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Miranda Hendrickson


Comment from Miranda Hendrickson:

People with red hair and blue eyes take up less that 1% of the population, making it one of the rarest hair and eye color combinations, and I'm just like really proud of these mutations. Am I mutated enough to join the X-Men???? redhair redhead ginger redheadsdoitbetter redheaded redheadedgirl blueeyes blueeyedgirl selfie girl pretty narcissist butonlysometimes mutations ididntevenwashmyhair gross geneticmutations xmen letmejoinyou pls thnx

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Aleksandra Cichocka


Comment from Aleksandra Cichocka:

Daily selfie 😋 morning! 😘 selfie blondhairdontcare lips cute naturalbeauty instamood naturalmakeup instagood instagirl platinumblonde hot hotstuff blondhairblueeyes blueeyedgirl slavicgirl hottie prettygirl polishgirl curvygirl busty blondie blondhair fit instalove like4like thursday makeupartist follow4follow cutenessoverload

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Tattoos by Johnny Byrd


Comment from Tattoos by Johnny Byrd:

Me and my pretty lady's night in. johnnybyrdii mixedculture beautifulgf blueeyedgirl myboo interracialrelationship

39 Minutes ago

MahNoor 👑


Comment from MahNoor 👑:

🌸INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY🌸 Hello Everyone! Here's your chance to win these new lenses by @ttd_eye ✨ All you have to do is: 🌸Like this post 🌸Follow me @dreaminginblush & @ttd_eye 🌸 Tag your 3 friends in the comment. (Not more than 3 friends are allowed) I'll choose 💥3💥 lucky babes to try these new lenses 1.Polar lights Blue II 2.Polar lights Brown II 3.Polar lights Green II (New color) 4.Polar lights Gray Winners will be randomly picked on 2 July and will be contacted by me. Get set Go😉 ttdeyegiveaway ttdeye ttd 100daysofmakeup coloreyes colorlens contactlens prescription contactlensonline bigsale candypop eyelens lenses softlensimport contacts blueeyedgirl brownlens greenlens graylens beautyqueens4ever sfxmakeup beforeandafter nabla beautywithanedge browgame mikasabeauty blackopal makeupcoach

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Emily Kehrer


Comment from Emily Kehrer:

Just gotta learn to love yourself❤️. girlswithtattoos scarsarebeautiful blueeyedgirl learntoloveyourself

59 Minutes ago



Comment from T A S H A F O R D:

That's my baby. Isn't she precious? I'm an aunty. babyblues 👶🏼🍼She makes me feel Like i could do it all over agin. blueeyedgirl

1 Hours ago



Comment from Dieselprincess:

I'm a Ford girl but... this truck tho! 😍👌❤️🖤❤️dieselprincess777 dieselprincess thickthighsprettyeyes blueeyedgirl blondie fordfamily fordchick ram ramtrucks dodge dodgetruck trucksdieselgirl diesellife diesellove coloradogirl coloradodiesels blondebombshells 303 oregendiesel coloradodiesels cumminspower cumminsmotors ram dodge dodgeram motometal boots redandblack

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🖤 @spacemangcmf


Comment from 🖤 @spacemangcmf:

selfie dodgers la 710girls 420girls weedstagram dabstagram cute blueeyes blueeyedgirl stoner stoned headygirls heady girlswithgages lit bored

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Comment from taken-reconvaper69💍:

Being wrongfully accused hurts. Listening to others over me hurts. What you did as a "group" hurts. You didn't ask what happened or even see my side you didn't ask ANY questions you "voted" and I guess I wasn't part of your plan. I guess family wasn't enough, I guess love wasn't enough, and that's too bad because still to this day it hurts, you were home, and my safe place. And now I'm lost and nothing is the same. Hope your happy with your choice and "family" ✌🐼❤ peace & pandalove vapenation vapefam vapecommunity vapingaddict vapingsavedmylife notblowingsmoke chasingclouds cloudchaser vapegirls vaporgirls vaporcuties vapeporn vapersofinstagram girlswhovapedoitbetter blueeyes blueeyedgirl cloudypanda pandagirl smokingpanda reconda peaceandpandalove ilovemyrecon triplec MandM foreverandaday ldvdoomsquad

1 Hours ago

Anna Danner-Hazelwood


Comment from Anna Danner-Hazelwood:

Testing out my new mini halolight! I'm pretty happy with it! Can't wait to test at work! selfiesfornerds blueeyedgirl redhead redhair shortfringe girlinglasses marvel silversurfer spiderman ironman chibisuperdeformed

1 Hours ago

Tina Sullens


Comment from Tina Sullens:

Clothes are all set out for my morning workout!!! Everyone wants compliments, right?!? goodnight

1 Hours ago

Sunni 💕


Comment from Sunni 💕:

She's a bad thang, fine as hell 😍😘 • • • • • dark blackhair beauty pretty blueeyedgirl love blackandwhite gorgeous laugh live loveyourself shorthair butnotreally beautywithin eyes! foreveryoung strong 😊 😇 😏 heart confident snapfilter bear beauty goldylocks beauty pretty blueeyedgirl love blackandwhite gorgeous laugh live loveyourself beauty pretty blueeyedgirl love blackandwhite gorgeous laugh live loveyourself badthang fineashell

1 Hours ago

🌴Courtney Ross🇺🇸


Comment from 🌴Courtney Ross🇺🇸:

A tradition going on 5 years strong at @captaingeorges with the BEST photobombing manager out there!📷 top left: the original photobomb in 2013, then every year since then! Tonight's photo on bottom! All 18 of our HUGE Carlucci family LOVE this place and go every year when we're in Myrtle Beach☺😋😍🌴🏖 WE ❤ JOSH!!! myrtlebeach delicious love ootd pictureperfect southernbelle southcarolina smiles favorite photobomb thebest daymade onpoint myrtlebeach2017 blueeyedgirl bestmanagerever happiness awesome

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Comment from Michelle:

A smile is the best curve a woman can have!! blueeyes babyblues blueeyedgirl blueeyedbeauty countrylife country countrygirl countryliving singlemomsdoitbest singlemom beautiful princess blondehair blonde redhair red summertime summer girls girlswillbegirls blessed carolinagirl pink

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Comment from Erika.Renee:

🙄me wondering if I'll ever figure life out... changes lostinthoughts💭 piercings nosestud selfie girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings typicalwhitegirl pleasedtomeetyou eyebrowsonfleek blueeyedgirl makingdo rollon2017

3 Hours ago

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My wcw 😍❤ love you baby girl!! My one and only baby sister❤ mysisteriscuterthanyou loveyoubear myblondie shesamodel blueeyedgirl shecute whenshewantstobe lookscanbedecieving jk notkidding 😘

3 Hours ago

Ariel Severn


Comment from Ariel Severn:

When you are still in your scrubs but new shoes make you feel like a princess blondebombshell blueeyedgirl prettybitch swolemate shoeaddiction giftsforher heals happygirlsaretheprettiest livingthedream feellikecinderella

3 Hours ago



Comment from taken-reconvaper69💍:

My liptotipcheck is on Fire! 🔥 Called out by @angeleyesvaper I'm gonna call out @mippyvapes and @thephilosophicalvaper to show me that fire. ✌🐼❤ peace & pandalove vapenation vapefam vapecommunity vapingaddict vapingsavedmylife notblowingsmoke chasingclouds cloudchaser vapegirls vaporgirls vaporcuties vapeporn vapersofinstagram girlswhovapedoitbetter blueeyes blueeyedgirl cloudypanda pandagirl smokingpanda reconda peaceandpandalove ilovemyrecon triplec MandM foreverandaday ldvdoomsquad

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Comment from Me:

Evening chills after a long work day. inked ink inkedlife inkedgirl inkedchicks inkedwoman tattoos tattoosleeve tattooedgirl tattooedgirls tattoo girlswithink girlswithtattoos blondes blondeswithblueeyes blondeswithtattoos blueeyes blueeyedgirl blueeyed tattooedblueeyedgirl legs thickthighs eveningchills humpday wine chardonnay relaxing wednesdayvibes nofilter

3 Hours ago

Amelia Petrus


Comment from Amelia Petrus:

What a natural 😍 @becca.lynn.97, so glad to have had the chance to catch up and see how far you've come! spin smile blueeyedgirl park photoshootfun colorlover styleguide urbanchic outdoors beautiful portraitphotographer portrait portraitphotography photographer pittsburghmodel pittsburghphotographer pittsburghphotography

3 Hours ago



Comment from Caity:

🌸Margot🌸 this little sweetie pie has improved so much over the last couple of months! Finally she's sleeping a good 2 hour block twice a day and we have a routine settling in! And she's sleeping all night! I now don't have to run off 5-6 cups of coffee a day after sleeping for maybe an hour overnight. I breastfed her completely until a month ago, she has been in the last percentile for her height and off the charts for her weight and hasn't even doubled her birth weight yet at 10 months old. I started her on special reflux formula morning and night and she's finally starting to grow and keep everything down! Now our breastfeeding time is more of a comfort/bond with mummy time when she's grizzly or tired. I am so greatful that science has developed something that could help Margot because it was absolutely horrible hearing her cry in pain constantly ( I mean Day and night) because of her horrible reflux. Thank you science! babygirl 10monthsold margot babymargot love refluxbaby reflux greatful fedisbest breastfeeding happybaby healthybaby cheeky beautiful bigeyes blueeyedgirl blueeyes biggestsmile @fedisbestfoundation

3 Hours ago


Comment from for.the.LOVE.of.Ks:

4thofjulyoutfit redwhiteandblue curlyhairdontcare summerlovin blueeyedgirl karsynkruize

3 Hours ago

Ariel Severn


Comment from Ariel Severn:

So coming home to a package on the porch with an extra special present makes this week so much better!!!! blondebombshell blueeyedgirl spoiled love highheels shoeaddiction giftsforher champagneanddiamonds helovesme beautiful feellikecinderella goingtoaball princecharming fairytailsareearned

3 Hours ago

Tonya Elam


Comment from Tonya Elam:

Those eyes 😍 makingmemories itsthelittlethings blueeyedgirl

4 Hours ago

Bailey Bear 🐶


Comment from Bailey Bear 🐶:

Auntie Tiffany you have the best legs to sleep on in all the land😴 poofball baileybear adorable redmerleaustralianshepherd worldscutestdog aussie aussiepup aussiepuppy australianshepherd miniaustralianshepherd miniaussie aussiesofinstagram bailey sweetheart carride carrideswithbae lovemylife dogparents blueeyes blueeyedgirl blueeyedaussie

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Comment from Rebecca:

happywednesday cheers breaktime fastwhips coldsips sandals guitars playing workhard playhard sunnyday bossbabe marineconstruction buildyourshit highsociety blueeyedgirl longhairdontcare

4 Hours ago

Shantelle Redden


Comment from Shantelle Redden:

One of Lexington's six-month photos. Thanks for the beautiful photo @capturedbycottingham! frillyfrocks frillyfrocksgirl sixmonths mybaby baby babygrin babygirl blueeyes blueeyedgirl blueeyedbabygirl mommasbaby mommasgirl @frillyfrocksgirl

4 Hours ago

Yesenia Adent


Comment from Yesenia Adent:

Grandma got caught on the power wheels. She didn't like that I recorded her. Shh...don't tell her I posted it!

4 Hours ago



Comment from Kam:

princessbedtimestory prettyinpink toddlerfashion blueeyedgirl toddlerstyle

4 Hours ago

Blue Eyed Girl


Comment from Blue Eyed Girl:

Red + white + blue 🇺🇸 we got your 4th of july gear 🍉🎆 shopblueeyedgirl

4 Hours ago

Haley McAbee


Comment from Haley McAbee:

{{ON THE FARM}} by far surpassed all of our expectations! It is literally adorable! If you come across one grab it while you can!! rronthefarm ricracandruffles ricracweeklyshare RicracEnthusiast McKynleeGrace dailydoseofcuteness mamasgirl blueeyedgirl oneyearold countrygirl wegotthepig bowsareagirlsbestfriend thebiggerthebowtheclosertojesu toddlerlife toddlerootd toddlerfashion watchmckynleegrow toddlersofinstagram modelsofinstagram brandrep brandenthusiast brandenthusiastsearch princessmckynlee whatmckynleewore shopsmallbusiness thatface

4 Hours ago

Saffy Blue 💎🐶


Comment from Saffy Blue 💎🐶:

Out enjoying this humpday with mom👍🏻 got moms favorite matcha green tea latte from cafecapri ☕️ then off to the doggie park 🐶💕 spoiled lovedmore :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: my paw squad : 👑 @timur.the.pomsky 🐻 @aryamacfluff 🐾 @atticusthepomsky 🌸 @mia.the.pomsky ⭐️ @miss.ariya.pomsky 🐺 @the_mini_wolf_atlas 💪🏼 @barbelltheshiba 🐒 @rudytuuudy 🍭 @pomskyphoebe 🎩 @pablo.the.pomsky :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: pnwpups smilespergallon wednesdayfeels pomklee pomkleestyle pomkleesofinstagram pomeranianpuppy kleekaisofinstagram pupper blep wheresmysnoot yummy lattetime puppyoftheday blueeyedgirl doglife dogpark dogsrule doglovers petstagram dayoff shenanigans ilovemydog

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Comment from Stacia:

Ok, I am now a blonde...when my hair fell out after chemo, it came back really curly! I was overjoyed! BUT, it also came in VERY grey. I was devastated! I thought I was too young (53 yrs) for so much I colored it. BIG mistake: who wants to worry about coloring roots every few weeks? Not me. So I bleached it out. Now I can let that nice silver that it really was, grow back in without it being too obvious. What do you think of this look for me? I'm getting positive input, so I MAY keep it. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion ... I wasn't sure about posting this because I don't like to post anything that says, "look at me, look at me, look at how beautiful I am...!" but my good friend @nadoodgamal convinced me that I should be proud of my new hair and to show it off. I am, so I did😊Love you Nada😘 doblondeshavemorefun blondehair blondehairedontcare blondeselfie nationalselfieday cancersucks chemohairloss newhair hairafterchemo brunettetoblonde idontdoselfies showyourgrit curlyhair blueeyes blueeyedgirl beautifuleyes blueeyedbeauty eyesarethewindowtothesoul blueeyedwomen

1 Days ago