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Chrissy | taken 💑 | Germany


Comment from Chrissy | taken 💑 | Germany:

Have a nice and sunny day, everyone! 🌞 I really enjoying that game so far 👌 fe fireemblem awakening rpg jrpg nintendo new3dsxl tloz loz thelegendofzelda hyrule hyruleshield mug

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Cara Marshall 🐬


Comment from Cara Marshall 🐬:

AWAKENING dailymessage We are beginning to awaken parts within us that have been dormant....leaving behind old beliefs, limitations and ways of 'doing' things. Here's to our new Life. POWER divineguidance angelmessages

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Comment from stillkeepitbasement:

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Jenny Pedro


Comment from Jenny Pedro:

At the Shanti Shala today! . . . spiritual awakening healing lightworker souljourney lifepath divine enlightenment zen meditation consciousness oneness returntoself higherself soap handmade handmadesoap bathbomb crystalhealing healingcrystals crystaljewlery pendant crystalnecklace artforfreedom ascension beadedjewelry newbeginnings ig_photolove gemstones livefree

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Comment from Nicevibes:

You control your thoughts, choose them wisely.🙏 bepositive quotes mindfulness positivity lawofattraction consciousness gratitude awakening vibratehigher awareness motivation affirmation abundance paradigmshift spiritual buddha thirdeye positivethinking faithful guidance spirituality authenticity innerpeace manifest meditation yoga wisdom numerology nicevibesdaily

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Comment from valeriatanchi:

Me&you beautiful awesome good positive quoteoftheday life happiness peace positivevibes kindness awakening energy hope is sweet february relation cinta ya februari manis ada kamu iya likeforlike like4like nikon siamonoi amoremio

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evan g


Comment from evan g:

.Ecliptor digitalart shantiplanti graphicdesign 2017 awakening logos albumcover

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Phil Good


Comment from Phil Good:

Follow my friend 👉 @oracle_of_light 👈 . For a Spiritual Reading, 🔮 and to unlock life's secrets, 🗝 visit

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Everblue Intuitive


Comment from Everblue Intuitive:

Every time I consciously choose loving thoughts, I am actively healing my heart. My healing heart can safely be open to receive love. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ When we allow ourselves to believe and know we are worthy of love we become open to receiving love. We become open to receiving abundance! If there are blocks keeping you from reaching where you want to be. Go back to self love. Go to your thoughts. Do you believe in your divine worth? Are you open to receiving this love and abundance?

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Comment from Crystalhealingroom:

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Comment from little_rebel:

She is an enigma, a mystery to the unawakened 💞 lifestyleblogger bloggersuk enigma fashionblogger blogpost blog bloggersofinstagram lbd bloggerlife mystery straighthair blogginggals bloggerstyle indianblogger indianbloggers indiablog fashionblog fashionista lifestyleblog lifestylebloggers styleblogger style womenbloggers spiritual spiritualwoman awakening awakened

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daily inspirational quotes 👽


Comment from daily inspirational quotes 👽:

The world is waking up. Let's go! @yesimpositive zola naturalism truth

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Gianluca Emmanuele


Comment from Gianluca Emmanuele:

Open the door awakening sun walking

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Ar. Kristianne


Comment from Ar. Kristianne:

1111 keeps on visiting me almost everyday..any significance? Other says an angel wants to talk to me, or i should make a wish or a spiritual awakenin.well its okay.,its keeps me wondering for the last 9 years though... 1111 angel wish awakening spritual wonder

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Comment from Minakailyner1:

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Comment from DareenKatlin:

inspiration buddhism awakening personalgrowth lawofattraction manifest chakras selfworth

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♞Angie J. ♘ ◭🇵🇷


Comment from ♞Angie J. ♘ ◭🇵🇷:

Have a great day everybody! I'm on my grind, the making moves and personal changes. My only competition is me! 😘🦋 WomanOnAMissionempirebuilding consciousminds consciousbeing queenbee actorslife modelfitmom positivevibes onelovebossladylegacy empirebuildinglikesforfollow goodvibesmodel dreamcatcherdreamchaser keepgod1stgrindinghustlehard awakeningindigochild positivemindsetpositivethinking blackbottlegirlsinstagram badandboujeeLuxelife vipblackbeautyinstagood

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David Vernon


Comment from David Vernon:

patriot Trump presidentelect america usconstitution infowar americafirst makeamericagreatagain draintheswamp prosperity Pence freedom liberty americanism USA potus inauguration 2017 shift awakening deportsoros MAGA🇱🇷ethical I also got lectured over calling a woman a girl.

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Comment from Mariusz:

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James Eisner


Comment from James Eisner:

Saturday morning sunrise 🙏🏻☀️😇 nature sunrise gratitude reflection selflove youarewhatyoueat awareness kundalini wolf photooftheday awakening ascension graditude positivenergy meditation life love heart knowing subconscious yoga faeries peace vibration resonance universe creation smile ❤

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Comment from Caban:

Dear beautiful souls, Mother Earth and all that lives on this planet, needs the divine light, that we all carry within us. The wars, famine, drought, floods, terrorist attacks .......... the darkness is trying to make all of us scared, affraid for what will come. Don't let them get the power over you, please. Remember that what you give attention to grows. Even though we act, respond out of emotion, remember you aint the emotion. I have decided, a while ago, that I will NOT give attention to negative news, negative world events. If we give it attention by spreading the news, given attention in the way of condolences it will grow, the fear, the anger, the pain. If we do that we are sending a signal to our being, our brain and our system, that all is dark, that darkness will win. The physical body and mind will take over those negative feelings, what will finally causes physical and mental problems. We don't want that, do we? I know I don't want that. We all love to see that humanity loves each other, no matter religion, race, color we have, we all would love to experience the world as one. Safety for all, no fear, no abuse for all that lives on our Mother Earth. You can help to reach that, no it will not happen in a few days or weeks, but if we all will bundling our divine light, everyday, together we shine the divine light on the world, by shining our divine light, together we are strong, darkness can never win their their battle peace peaceofmind healtheworld healing positive positivevibes earth spirituality wakeup awakening love spiritual awareness savetheearth gaia planetearth animals makethatchange change changes saveourseas maninthemirror trust faith keepthefaith staypositive

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Comment from barbbatrucc:

Detox 💆🏻✨ ••• skincare | ohK awakening undereyemask | ginseng & eucalyptus eyepatches | nuxe clarifying creammask ••• 🐼🌱

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Cara Marshall 🐬


Comment from Cara Marshall 🐬:

AWAKENING dailymessage We are beginning to AWAKEN allow the sun to illuminate NEW

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🇺🇸Official Club Headz Models🍑👑


Comment from 🇺🇸Official Club Headz Models🍑👑:

IM ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE Atlantis is underneath the ice of Antarctica! And all the known facts point to it too! Go follow @rh_negative_club & @truthseekers_only To learn more about this!! 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 facts awaken GetYourAssToMars Antarctica awakening BuzzAldrin GYATM beautifulsoul empath INFJ rhnegative spiritualquote harmony stardust starseed galaxy universe ice 💯✌👽🌎🌌

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Inspirations by Linda Sue💙


Comment from Inspirations by Linda Sue💙:

Live in the moment not the future or past. Treasure the moments they go by fast. 💙⏱💙⏱💙

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Gabrielle Garcia


Comment from Gabrielle Garcia:

I'm listening!! I'm being Guided by my angels, I'm being Guided by my higher self, I'm being Guided by the universe. I'm spiritually awakened 1111 awakening numerolgy universalknowledge 11thhouse the 11th house goals, aspirations, dreams. this house brings people into your life to show you guide you teach you to push you so you could achieve your goals and get on the right path to pursue your dreams..

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Comment from Rallo:

What the fugue? "...he discovers that existence is basically a kind of dancing or music--an immensely complex energy pattern which needs no explanation other than itself--just as we do not ask what is the meaning of fugues by Bach or sonatas by Mozart. We do not dance to reach a certain point on the floor, but simply to dance. Energy itself, as William Blake said, is eternal delight--and all life is to be lived in the spirit of rapt absorption in an arabesque of rhythms." -Allan Watts MorningTea-note: Cheers to the Facebook, ig, and twitter rappers, void of emcee. Talking about people, places, and things to dress your Soul up falsely. With words that you heard someone else speak. But then cant fly with your own wings in reality. A true butterfly can't fake it until it make it. Too busy being true then to i&i assume the basics. Science of language got us programming our divide. Within my soul in the spiritual ship I ride higher. Cheers once again to the hyeanas faking lion king. When you see true lions tigers and bears respect the game. Seen. knowledge revolution street humanity consciousmotion bethechange dance spiritscience awakening letstalk awareness trapmusic spirituality dcdude MYAMERICA chakabars hu science spirit awareness soul hiphop love brotherhood dmv dmvmodel hu dcart love peace dmv force quotations theculture

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Comment from little2nohope:

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Comment from little2nohope:

openyoureyes seekthetruth hollywood illuminati mkultra nwo lightworkers awakening sirens sexkittens agenda disney 33 butterfly shhh secrets liveme exploited purpose followforfollow likeforfollow likeforlike followforlike freemason politicalagenda monarch bethechange haarp

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Aromatherapist & Yoga Teacher


Comment from Aromatherapist & Yoga Teacher:

Everything you need is already within 🌷🌟💖🙏

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☀️Ignited Life🔥


Comment from ☀️Ignited Life🔥:

🔹Why Do You Want That Dream?🔹 To Win the Long Game, It Is Crucial that we Enjoy the Process, which is why Egoic Desires are rarely Sustainable.🔹 🔹This is only possible if the Process Feeds Your Soul.🔹 🔹So I Invite You to go deep into your Why. Your Purpose. The Reason You Are Here. Let All Your Actions Emanate from this Place.🔹 🔹Comment Your Perspective & Tag a Friend🔹

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🔥🔥PROPHETIC WORD🔥🔥 . . GET UP! God is calling you from your slumber! The Lord is going waking you from your state of waiting. God said it's time to start PLANNING, because He's about to bring some things to pass! . . No more begging, begin believing! No more pining, begin praying! No more doubt, begin to decree! . . The vision God gave many of you us directly related to your purpose. Now He's waiting on YOU to (1) pray it down to earth, (2) boldly act on what He showed you. . 📖 MATTHEW 6:10 | NUMBERS 13:30 📖 . . The eyes of the Lord are constantly roving to and fro across the earth, looking for those He can show Himself mighty through. IS THAT YOU? Many say they want it, many say they're ready, many say they want God to use them for His glory, but are you ready to SHOW HIM youve a boldness in your spirit that drives you to PURSUE what He showed you? For surely, this is how some of you will lay hold of your blessing and enter the promised land in this season. . 📖 2 Chronicles 16:9 📖 . . This will not be in seasons to come. This is not something that will manifest years down the road. God is moving quickly! I am seeing expeditious manifestation, in Jesus' name! . . Start decreeing and declaring! Write the vision and make it plain! Draw up your business plan! Create your book outline! March around the building and declare it yours! Get your paperwork in order, you're almost there! . . God says something is about to happen! In Jesus' name, stop waiting and start PLANNING, people of God -- the Lord is about to bring some things to pass! . . ✨✨TAG & COMMENT FREELY✨✨ . ✨ - link in bio✨

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Lailah Bubbuliciousflava_ent


Comment from Lailah Bubbuliciousflava_ent:

Kulani Awakening selah

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