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Tina Lamm


Comment from Tina Lamm:

Time to get this run done.

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Dalia 36 🇳🇱 Amsterdam


Comment from Dalia 36 🇳🇱 Amsterdam:

⬇️English below⬇️ Jaaaaa het is weekeind en het zonnetje schijnt weer! Vandaag voor mij een rustdag zodat ik er morgen vol tegenaan kan met een flinke sessie Bodypump! Of zal ik toch even mijn hoelahoep pakken? Fijn weekeind allemaal! ➖➖➖➖➖ Yaaaaaasssss weekend and the sun is shining! Today is a restday for me so I can do a big Bodypump session tomorrow! Or should I pull out hoop and do that for a bit today? Have a sunny weekend everyone! ➖➖➖➖➖ Cap @neweracap Outfit @gavelo_official @mygymcloset_nl Sneakers @nike ➖➖➖➖➖ healthygirl healthylifestyle reuma artritis arthritis fibromyalgia fitwithfibro fitfam fitstagram fitspiration fitdutchie fitdutchies weekend hoolahoop hooping bbg gymrat icaniwill hometraining fitnessmotivation fitgirl fitjourney healthjourney followmyjourney fitgirl fitness mygymcloset restday gavelo

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Comment from Stacy:

We are surrounded by beauty! We just have to see it! It's not always easy, especially if we are in pain. I hope your weekend is full of beauty!! beautyinthemess forwardmotion keepdoingfunthings psasucks arthritis autoimmunedisease autoimmunewarrior chronicillness chronicpain

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Comment from Natasha:

Ninety five percent of all chronic disease is caused by poor food choices and lack of exercise. Don't dig your own grave. HealthConsciousDiva MyHeartRocks ificanyoucan remixyourhealth operationtakebackyourhealth detox jointhemovement illness wellness heartdiseasesurvivor lupus cancer fibromyalgia fibroids diabetes arthritis stress Health vegetables fruits herbs fixit beyourownadvocate realfood electricfoods nutrientdense

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M Beauty Clinic By Dr. Tess


Comment from M Beauty Clinic By Dr. Tess:

Photo Taken June 23, 2016 Treatment Update: Our regenerative StemCell therapy truly helped my Dad's arthritis!! He's been back cooking and sleeping without pain! And he never needed that rotator cuff surgery!! Amazing!! Thank you God for the ability to help heal my family, friends and patients! If you are experiencing chronic pain from whatever reason, or autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid , PLEASE find out amazing new medical technology that can help you live life pain free again!! mbeautyclinic

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Dr. Carolyn Dean


Comment from Dr. Carolyn Dean:

When magnesium and calcium are in the right balance, a hormone called calcitonin, produced by calcium, assists in this suppression, ensuring that adequate calcium stays in the bone. health healthy healthylife healthyfood healthyeating healthychoices healthydiet magnesium magnesiummiracle minerals arthritis calcium quotes

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Emily Brandehoff


Comment from Emily Brandehoff:

"Try not to stress out" is easy to say but hard to do. Both of my elbows are inflammed this week - so pointy! I can't even rest them on anything and you can feel bones protruding. An epsom salt bath and relaxation will be my wild Friday night! rheumatoidarthritis arthritis autoimmunedisease healnaturally flareup

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Bonita com Artrite


Comment from Bonita com Artrite:

Bom dia Sol! Bom dia Calor!! Bom dia para a artrite NÃO!! Um dia de cada vez, lembrando sempre que para cada pensamento negativo, três positivos!! Mas que tá difícil, tá!! Hoje só ligando um Rock ´n Roll e do Kiss!! hehehe...ahhh ArtriteEveryDay ArthritisEveryDay ufcartrite ArtriteEveryDay ArthritisEveryDay Artrite ArtriteReumatóde AIJ mulher autoestima autoimune Lupus EspondiliteAnquilosante Fibromialgia médico doctor worldarthritisdays arthritis reumatology reumatologia reumatism Kiss rock bonitacomartrite

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Faith Fitzmartyn


Comment from Faith Fitzmartyn:

Crazy nausea 🤢 this morning thanks to gastroparesis, so I've decided to nurse myself in bed and do these nifty foot peels! (Ignore my eds bruise filled calves.) . It's not always easy to find the Sunshine 🌞 in an otherwise icky morning, but it's important to dowhatyouthinkyoucantdo ! 💖 . For me, this morning that means doing my nails, tossing on a face mask and wearing these foot booties! 🙌🏻🌟 What's your go to feel better, stuck in bed routine? * * * ehlersdanlossyndrome eds gastroparesis chronicallyill chronicpain spoonie vegangirl vegan treatyoself findhappinessinthelittlethings simplejoys healing vegansofig inspiration natural love life joy oxandsqueakums2017 footpeel koreanskincare dysautonomia pots crohnsdisease chiarimalformation arthritis nausea illnessdoesnotdefineme livinglifewithchronicillness

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Comment from Natalie:

Morning supplements greatdane greatdanesofinstagram greatdanemom greatdanesofig itstoughbeingbig arthritis gluclosamine 7yearsyoung mybabyboy kittyperch

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Comment from PLPCC:

Topical treatments are an ideal way to alleviate chronic muscle & joint pain. The 'Learn' section on our website is a wealth of information on medical marijuana's affect on arthritis:

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Ignite Wellness Chiropractic


Comment from Ignite Wellness Chiropractic:

Do you or someone you know have kneepain? Have you tried everything...shots, drugs, and even surgery? Have you been told you have boneonbone arthritis? We can help! Call for a free consultation to see if our nonsurgical drugfree treatment for knee pain can help you! 919.307.6688

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The Chronic Community


Comment from The Chronic Community:

🙌🏼😍😘❤ • • • • diabetes fatigue pots dysautonomia multiplesclerosis ulcerativecolitis arthritis rheumatoidarthritis chronicpain lyme lymedisease ibs ibd lupus autoimmunedisease fibromyalgia endometriosis ptsd pcos migraines ehlersdanlos crohns depression anxiety chronicillness stress spoonie invisibleillness thechroniccommunity

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BlogAR por Priscila Torres


Comment from BlogAR por Priscila Torres:

Cuidados Nutricionais nas EspondiloArtropatias e Doenças Inflamatórias Intestinais Palestra sobre cuidados nutricionais apresentada pela Dra. Maria Izabel Lamounier, nutricionista representando a ABCD “Associação Brasileira de Colite Ulcerativa e Doenças Inflamatórias Intestinais”, apresentada durante o 2º EncEA. Palestrante: Dra. maria Izabel Lamounier Tema: Cuidados Nutricionais nas Espondiloartropatias Link 1: Link 2: A dra. Maria Izabel é nutricionista e trabalha com aconselhamento nutricional desde a fundação da ABCD Crohn - Associação Brasileira de Colite Ulcerativa e Doença de Crohn, em 1999. Ela vem pesquisando e trabalhando nos cuidados nutricionais das doenças inflamatórias intestinais desde então. Leia a matéria completa acessando o BlogAR: BlogA ArtriteReumatoide Artrite Artritis Arthritis BlogArtriteReumatoide

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Dimple Naik


Comment from Dimple Naik:

If you've spent time researching 'Traditional Chinese Medicine' you would have come across a therapy called 'moxibustion'. In general moxibustion doesn't get enough press coverage as acupuncture & Chinese herbal treatments. This soothing technique has many health benefits especially when used with regular acupuncture sessions. . Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which a dried plant called 'Moxa' or 'Ai Ye' in TCM or 'Mugwort' is burnt very near the surface of the skin. The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body to dispel certain pathogenic influences. Like all TCM treatments, the goal of moxibustion is to bring the body into balance to ensure consistent flow of Qi. . . The heat generated with moxibustion helps stimulate sluggish, deficient or stagnated Qi. This amplifies the healing effects of acupuncture and alleviates chronic stagnation. It is not uncommon for patients receiving moxibustion to report a sudden flooding of warmth that quickly radiates along a specific pathway from the site of application. This is a good result as it indicates the arrival of Qi and signals that flow of Qi and blood has been invigorated in the channel. . . Moxibustion Uses: 🔥Pain due to injury or arthritis, esp in 'cold' patterns where pain naturally feels better with heat 🔥Digestive problems and irregular elimination. 🔥Gynecological and Obstetrical conditions including breech presentation in late term of pregnancy. 🔥Protection against cold/flu and general strengthening of the immune system. . . chinesemedicine moxibustion acupuncture naturalhealing naturalmedicine bodybalance arthritis coldandflu digestivehealth immunehealth womenshealth gynaecology healthypregnancy flushtoxins bloodflow qi Photo credit @acuphotoproject constipation ibs endometriosis pcos

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Pinks Thinks


Comment from Pinks Thinks:

Did you take your turmeric today? Holy cow, this stuff is a wonder. Out of all the goodies in the natural world used for medicine, this one is the most studied. There are over 6,000 peer reviewed journal articles touting the benefits of this little orange wonder. And guess what? Even in the wide world of conventional medicine, turmeric is shown to outshine pharmaceuticals. (You know it's a big deal when that has to be admitted.) So, what's it good for? I'm so glad you asked. It's a powerhouse in the anti-inflammatory world, breaking people out of pain from arthritis to any other -itis you can find. It's benefits reach past Prozac, chemo, aspirin and pain meds, Metformin (diabetes), Lipitor (high cholesterol), drugs prescribed for inflammatory bowel disease, anti-coagulants, and steroids. What the hecking heck, this thing is a boss. As an athlete trying to stay healthy and in peak shape and out of pain, I personally take 500 mg a day (curcumin is the component of the root turmeric that is the wow factor). I've seen clients take their arthritis from a constant 9 pain level down to a 1 in two weeks. It's amazing. It's anti-cancer. It's amazeballs. (There's an avocado emoji, now we need a turmeric emoji.) turmeric curcumin healthcoach athlete exercise triathlon swimbikerun natación antioxidant antiinflammatory anticancer diabetes arthritis pain prozac mentalhealth livewell livebetter suckthelifeoutoflife noexcuses lifting fitness fitspo fitmom runners runnergirl winatlife energeticwellnesscoaching

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Danielle Bryant


Comment from Danielle Bryant:

Saw 2 of my favorites at the gym today @kbfitfixed and @_absfitness : Those that surround us motivate us! Remember to never take the physical part of your life for granted. Movement is a gift! MAKE IT COUNT! ra rasucks arthritis rheumatoidarthritis joints move fitness lift walk appreciate passion believe goforit makeitcount fearnothing fight will autoimmunedisease pain keepgoing

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Katie Hill


Comment from Katie Hill:

One of those days.

39 Minutes ago

Dr. Melina Roberts


Comment from Dr. Melina Roberts:

Sulfur containing foods are beneficial for treating arthritis - learn what they are in my blog - link is in my bio. health healthtips healthblog healthlife naturopathic naturalmedicine functionalmedicine naturalhealth functionalmedicine

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Comment from FSDP:

Today is International Women in Engineering Day. We are extremely proud of our scholar Bethany Colburn who started as an apprentice engineer at the RAF Museum and now works for QinetiQ - she is still only 23! olar-stories/bethany-colburn/ reachforthesky disabled disability support wings aviation aviators caa deaf ms amputee spoonie arthritis ehlersdanlossyndrone paraplegic paraplegia wheelchair spinabifida cysticfibrosis cerebralpalsy multiplesclerosis HereditarySpasticParaplegia HSP rheumatoidarthritis poliomyelitis hemophilia learntofly pilot POTS

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Comment from CCAA:

Huge thanks to @imagesplus for the amazing cycling jerseys they did for us for the bathtorome challenge we are off to support tomorrow these will be coming with us tomorrow! juvenilearthritisawareness arthritis kidsgetarthritistoo kidswitharthritis cycling thankyou

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Comment from V:

So many times our minds go straight for the negative. It's a habit we develop over time for a multitude of reasons. But this lean towards the negative ACTUALLY affects our REAL WORLD. Something has to change, something has to shift. I've had so many people in my life say, "God, why does all this shit keep happening. Can't I just get a break? Why is this always happening to ME?" And honestly, when I hear that kind of talk, ALL of my sympathy and empathy fly out the f*cking window. I understand the need to vent. I understand the need to feel. But I will NOT enable you to play the victim. You want a change in your life? MAKE THE CHANGE. BE THE CHANGE. You're tired of shitty stuff happening to you? RETRACE YOUR FOOTSTEPS and see how and why you got to where you are. I've been that person that blames the world and everyone else for their problems and guess what? That person kind of sucks. I know now that that was no way to live. I have power over my choices and my reactions and that power is MORE than enough to help me live a joyful and productive life - SICK OR NOT. 🙌🏽 • • • spoonie spoonieyoga fibro fibromyalgia lupus lupie chronicpain chronicillness invisibledisease arthritis fibrofighter pain painmanagement lupusnephritis lupusawareness lupuswarrior fibrowarrior spiritjunkie fucklupus fuckfibro fuckfibromyalgia ra arthritis spooniesupport spooniecommunity selflove selfcare

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Comment from CCAA:

Tomorrow, Phil Bowers will be embarking on his epic challenge to cycle all the way to Rome, in aid of CCAA and Arthritis Research. Phil is starting his journey tomorrow morning in Bath because it is famous for its healing spa waters and is also the location of the world-renowned Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases. Bath was a jewel in the crown of the Roman empire and so it he plans to end his journey in Rome which also has a number of restorative thermal springs. Phil also has a damaged hip from arthritis so he has set modest targets for the distances he cycles each day and plans to reach Rome on 12 October 2017 on World Arthritis day! Our committee member Charlie will be joining Phil tomorrow for the first few miles of his start, we will be live with Phil tomorrow morning! Please join us to wish him all the best on his amazing challenge. Here's a few pictures from the last few months of everything Phil has been doing... we love the touring camper!! You can find out more and donate towards Phil's challenge by visiting his website juvenilearthritisawareness kidswitharthritis kidsgetarthritistoo arthritis thanks fundraising epicchallenge @bathtorome

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Amy O Mara


Comment from Amy O Mara:

More positive feedback coming in about our new JOINT and MOBILITY supplement. 👏🏼👏🏼 Below is a testimonial is from a lady who has been to hell and back with pain. "So 3 years ago almost to the day I was involved in a car accident which caused injuries to my neck and back. After intense medication and multiple Physiotherapy sessions I continued to live with neck and back pain. I woke every morning in pain albeit of different severities each day. I took painkillers of some description on an almost daily basis to deal with the pain and discomfort and used heat regularly to give relief. Two weeks ago I started to take Forever Move and I have been blown away by the results. At day 7 I woke and knew there was something different about my morning - I was pain free, it was such a strange sensation to get up and not feel pain and discomfort. My range of movement in my neck and shoulders has improved greatly and I feel really good. Looking forward to long lasting results." 👏🏼🕺🏼👏🏼🕺🏼 Let me know if you would like more info 😊❤️️🎉☀️️ arthritis osteoarthritis backpains fibromyalgia musclerepair cartilage feelgood clinicallyproven naturalproducts crueltyfree 100%natural🌱

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Caprilicious Jewelry


Comment from Caprilicious Jewelry:

Two hearts that beat as one - or should that be 3 hearts?? Pendant and bracelet by copperjewellery arthritisremedy arthritis copper heartjewellery ilovejewellery handmade pendant worework wireweave jewelleryofinstagram accessories antiquecopper fashionblogger

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PEMF Inside Out


Comment from PEMF Inside Out:

WHAT RAIN. Feeling the energy of Friday !

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Kelly Ann Inman


Comment from Kelly Ann Inman:

Our school went greenforgrenfell today 💚💚💚

1 Hours ago

Christi Sullivan


Comment from Christi Sullivan:

Wish PD luck today! We are here for blood work, X-rays, physical exam to see if PD fully qualifies to get into a stemcell clinical trail for his arthritis 🙏🤞dogs pitbull vet

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Subzero Cryotherapy


Comment from Subzero Cryotherapy:

We love our marines! military respect semperfi oohrahh training recover cryo subzerowelly

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Comment from Natasha:

Until people see that there are major companies wanting you to stay ill and people who profit from your illness people will stay sick. We have been programmed to rely on industries instead of our own God-given gifts to be at one with nature. HealthConsciousDiva MyHeartRocks ificanyoucan remixyourhealth operationtakebackyourhealth detox jointhemovement illness wellness heartdiseasesurvivor lupus cancer fibromyalgia fibroids diabetes arthritis stress Health vegetables fruits herbs fixit beyourownadvocate realfood electricfoods nutrientdense

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Perform-Tex Australasia


Comment from Perform-Tex Australasia:

Repost @glovesfortherapy ( @get_repost) ・・・ Arthritis gloves are designed to 🤗 your fingers, palm & wrist this summer. Pain reduction with celliant technology. summer arthritisgloves cellianttechnology celliantinfrared celliant therapygloves painrelief lovesummer summertime lavender lavenderlove active activewear functionaltextiles activeworld infraredtherapygloves arthritislife ---------------- ------------------------------ Lake City here we come! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. July 26-29th, Celliant Booth 155-610. --------------------- ------------------------------ firgloves chronicpain health healthy healthylife healthylifestyle invisibleillness painmanagement arthritis rheumatoidarthritis inflammation

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Comment from Nikki:

I'm so lucky to have a Dad that is always around to help me, to listen, to make me laugh, and to make me feel safe. I didn't post anything on Father's Day because we didn't do anything on Sunday, we both agreed it was too hot 😂 instead I saw him Monday and Thursday this week. Sometimes I text him to come and help me because my illnesses have flared and I can't cope or look after myself or Bill and Ted, and it's never a problem, never a hassle, and he reassures me there's no need to feel 'less than' or guilty, because he's happy to help. He's not just awesome on Father's Day, it's every day. Furthermore, his Dad died when he was only 4 years old. His Mum never met anyone that matched up, and never remarried. How does he know how to be a good Dad when he never had a role model showing him how it is or isn't done? I don't know either, he just does. lovemydad luckygirl myalgicencephalomyelitis chronicillness neurolyme cervicalspondylosis neuroborreliosis neuropathy lymedisease lymecommunity parasites lymeandco arthritis fibromyalgia love care fatheranddaughter

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1.866.280.4845 Ext. 1


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Thermal Sauna Wrap Bag PainStressdetox arthritis joints back pain weight loss

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