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Book is my hobby, but Reading is my favorite 😊💖📚 . . . . . . . . . . . . @iamdenssss BOOKINSTA 💖💞🌸 bookstagram book books booksofinstagram instabook instareads booklife biblio bibliophile read reading booklove booklover booklovers bookish ilovebooks bookaholic bookaddict fantasy youngadult skyladreamer lovefightskyla

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RainDrops Company


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What kind of Magic is this? Aura of Magic (MagicMagician series book1) snapped by @nityagupta Nitya books newbook poems love loveofbooks bookish booksarelove bookaddict bookstagram booksforeveryone bookworm bookmarks booksarelovebooksarelife bookmarks bookishbox booksaremylife booklife letters letter letterstoliveby writersofinstagram author

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Hello bookstragram, Who doesn’t love Funko ??? I mean ! Look how cute they are ! I started with smart Belle and now I have around 41 funkos I got all the FRIENDS, Sailor Moon, OAUT and Gilmore and a lot of Disney hahah … The shock after costing them is costing how much money I spent on them … Oh GOD why ??? How many Funkos do you own ? Who’s your favorite ? 🌟Day 27 🌟 juneglee17 : Funko love bookloverbook books currentlyreadingbooklovebookst ookstagrammerbookstoreadreadRe bookporn bookaholic bookaddict bookchallenge epicread bookish quotes bookphotography bookspine pages openbook funko funkopop

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Równo tok temu przeczytałam 'Złodziejkę książek' Markusa Zusaka i od tej pory znajduje się ona na wysokim miejscu na liście moich ulubionych książek ❤ Doszły mnie słuchy, że wielu z Was jeszcze jej nie czytało. Kochani, koniecznie musicie to nadrobić, bo to naprawdę piękna książka! złodziejkaksiążek thebookthief markuszusak naszaksiegarnia biblioteczka czytelnik zdjeciedlaksiazki reader book bookseverywhere books bookishfeatures culturetripbooks bookstagramtopasja bookstagramfeature booksofinstagram bookphotography bookstagram booklover booklove bookaddict bibliophile bookworm instabook booklife booknerd

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Ginny Dye


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My readers give me so much joy and encouragement with their reviews of The Bregdan Chronicles: REVIEW: I love historical fiction, and this author did a marvelous job narrating so much of what happened during the building up to the Civil War. She did a great job also discussing the conflict of emotions on both sides of the slavery issue. This is a great novel with an engrossing story with a lot of accurate historical information. REVIEW:The whole time I was reading this book I kept asking myself why it hadn't been made into a movie? I've read Gods and Generals and Killer Angels and then seen the corresponding movies but the characters in this book and their intersecting lives were fascinating. I did not want to put it down. And now on to the second book! REVIEW: The author has done a lot of research to write this book! She also makes you think about how people could have thought and felt about the wrongs of slavery. She definitely makes you think about what choices had to be made by plantation owners. I didn't expect the ending, she definitely leaves you wanting more of the story! Discover my books at: www.DiscoverTheBestSellingBreg Ginny Dye Every time you hit SHARE you increase my ability to make a difference in the world. Thank you for SHARING!

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Love this book! Tina's fantastic sense of humour combined with sometimes candid anecdotes about her career and personal life makes Bossypants a great read. bossypants bookstagram bookreview bookaddict tinafey 30rock

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<> Mathias Malzieu - Vampiro in pigiama Iniziare la giornata con Malzieu e Alan Gogoll come colonna sonora mi rilassa e mi ricarica! ❤❤ mathiasmalzieu alangogoll book bookaddicted bookaddict booklover feltrinellieditore goodmorning relax

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Buongiorno a tutti, con un classico della letteratura inglese ♡ unlibroalgiorno books book libro libri reading lettura passionelettura leggere readinglist libridaleggere romanzi novel bookworm bookaddict quote citazione letteratura literature bookstagram culture cultura booklover bookish booksmagazine janeausten bookblogger thenoseinthebooks levostreletture ladysusan

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T S Lavers


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This is a still from the Peter Weir film, Picnic at Hanging Rock, one of the few films I have liked better than the novel it was based on. Somehow it achieved more atmosphere and mystery than the book. It’s slow, but so beautifully filmed this is actually a plus, because you have time to take it all in. In any case, it seems appropriate, as it’s set during an Australian summer in the early 1900s, when the blazing hot days must have seemed eternally long and languorous. The story is about a group of girls who are on a picnic outing with their school to Hanging Rock. Four of them set out on a walk and don’t return. All the actors are perfect, from the beautiful Anne Lambert, who plays the enigmatic Miranda, to the forbidding headmistress Mrs Appleyard (played by Rachel Roberts) and the two awkward young men who help with the search for the lost girls. The scenes at Hanging Rock are so well photographed that the place seems much larger and more menacing than it really is. And it was a stroke of genius using Martindale Hall as the girls’ school, even though it is situated in South Australia, hundreds of miles from Hanging Rock (in Macedon, Victoria). It is such a stunning building, and its isolation is evident. The music score is beautiful; lyrical and eerie at the same time. The whole film conjures up the idea that there is something terrifying and unknowable in the Australian landscape, which was probably not far from the truth back then. This is a marvellous film, sensuous and romantic, one that transcends time and will outlast any remake. picnicathangingrock hangingrock film classicfilm bw classic mystery romance romantic photooftheday potd look sensual love instalook books booklover bookaddict bookworm bookstagram insta instabook read reading drama perioddrama

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My grandpa has this awesome personal library of books and so many beautiful book collections😍😍 bookstagram books book booknerd booknerdigans bibliophile booksofinsta bookworm dailydoseofpaper bookphoto bookaddict bookaddicted bookaholic instabooks aphotoaday ilovebooks reading ilovereading bookishfeatures bookish lavender aestetic

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Reading time 📚 read book outside reading books bookaddict tours tourscity toursvalley chill chilling pligfr frenchgirl litterature

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Iniziamo subito la lettura lafigliadiodino di @siripettersen edito da @multiplayer_edizioni 😍😍😍 Voi cosa state leggendo? currentlyreading letturatime readers reader bookaddict bookworm bookstagram bookholic booknerds bookphotography booklover booklovers booklife bookshelf fantasy youngadult booknerd bookstagrammer istanbook breakfast leggere amoleggere caffè frutta foodporn istanbook

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ulala beibeh


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Judul: Shadow and Bone Pengarang: Leigh Bardugo Penerbit: Mizan Fantasi ㅤㅤ "-Kaulah secercah harapan pertama yang kuimpikan sejak lama.-" Kenapa setiap baca novel lebih sering suka tokoh antagonis?😂😂 Termasuk di buku ini, aku lebih suka sama Sang Kelam...haha Menurutku di buku Shadow and Bone ini lebih menonjol Alina bareng sama Sang Kelam daripada bareng si Mal, maka dari itu aku lebih feel sama yang jahat tapi Mal juga oke kok😁 Baca novel ini nggak kerasa sama sekali udah di halaman terakhir, alur ceritanya nggak bikin bosen dan selalu nagih buat lanjut. Sayang seribu sayang, harusnya kan ini 'The Grisha Trilogy' tapi sekuelnya nggak dilanjut, padahal bagus loh😢 MizanFantasi5kGiveaway MF5kGA1 MizanFantasiGiveaway AmReadin BookLovers BookShelf FreeBooks BookAddict Ebook Books LitFict GoodReads IReadEverywehere Fiction GreatReads WhatToRead BookWorld Bookstagram LikeBooks EpicReads BookClub ShadowandBone SiegeandStorm RuinandRising LeighBardugo Mizan MizanFantasi Giveaway

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Sakina Taizoon Limbdi • India


Comment from Sakina Taizoon Limbdi • India:

I was tagged by the totally awesome @bookshrine to do the tenthingsihate and though there are a lot of things I don't like, when I'm told to make a list I'm totally lost. But here I go anyway: 1• I hate death in general. Death of an author before the release of their book, or the death of a character I love or my own death before I've read everything I want to. Just death. 2• Books that make me cry just for the sake of making me cry. 3• Lousy characters as well as character development. The story can be mediocre but if the characters are bad, I'm done. 4• Bad pictures of books after a lot of spent effort on a photoshoot. I mean I trusted you books, what you doin?? . Wow, can't think of anymore. I'll just have to make do with this many. Whatever! . . . . . . bibliop books bookish instabooks bookcommunity igreads bookphotography booknerd booknerdigans becauseofreading bookstagram bookstagrammer bookaholic readmorebooks beautifulbooks instagrambooks bookworm bookstagramfeatureindia booklove booklover booksofinstagram bookaddict bookstagramfeatures total_book_nerd bookalicious

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Die letzten 80 Seiten liegen vor mir...Durch eine Imker wieder auftretende Leseflaute habe ich ziemlich lange für dieses schöne Buch gebraucht. buch bücherwurm book bookworm leseratte reading booklover bücherliebhaber bookaddict bookstagram brom derkinderdieb

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Kochani, w konkursie z książką "Wyścig śmierci" wygrywa @pioro_wieczne . Gratuluję 😚 Prześlij mi adres na dm. A pozostałych zapraszam do wzięcia udziału w rozdaniu z "Repliką" Lauren Oliver, oraz z pakietem książek Samanthy Young. Więcej informacji znajdziecie na profilu. Życzę Wam miłego dnia❤😗 laurenoliver replika redgirlbooks bookstagram instabook bookaddict ilovebooks bookporn bookworm bibliophile booknerd bookgeek reading bookoftheday igreads polishbibliophile booksholic follow czytam czytaniejestsexy readingissexy readingisfun polishbookstagram biblioteczka

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Grita Geala


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Más vale tarde que nunca: ¡20 años de harrypotter! Inspiración que me acompaña a todas partes! 💚 slytherin ¤ ¤ ¤ bookstagrammer lectura book books review libro libros leeresvida leerengancha epicreads blog bloggers leeresvivir dimeunlibro bookstagram leer instabook reseña booktober booklover queleer amoleer novela amor bookpic bookoftheday bookaholics bookaddict

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Juliette Baron


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2️⃣7️⃣ Dégradé... 🌈• Alors voilà, j'ai vu un peu grand et du coup on ne voit pas le 1er et le dernier livre de la pile 😅• De plus, ma pile de livres 📚 s'est effondrée après la photo... Il n'y a pas eu de morts ni de blessés, no panic • Dans cette pile, j'ai lu tous les livres, sauf la Voleuse de Secrets, qui est dans ma PAL! 📖✨• Et sinon demain c'est ma soutenance 👍🏻• smoochallenge piledelivres couleurs livresdecouleurs lire read livres books instalivre instabook livrestagram bookstagram livraddict bookaddict lecturaddict livrovore bookovore booknerd bookworm bibliophile booklove booklovers lecture reading lectrice lecteur reader jaimeleslivres

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Oana M. Roman


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My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante. So nice to read it at last. Opinions? . . . books bookstagram bookgenre booksgram instabooks reader bookslover mybrilliantfriend reading goodreads bibliophile bookaddict elenaferrante whattoread bookworld epicreads booknerd bookporn bookcollection bookofinstagram biblio truestories booksworthreading readingisawesome readingisgood readingissexy goodbook newbook mybooks beautifulbooks

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RehaTheBookGhoul | 🇮🇳


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These are the two middle grade books I read this month Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson and Home Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein. I recommend these to all the kiddies out there. Happy Reading bibliophile bookworm comics minions kids middlegrade readingtime nerdgirl geekgirl bookstagram instabooks fun toys amreading booklovers bookaddict fiction

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Comment from Tallulah:

It was such a lovely surprise to find some exciting book post when I got home from work yesterday. Thank you @meetpenguingirl for sending me allthegoodthings This book questions whether doing a bad thing defines a person and uses self exploration as a tool for forgiveness (I think 😂)

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Book is my hobby, but Reading is my favorite 😊💖📚 . . . . . . . . . . . . @iamdenssss BOOKINSTA 💖💞🌸 bookstagram book books booksofinstagram instabook instareads booklife biblio bibliophile read reading booklove booklover booklovers bookish ilovebooks bookaholic bookaddict fantasy youngadult skyladreamer lovefightskyla

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Dzień dobry!! Wczoraj jednak słonko wyszło zza chmur i zdążyłam zrobić parę zdjęć - w tym między innymi mojego cudownego CR ❤ Kocham książki Kim Holden i tego nic nie jest w stanie zmienić 😍 book bookaddict bookstagram instabook bookphotography beautifulcover ksiazka ksiazkoholizm czytaniejestsexy czytambolubie zdjeciedlaksiazki jestem37 kimholden wydawnictwofilia franco sky

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Eli Cain


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AmReadingBookLoversBookAddictB dictBooksGoodreadsIReadEverywh erywhereBookworldBookstagramEp

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❤️Nouvelle lecture❤️ Ça y est, je vais clôturer cette saga qui aura été un coup de cœur pour moi. J'avoue que j'ai quand même une appréhension avec ce tome, j'espère qu'il se terminera comme je le souhaite ! 😄 Bonne journée à vous. 😘 book livre books livres bookstagram livrestagram livraddict bookaddict instalivre instabook bookworm bookaholic lecture

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Eli Cain


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AmReadingBookLoversBookAddictB dictBooksGoodreadsIReadEverywh erywhereBookworldBookstagramEp

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Thanks to everyone who came along to our Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Quiz Night last night (and extra thanks to the attendee who gave the staff cupcakes... 😂😊🙊)! We had so much fun celebrating with you! ⚡️HarryPotter20

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Eli Cain


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AmReadingBookLoversBookAddictB dictBooksGoodreadsIReadEverywh erywhereBookworldBookstagramEp

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IT book lover


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Buongiorno con una verità assoluta 😂😂 book bookstagram bookblogger books bookworm libridaleggere libri coffeeandbooks instantphoto instagram love library like4like likes4likes followme reading lettura letteratura picofthebook libro blogger instagood instabook newadult bookaddict photooftheday pics

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. Nhungnguoivaymuontihon MaryNorton Vietnameseverison mybook Nikibooks bookish bookishcolor greenbooks bookworm booknerd bookaholic bookaddict booklife bookstagram bookstagramvn bookheadvn bookphotograph reader reading whatiread lovestoread instaread instabook

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Kyla & Kaylee


Comment from Kyla & Kaylee:

June 26, 2017 *smells book* - Thinkin about doin a live show, any ideas of what I should do? Thinkin maybe I chat with you guys inside the Barnes and Noble🤔

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The study is battered in glorious morning sunshine from the west & the perfect spot to read the Tuesday papers! interiorloversbookworm

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Sukanya Basu Mallik↩


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Repost from @johndoe161 with ... "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." - Robert Frost bookstagram books book bookworm bookaholic bibliophile bookaddict instabook reading tokobukuonline pecintabuku booklover read bookclub livros bookporn booknerd jualbukumurah instabooks bookstore kutubuku igreads tokobuku bukuinggris bukuimport klubbuku vscocam bookclubs bookmania

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