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American Botanics


Comment from American Botanics:

There's a storm brewing! I get to sleep tight with gentle retinol + betalains soothing my face and the sound of rain on my window.

1 Hours ago

Raquel Marie


Comment from Raquel Marie:

ItSucks JustWannaHaveADopeConvo BlameItOnTheRain

2 Hours ago



Comment from BlackBettie:

respectmyexistanceorexpectmyre trumptards gop resist blameitontherain no wait, blameitonobama trumpisanazi

10 Hours ago

Chitra Ghildiyal


Comment from Chitra Ghildiyal:

The weather calls for these as well! blameitontherain beingearnest winelover

14 Hours ago

Bonbon Saliot


Comment from Bonbon Saliot:

TeamBeshies, you guys have been instrumental to me surviving my year away from home. Thank you for being my family here in Davao! When we started our rotation in IM (with ONE missing member, kung asa man sya karon, i hope happy sya haha), I think that was when our personalities were truly tested! From the code BLUE EVERYDAY, sleeping while reading ECGs, the muntik-na-bumitaw-pero-kapit-l drama by the ADMIT-ALL season, we survived all that together! SURGERY came, we were able to breathe and we could all agree that we were able to exhaust our talents (breast con + decor galore weee) and we all enjoyed the rotation! We had a brief separation in our ComMed rotation; PEDIA was super chill (lovelove) and our weird schedule let us experience new partnerships among ourselves! The toxicity of OB (esp ang every other sked mygheddddd mabuang ko) kept us stronger together as a team! I would not trade my PGIship experience: the laags, beshie dates, ka-dramahan, 'left the group' ka-OAhan, libak, small and big victories, and the over-all PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE state of our team! Tang: my partner/soul sister during this whole thing, Lara: my conscience and pinakadali matawag na person, Jermie: my crazy make-up + makatrust issues buddy, Jaki: ang pinakacorny na makawala AND makacause ug labad sa ulo! I will miss you guys so much, and I hope we get together again with license numbers soon! 💋💋💋 blameitontherain BESTgroup

15 Hours ago

Caroline Fortin


Comment from Caroline Fortin:

Ici y grêle même po . . campagne thunderstorm blameitontherain

16 Hours ago

Bambi Sharma


Comment from Bambi Sharma:

After doing four back to back sessions with students n one more to go.. feeling so lazy to get on the mat for my self practise.. blameitontherain ? ☺️ but what has to be done must be done ✅ Hoping this lemongrass n mint tea will do the trick to jumpstart the body once again😬🙃🤸🏻‍♂️ Read recently by one of the very established yoga teachers, that it doesn't matter how long we get on the mat for our daily self practise..what's imperative is that we make the effort n just get on it..coz once we step on the mat then yoga just takes over... journeyofyoga flowwithit withgratitude withgrace 😋🙏🏼❤️limitlessyoga wearelimitless

17 Hours ago

Randy Bautista


Comment from Randy Bautista:

May bagyo ba? 😱 kaya naman pala ang traffic 😤blameitontherain

20 Hours ago

Shilpa - A Sweet Vegan World


Comment from Shilpa - A Sweet Vegan World:

It Rains... When the Sky wants to talk to the Earth.. touch it gently to express it's love.. But it can't... Cause they are always together through all the seasons yet appear separate... It Rains.... It Rains so the Sky can gently touch the Earth in another form through its clouds.. It Rains.. The Earth inturn absorbs these beautiful pearly droplets..transforms it in various forms, creates life and sends the drops back to the sky when the Sun shines.. Because Separation is an Illusion.. And to remind us of this beautiful truth.. this wonder of nature.. this magic.. It Rains.. veganlife veganlove unity rains veganlifestyle naturelovers blameitontherain seperationisanillusion veganblogger whatveganswrite asweetveganworld rainymorning weareallone natureelements rainythoughts seetheconnection everythingisconnected foodforsoul

1 Days ago


Comment from Elli:

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1 Days ago



Comment from Elizh15:

Nighttime Fireworks norwoodma lightning norwood bostonbill lightning rain smalltown blameitontherain whenitrainsitpours follow thunder fireworks vw roadtrip nighttimesparkle

1 Days ago

Lymaris Cardona


Comment from Lymaris Cardona:

2017 🎶"Blame it on the rain" by fabmorvan live at @paradisoadam 🎬video taken by @joshuaserrao original song from millivanilli @fabmorvan 80sband 80s robpilatus unplugged music itunes musicgallery amsterdam netherlands retromusic europop musicvideo concert liveperformance live millivanillistyle hits maxazine @nl concerttour lifemusic braids braidstyles instamusic summer paradisoamsterdam loverevolution blameitontherain goodvibes

1 Days ago

Nikolas Sodiant


Comment from Nikolas Sodiant:

heartache byyourside bestrong blameitontherain eternalcool

1 Days ago



Comment from Trina:

This rainy thunder and lightningmatic weather made me want cinnamon french toast w bananas. Also eating some Mango too. *dont worry the syrup is Log Cabin so theres no high fructose in it lol.😂* yummy blameitontherain

1 Days ago

Andrew Davis


Comment from Andrew Davis:

Dallas delivers the hardest rain I've seen in years, as I depart. 🤠 blameitontherain thankful dfw dallas wishyouwerehere quickturnaround notimeforlovedrjones

1 Days ago

Jeanette Goodchild


Comment from Jeanette Goodchild:

Love it stormyweather blameitontherain

1 Days ago

Jeanette Goodchild


Comment from Jeanette Goodchild:

Beautifully dark stormyweather blameitontherain

1 Days ago

Baitmate Fishing


Comment from Baitmate Fishing:

Keep on fishing on Ron. It's just a little rain. @Regrann from @rjfishingpro - Just a little weather for mere mortals! Gonna get em once it passes!!onthehunt. blameitontherain @hukgear - regrann

1 Days ago

Kristin - New York, NY


Comment from Kristin - New York, NY:

Looks like my AM run is going to be a PM run instead! I know rain is a part of life but unless it's a race day, I'm not running in it. marathonme myrunmychoice blameitontherain justsayno rainraingoaway

1 Days ago

JB x Bella 😎🐶


Comment from JB x Bella 😎🐶:

"rān/noun: moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops." Most people equate rain with sadness (e.g., "Don't let it rain on your parade.") But, I guess I'm wired weirdly as I've always liked the rain. It's peaceful. Tranquil. Soothing. Replenishing. In every corner of the Earth, rain brings life. The crops get watered. The animals (including us people) can drink. The rivers flow abundantly, etc, etc. Part of the reason I loved living in Hilo, HI last year was BECAUSE OF the rain (not despite it). And it rains A TON there. Even the legendary @kapenamusic wrote a classic island jam called "Hilo Rain." Anyhow, it's raining now on Guam. Which means it'll be sunny in about 10-minutes lol And I'll enjoy it while it lasts. I guess my point is: it's ok to be different. To be weird. To think differently than your friends & family. Just be the best version of YOU, whether rain or shine. 🌧☀️ dobermentality GuamUSA

1 Days ago

Amy K James


Comment from Amy K James:

blameitontherain icanthelpmyselffromfrizzing

2 Days ago

Maree Erkkila


Comment from Maree Erkkila:

Aiyra comes crying into my room whenever it rains & worriedly leads the way around the house squeaking away in her little voice to inform of every open window or drop of water that got in. 😹😻🌧aiyra gatoresgatado gofundmeaiyra blameitontherain cute cutecat rescuecat

2 Days ago

Brando 🤸


Comment from Brando 🤸:

Sai di pioggia. Sai di temporale. blameitontherain ⛈🌩☔ coldblackcloud rainstorm blacknight

2 Days ago

Michelle Cain Carvell


Comment from Michelle Cain Carvell:

Don't blameitontherain , come and find a dry place @3_to_1_fitness and shake your bootay! zumbafitness 6:07-7:15 always free always amazing zumbainstructor zumbaatthepoint zapwarriors acceptinginvitations justdoit monday faiththenfitness snapchat shimmyshimmycocopop

2 Days ago

Ron Johnson


Comment from Ron Johnson:

Just a little weather for mere mortals! Gonna get em once it passes!!onthehunt. blameitontherain @hukgear

2 Days ago



Comment from Brandylynn:

Thrift shop find! millivanilli thriftstorefinds thrift lol thrifting

2 Days ago

Anthony Laughlin


Comment from Anthony Laughlin:

timelapse shanghai China Chinaadventure thatsshanghai thats_shanghai thatsshanghai_ zai_shanghai rain rainyday heavyrain mist rainydaytimelapse instagram timelapseoninstagram blameitontherain timelapsesonly huaweip9plus leica leicacamera huawei

2 Days ago

Dan English


Comment from Dan English:

Sweet bit of bocce before the storm bocceball blameitontherain

3 Days ago



Comment from amck1981:

blameitontherain weinerdog uhaul toasty

4 Days ago

Matt Currie


Comment from Matt Currie:

Was supposed to camp tonight. I'll have to settle for my fake fire. blameitontherain whaa passmeagoddamnsmore

4 Days ago

abby rosenthal


Comment from abby rosenthal:

I also did this today/last night takepride thisismkg pinksparrowscenic toooldforthis itrainedalot blameitontherain

4 Days ago



Comment from SCarrie👦🏻🐶😾🐢🐢🐢🐠:

🤷🏼‍♀️Meh 🐢ItsBeenAGoodRun � Run 🙄FuckingLazy 💦BlameItOnT

4 Days ago

Petty Murphy


Comment from Petty Murphy:

@Regrann from @teamprezzy - 🚨🚨 NewDateAlert 🚨🚨 LIL WAYNE CONCERT POSTPONED UNTIL FRIDAY JULY 7. If you purchased tix already hold on to your ticket for the new date. If you want your money back.. better find a ticket scalper because I ain't giving shit back 🤷🏾‍♂️ BlameItOnTheRain NewDateFriJuly7 AintNoRefundsBiih - regrann

4 Days ago