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Raphaël Blasselle


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BELIEVERS PROJECT Notre-Dame des Foyers Father Yves-Marie and the architect observe the workers relocating the bells in the bell frame, Notre-Dame des Foyers, mid 2006. Father Yves-Marie thinks that the bells can increase the visibility of the parish in the district, which is mainly muslim. —————— Over the next weeks, I will publish pictures from my series « Notre-Dame des Foyers », first step of my long term project « Believers ». Notre-Dame des Foyers is a small catholic church of in a east Paris popular and cosmopolitan neighborhood.  Immersing myself as an agnostic in religious communities, I try to understand the faith of the believers , their quest to happiness and their relationships within the community.  Follow the entire project (texts, interviews, sounds) on Facebook : @RaphaelBlassellePhotographer documentaryphotography religion christianity god spirituality believe blackandwhitephoto leica photoessay kodaktmax 35mmfilm picofday photojournalist photographer documentary photojournalisme documentaire

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Indeed!!!! @Regrann from @winterwolfpress - So true!!! 💯 believe believeinyourself write writenow writer writerslife keepwriting inspirationalwords author authorslife instalife instagood writersofig writersofinstagram writethebook igwriters authorsofinstagram authorsofig igauthors - regrann

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Peter Wang


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Whatever decision you make, there will always be those who doubt you. Who believe you're wrong. Who force you to question your own resolve. When that time comes... call upon those who give you the courage to continue forward. Thank you Rose. Believe Greater

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Leah Apatan


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Serving our Community 💙💙💙bossmom daughterofking believe designyourlife consistency faith family fitness finance fit workout bodybuilding cardio gym training health healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle getfit purpose passion goals picoftheday servantleadership

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奧斯華 Oswald


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🦅🐺🦅🐺🦅🐺 It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. 寧願保持沉默讓人看起來像個傻子,也不要一開口就證明自己確實如此。 奧斯華 oswald 兔子 rabbit🐰 迪士尼 disney oswaldtheluckyrabbit 黑白 blackwhite 黑 白 black white 1927 1925 名言 警惕 希望 hope 努力 effort 相信 believe 愛情 love 回憶 recollection 復古 retro

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Nefeli Di Mela


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Ive been watching numerous females using waist trainers ... Unfortunately apart from liturally "rearranging" your inner organs they also just push down and relocate the fat cells. So eventually you end up with the same amount of fat cells just located at the lower abdomen! That is why WEIGHTS TRAINING its your best solution! As it REALLY enables you to SCULPT your body the way you like it.... It takes longer but is healthy, its controllable and fun! 💪🏼👊🏽 fitness fitgirls transformation muscles cleaneat fitfam HIIT lift girlslift loveforfood love4food DontEatItIfYouDontCookIt TrainInsaneOrRemainTheSame live love laugh believe loveyourself loveyourbody healthymindhealthybody

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stan a legend 💜👑


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Can't stop listening to journals 😍 @justinbieber selenagomez arianagrande dagibee shawnmendes lfl purposetour fff smile myworldtour journals musically lisaandlena camerondallas purpose purposetour fan belieber beliebers followforfollow likeforlike catchmeoutsidehowbowdah lorenbeech purposeworldtour believe myworld neversaynever justin bieber legend

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Del 🐝


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I have a mustard seed and I ain't afraid to use it 🙏🌾 @wisdomfeed

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Selena Gomez


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HOLY HELL ONE OF MY RECENTS GOT OVER 400 LIKES,, THANK YU THANK YOU THANK YOU 💛- - - - - - - - - - - - justin beliebers bieber justinbieber beliebers kidrauhl bizzle selenagomez biebermania selena maejor bieberlove bieberjustin purposetour purpose believe myworld journals jelena f4f l4l c4c selenalove selenators @selenagomez @justinbieber

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Zim's Golden


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Make peace with yourself . Background @bax_bae - - stayinspiredinspirationpositivityzimmotivationentrepreneurszimcelebritiespositivityfaithzimpraisezimelitequotesinfluencepositivityclassgoalszimbolyfzimlifestyledreamsbelievefaithmoneysuccessmovingforwardfootsteps👣

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Last part of this edit, hope you liked it. I did🙌 Now im working on a other one😌 @justinbieber

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Susie Larson


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You can do it, just start.

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Santa Stuart Landerman


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It's day88 of santa365. Congrats to the winners of the drawing yesterday! I will be holding another drawing towards the end of the summer, so stay tuned for that. santa santaisreal santaclaus santaclausart christmas christmaseveryday christmasaroundtheworld merrychristmas kriskringle papanoel fatherfrost fatherchristmas reindeer naughtyandnice believe bigred yule holly santasleigh letterstosanta nicelist santaworldwide

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Jess Marston


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Back where i came from🏋🏼‍♀️🍑 nutrition fitness motivation quotes girlswholift believe fitnessmotivation empire passion love career goals weights cardio loveyourself controlyourmind behappy therapy fitchicks dedication consistency enjoythejourney believeinyourself

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Desirae Lowe💚🎶💃


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Let's go!!! Get stronger!!! riseup mindset herbalife nutrition 559 fresno clovis california fitness healthy grind hustle happy free letsgo workout faith believe blessed getit

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Trey Kelly


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Miriam Molina


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With this beautiful weather I decided to take my workout outside this morning using Beachbody on Demand! I have an app on my phone and can access over 700 workouts. It's like Netflix but for fitness and I love it ❤. Today's workout on the calendar was week 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme, Dirty 30! You basically work all muscles in this workout. Have a beautiful weekend!

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quotes ~ كوبرا 🍁


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"I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves." Che Guevara الترجمة: أنا لست محررا، المحررون غير موجودين، الناس يحررون أنفسهم. liberal word believe old gold cheguevara cuba المشروع_الثوري الشيب_لاريب wallpaper @shiboba

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Ansam Alfalahi


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spiritual faith faithful TagsForLikes god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life meditate guidance

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Life keeps testing me, but I always come out on top! lifelessons strength believe resilience courage

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Ezzat Al-sharif


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Life is like a box of chocolates 🍫 you never know what you are going to get jordan jo dubai qoutes lovequotes love photo ksa jeddah instadaily instagood irbid selfie selflove personal confidence power patience believe care food sweetsixteen sweet

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Believe Party Studio


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Que tal si les damos a tus invitados, favors diferentes y utiles! Mira esta opción que ademas de divertida, tus invitadas les encantara. Reserva tu evento a believepty

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dream believe do

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Madina Berdieva


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Don't become a zombie

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Lovable sky💙✨ naturelovers weekend moment 🌤relaxing windowview instanature art greatday believe 🌿future vibes 🤘🏻

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Ck, Style Forever


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Vishnu Vinod


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life believe postivevibes

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The Kawaii Sweetshop


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Are these already cured and ready to be touched? No 🙈 am I touching them anyway because I was inpatient to see? Yes!!! 🙊🙊🙊 what do you think if these holographic hearts? kawaii holographic iwanttobelieve unicorn gummybears candy pastel thekawaiisweetshop pink hearts alien stayweird believe moon spaceprincess

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Tracey Seymour


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Ğ O O D M O R N I N G 🌱 HappySaturday GoodMorning RiseAndShine CoffeeAndTalk Jesus NewDay Fresh Faith MoveMountains LetGo LetGod Believe Strength Courage Passion Love Hope Joy Peace

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The Sea Dog at Pacific Beach 💙


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Ahhh....... Cozy don't you think? We can't wait to share our beach house with guests! . . . . . pacificbeachwa pacificbeachwashington graysharbor graysharborliving vacationrental molclipswa adorable ahhhhhhh beach beachlife wacoast godisgood familyvacation fun theseadog matserbedroom seadog renew relax checkusout beachhouse cozy stayawhile happyday believe

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