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Baton Rouge Hair Artist


Comment from Baton Rouge Hair Artist:

Took my girl @meadowlark.artistry back to silver before she pops!! She's due any day now and since she's having a boy I decided to do her undercut blue. ☺️💙🦄 She's also going to be taking the photos at my wedding reception and I think she's just an incredible artist and chick and today's her birthday!!! Happy Birthday Kim! 🦄👽🎨

5 Minutes ago


Comment from ✨⚡Roberto💋Cantero⚡✨:

LOL tbt Cuz this pic is extra as fuck. At the old salon just after we did @noelanisean color 💚💛 . . . . . . . behindthech modernsalon americansalon hotonbeauty stylistshopconnect hair haircut hairdo haircolor hairstyles vespertinehairdesign allaboutdahair 10000orbust hairoftheday hairbesties haircare hairfashion hairtutorials hairvideos braids balayage blonde blondehair hb4l cosmoprof saloncentric guytang guytangmydentity

5 Minutes ago

Bunny Rae


Comment from Bunny Rae:

How cute is @soniadost rocking this color melt hair eastbay eastbayhair eastbaysalons eastbaystylist bayarea babylights bayareasalon love_kevin_murphy lovekm colormebykm colormelt thebusinessofbalayage fckinghair hairstyles beehash balayage rts raetalbotsalon allaboutdahair modernsalon americansalon

8 Minutes ago




YASSSSSSS BAAAYYBAAAYYYY YASSSSSS 😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤✨✨✨✨ 👩🏽‍🎨👩🏽‍🎨👩🏽‍🎨balaybecc . . Thank you for letting me create magic with your hair 😘😘😘 @bluehashtag . . . . . . . hairandmakeupbyb haircolorist balayagenola balayage balayagehair balayagecolor colormelt balayagedandpainted behindthechair balayageombre hairgamestrong modernsalon nolahairstylist balayageartists blondebalayage hotd balayagehighlights licensedtocreate hairdressermagic fuckinghair allaboutdahair perfecthair authentichairarmy hairporn schwarzkopf bestofbalayage americansalon btc

12 Minutes ago



Comment from 🅳🅸🅹🅰🅽🅰 🅷🅰🅸🆁:

Another day of removing black box color! Session 2 • • • • balayagecaramelbalay balayagewarmthsunkissednatural turallonghairbeachywavesbeachy eachyhairredkenframarolaplexmo lexmodernsalonamericansalonbeh onbehindthechairbtcpicsidohair ohairallaboutdahairthatblendth endthofollowfollowforfollowigd

12 Minutes ago

h a i r s t y l i s t


Comment from h a i r s t y l i s t:

14 Minutes ago

Mackenzie Connolly


Comment from Mackenzie Connolly:

rose (nylund) gold🌹 americansalon modernsalon licensedtocreate fckinghair maneaddicts nashvillestyle nashvillehairstylist manesbymack hairbrained nashvillehair hair hairstyles allaboutdahair chlf cosmos cosmetologist cosmostyle hairbrained_official behindthechair hairbrained hotonbeauty salonpick craftaddict pmts pmtsmboro rosegold goldengirlsforever

16 Minutes ago

«« a m y h a y e s »»


Comment from «« a m y h a y e s »»:

Blonde Babe! @dashie85 😍 wellahair wellalife

16 Minutes ago

Salon Halo


Comment from Salon Halo:

g l o w i n g ⭐️ Color // style by Jessa

19 Minutes ago



Comment from B O U D O I R:

SHIMMER.ME.BLONDE is here! Like in our salon right now! 😱😍 If you had your name down you've prob had a call from us to let you know it's here! 🙋🏼 For everyone else, come in quick, there's not many left! 👏🏼👏🏼 BoudoirHairdressing BoudoirLoves Shimmer Spray KMSessionSalon

20 Minutes ago

Dakota Mayer


Comment from Dakota Mayer:

Shimmer shimmer champagne blonde 💫💫💫modernsalon beautylaunchpad hairinspo allaboutdahair behindthechair btcpics olaplex davines greencirclesalons hairsalon northbay sonomacounty sebastopol balayage hairpainting hotonbeauty balayageartist balayagedandpainted blonde highlights paintedhair jackwinncolor colormelt instahair livedinhair shadowroot platinumblonde ashblonde coolblonde longhair

21 Minutes ago

Magic Mike⚡️


Comment from Magic Mike⚡️:

Contrast Balayage I did months ago. Balayage is very low maintenance

21 Minutes ago

CONNECTICUT Bridal Hair & Mu


Comment from CONNECTICUT Bridal Hair & Mu:

One of our beautiful brides getting her makeup done by Nara for her big day!

22 Minutes ago



Comment from ⠀KAESHA | {K A Y•S H A}:

Changed things up big time for Cierra! She had a solid blonde with shadow root and didn't like how high maintenance the blonde was so we made her a low maintenance natural bombshellllllll😍🙌🏻👌🏻

24 Minutes ago

Saaam B


Comment from Saaam B:

High contrast ✨ added a little brightness today for @becky813

27 Minutes ago

Jasmen Ramirez


Comment from Jasmen Ramirez:

⭐️⭐️⭐️beautybyjasmen . . . . umbertobeverlyhillsba llsbalayageandpaintedhighlight lightsbalayagesombreblondehair ehairombresunkissedhairpaintin intinghotonbeautybraidsandbala dbalayageauthentichairarmybest ybestofhairvegas_nayimallabout aboutdahairbestofhairhudabeaut beautymodernsalonbeachywavesbe vesbeverlyhillsbeverlyhillshai lshairlosangeleshairbabylights

34 Minutes ago




•boho• @naomijwise hairbymacirevae balayage braids

35 Minutes ago

Ashlee Ann


Comment from Ashlee Ann:

I love a shadow root for my clients with naturally dark hair! It helps to blend from dark to light and the grow out is amazing... highly recommended for my girls who love a low maintenance color 💘

36 Minutes ago

Aimee Holloway • Houston, TX


Comment from Aimee Holloway • Houston, TX:

brown s u g a r ✨ 9GI/9V + a splash of 9B redkenshadeseq . . . . aimeedoesmyhair getupperhanded tuhhphair balayage handpainted

38 Minutes ago

Kerry Warner~Hollyfield


Comment from Kerry Warner~Hollyfield:

Repost @enjoyhaircare ( @get_repost) ・・・ GOALS! 😍😍 Seriously stunning work @linhdoeshair . . enjoyhaircare enjoyhair enjoy healthyhair shinyhair hairgoals hairbrained hairstyle hairstylist hairdresser dreamyhair allaboutdahair hairvibes repost blonde blondehair blondegoals platinumhair platinum platinumgoals blondespiration longhair longhairstyle longhairgoals

39 Minutes ago

Anthony Allen


Comment from Anthony Allen:

Wavey Blowout for my gorgeous client this morning 🌊🌊

40 Minutes ago

Alexis Genova


Comment from Alexis Genova:


42 Minutes ago

Kreative Hair By Kesley✂️


Comment from Kreative Hair By Kesley✂️:

Blue and violet waves from yesterday.🌊

43 Minutes ago

«« a m y h a y e s »»


Comment from «« a m y h a y e s »»:

Chocolate Anyone? 🍫😋 wellahair wellalife

45 Minutes ago



Comment from m.beri.hairart:

at the end of each school year Devin gets to choose a different color for the summer time! last year green, this year red! 😎 😎 😎

46 Minutes ago

AKC Hair & Makeup• CT Salon


Comment from AKC Hair & Makeup• CT Salon:

"Messy Hair, Don't Care!" Salons Youngest Client! Miss.Brooklyn rocking the shirt her Titi Lex got her! 💕

49 Minutes ago

Nikki Cornell


Comment from Nikki Cornell:

Touched up @anest10's balayage plus chopped off about 5-6 inches! I love this lob on her. 😍

51 Minutes ago

Saaam B


Comment from Saaam B:

52 Minutes ago

Michelle Smith📍30004📍#iDoHair


Comment from Michelle Smith📍30004📍#iDoHair:

Sometimes there's nothing to be said. Sometimes there's everything to be said. Knowing which ones necessary in each situation is imperative... KnowThePower mrshairga

53 Minutes ago

Danielle Canseco


Comment from Danielle Canseco:


56 Minutes ago



Comment from HairbyKenZo:

💫 • • • behindthechair lovewhatido 417hair 417hairstylist springfieldstylist pmts paulmitchelltheschoolspringfie bestof417 modernsalon hair allaboutdahair

58 Minutes ago

Juliann Zeigler Owner/Stylist


Comment from Juliann Zeigler Owner/Stylist:

beforeandafter brunettetoblonde highlights lightenup blondeyblonde blondor btc allaboutdahair licensedtocreate almost100foils southernjuleshairandtanning salonlife

58 Minutes ago

Jessica Tucker


Comment from Jessica Tucker:

Café au lait, please😍 the beautiful @brash_browandlashbar @reneyoung29 schwarzkopf redken olaplex btcpics cafeaulait hairbyjtucker816 brashbrowandlashstudio stylistshopconnect allaboutdahair maneaddict balayge shadowroot smudgeroot hairofinstagram behindthechair birmingham alabama hairinspiration hairoftheday hairfashion hairstylist birminghamstylist hairbrained maneinterest ohhellohair instahair @redken @bumbleandbumble @loves_kevin_murphy @stylistshopconnect @maneinterest @behindthechair_com

1 Hours ago