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Comment from Jasmine:

🦇 lookbackatit charlesmanson sideboob sideeyegamestrong sideeyes beanie girlswithplugs girlswithtattoos girlswithtattoosdoitbetter fauxlocs altgirls chuckydoll eyebrowsonfleek dermals septumpiercing hidingbehindthescreen boobiesrule

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Amilee 🎧🎮🍙


Comment from Amilee 🎧🎮🍙:

I don't have anything glamorous to share with the world today with my I-havent-showered-in-5-days hair and no make up but this the reality of chronic illness. It's not as fabulous as the rest instagram but this is who I am. cannabis weed marijuana cannabiscommunity cannabisislife highlife stoner stonergirl bongbeauties 420girls altgirls highlife weedstagram fueledbythc alternative alternativemedicine medicated

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Comment from Andi:

love instagood photooftheday happy hippie hipster dreadlocks dreads dreadhead wonderlocks dreadstagram girlswithdreads girlswithdreadlocks hippy scene piercings girlswithpiercings greyhair hair girlswithgreyhair altgirls followme selfie girl instadaily dreadtribe justpositivevibrations dreadshare mightylocs dreadsrule

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Jai Candace


Comment from Jai Candace:

Back to blue-grey 💙 bluegreyhair change haircolor boomerang gif hairflip girlswithink girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings inkedgirls inkedbabes tattooedgirls tattooedbabes piercedgirls piercedbabes piercednation bodymods alternative alternativegirls altgirls bpdvixen bpdfam

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local trash


Comment from local trash:

Idk how people can keep up with themes. My theme will be: disaster. . . . . aestheticbandsmuamodernbaseballgrungeneckdeepfobmcrpatdfandomstumblralternativealtgirlsbrendonuriephotographymuacosplayabhcosmeticsanastasiabeverlyhillstartecosmeticstartemakeupelfnyxnyxlingerienyxcosmeticskatvondkatvondbeautykatvondliquidlipstickmaybellinememes

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local trash


Comment from local trash:

I'm gonna spam. I'll return with personal garbage next week. . . . . aestheticbandsmuamodernbaseballgrungeneckdeepfobmcrpatdfandomstumblralternativealtgirlsbrendonuriephotographymuacosplayabhcosmeticsanastasiabeverlyhillstartecosmeticstartemakeupelfnyxnyxlingerienyxcosmeticskatvondkatvondbeautykatvondliquidlipstickmaybellineblink182

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🌙 Midnight Madness 🌙


Comment from 🌙 Midnight Madness 🌙:

You gonna start asking me questions like: "Was he attractive, was he an actress ?" Baby the fact is, you're hearing rumours about me, And saw some pictures online, Saying things, they got you so angry, Making you wish you were mine, Before we start talking crazy, Saying some things we'll regret, Can we just slow it down and press reset, You're beautiful • • • • • • scene scenegirl scenestyle scenehair scenemodel emo emohair emostyle emogirl emoboy alternativemodel alternative altgirls altboy althair grunge tumblr followme follow aesthetic emomodel depressed brownhair piercings shorthair gauges gothicstyle indiescene

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Amber Lynn


Comment from Amber Lynn:

Anti-Social Pessimist tattooing tattoo tattooed instagood instadaily lifestyle altgirl altgirls gothic goth gothgirl altmodel gothmodel plantbased tattooedmodel vegan vegans vegansofinstagram vegansofig veganism girlswithink girlswithtattoos model herbivore plantbasedaddict fitness bodypositivity

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Rafael Ohana


Comment from Rafael Ohana:

Ensaio que fizemos em Canela-RS da melhor tatuadora do Sul @mayabriefstattoo ! medieval medievalgirl vikings geek nerd tattoo tattooed skin alternativegirls altgirls cosplay fantasy epic geeks nerdcon comicon canela gramado canela-rs gramado-rs ensaiofeminino portrait retrato fotografia instalove inxtalove

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local trash


Comment from local trash:

Don't follow me expecting a follow back. I've lost several followers this week and it's most likely because of that. . . . . aestheticbandsmuamodernbaseballgrungeneckdeepfobmcrpatdfandomstumblralternativealtgirlsbrendonuriephotographymuacosplayabhcosmeticsanastasiabeverlyhillstartecosmeticstartemakeupelfnyxnyxlingerienyxcosmeticskatvondkatvondbeautykatvondliquidlipstickmaybellinelagirl

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Comment from liddolupe💀:

Not the best hit but I'm faded lol packingbowls Highlife ilovemaryjane 420🍁 chillin indica kief altgirls

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Hannah Pace


Comment from Hannah Pace:

Like violence, you have me, forever and after. Like violence, you kill me, forever, and after. 💜 . . . . . tattoos purplehair makeup girlswithtattoos aliceinwonderland sleeve piercings girlswithpiercings dyedhair articfoxhaircolor stretchedears blueeyes inked az altgirls girlswithplugs greeneyes piercings pentacle shadecraft darkhair blink182

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Nerdy, Dirty, Inked & Curvy


Comment from Nerdy, Dirty, Inked & Curvy:

Makeup du jour makeup glitter altgirls alternativegirl septumpiercing lippiercing plussizefashion

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Comment from angel:

hair me girl selfie girlswithink tattoos tattooed birds chesttattoo septumring girlswithpiercings lyrictattoos pale altgirls pretty l4l Tennessee eyeliner

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Comment from Kimkat:

No colour without you blackandwhite piercings piercedgirls piercedwomen tattoos ink inkedwomen inkedchicks alternativechick altgirls

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Satan's Spawn


Comment from Satan's Spawn:

Kinda just wanna crawl into a hole and die. I was getting better a few months ago, and things started going downhill again. What's even worse, is that I have been like this since being very young.. So I don't even know if I can be anything other than this morbid thing. I hate myself. - - - emoemogirlemokidmermaidkawaiilolitagothgothgirlgothickittenanimeanimegirlmangadarkkawaiiscenekidscenegirlmetalheadotakudolldollfacealtgirlsalternativegirlalternativepastelgothsatansspawngrungekawaiipotatomorbid

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Nerdy, Dirty, Inked & Curvy


Comment from Nerdy, Dirty, Inked & Curvy:

Learning to love my body ❤bodypositive bodylove plusisequal curvygirls altgirls

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Comment from Charlotte:

🌌 . (Hair credit goes to @draculaura_is_bats 😙) . newhair pinkandpurple hotpurple aubergine cyclamen crazycolour vegan cosmic haircolour colouredhair witchesofinstagram brighthairdontcare love altgirls

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Rachael Nadine Tapping


Comment from Rachael Nadine Tapping:

One day to go before the weekend 😍 pinkhair selfie dyedgirls girlswithgauges altgirls hairporn

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Kushy Monstur 🐝 @Artbyteesh


Comment from Kushy Monstur 🐝 @Artbyteesh:

Got home safely, to my loves @drewskiskiski 🐶❤️ Jade gave me so much shit!!! 💞🖤

51 Minutes ago

Amanda Lima


Comment from Amanda Lima:

Trabalhandinho . . . . . . . . . handlettering lettering calligraphy artecomgiz chalkletteringart chalkart chalkboard chalkboardart handmade artista arte sp tattoos tattoedgirls tattoedwoman altgirls brazilianartist

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Ghost Titties


Comment from Ghost Titties:

▪️Hand in glove ▪️ 📸by @Leto.ii

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Comment from littlezombie_x:

I look weird, and tired, but idc. It's so very cold out too. Not looking forward to another long ass day tomorrow in work - sigh . . selfie shamlessselfie selfienation sleepy tired tiredface pierced piercedgirls girlswithpiercings septumpiercing lippiercing septumretainer altgirls alternativegirls alternativecurves chubby chubbygirls bigandblunt effyourbeautystandards modifiedgirls girlswithmods metalchick girlswholikemetal motd wingedliner inkedgirls irishgirls girlswithink bambieyes greeneyes

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Comment from Veronica:

Suspect.... . . . motd mua indiebeauty altgirls makeup makeupinspo beauty

1 Hours ago

Nicole Vox


Comment from Nicole Vox:

I made a thing 😎 Wish I had more time to work on latex stuff.. This top needs a matching skirt . ______________ latex latexfetish latexfashion latexmodel latextop whitelatex rubberclothing alcoholics midnight deliviouspoisons jeans curves hips wine wineaddicts casualgoth darklips altgirls alternativegirls badgirls cigarettes girlswhosmoke partygirl ______________

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🥀Rania Beniich🥀


Comment from 🥀Rania Beniich🥀:

Completely off my theme but I just had to post this, had such an amazing time in Camden with @theladyvalentine seeing @sumocyco and they are INSANE live! 💜🖤 spring blossomseason alternative altgirls camdenunderworld camden

1 Hours ago

Carrie "InsolentUnicorn" Young


Comment from Carrie "InsolentUnicorn" Young:

Thank you Brandy for the cupcake!!! 😍😍😍 it was as delicious as it is adorable! . . . . unicorn unicorncupcake cupcake altgirls altgirl gamer girlswithglasses insolentunicorn

1 Hours ago

What's Up Homiez!🐼


Comment from What's Up Homiez!🐼:

Birthday in 2 days cx scene emo emoscene sceneteen emoteen sceneboy emoboy scenegirl emogirl scenekid emokid alternative alt altboy altgirls alternativeboy alternativegirl hottopic grunge

1 Hours ago

🎀Felicia Ambrosine🎀


Comment from 🎀Felicia Ambrosine🎀:

Dress, hopefully I'll have a good time. I seriously need it fitfamfitfamilyworkoutsquatsinsanityshauntaltgirlsbootygainssquatmorecurvesfitgirlbootybodybpdgirlganggirlgangaltgirlthebeardedpantiedroppersbpdfamvixensinsanity yogasensesfailsbeartoothunderoathlikepacific choicesphilly

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Carrie "InsolentUnicorn" Young


Comment from Carrie "InsolentUnicorn" Young:

I always look confused 😅 . . . . aspiegirl autisticadults autismawareness autismacceptance autistic autism aspergers altgirls altgirls altwomen alternative alternativegirls piercings tattoos piercing tattoo snapchat rainbowhair unicornhair mermaidhair rainbow insolentunicorn girlswithglasses gamer

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Meghan Jones


Comment from Meghan Jones:

Snapchat: Nameless Ghouleh selfie shorthair darkhair makeupjunkie girlswithpiercings altgirls fuckyourbeautystandards

1 Hours ago

Seraphina Rose


Comment from Seraphina Rose:

Due to issues with migration I had to take my right nostril stud out. It had migrated quite a bit since I had it done a year ago. Because of the new position it was getting ripped out and was not sitting flat in my face anymore. As sad as I am I have plans to have it redone in a month or so once it's healed. piercedcuties piercings piercedgirl nosepiercing nosestud piercingproblems healthybodymods bodymodification bodymods goth gothgoth gothgirl gothicprincess altgirls alt alternative

1 Hours ago

Devaná Lux Anežka Anaved


Comment from Devaná Lux Anežka Anaved:

📸by: @johnnarvonphoto photography photographer modeling altmodel fetishmodel enraptured tattooedgirls altgirls ropeart shibari ropefetish ropebondage blisspoint girlswithdreads girlswithtattoos

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