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I Kadek Adi Pragatama


Comment from I Kadek Adi Pragatama:

no pain no brain badbrains

19 Minutes ago

Music facts.


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Comment bands I should post facts about or DM me facts! BadBrains

1 Hours ago

Issac Hernandez


Comment from Issac Hernandez:

Get the fucking PUNK on! badbrains punk

1 Hours ago



Comment from hrdocumentary:

Friday night catch "Finding Joseph I" at The Hollywood Theatre in Portand, Oregon! One night only. Tickets available- https://hollywoodth courtesy- Ho Gonzalez on bass-Vinnie Lewis findingjosephi BadBrains

2 Hours ago



Comment from ThePrimitiveFinks:

Up from unfathomable depths, we have conjured up two shows for you to attend in July: 7/20 w/ Chuck Mosley (Faith No More/Bad Brains) and the Up Up Ups the Barbary, Philly. 7/29 w/ the Undead (Bobby Steele ex-MISFITS) Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC. horror surf trash rock punk monster faithnomore badbrains misfits primitivefinks surfband surfguitar squid sushi oysters guitar beer philly nyc

2 Hours ago



Comment from Red:

"Survived (The Fan)" - Whatcha gonna do when shit hits the fan? Wrestle with fate on a old land scam? Will you Perfect an honest lie, how you can look me in the eyes and say "I'm sorry." I know I'm sorry. I've always felt sorry and I will always feel sorry when I don't have a chair right next to yours. You I love and adore. But I'm sorry for the ending. I need to write a happy ending. I'm tired of good loves ending. Now I'm Sending. A message of love In bottles and cups of four or five shots of whiskey How you could always say you miss me And all the fun that we had And for that I'm glad I know I need a happy ending Good thought I'll always be sending To the girl who had lost like I had. I know you just like to feel sad. Sober thoughts are a laughless mirth inside Inside our minds. Where you survived. A package signed To be shipped in the abyssal cavern where she lives near the water How he could never love anyone else's daughter What I'm gonna do when shit hits the fan. I'm gonna stand plant and dance as I exit the stance. And when we come around in a backwards turn. Burn baby burn baby burn baby burn I know that I need a happy ending I know that I always know sorry I know that I am always bringing Some steady and heavy lifting Come back around. We still survived. We still survived. -gratefully, - - Red - - lyrics song songs songwriter songwriting music musicians guitarist bassist pianist musical rocknroll punk rock pma badbrains blackflag sexpistols badreligion underground punkrock southflorida ftlauderdale delray

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Punk Badges


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Cro-Mags Age Of Quarrel Badge available from our website for only £2.50 - link in bio nyhc cromags cbgb newyork hardcore punk johnjoseph ageofquarrel lowereastside punkbadge hardcorebadge pinbadges hardcorepins wegottaknow harleyflanagan alphaomega murphyslaw badbrains pin pma hardcorepunk badge pins4punks punkpinbadge betterbadges punkbadges pinlord pincommunity

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Comment from LucasPaulMusic:

Bad you have that PMA? badbrains jah pma punkrock

5 Hours ago

Seven Azul


Comment from Seven Azul:

3 pics. Tried to improvise a family shot. Didn't think the floor made a good background. Used graphic novels and vinyl records instead! guitar guitarsguitarcollection guitarfamily riggibson gibsonsg warmoth washburn ibanez ibanezs ibanezsabre sgjunior sgjr precisionguitarkits vinyl vinylcollection recordcollector graphicnovel manga akira dragonball dragonballz cromags badbrains nyhc negativeapproachbigpun bigl sade

5 Hours ago

eric buxton


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Adobe Illustrator Communist redux punkpropaganda anarchistpropaganda badbrains

7 Hours ago

\//\, est. WindsorWoods


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Couple real ones round me 2LK

7 Hours ago

Jeremy Davis


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7 Hours ago

Eddie Quintero


Comment from Eddie Quintero:

Don't care what they may say We got that attitude! Don't care what you may do We got that attitude! Hey, we got that P.M.A.! -Bad Brains Positive Mental Attitude @eddiehxc . positive mental attitude badbrains hardcore punk message 4thdensity rasta quotes inspirational strength music

8 Hours ago

Pancake Mountain


Comment from Pancake Mountain:

I talk about DC Punk and Pancake Mountain on next Vanishing Ink w/ NPR’s Allyson McCabe, the show is “A Modern Tribute to Punk Culture” …..very interesting, not what I say, but the show's new and 'Anti-viral' by design…., subscription only …that seems pretty punk, right?!? or is punk dead? I keep forgetting TheBrokenDiamond FtRenoForever BadBrains Fugazi I've never heard of anti-viral but Pancake Mountain definitely fits the description

8 Hours ago

Down For Life Magazine


Comment from Down For Life Magazine:

This HR figure just arrived at DFLHQ & is totally rad! badbrains dchardcore nyhc drknow daryljenifer earlhudson paytocum roir rockforlight

8 Hours ago

Shawn Stagner


Comment from Shawn Stagner:

dcgrowers dclegalized legalizeit badbrains dchardcore punkrock bannedindc southeastrasta shatter shatterday maryjane rastagirl is the right direction america!🤘🔥idgaf l.a.rasta dcrasta

9 Hours ago


Comment from NOST:

BATTALION OF SAINTS. jockeyclub nyc sd native sluggo

9 Hours ago

⚓️The Cove Boutique⚓️


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Awesome Bad Brains tee, size large. £20 thecoveboutique vintageclothing retroclothing badbrains musictshirt music hardcorepunk punkrock punk urban urbanfashion independent shopindependent barnstaple northdevon devon

10 Hours ago

joshua adair


Comment from joshua adair:

The Barbary, 951 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia PA. (UPSTAIRS STAGE) 7PM Come out and see me play a show with Chuck Mosley from Faith No More and these other great bands.

13 Hours ago

Patrick West


Comment from Patrick West:

Hardcore Punk Fanzine 54 ... Ache. Came along in late 90's and straight killed it. Super cool dude made it and tracked down great people to interview like Glen Friedman, editor of Sold Out, etc. From Canada. Not sure how many total issues were put out. . . . ache Canada canadahardcore canadapunk fanzines fanzine zines zine punk press printedmatter punkzine punkrock punkmusic punkfanzine punkhardcore hardcorezine hardcoremusic hardcorepunk hardcorefanzine hardcore diy doityourself musicfanzine musiczine badbrains hr @badbrainsofficial

14 Hours ago

Second Verse Same As The First


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JR - - - - - - - - johnnyramon ramonejoeyramonedeedeeramoneto onetommyramonecjramonemarkyram kyramonerichieramonerockettoru ttorussiaroadtoruinramonesfans sfansblondiedebbieharrybadbrai dbrainssexpistolstheclashramon ramonestheramonescbgbnycnewyor ewyorkcitynewyorkpunkpunkrockr

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Comment from Rockerbuttons: Hight energy rock and roll ⚡️⚡️⚡️☠️☠️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Best bands, best buttons, check our onlinestore for more fun!! 📦 to bilbao chapas chapitas pin pins pinback buttons badges hellacopters zeke badbrains turbonegro turbojugend motorhead rock borntolose bilbaorock bilbo azkena azkenarockfestival

16 Hours ago

Arianna Danielle Thompson


Comment from Arianna Danielle Thompson:

Got this off of Ebay a few years ago. It's Bad Brains' classic debut album under a different name and with a different (and in my opinion cooler) cover. badbrains hr hardcore punkreggae punkrock hardcorepunk afropunk 80spunk 80shardcorepunk cd cdcollection cdcollector realpunk afropunk goodpunk headbanger

18 Hours ago



Comment from Ren:

badbrains authentic old school HC kid翻出旧物有惊喜

21 Hours ago

Eden Dupont


Comment from Eden Dupont:

Don't quit. You can do it mentalhealth positivethinking recovery difficultday l4l like4like likeforlike quotes depression anxiety mentalillness upsanddowns badbrains overthinking sad mentalhealthrecovery quotes quotestoliveby itsoknottobeok loveyourself selflove selfaffirmation dontgiveup

21 Hours ago

Sebas Michia


Comment from Sebas Michia:

@lambofgod - Groove - 27/06/2016 - PH: @sebas_michia lambofgod groove argentina buenosaires metal heavymetal death deathmetal metalcore newmetal randyblythe singer scream photo photography concert live show concertphoto livephoto badbrains thrashmetal thrash groovemetal

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Comment from seeklet2007:

pick up! OBEY × BAD BRAINS "Bad Brains X OBEY Premium Tee" color:BLACK,WHITE size:S/M/L BRAINSのスペシャルコラボライン。 ボディはコットン10 TEE」を使用。 BAD BRAINS : 1978年結成。初期はアメリカン・ハードコアのオリジネイター ジネイターとして、後にはレゲエ、ヘヴィメタルの要素も取り入れ も取り入れた、ミクスチャー・ロックの先駆けとして名を馳せた。 を馳せた。また、メンバー全員が黒人のパンク・バンドとして、初 Boysや元BLACK FLAGのHenry Rollins等にも多大な影響を与えた事でも知られる。 O BADBRAINS COLLABORATION seekle seek_let okayama 岡山 幸町

22 Hours ago



Comment from Jeff:

Tonight's viewing selection. 💀 AmericanHardcore 💀

22 Hours ago

가람 김


Comment from 가람 김:

옷장속...supreme badbrains

22 Hours ago



Comment from そら:

趣味のビーズ刺繍。 ブローチビーズ刺繍手芸generatio adictsseditionaries thestalinpunkhandmadediy

22 Hours ago

Tony "The Duke"


Comment from Tony "The Duke":

Everything old is new again. Converting the old jacket to be more Texas weather friendly battlevest battlejacket punksnotdead soulpower blackstar rayban ampeg theduke mywayornoway rhino rexgoliath rexrocket schoolforthedef ghostbusters punkrock neildegrassetyson allmyownstunts funkadelic guitarwolf jamesbrown badbrains

22 Hours ago

Second Verse Same As The First


Comment from Second Verse Same As The First:

R.A.M.O.N.E.S - - - - - - - - johnnyramonejo onejoeyramonedeedeeramonetommy tommyramonemotörheadmarkyramon ramonerichieramonerockettoruss orussiaroadtoruinramonesfansbl ansblondiedebbieharrybadbrains rainssexpistolstheclashramones monestheramonescbgbnycnewyorkc yorkcitynewyorkpunkpunkrockroc

23 Hours ago

Scott Nelson


Comment from Scott Nelson:

That's why Cash has PMA-Positive Metal Attitude 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻badbrains

23 Hours ago