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Nikki XVX


Comment from Nikki XVX:

Our menu from our final event. That "Calming Lavender Cheezecake w/ Mulberry Sprinkles" @naturalepicurean NaturalEpicurean EDRecovery OrthorexiaRecovery MyCinnamonGirl VeganBodybuiler PlantChef HealingCusines EDCommunity EatingDisorderRecovery OrthorexiaRecovery OrthorexiaAwareness BeatEatingDisorders VeganFood VeganFoodShare Foodie VeganBodyBuilding CulinaryStudent VeganBaking VegansOfIG Health Healthy PlantBased Balance BodyImage ChefLife WholeFoodsHeal AllergyFriendly

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Lisa & Little One


Comment from Lisa & Little One:

It's been a week since cooking at the @cactuskitchens for the @babease cookery masterclass, so I decided to have a go at making the On the go muffins little one friendly. mashup weaning allergyfriendly savourymuffins baking

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Busy Bee's Kitchen


Comment from Busy Bee's Kitchen:

How about a coconut latte to start your Friday morning? Smoothie style, that is... 🐝 200ml light coconut milk, 1.5 frozen bananas, 1 serve vanilla bean protein powder, 1 tablespoon coconut butter, 2 tablespoons of rolled oats or quinoa flakes (for glutenfree ), 1 shot espresso/instant coffee (cooled), 1 teaspoon each of maca and mesquite powders (optional). 🐝 breakfast smoothie smoothiebowl latte coffee coconut coconutlatte wholefoods nourish fuelyourbody protein postworkout nutfree glutenfree dairyfree refinedsugarfree lowfructose eatrealfood makerealfood realfood activeliving healthyliving energy allergyfriendly plantbased vegetarian startthedayright

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Green & Plenty- chicago


Comment from Green & Plenty- chicago:

I've posted a lot about gut health and if that topic interests you at all, spend a few minutes reading the @goop article about fecal transplants that are being used to treat a variety of physical and mental ailments. I can't help but wonder if this could help cure serious foodallergies πŸ™. πŸ“· @goop allergybaby dairyallergy peanutallergy

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Beth Jacques Chen


Comment from Beth Jacques Chen:

A tomato-less Nomato Sauce made of fresh veggies for your favorite pasta. This recipe is allergy friendly (gluten, dairy, shellfish, nut, egg, and soy free) and suits the autoimmune protocol and vegan diets. aip autoimmunepaleo autoimmuneprotocol totesaip veganeats feedfeed huffposttaste forkfeed gloobyfood paleodiet paleofood dairyfree glutenfree glutenfreevegan glutenfreefood allergyfriendly

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Brittany Anderson


Comment from Brittany Anderson:

GUYS!!! Have you seen these mini chips snack packs from @enjoylifefoods? They are perfect for preggocravings and prevent me from over indulging. 1 pack has 11g of fat, 14g carbs, and 2g protein. They're also totally allergen free and paleo πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Yet another @thrivemkt find!

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Benz's Fish


Comment from Benz's Fish:

California Gourmet Kosher for Passover Chocolate Chips are now available at Benz's Gourmet kosherforpassoversection Semi-sweet 48% Cacao Content vegan soyfree nutfree glutenfree dairyfree nongmo gmofree allergyfriendly KFP Delicious and Tasty easy chocolate ganache tart recipe by @busyinbrooklyn on the back. @californiagourmet benzsgourmet kosherforpassover passover2017 gf 48cacaocontent

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VegFest Kansas City


Comment from VegFest Kansas City:

Same, @hilaryseatwell, same. We also believe we can't wait to see you on June 24th! Repost @hilaryseatwell with @repostapp ・・・ We believe that real food is always the best food. πŸ‘Š β€’ β€’ β€’ hilarys veggieburgers realfood eatreal cleaneating ingredientsmatter ingredientsyoucanpronounce realfoodfamily organic freefrom allergyfriendly nongmo

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Return the Flavour


Comment from Return the Flavour:

First picknick of the year πŸŒžπŸ‘«! After a long day at work this was a welcome nourishing feast (thanks Max 😁!!) We had homemade hummus (yes, recipe from our blog πŸ˜‰), black rice pasta, and coconut crust chicken to name a few! And oh yes, that last one is a thing πŸ˜‹! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine too! Have a great night xx returntheflavour welovefood homemadefoodisthebest healthypicknick healthyfoodtogo listentoyourbody intolerancefriendly allergyfriendly glutenfree dairyfree nutfree norefinedsugar eatyourveggies picknick

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Mette Devantier


Comment from Mette Devantier:

After a rather manic day at work....aaaand not enough sleep last night, the key word for my Thursday dinner is: Simple!!! Pan fried chicken legs with Pad Thai style rice noodles πŸ˜‹

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Comment from Tracey:

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES πŸ‘Aren't these lil guys just the cutest? They're also INSANELY good! Like, "best ever" good! They use coconut butter (see previous post!) and simple ingredients. Recipe from plantpoweredfamilies by @dreenaburton (also on her blog) vegan chocolatechipcookies . . . . . . whatveganseat vegansofig vegansofinsta veganfoodshare wfpb plantpowered plantbased plantstrong vegetarian govegan healthyeating wholefoods eatrealfood glutenfree dairyfree crueltyfree oilfree easyvegan allergyfriendly nutfree burlingtonvegan hamiltonvegan veganbaking gfbaking vgfbaking vegancookies

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4 Ingredient Gluten & Nut Free


Comment from 4 Ingredient Gluten & Nut Free:

Maple 🍁 Cinnamon Brown Rice Pudding to warm you on this chilly day. Link in profile. Easy peasy 😘

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Good Karma Foods


Comment from Good Karma Foods:

Made with a tiny flax seed, but packed with nutrition. πŸ˜‹

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Witch and Whimsy


Comment from Witch and Whimsy:

After a laborious 10 minutes of crazy math confusion...we have figured out that my laundry detergent costs .30 cents per load. So for a batch of this homemade all natural detergent, it cost me approx. $9 for 30 loads. Soooo not cheaper. But healthier, safer and just better because it's made with essential oils AND love. ❀️πŸ’ͺ🏻🌈 therapeutic allergyfriendly essentialoilstotherescue

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Jenny Miller Houlahan


Comment from Jenny Miller Houlahan:

Lighter Hot Cocoa-Paleo/Vegan, Dairy Free, Whole30, Keto & AIP Friendly . Lately, I've been making a big mug of this lighter hot cocoa every day after I put my girls down for their nap and it is the perfect little afternoon pick me up. I adore rich hot cocoa made from full fat coconut milk and melted dark chocolate but don't always have an appetite for something that filling. Particularly since I'm usually already snacking on dark chocolate topped with nut butter... chocolateaddict This version is the perfect compromise-still deliciously chocolately, but light and super easy to make. Feel free to use your sweetener of choice and sub carob for the cocoa if you're following autoimmune Paleo. Add whipped coconut cream instead of non dairy milk for a frothy top that melts away as you sip. Mmmmmm mmmmm!! 😊 . Lighter Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Makes 1 serving *1 cup boiling water *1 tbsp good quality cocoa or carob powder *1/2-1 tbsp maple syrup or stevia to taste if you're avoiding added sugar *a few drops of vanilla extract *1/4 cup of your favorite non dairy milk or 1-2 tbsp whipped coconut cream . Combine all of the ingredients except milk/cream in a mug and stir until everything has dissolved. Add the non dairy milk or coconut cream, put your feet up and enjoy...😊 . . . . . . . . . . . paleo paleoeats keto ketorecipes paleovegan paleodiet foodglooby feedfeed marthafood buzzfeast dairyfreerecipes dairyfreeketo sugarfree chocolate healthychocolate hotchocolate foodandwine allergyfriendly f52grams healthysnack healthydrink selfcare dairyfreeketo eeeeeats whole30recipes whole30 whole30approved aip aippaleo aipaleo

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Comment from themindfulfoodie:

So many leftovers in such a tiny container - I was so hungry I skipped the microwave and I'm eating this random veggie bowl cold...and it tastes so good! 😊 Super greens with some roasted potatoes, roasted peppers, tomatoes, turkey bacon, refried black beans and cucumber. The further away from grocery shopping day, the more random the meals become. πŸ’πŸ» glutenfree soyfree dairyfree eggfree allergyfriendly allergyfree eatclean eathealthy eattherainbow eatyourveggies mindfulfoodie mindfuleating fitfoodie veggies

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Comment from ptdfreeeats:

Another interview for the books βœ”οΈ Celebrating with @enjoylifefoods mini chips πŸ˜‹πŸ«

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Eva-Mette 🐬


Comment from Eva-Mette 🐬:

Chicken and rice. livingwithallergies chicken chickenbreast rice salad nomilk lactosefree nowheat glutenfree noeggs nosoy dinner food allergies allergyfriendlydinner allergyfriendly foodallergies livingwithfoodallergies

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Portland Meal Delivery


Comment from Portland Meal Delivery:

One of our newest customers is a little younger than you might expect! A four year old who is allergic to eggs, dairy, nuts, sesame, gluten, and soy could feel as if they are missing out on tasty food. Instead, he'll have a selection of yummy and safe treats & snacks just for him! We've made: Bacon wrapped prunes Black bean brownies Chocolate-covered Coconut and Sunflower Butter Clusters Date, Cherry, Sunflower and Coconut Balls Coconut yogurt and nut-free granola parfait Paleo Morning Glory Muffins (nut free and egg free) The jars contain a smoothie starter (these freeze extremely well!)

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Rosita Henley


Comment from Rosita Henley:

❀️these wholecreations glutenfree wheatfree dairyfree eggfree vegan chocolate & vanilla cones!! 🍫🍦followme f4f ifollowback celiac allergyfriendly allergyfree freefrom dairyfreeicecream darkchocolate love veganism veganlife glutenfreevegan plantbased glutenfreediet glutenfreelife glutenfreeliving waitrose

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claudia lucero


Comment from claudia lucero:

One of the most exciting discoveries from cookkorean, this month's cookbookclubportland pick, are sweet potato noodles. I had no idea these are the noodles used in japchae! Totally glutenfree, grainfree, eggfree. Just sweetpotatostarch and water. I watched the ramen episode of samuraigourmet on Netflix and had to have noodles for breakfast. I've been feeling under the weather so watching lots of TV in the evening and craving soup. Hoping this will be yummy! koreannoodles japaneseshow fusioncuisine sweetpotatonoodles

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Rachel Edelman


Comment from Rachel Edelman:

True Life: I never go abroad without a jar of peanut butter πŸ›„πŸ›« P.S. if you have restaurant recommendations for Hong Kong and Beijing let me know! Repost @thatgutsygirlslife ・・・ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³Rachel is going to China! Once our blog is launched you'll be able to read all about how to snack pack πŸ›„ when you don't know what your allergyfriendly food options will be πŸ›« . . . blogger allergyfriendly crohnsdisease crohns glutenfree blog traveler consulting celiac autoimmunedisease autoimmunediseaseblogger allergyfriendlyblogger celiacdisease glutenfreetravel travelsnacks peanutbutter dairyfree packing vacation

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Rosita Henley


Comment from Rosita Henley:

glutenfree wheatfree eggfree chocolate chip cookies πŸͺlove darkchocolate deans glutenfreelife glutenfreelifestyle glutenfreediet glutenfreeliving freefrom allergyfree celiac allergyfriendly followme f4f ifollowback

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Biddle and Bop


Comment from Biddle and Bop:

Easter Basket game on point. Note: tag Grandma. πŸ₯ Shop our New Spring Collection at

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That Gutsy Girl Life


Comment from That Gutsy Girl Life:

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³Rachel is going to China! Once our blog is launched you'll be able to read all about how to snack pack πŸ›„ when you don't know what your allergyfriendly food options will be πŸ›« . . . thatgutsygirlslife blogger allergyfriendly crohnsdisease crohns glutenfree blog traveler consulting celiac autoimmunedisease autoimmunediseaseblogger allergyfriendlyblogger celiacdisease glutenfreetravel travelsnacks peanutbutter dairyfree packing vacation

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Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW


Comment from Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW:

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Brothers All Natural


Comment from Brothers All Natural:

GIVEAWAY Like this post for a chance to win this Disney Easter Mickey Mouse Gift Basket with our Apple Fruit Crisps! Rules: U.S Residents Only Person may enter all contests but can only win once disney brothersallnatural eastertreat freezedriedfruit mickeymouse contest allergyfriendly fruitcrisps easter

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Comment from EssentialWellnessHeather@gmail:

These paleo tortillas from are pretty awesome! I added some unfortified nutritionalyeast from @therawfoodworld for some added nutrients. De-lish!🌯🀀 Topped with: @justins almondbutter blueberries banana fig (unsulfered preservative free) chiaseeds hempseed * * * glutenfree grainfree aip whole30 foodismedicine guthealth organic healingwithfood foodmatters nutfree dairyfree eggfree allergyfriendly mthfr refinedsugarfree healthyfood paleofood vegetarian vegan

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Comment from cahabs:

Birthday aftermath and another "first ever" πŸ˜‰ Gluten- and dairy-free vanilla semolina pudding from bauckhof with organic sour cherries. That was so easy to make and still extremely yummyπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ You just add your milk substitute (sheep milk in my case, but you could also use almond milk) to the rice-based powder, heat it, let it rest for 10 minutes and that's it. 🍧🍧🍧

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Kim Walters


Comment from Kim Walters:

When you're a family that eats real foods! This meal which everyone at our house loves literally has 6 ingredients! Ok the bacon is the most processed thing but still pretty simple delicious eating over here! My toddler eats what we eat, no exceptions! Train them young! πŸ˜œπŸ’•

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Free and Friendly Foods


Comment from Free and Friendly Foods:

Today is the last day to place an order for delivery tomorrow. We start in San Francisco and work our way down to Los Angeles. If you live along the route, you qualify for delivery. All of our goods freeze for FOUR months. In addition to being gluten free, vegan, and top 8 allergy free, we also offer grain free, paleo, and diabetic treats. Don't miss your chance to stock up. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ vegandessert glutenfreelife allergyfriendly allergies allergy sfeats sanfrancisco northhollywood hollywood fresno losangeles glutenfreevegan foodallergy foodallergies kidapproved momlife veganfoodshare celiac celiacfriendly dessertporn veganbakery vegansofig glutenfreebakery glutenfreeliving

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Debora Ziniti


Comment from Debora Ziniti:

Lo sapevi che la fascia oraria indicata per cenare Γ¨ tra le 19 e le 20. Ed Γ¨ preferibile consumare solo proteine accompagnate da sole verdure a basso indice glicemico. Vi proponiamo un bel piatto colorato con salmone (ricco di proteine), quinoa e broccoli (basso indice glicemico)πŸ˜‹ buona cena! @madalenne87 with @repostapp ・・・ PomysΕ‚ na dzisiejszy lunch;) Ε‚osoΕ› wΔ™dzony z pieprzem, brokuΕ‚y na parze, kukurydza, komosa biaΕ‚a i czerwona❀ biostylelife prenditicuradite italy salute fitness diet fit lifestyle dieta bellezzanaturale food yum vegan healthy bellezza health heart ricette organicfood fit body beautiful style skincare allergyfriendly detox

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Asunta Maria


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