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Sophie Jess


Comment from Sophie Jess:

Stormy seas on Skye! Thank you for sitting so well and being solid company 🐚🌊

37 Seconds ago

Pamy Kissianne


Comment from Pamy Kissianne:

skull duas em uma!

5 Minutes ago

Perry Tregale


Comment from Perry Tregale:

*FREE TATTOO* I've completely all my line tattoos that I did a few weeks back, and I'm so thankful for everyone that got one. I'm now offering these in full colour, I'm just doing each design once so if you wanna get one of these, either message myself. Or the @burn_the_witch_tattoo Facebook page, or alternatively email info thank you for looking 🤙 tattoo tattooflash tattoos tattooer tattooing tattooed tattooapprentice apprenticetattoo pokemon nintendo disney simpsons colourtattoo colours

13 Minutes ago

Kristopher Brown


Comment from Kristopher Brown:

By @davidlafrancetattoo , he has started his 50 free tattoos ,, if you would like to book a spot please feel free to contact the shop..apprenticetattoo centraloregon bendoregon tattooart tattooparlour no colorstippletattoo sacredgeometrytattoo sacro tattooartist

19 Minutes ago



Comment from rebelleq:

Witchy dreamcatcher ⚫️. witch witchcraft occult dreamcatcher dreamcatchertattoo traditionaltattoo dotwork blackwork tattoo tattoos girlswithtattoos guyswithtattoos piercing piercings tattooapprentice apprenticetattoo glasgowtattoo art artist artwork artoftheday artnerd glasgowart glasgowartist

26 Minutes ago

Jonny Phillips


Comment from Jonny Phillips:

up for grabs! get it for cheap because I just wanna tattoo it. skulltattoo spidertattoo skullspider boiselife boiseartist boisetattoo boise apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice

26 Minutes ago



Comment from Sinah:

Möchte ich gern machen :) dagger daggertattoo mood ladytattooers ladytattooer oldschool oldschooltattoo traditionaltattoo girl berlin berlintattooer traditionaltattoo apprenticetattooer apprenticetattoo berlintattooer berlintattoo ladytattooers ladytattooer tattooedgirls inkedgirls girlwithtattooss girlswithtattoos vegan vegangirl grunge alternative berghain

28 Minutes ago



Comment from HollyPiercer😝:

🤗It's been a busy day for me! neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo neotrad stencil stencils art tattoos studio piercer apprenticetattoo apprentice duffys northcamp farnborough designs tattooink inked tattooing tattooshop tattooideas tattooflash

30 Minutes ago



Comment from Yayi:

Front Wrist Tattoo Done By Me Hmu 💉💦❤tattoos apprentice apprenticetattoo hmutho phillytattooartist jscaleztattooapprentice cheaptattoos learning infinity symbol Heart X•VII•XVI 10/7/2016

38 Minutes ago

Kenneth Green


Comment from Kenneth Green:

Did this posh lion today! Done with @tattooprime supplies, @heliostattoo needles, @lithuanian_irons and @fkirons machines apprentice apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice bcskinworks belfastcityskinworks 21oxfordstreet belfast belfasttattoo nitattoo nitattoos tattoo tattoos tattoooftheday tatted tattooed tattoolife helios posh lion nevertooold blackandwhite blackandgreytattoo

49 Minutes ago

Michele Bricca


Comment from Michele Bricca:

51 Minutes ago



Comment from BeckyBagginsTattoo:

Design available! Wicked Witch of the West! DM for enquiries. Offering up at discount rates. Full colour day sitting! tattoo tattooapprentice tattooartist apprentice apprenticetattoo wickedwicked wicked ladyface ladyfacetattoo neotrad neotradtattoo neotraditional colourtattoo witchtattoo girlswithink girlswhotattoo girlswithtattoos guyswithink guyswithtattoos instatattoo poole pooletattoo bournemouth bournemouthtattoo southamptontattoo vegan vegantattoo

55 Minutes ago

Jamal Isles


Comment from Jamal Isles:

I have these designs available as priced on a first come first served basis! To book in DM @newidtattoo or call the studio:01213863337

59 Minutes ago

Chris Bodelle


Comment from Chris Bodelle:

Holy ship...

59 Minutes ago

Kendel Nicholson


Comment from Kendel Nicholson:

Due to a cancellation, this is available again! Email me to book in: kendelnicholsontattoo 🌵

1 Hours ago



Comment from ++uvethekid++:

Available. Hit me up if you are interested 👹 uvethekid queer queertattooer qttr lgbtq feministtattoo feminist apprenticetattoo tattoo londontattoo tattoobarcelona illustration identity linework dotwork blackwork flashworkers gay gaytattoo lesbian lesbiantattoo ink sketch pentelbrushpen blackartist

1 Hours ago

ellie zedda


Comment from ellie zedda:

availableflash tattooflash flashtattoo sketchfortattoo sketchbook elliezeddadrawing surréalisme blackdrawing blackink tattoovendee elliezedda apprentietatoueuse apprenticetattoo inked graphictattoo graphicdrawing lovetattoo lovedrawing flash2017 picoftheday instalike FF instafollow followback

1 Hours ago

ellie zedda


Comment from ellie zedda:

Have your head in the clouds availableflash tattooflash flashtattoo sketchfortattoo sketchbook elliezeddadrawing surréalisme blackdrawing blackink tattoovendee elliezedda apprentietatoueuse apprenticetattoo inked graphictattoo graphicdrawing lovetattoo lovedrawing flash2017 picoftheday instalike FF instafollow followback

1 Hours ago

Daniel Holmes


Comment from Daniel Holmes:

Only $60 apprenticetattoo tattoos tracing tattoomachine art ftmyers flashtattoo plaguedoctor traditionaltattoo traditional stencilart micronpen apprenticetattooer prismacolor practice prismacolormarkers colorpencil legendofzeldaocarinaoftime zelda linktattoo hyrule ocarinaoftime hyrulian hyruletattoo

1 Hours ago

Micaela Masini


Comment from Micaela Masini:

Maschera di pizzo!👠 sketch inkaddict inked bondage éroticart kinbaku tattoos apprenticetattoo

1 Hours ago



Comment from Donna:

Finished 'Black & Grey' homework for the week! This was so much fun! 🤓 blackandgreytattoo tattoo inkrediblekreations apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice blackworkers pocketwatch skull instaart instaartist pencildrawing illustration pencilart

1 Hours ago

Patrick Hildenbrand | Tattoos


Comment from Patrick Hildenbrand | Tattoos:

Another before/after comparison of the moons on Nina. Original tattoo not by me. Gave them a touch up and added some background. . 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘 . . apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice wastedempire strichnachpunkt touchup rework moon geometricaltattoo mandala mandalatattoo linework lineworktattoo coverup tattoo tattoos tattooed tattooedgirls tattoodesign ink inked girlytattoos sacredgeometry blackwork blacktattoos dotwork dotworktattoo whipshading germantattooers bonn

1 Hours ago



Comment from GiuliaFolicaldi:

whaletail whaletattoo whale whatetailtattoo dotwork fingertattoo tatt tattoo apprentice apprenticetattoo tattoed tattooist

1 Hours ago

Smooth Boy 🎱


Comment from Smooth Boy 🎱:

New flash painted when I feel like it. All designs just for you. . . . tattoos traditionaltattoo traditionalflash flashart classictattoos boldwillhold torontotattoo torontoart tradtattoo weirdotattoo lowbrowart crudeart boldtattoos folkstyle folktattoo handpainted colourtattoo toronto lowbrowart crudeart tattoo art ignorantland ignorantstyletattoo traditionaltilldeath radtrad torontoinknews traditionalclub apprenticetattoo apprentice @ink.me_magazine oldlines @ontariotattoos

1 Hours ago



Comment from Kunos:

Thanks Mr.Leo for this mini-lighthouse done from one of my old flash! More of this people please! 😂😂😂 kunos love charlotte beatofmyheart tattoo tattoos kunostattoo tatuaggio tatuaggi young tattooist lighthouse minitattoo oldschooltattoo traditionaltattoo apprenticetattoo streetartist graffiti writing artmachinetattooshop artmachineirons tattooshop tattoomachines artmachine irons francavillaalmare pescara italy abruzzo fuckyouhaters

1 Hours ago

Renata Ilciukaite


Comment from Renata Ilciukaite:

Got to finish this coy fish design recently :) tattoo tattoos tattooed tattooideas tattoodesign apprenticetattoo apprenticeship apprentice tattooapprentice japanese japanesetattoo fish fishtattoo coyfish koifish koifishtattoo koitattoo lotus lilly lotustattoo ink inked inkedgirls inkstagram

1 Hours ago

Jehf SorpressArt


Comment from Jehf SorpressArt:

Indio rojiblanco a falta de 10 minutos para acabar para Peke!!! Fue un placer hermano!! traditionaltattoo tradtattoo oldschooltattoo oldschool apprenticetattoo apprentice indiantattoo atleticodemadrid atleti atletitattoo atleticodemadridtattoo madriztattoo madridtattoo

1 Hours ago

Britt Groves


Comment from Britt Groves:

dgtats darklotustattoo stilllearning apprenticetattoo tattoo nametattoo

1 Hours ago

Adam Stix Mills


Comment from Adam Stix Mills:

Today was a peony day! 💀🤘 peony peonytattoo tattoo tattooist tattooing apprentice apprenticetattoo eternalartrugby

1 Hours ago

Megan Louise


Comment from Megan Louise:

Was nice to get to practice some black and grey for once! Cheers Phil! 👑 tattoo tat tattooapprentice apprenticetattooist apprenticetattooer apprenticetattoo uktattooapprentice gorilla gorillatattoo crowntattoo blackandgreytattoo b&g monkeytattoo

1 Hours ago

Alex Robinson


Comment from Alex Robinson:

Lion ronniestarrstattoo apprenticetattoo liontattoo dotworktattoo lineworktattoo unalometattoo

1 Hours ago

Megan Louise


Comment from Megan Louise:

@adamhowardart owed me for letting him do his first tattoo in the studio on me, so why not a chihuahua in a party hat 😂 apprenticetattooist apprenticetattooer apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice customtattoo joketattoo dogtattoo chihuahua chihuahuatattoo tattoo partydog funnytattoo uktattooapprentice

1 Hours ago

Nick Ullmann


Comment from Nick Ullmann:

Achilles wrapper. Danke max! tattooapprentice apprenticetattoo apprentice traditionaltattoo oldschoolship oldschooltattoo sailorjerry mermaidtattoo

1 Hours ago