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- Poorl / Pairdot -


Comment from - Poorl / Pairdot -:

I really wanna draw but at the same time I don't and aaahh confrontation in my life aah - Peridot 💚 . . . . stevenuniverse su sumemes steven garnet amethyst pearl jasper peridot lapis greg rosequartz connie sapphire ruby yellowdiamond yd bluediamond bd pinkdiamond pd whitediamond wd hollyblueagate cartoonnetwork

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💕💚 Steven Universe 💚💕


Comment from 💕💚 Steven Universe 💚💕:

Lapis looks really pretty here 💙 • [🖌- gullshriek on tumblr] • cosplay kamicon stevenuniversecosplay stevenuniverse weekend pearls jasper steven universe peridot lapislazuli pearl garnet amethyst crystalgems gems rebeccasugar cartoonnetwork facts lion roostersauce huyfongsriracha drawing art copicmarkers copicciao su sucosplay lapis lapiscosplay

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Kia Keeney


Comment from Kia Keeney:

Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra. handmadeamethyst healingjewelry

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🌷jessica🌹kagan 🌺cushman🍄


Comment from 🌷jessica🌹kagan 🌺cushman🍄:

next to pink purple is my second favorite color. silver padlock with amethyst amenities 💜as you can probably tell i've been busy today 🏋🏻

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Comment from aggiesopolinska:

Springtime crystal healing bath ✨💧🔮🛁 Lemon grass Marigold Rosemary Sage Rose petals Golden aura sacred salt Lavender Rose Quartz, labradorite, amethyst and citrine Crystals

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Susan Rae


Comment from Susan Rae:

amethyst and recycled silver pendant oneofakind violetraedesigns etsyjewelry designer

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Haley Swetnam & Sean Migneron


Comment from Haley Swetnam & Sean Migneron:

Little amethyst geode pieces we snagged at the rock show 💎🔮 soulfulfinds groovy positivevibes positiveenergy crystals geode amethyst love purple purp

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Miwa French


Comment from Miwa French:

Amethyst Bundle $17 +shipping comment SOLD if interested. **grid by not included **✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ US shipping starts at $3.50 then varies by weight * International shipping varies depending on weight and location. * Payment must be made within 48 hours of invoice or listing made. Failure to pay will result in a block from future sales/specials. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ crystaljewelry crystalgems crystals crystalball hippie wiccan etsy wiccanpride witch gypsy gypsies crystalporn ilovecrystals healingcrystal crystalhealing namaste boho witchesofinstagram witches reiki healing crystalsale loveandlight chakra spiritual healing metaphysical amethyst pendulum tumbledstone purple

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Me Me Ssssssssss Scrub

Comment from Me Me Ssssssssss Scrub:

I couldn't find a birb textpost so Dumbledore. tumblrtextpost tumblr textposts textpost meme funnytextpost wtftumblr relatable memes peridot peridotstevenuniverse su pearlstevenuniverse garnet garnetsu amethyst stevenuniverse fandom amethystsu lapis lapislazuli lapissu jasper jaspersu rose rosequartzsu

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Insane Fangirl

Comment from Insane Fangirl:

I am now an admin on @a._converstion._ ! . . . stevenuniverseconniestevengrnetmethystperlperidotlpislpislzulirebeccsugrcrtoonnetworklpidotmedotperldotperlmethystrubysphirecrystlgemsyellowdimondjspermlchitesugulitesrdonyxoplstevonnielexndritewerethecrystlgemsbismuthbluedimondpinkdimond

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Comment from SEED TO STEM:

Gems... ✨🙌🌙 gemandstone celestite matches selenite amethyst jewelry crystals geodes shopwoo natureshop roseamethyst

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1.51ct Natural Blue Sapphire Srilangka, H, ikate oerak , Memo Kgl, harga murmer, minat Info lanjut : bbm: D31A51C4 nohp/wa: 085361806086 Line : @ZYF8765N. gems Permata Gemstone Batupermata Garnet Citrine Ametrine Topaz royalbluesapphire Bluesapphire Ruby Cateye Siliminate Greensapphire alexandrite Chrsoberyl Beryl Diamond Bacan Pancawarna amethyst Emerald zamrudcolumbia Kecubung Sapphire Bacan Moonstone Doko indonesia Srilangka

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Nicole Talbott


Comment from Nicole Talbott:

Day 58 of 100daysofhappy small gem and mineral show here in AZ. Brought home a small haul. Several pieces of rhodocrosite a huge blacktourmaline a nice azurite pendant, amethyst an agate slice, a lovely large petrifiedwood chunk, an onyx box and some beautiful quartz but my favorite is the slice of rainbowfluorite 💖💖💖crystals

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Archetypes Design


Comment from Archetypes Design:

New Moss Stone Pendants Now Available 🙌. Ammonite, Moonstone and an Amethyst Citrine Celestine trio ✨. These designs incorporate real dried moss 🌱. The pendants are lead and nickel free ✌. Message below if interested to receive your PayPal invoice and shipping details ~ $50/each. Beautiful gift for any nature lover. They will keep you feeling centered, grounded and one with the Earth 🌎. . . nature handmade jewelry moss necklace healing stones crystals moonstone intuition amethyst ammonite fossil citrine celestine chicago designer eco sustainable green fashion productphotography style blogger ootd lotd . .

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Comment from BeadBashStudio:

Pearl and Amethyst Bracelet. - - - - - -jewelry jewellery handmade Etsy handmadeearrings handmadebracelet handmadenecklace handmadejewelry jewelrydesign instajewelry gemstonejewelry beadedjewelry beadbashstudio artisanjewelry handcraftedjewelry amethyst amethystbracelet pearlbracelet pearljewelry multistrand silverbracelet torontostyle torontostyleblogs boltonontario caledon brampton the6 thesix

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Rose Quartz


Comment from Rose Quartz:

steven pearl rose amethyst garnet

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Dan Sharron


Comment from Dan Sharron:

Cool "grayscale" amethyst geode I filmed yesterday amethyst minerals crystals geode

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Julia Malott


Comment from Julia Malott:

Silver framed Amethyst Tree of Life pendant! jewelry handmadejewelry treeoflife amethyst

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Rose Quartz


Comment from Rose Quartz:

steven pearl rose amethyst garnet

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Rose Quartz


Comment from Rose Quartz:

steven pearl rose amethyst garnet this is cute

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Rose Quartz


Comment from Rose Quartz:

steven pearl rose amethyst garnet

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Lily Brown


Comment from Lily Brown:

Crystal Coral ✨ The front side of my newest piece. Please see my previous post for the back of the sculpture and an insight into my concept behind this work 🌏💡 climatechangeisreal

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Comment from yoga4eternalbliss:

. God responds to love, not to "correct" definitions. He never "plays favorites." In Conscious Bliss, all divine expressions are manifestations of the same, infinite Spirit, just as countless waves are manifestations of the same sea. ❤🙏❤ . . . yoga meditation spiritual chakra mysteryschool yogi ancientknowledge sacredgeometry higherconsciousness crystal amethyst vegan spiritscience thirdeye vibration enlightenment blessed spirituality healthy yogi health spiritual spirituality god prayers healing amen energy religion peace

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⭐️🌙 Handmade Dreamcatchers ✨⭐️


Comment from ⭐️🌙 Handmade Dreamcatchers ✨⭐️:

It felt like spring today! 😍💙💗💜🏔🌞🌈 crystals amazonite rosequartz heart amethyst spiritquartz beauties nature march spring woods lake mountains chillin sundayfunday lakewatauga fun kayak

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Dani Beth | Graphic Designer


Comment from Dani Beth | Graphic Designer:

Just a sparkly amethyst in pearlescent watercolors. pearlescent watercolor talonswatercolor artist graphicdesigner painter sundayfunday amethyst

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Lily Brown


Comment from Lily Brown:

Here is the back of my newest crystal sculpture 🐠🐟 Tragically coral bleaching is a global warming epidemic with only 7% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef free from bleaching! This is devastating and the damage is only escalating over time as our governments and leaders avoid topics of climate change and refuse to face the impact we have had on our precious earth. I would like to believe that someday my grandchildren will be able to see the reefs of the world in all their colourful glory. It is our responsibility today to keep the conversation going and force our governments to listen and act in order to create a better future for the people and the planet that we leave behind 🌏🌱⌛️💡🔋 climatechangeisreal

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Comment from Biana:

My Amethyst rocks carved out from the 🗻mountains in Brazil 🇧🇷 rocks amethyst crystals brazil purple stones

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Coco Hoyne


Comment from Coco Hoyne:

Pleasure Principle 🕯🐘 candle candlemagic altar ganesh ganesha obstacleremover carnelian calcite kunzite amethyst ultraviolet pleasureprinciple rootchakra sacralchakra heartchakra fengshui chakra chakraalignment chakrahealing healing passion love lovespell sexualityspell reclaiming reclaimingmyhealth reclaimingmybody freetheuterus

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Crystal Gems and stuff


Comment from Crystal Gems and stuff:

Touchy touchy • su Steven Universe Garnet Amethyst Pearl Crystalgems Ruby Sapphire opal Peridot lapis rubies fuse fusions love BeachCity bored boredom loveislove edits

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eliza schuyler (i wish lol)


Comment from eliza schuyler (i wish lol):

Opal as mermaid💚💜 - - - Credit: @weirdlyprecious - - - - - stevonnie stevenuniverse stevenuniverseart stevenuniversefanart garnet amethyst pearl steven opal sardonyx sugilite smokeyquartz rainbowquartz lapis peridot jasper lapidot amedot pearlmethyst conniverse rosequartz starvstheforcesofevil svtfoe gravityfalls reversefalls

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Kathleen Clark


Comment from Kathleen Clark:

Love when I go see my mom. I always come back with more sparklies! I now have a complete set of bluetopaz , a new pear shaped amethyst and some adorably delicate stacking rings in ruby and amethyst 😊💜💜💜

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Comment from Sarah:

Set on Amethyst with 14k gold this pair of earrings are fabulous ..❤earringsamethyst earringsgoldenpearlsgold pearls earrings

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OrlandoPsychicShop™ 莲ॐ


Comment from OrlandoPsychicShop™ 莲ॐ:

CrystalShop Crystals CrystalTherapy ColorTherapy Aromatherapy Reiki chakras Loa TheSecret positive positivevibes affirmations prayer meditation empath energyhealing chakra PsychicReadings in person & by phone ThePsychicShop cranesroost Altamonte Psychic OrlandoPsychicShop Tarot Healing AlternativeHealing Potd moonstone rainbowmoonstone amethyst

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