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Wyzass Glass


Comment from Wyzass Glass:

Taking offers Tuesday! available GlassForSale headyglassforsale HeadShop 420 BestOfGlass Headyart ThousandDollarSmoke bho GlassPorn Wax DailyDabber dabbersdaily thc coloradodabbers Shatter dabs cannabiscommunity cannabis boroglass headyglass rigs Bangers HighSociety elephant Safari

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💎A Shelf Above The Rest 💎


Comment from 💎A Shelf Above The Rest 💎:

Throwback to that little slab of apricot kush ( 90 grams ) bho 710 stoner stoned staygreen stonernation hash high hightimes hashtag kush kushgang cannabis cannabiscommunity 420 life universe dabs

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Comment from Alex:

The potofgold was in my bong terps staylit buds rainbow ganja mooseknuckle hotdabs hotdabing 420 710 maryjane buds stoner shatter highsociety bho 710society bonghit hightimes

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Comment from globs_galore:

Sure could use a real dab of this Golden Pineapple right now. Stuck at work for another 3.5 hours

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Comment from Ed:

@hoyesquartz X @heynowsaywhat X @wet_glass X @sonic_glass Another killer set up! Tossed the 14mm to 10mm adapter on the mini tube so I could rock the XL Hoyes! Awesome combo 💚 Getting my pointtwosday glob in! Taking a .21 (see story) of @kindselections2 Grape Kush No.3 pull snap! Also responding to @headyirv stopdropandglob Lets keep the Point Twosday going! Gotta glob at least a .2!!! I'm gonna call out @boro_shinobi @solventless.stewie @chinadoll_710 & @bigpoppapepperoni I hope everyone has a wonderful night ✌🏼❤ wasteittotasteit lowtemp puddlegang dab dabs dabporn dablife shatter bho oil errl rosin nugrun stoner heady 710 710society 420 dabbersdaily weshouldsmoke headyglass cannabiscommunity fueledbythc fueledbybho thousanddollarsmoke functionalglassart terps minitube

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Trep Hunter


Comment from Trep Hunter:

Hope everyone's had a terpy Tuesday!! I'll be stocking up on different flavors of distillate in the next few days along with the usual gorgeous shatter and frosty buds I'll be updating with pictures and strains tomorrow have a great day everyone!!! 207terps 207stoners beastcoast bho pickybastards distillate 207 terps shatter

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Comment from Colorado:

This is open to the general public as well 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽. Colorado vets and military supporters let's get a @veteransforcannabis Family friendly Potluck grill sesh started! I'd like to get a handful of people down and go from there! I'm really trying to make this personal and comfortable for all the vets out there that struggle with severe social anxiety like myself!!! I'm thinking once a month Friday/Saturday grill sesh. I'd like to run with a pot luck sorta style thing at first and then hopefully from there get some people on bored for future plans. So bring a dish, something to grill, the family, and most importantly your choice of tree. cannabiscommunity denver denversesh sesh denvercolorado ptsd hightimes wax milehighcity pueblo shatter army veteran cannabis milehigh coloradodabbers coloradosprings combatvet colorado boulder dabs bho rosin 710 aurora amendment64 Denverdabbers castlerock

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Alexa 🌕


Comment from Alexa 🌕:

Sunshine dabbin ☀️💨 • Rig: @danevansglass Quartz: @sugarcubebangerss Carb Cap: @_glassmith Mat: @thecavesmokeshop • portland shatter girlsthatdab errl 710 GirlsWhoSmokeWeed medicateandmeditate BHOmbingAmerica behindblazedeyes 420 bho highsociety staylifted potheadsociety bitxhimhigh wfayo BongBeauties weedclan cannabiscommunity dab weed weshouldsmoke fire dank terpslut justblazeig @weedclan @herb @highmerica • BE SURE TO FOLLOW MY BACKUP since getting deleted seems to be the "thing to do" 💎 @BehindBlazedEyes_ 💋🙈

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Comment from lorenzo💪😘:


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Comment from udabn_710:

💦💦💦💦💦💦gratefulbreath cannafornia710 dailydabber dabbersdaily errrl dabsesh dabsociety highlife highlyeducated wfayo high_larry_us dabsrus dtfo highlife dabs wax bho dank fire highsociety dablife marijuana cannabis dabaholics stoned stoners fueledbybho

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Comment from slanteyez420:

Hit @raikvge for a sick piece @Regrann from @raikvge - FOR SALE (No Trades) ‼️2 @averyyorkk 10mm Clear FloatingRecycler WaterSpinner ☁️🌪♻️🔥 DM for any questions 🙏🏽 _________________________ ______________________________ glassforsale boroforsale borobook headyglass bestofglass boromarket AveryYork cannabis bho errl headyglassforsale headyglass functionalglassart boroofig headyart hotglass oprahsbookclub WeDontSmokeTheSame KoreaTownGlassGallery DatFunc

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Comment from L♡v€:

So fucking what mood lp

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Comment from vilahaze:

Bho amnesia Haze bho extracts amnesiahaze waxing waxaddicts resins weedstagram420 420life creme dab hashporn medicinalherbs bhoming_america honeymoon 420comunity tacodabs weed hightimes420 thc thcommunity hasis dabstagram dab_kings marijuana cannabis newport raw dabado_extracts dabadoo homegrown

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#prop203 #tastymeds #tastywax


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nofilter bubbaskywalker crumble wax dab 710 extracts errl concentrates 420 mmj prop215 prop203 gold shatter bho thc

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Comment from florida.slabs:

Cookies for dinner ⛽ . . . . inshot floridaslabs medicine 420 710 terpes vape dabbers dab bhombs bho thc marijuana hash weedporn cannabiscommunity highsociety weshouldsmoke ganja stoned clouds dope mmj shatter

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Comment from abrasiveglass:

75$ bho bhomb boroforsale clones concentrates dabs dabsesh errl eastcoast eastcoastdabbers fire globmob glass4sale glassforsale headylife lowtemp ommp shatter strictlyloud thc terps strictlyloud shatter

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Comment from Adam:

Rhythm is a fckn dancer!!!! CHEAHHHH 👌😜😂😂😂 I'm a baked potato after this one you guys 😩🙄🤦‍♂️😂😂

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Comment from thepipeking:

@quaveglass quartz bangers in 14mm male and female are available at la habra, lakewood, and orange locations as well as online 🌐 click link in bio to shop Snap:thepipeking Kik: THEPIPEKING Text : 714-451-6345 Email: sales 📸: @hamztpk thepipeking quaveclubbanger

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Swamp City Gallery Lounge


Comment from Swamp City Gallery Lounge:

Shirts are hot off the press for @ChaliceFestival Make sure you stop by the @agm_farms / SCGL Booth to scoop up some official SwampCity swag !!! custom tees chalice weedstagram cannabis dabbersdaily dabs weedstagram 710 420 bho errl hash glassart music AGMfarms HitmanGlass

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Comment from Stella:

stellascannabis weed 420 kronic maryjane ganja hightimes macromob dabart growyourown weshouldsmoke pdx portland oregon dabs bho crumble shatter oil 710 dank fire terps topshelf sativa indica

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OC's Headiest Smokers Gallery


Comment from OC's Headiest Smokers Gallery:

@quaveglass quartz bangers in 14mm male and female are available at la habra, lakewood, and orange locations as well as online 🌐 click link in bio to shop Snap:thepipeking Kik: THEPIPEKING Text : 714-451-6345 Email: sales 📸: @hamztpk thepipeking quaveclubbanger

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allen prus


Comment from allen prus:

Meltshot from the story 🍯🍯 deathstar OG ⛽️⛽️ faded 🤤

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Comment from pallyson_420:

@libertymeds cookieglue 710 loud dabs dailydabber shatterday errl errlsquad highlife instadabs dabstagram bho instahigh girlswhodab fire smoke dablife wfayo

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Joe Nutts Back Up


Comment from Joe Nutts Back Up:

auction on @sketchandburn page for ONE of these pieces but the winner of the will pick after the is over ✌️ RULES on Sketch and Burn page

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Comment from Debbie:

🌟 Discount code...Starr....🌟 Repost @high5vape ・・・ Mr. Danklin is always watching 👀 @high5vape Enail x @cca710 Liger Banger. The most affordable Enails on the market without sacrificing quality or reliability and backed by a real warranty and top notch customer service. high5vape Hightimes dablife dabsrus wax extracts concentrates headyglass dabbersdaily instadabs instaweed 420 shatterday dabbedout errl bho westcoastdabbers glassofig dabcity dabsociety enail cannabiscommunity boro glassofig dabs dabberg shatter rosin

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James M


Comment from James M:

🚨Auction🚨 Tonight I have this super clean carb cap with UV PINK PROTON marble this baby fits regular to large size bangers and really spins those terps! 🛑Rules🛑 1️⃣starts at $5 2️⃣add $5 domestic shipping 3️⃣ends 24 hrs after first bid 4️⃣must be PayPal ready 5️⃣1$ min increments Good Luck! ✌️ glassgiveaway borobook boroglass glassauction wedontsmokethesame dabber 710 dabs oil dab dabbing 420 cannabiscommunity wax HashmeApp 710society bho liveresin dabbers dabcity dablife dabsrus terps fullmelt 420friendly boroforsale dabberauction giveaway

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Alessandra Ruggieri🌙


Comment from Alessandra Ruggieri🌙:

👻bho aruq mado prcd wow aia like yep bye likes likeforlike friends likessss likeforfollow likeforlike l4l l f f4f followme likeit follow likeforlike likesforlikes followforfollow like4like like4likealways likemyphoto likeback followback

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CentralCoastChronic Collective


Comment from CentralCoastChronic Collective:

What'd you have for breakfast?? This shatter platter is full of some OG nugrun and ready to pour! nugrun shatter bho dabs closedloop cleanmeds cleanmedsonly terps og ganja cannabis stoner centralcoastchronic centralcoastcannabiscommunity centralcoast 805 weedstagram ostf weed wfayo nofilter

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Comment from yoda_dabs:

Rocking my @boro_collectors tshirt while wearing my mahogany honeycomb @mcflyglass pendant I got today dabbing some gg4 trim run💙💜💚🔥🔥🎊🎊🎉🎉✌😎 my glass glassart glasscollector glassblowing glassofig boro boroglassart boroaddict borocollector boroart boroofig marijuana maryjane bho wax dab dabbersdaily dablife prop215 sb420 pullandsnapshatter

24 Minutes ago



Comment from Dablo_Escobong:

Answer to @dab.face stopdropandglob, finishing off this super tasty Cherry Pie shatter from @wildrose_extracts 🔥🍒 I know it's sideways, I messed up 😂 I'm gonna pass it on to @saffrontheviking and @bjrandon let's see some globs👌👌👌wildroseextracts dab fire localmeds terps cherrypie dank bho shatter AAAA nugrun glob robbiglin. robbiglinglass mmpr mmar mmj

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Comment from Tokershub:

Color Stranded Art Pipe @tokershub We are leading supplier of wholesale glass pipes, bubblers, waterpipes, wholesale smoke shop supplies and other wholesale smoking accessories onlineglassshop glasspipes glassofig glassforsale kusharmy bho 420 710 dabsrus headyglass weedstagram420 wholesaleglassupply cheapipes glasspipes bongbeauties quartz quartzbanger quartzsupply glasspipeandbong wholesalebongs

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Comment from drewh420:

Made a little custom sluggo last night ! ❤❤❤ Thankss for looking. 😍😍

30 Minutes ago



Comment from 🐝🍯:

🔥 @mexica.extracts MexicaExtracts deepwaterculture medicalmarijuana blooming MMMM bho nugget dabs indoor grow hash cannabis bigbuds maryjane stoner hightimes hightimesmagazine hemp dabbing weed cannabiscommunity thc cbd shatter wax mota 710 hightimescannabiscup

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