstothemoon We can't wait for you to see this video. 👉Also do u guys want the outtakes and the bloopers? Tell us we'll make a whole video for it, those r so funny. bookstagram bookstagrampak bibliophile bookish book books kibf2016 bookswale karachi bookfair art bookish artcontest pakistan pakistani bookswale kibf kreads BookBookPakistan bookswale kibf kibf16 bookfair bookstagram bookstagrampak pakistan Pakistani

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Nella zonagrigia della collaborazione ad un regime autoritario con la guida di Yun Haedong ("식민지의 회색지대"). Lettura impegnativa. bookstagram bookish bookblog instabook bookaddict 책스타그램 독서 読書 本 libri lettura inlettura librisulcomodino libridaleggere studio tesi 논문 thesis 卒業論文 윤해동 회색지대 식민지 storia storiacoreana storiagiapponese storiacontemporanea history koreanhistory japanesehistory

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Autumn Mary


Comment from Autumn Mary:

Day 22 alliwantformarchisabook - Re-Read Worthy Books Who agrees with me that the Harry Potter Books are totally and always re-read worthy!? Comment below with a ⚡️if you agree! BTW I'm catching up on posts which is why this is a "dated" post! 😉 @meiiandbooks @beautyandthebeastlybooks @honeydukesbooks

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Merhabalarr! @okuoku1 den yapmış olduğum kargom geldi. Kitaplarım sağlam, hasar yok. Bunun için teşekkür ediyorum😊 Şu kahveyi sevmeyen bir tek ben miyim? Bana çay hediye edilse daha mutlu olacağım😀 Neyse alınan kitaplarım bunlar. Fantastikleri sevip de bunları okumayan kalmamıştır heralde. Herkesin kütüphanesinde görüyorum🙈 selviatici nın bu serisine de veda etmek istemiyorum. Bu yüzden yavaş okuyorum. Kitapla kalın✋ okuoku kitap kitaplar oku kitapoku kitapokumak kitapsevgisi kitapkurdu kitapzamani kitapalisverisi cinder scarlet cress dumanvekemiğinkızı gitme book books bookstagram bookish booklife bookaholic bookmark booksporn booklove booklovers bookshelf booking bookworm yenikitap

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I was tagged by lovely @noahjace_94 for the 5bookishfacts tag. Feel free to do the tag:) • 1. I own 400-500 books. 2. I've been reading since 2nd grade. 3. My first novel was scholasticjuniorreads Gulliver's Travel. 4. I spend hours sitting infront of my shelf and staring at the books. 5. I like reading book, in one go. • • • • biblio bibliophile book books bookstagram bookstagrammer indianbookstagrammer bookish bookism book📖 reader readers readerofig igreads bookstack bookquote bookchallenge whitetheme bookreview bookblog wordpress bookreviewblog

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