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Real Adventurer🏔 Rix lumajang B29 traveler pendaki pendakiindo gunung nevergiveup Climber Advent Ngeyeltraveler

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Garry Taylor


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Are you stoked for what today will bring!?? If not, ask yourself why or what you can change?  If you are, let's do this!! . . Stay tuned for the release of my new book, THE TRAVEL FORMULA.  It's guaranteed to change the way you think about traveling, focusing on ensuring you make the most of your time and help you save you a pile of money in the process. 👍 Stay tuned for the release to get your copy.  It has been a lot of fun writing it 😃 and I know you will enjoy it.  The link is in my bio. travelformula . 📍 Golden backcountry, BC . Made possible by : @priorsnow @volcomsnow @dakine_snow @smithoptics @thirtytwo @thenorthface @oakley @gopro @canoncanada . canada🇨🇦 canada britishcolumbia mountain backcountry powder winter snow snowboard snowboarding outdoors travel explore explorebc bc beautiful amazing nature adventure advent powderhighway gopro roamtheplanet feelgood golden getoutside smile

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Fishbras ™ 🎣👙


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Dukat - Webshop

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Härliga smidesljusstakar i olika höjder. smide ljusstake ljusstakar smidesljusstake järn advent höst2016 homedecor homestyle homestyleinspo inreda inredning hemmahososs hemma dukat webshop

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Emily Ashmore


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Carole King's Tapestry on a McIntosh 240

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Cody Choi | Artist


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Two beautiful ladies at the studio! Sexy time! Bon voyage @zoethirteeeen @adaooi ! artist model modelling advent acting film filming hollywood london nyc dancer

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beach vibes chlling mood stonedlife homies drive nature trees tourists wanderlust travel advent instalike shots kerala🌴 waves shore oneplus3t rayban shades enjoyment psy exoticplaces incredibleindia sunkissed spot rayban walk sand ig

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Ante Up


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Tickets are on sale now! Head over to and reserve your spot for this unreal event! madball advent wisdominchains anteup kru immovableentertainment shgproductions northcarolina music life

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Trinity Church


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Servanthood in a Culture of Entitlement TrinityChurch.Life/Media/Sermons . . . // wearetrinity worshipandarts Christmas advent christmaseve christian church fairfieldcounty westchester greenwichct westchesterny stamfordct genesis panasonic lumix gh4 panasonic35100mm canon sigma70200 canon5dmarkiii

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Ujenk Supertramp


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Tanah yang kuinjak sama sepertimu langit yang kujunjung sama sepertimu aku tak berbeda darimu udara yang kuhirup kau hirup juga dingin yang kurasa kurasakan sama kita tak terlihat beda matahari takkan terlihat beda dari tempatmu bulan dan bintang kan terlihat sama dari tempatmu kan memberikan cahaya yang sama untuk kita warna busanamu yang terlihat beda nada kau dendangkan sama indahnya harmoni simfoni dunia kendati doa terucap beda anugerah yang sama kita terima aku adalah kamu manusia yang sama @dialogdinihari adventure adventuretime adventures advent jalanjalan jalan2 sumbar sumbar_rancak idpendaki paradise parapejalan latepost instagram instagood instago like4like likeforlike mountainesia instagunung jalanjalan jalanjalanmen sajak

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SMA Advent Martoba Siantar


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Karena Indonesia itu indah, hanya beberapa dari kita terkadang lupa dengan hal itu. Btw hayo ada yang tau siapa-siapa yang difoto? hihihi 🇲🇨 Majusla majupapas slamartoba advent adventist smaadvent siantar sumatrautara kampusindah

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SMA Advent Martoba Siantar


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Tetap kompak kalian ya gaes, sampai punya anak cucu ! 💪🏻 Majusla majupapas slamartoba advent adventist smaadvent siantar sumatrautara kampusindah

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SMA Advent Martoba Siantar


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Apalagi masa SMA, masa dimana kita mencari jati diri. Semoga setelah lulus dari @slamartoba kalian tetap kompak satu dengan yang lain. karena bagaimanapun, kalian pernah dikumpulkan dalam lingkungan yang sama. Majusla majupapas advent adventist smaadvent siantar sumatrautara kampusindah

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Allison Gober Hodges


Comment from Allison Gober Hodges:

{Advent to Lent} Today's devotional offers a twist: We can read about Jesus finishing His work on earth and be tempted to think that our very existence is wrapped up in our ability to persevere, to endure... that running our race well is contingent on our capacity for hard work and long-suffering. _ Make no mistake, we are undoubtedly called to fight the good fight with forbearance. But I think we often, in error, define our lives by what we do rather than by who we are... rather than by *whose* we are. You've heard it said, "We are human beings, not human doings." The message of the Gospel is not: work harder, work longer, work more. _ It is this: Come to Me.... Rest. (By resting in Me, you will gain strength to persevere. "For when you are weak, then you are strong." 2 Cor. 12: 10) Trust. (By trusting in Me, you will exist in My efforts and not your own. "In quietness and trust is your strength." Isaiah 30: 15) Find your sufficiency in Me. (The only "work" I ask of you is to wrap your life in the work I've *already* completed on the Cross. "My grace *is* your sufficiency." see 2 Cor. 12: 9) Find your identity in Me. (Don't try harder. Instead, trust more. Wrap yourself in My love. "Your efforts will not save you." see Rom. 9: 16) --------------------------------------------------------- [NOTE TO SELF] This reminder always engenders a sigh of relief from deep within my heart and a cry of praise from the depths of my soul. Easter is my cue, more than anything else, to submit... to surrender... to still myself. To be less, rather than more. To have less, rather than more. To do less, rather than more. --------------------------------------------------------- {John 17: 1-5 // vs. 1-4 shown here} After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: "Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do..."

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Ackew RockArt


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Siangtdcihampelasadvent hospitalbandungsurvey

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Ahmad Angga Laitono


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Jelajahi dunia mu sampai kaki mu sudah lelah dan keriput, maka disaat itulah kau akan bangga dengan bendera yang engkau miliki. 🔍Hutan batu, Maros, Sulawesi Selatan. 📷 @fatraaaaaa adventu adventuretime adventure advent adventures travel travelbag travels traveling story storytelling storytime mytripmyadventure mytrip visitsulsel ahmadanggalaitono

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Das Geschenk aus Hamburg.


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Julia EvilPanda


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Leipziger Buchmesse 2017 Sonntag ❤ mcc LBM mangacomiccon leipzigerbuchmesse finalfantasy finalfantasyVII Tifa Yuffie advent children dirgeofcerberus cosplay

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Renungan malam jesus jesuschrist is my power from now until forever renungan rohani kristen christ church word gereja kristen advent

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Rebekah Freeborn


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Easter countdown list ! Helping him to keep his behavior in check with a smiley face/sad face tally chart. If there's more sad than smiley NO EASTER BUNNY VISIT ! easter eastercountdown countdown advent easterbunny kids craft drawing fabercastell connectorpens eastereggs goodbehavior boys australian love blessed fun happy

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Payzs András


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i and i ... . . soul rise clarity tracking home nature rocks climbing fulness oneness advent adventure mood satisfaction spiritrider soulsurvivor balance real original peacefulness mokiképmékiép bw bnwhungary selfportrait iphonography hiking backpacker mountains sky portrait

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Довольно долго, но я ее закончила! Ура! каждыйденьнасчету advent handmade burda

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AngelD'Merc 👸💕💖


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Church Sunday the 4th week of advent. Have a blessed Sunday. . . . sunday sundayfunday sundayfamilyday church mass 4thsunday advent

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tbt insta instagood peace day dream dress selfie advent good kiko life like love cute color вода мир мечта жизнь туман подумать лес дорога

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aksan z. malle


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Keseruan pagi ini krn "hari kejepit" besok libur lagiii yeeaiii.. 😅 tkmutiaraadventgurudanmuridsemangatbelajarbermainhappyteaching

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Cloud City Vintage Audio


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This is the dopest $75 set of vintage speakers on the interwebs right now. advent the advent3. If you have heard the speakers you know how great they are. If you've never experienced them, they are one of the rare bookshelf speakers that can compare with other models twice their size. If you're looking for a great system in a tiny home or an apartment or even a big living room, the speakers will cover all of those situations.

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The wardrobe dark, the hurr darker. 👥 adventsodapopcalifornia

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Sid Weiser


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Laura Wilde ON TOUR - WEIHNACHTEN 2017 - TERMINE!!! Bei der im Rahmen des Veranstalters 'Tiedeman' präsentierten Weihnachts - Gala am Ende des Jahres in folgenden Orten dabei -> Sassnitz(23.11), Grimmen(24.11), Anklam(25.11), Wolgast(26.11), Grevensmühlen(01.12), Waren(08.12), Parchim(09.12), Prenzlau(10.12), Wittenberg(13.12), Wismar(14.12), Greifswald(15.12), Loitz(17.12) weihnachtenchristmasontourtourneebühnestagelivepublikumadventsingingschlittenfahrtsnowmanschneemannbühnendekoshowmusiclightsvoicesoundmusicschlagersingeronstagebeautylaurawilde

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Dark Bully


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Zagreb, Croatia 🇨🇷🇴 winter christmas romantic advent snow peaceful

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Makenna 💁🏼


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-HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUDRI (my "niece") 🎉🎂💖 This is her birthday countdown all finished that I made for her!- The present goes inside each circular pocket to count down the days birthday birthdaycountdown gift birthdaygift advent diy diyadvent

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Madeleine Zimmerer


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🎄 adventskalender weihnachtsmarkt christmastree reutlingen glühweinzeit soschön nocheinglühwein 🎄christmas beautiful pretty city adventcalendar advent house onthestreet walkingaround outside

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Ana Vuksic


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