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Joe Hawkins


Comment from Joe Hawkins:

Got Hooked Up By A Friend Today!! First Time Trying These Out! I'm Pretty Sure They Are Predator Mites? It's For Sure Some Type Of Beneficial Insect! Thanks Again 🙏🏻👍🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Ingrid420 yerba_buena_farms sanfrancisco cannabis hightimes pacificremedyinc jungleboyz backwoods indica gashouse thc 420 kush mmj icmag cbd hash twaxgang rosin shatter prop215 csihumboldt bubbakush outdoor2017 loud wfayo

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GROWINGUPPSYCHOACTIVE CANNABIS nuggets yorz almostheady heady portlandommpweedofigglasslifeo lifeoregonpdxpotheadspnwonderl nderlandweedstagramHighafkeepi keepitchronicbhombingamerica71 ica710bluntculture420mmjwfayoc fayocannabiscommunitydabstagra

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Happy Cabbage Farms


Comment from Happy Cabbage Farms:

Cookies and Cream 13 🍪🍦 happycabbage happycabbagefarms cookiesandcream cnc13 terps flavorsfordays exoticgenetix rosin icewax solventless dopemagazine hightimes hightimesmagazine trellis pdx corvallis oregon oregongrown legalcannabis growops osu recreational hdgrowbox wfayo thehighsociety topshelflife topshelf weedstagram 420 budshots

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Das Loves


Comment from Das Loves:

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Matt - Canadian Lampworker


Comment from Matt - Canadian Lampworker:

Repost @acadianglassworks ( @get_repost) ・・・ Hey glassblowers!!! don't forget to Get yourself entered into this killer giveaway for a 20mm coin (retail value of $89.50) odds are really good at this point!!! To enter: 1. Follow @acadianglasswork 2. this entire post, hashtags and all! We will pick the winner Friday June 30th. One entry per day. . . . AGW63017 s boro opalsofig glassofig opalcoins fire blingbling opalsbookclub oprahsbookclub wfayo glassblowers instagood smallbusiness 20mm

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known as stick


Comment from known as stick:

Damn I needed that after work today, cheers everyone!💨💨 terps perfect dank onlysmokethefinest thousanddollarsmoke bhombingamerica bhombs instagrams wfayo shatter oil errl bho dab 710 710society claritycounts onlysmokethefinest shatter dabs dabbers_unite dabbersdaily glassofig dablife dabporn heady headyglass pdx homegrownoregonian

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WE'RE KICKING OFF 7/10 EARLY!!! COME GET LIT WITH RAWKSTAR EXOTICS! *SATURDAY, JULY 8 AT URBAN PHARM'S DAB LOUNGE in SAN FRANCISCO!* we will be hosting a FREE DAB BAR, dropping some beats, and YES, THERE WILL BE GIVEAWAYS!!! so come SAY HIGH and get your tolerance levels up for 7-10! sample some SUPER LEGIT, SOLVENTLESS TERP ROSIN and LIVE RESIN!!! not just FREE... IT'S PRICELESS!!! freedabs rawkstarexotics everybodyisastar 710 420 free bayareastoners up415 harborsidehealthcenter medithrive medithrivesf vapo grassrootssf highsociety solventless solvent-free 710 420 bayareadispensaries 710society wfayo shatter shatterday concentrates meetartsesh popupmarketsf

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La Fumo Pipe


Comment from La Fumo Pipe:

Night time la fumo pipe dabs to relax the mind 😉👌💨💨💨💨710 420 cannabis cannabiscommunity lafumopipe weedstagram wax bho errl dabsrus shatter instahigh dab stoners fueledbythc weedstagram420 highsociety highlife bho kush instagood mmj dank stoner weedporn wfayo topshelflife instachile chilegram

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Emerald Evolution


Comment from Emerald Evolution:

Greenfield Mercantile is NOW CARRYING @EmeraldEvolution strains!!! 😄🙌 * WASHINGTON *

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Comment from anotherpothead:

Headband (my alltime favortie strain) THC 1.2%/12mg THCA 80.8%/808mg fueledbythc cannabiscommunity cannabis wfayo budgood highlife hightimes 710 freshsqueezeddaily topshelf highsociety pothead potheadsociety stonernation dopefam dabstgram weedstagram dabbersdaily stonersdaily

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Comment from Trestl:

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The HotBox


Comment from The HotBox:

Some more @603glass appreciation. These "Sacred Skull" pieces are real stunners. Both come with matching spine drop downs to boot . . . (DM for pricing/availability) . . . thehotboxoregon portlandglass pdxglass pnwstoners pnwdabbers glassart glassartforsale glassofig glassforsale glassmaps glassofinstagram headyglass headyglassart functionalglassart bestofglass high_larry_us oprahsbookclub thousandollarsmoke wfayo 710society 710

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🔝💎 JEM 🔝💎


Comment from 🔝💎 JEM 🔝💎:

Been a hectic last few days but I'm all moved out of my old place and all moved into my new place! It feels great and I'm extremely excited for this next chapter in my life! 😽 CantStopWontStop GypsyLife

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Comment from Nano:

where she at tho errl EASTSIDE SANJOSE sanbhose 710 408 ICKYSWORLD weshouldsmoke wfayo sharks keepitlit keepitchronic 408dabbers bitxhimhigh higherthanmost weedsmoke dankshots710 dankshots prop215 sb420 longhairdontcare terps weshoulddab bayareadabbers terpsauce makesanjoseterpyagain theydontsmokelikeus everythingsj howyoucoming

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Comment from ACoupleWhoGrowsTogether💚🌱:

Repost @mephistogenetics ( @get_repost) ・・・ for your chance to win a 10 pack of Illuminautos number 21 through 30 and a t shirt! Include the hash tags prizepigs and autoflower and make sure to tag us in the post! Only two reposts per day por favor. We can't see you if you're private. One winner for instagram and one for facebook will be drawn on July 5th. Full details on the drop in the comments below! No. 21 - Sour Crinkle (Grape crinkle x Sour Crack) No. 22 - Sour Alien Livers (Sour Livers x Ripley's OG) No. 23 - Creme Bubbly (Creme de la chem x Hubbabubbasmelloscope) No. 24 - Gold Glue (24 Carat x GG 4) No. 25 - Sour Orange Livers (Sour Livers x S.O.D.K) No. 26 - ManBearAlienPig (3 Bears OG x Ripley's OG) No. 27 - Livers 'n' Cheese (Auto livers x Northern cheese haze) No. 28 - Grape Walker Kush (Grape Crinkle x Skywalker) No. 29 - BlueToof (Blue Cush x Toof Decay) No. 30 - Bubbly Livers (Auto Livers x Hubbabubbasmelloscope) Mephis MephistoGenetics realbreeding autoflower autoflowering oprahsbookclub glockteam haze4breakfast cannabis loudpack wfayo iwillmarrymary weshouldsmoke wethebest weedporn freethefrost frostitute itallstartsfromseed high_larry_us kush4breakfast kush wedontsmokethesame breedbyexample cookiesorbetter growyourown illuminautos budporn

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Joe Nutts Glass


Comment from Joe Nutts Glass:

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Comment from Gary:

bananaog from jahnetics ran by terpenstein710 on the rocks. chilled jahbless jahnetics_sf concentrates nugrun shatter terps terpenes wfayo weshouldsmoke thc 420 710 highestgrade prop215 maryjane highlife teamvapexhale vapexhalecloudevo chilledhydratube clouds

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Stacy Gomez


Comment from Stacy Gomez:

seattlestoners cannabisculture cannabiscommunity ganja sativa hybrid indica wfayo 420

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Marketing Glass


Comment from Marketing Glass:

Repost @j.suns_creations pendyforsale ・・・ This 🔥🔥🔥🔥is AVAILABLE !!!Dm for pricing. So many colors packed into one pendant. NO FILTERS EVER itsalwayssunnyinthestudio fumelife fumetech photo by @aislinnova nofilter nofilterever

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Comment from liftedkingg:

Gucci ghost 👻wfayo l4l mmj gucci shatter weedstagram instagram weedporn maryjane live dank f4f

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Raí 雷 #KoreatownGlassGallery


Comment from Raí 雷 #KoreatownGlassGallery:

@theinternet - UnderControl 🙏🏽🙌🏽 _____________________ ______________________________ @cannafornia710 x KaliOils FireChino 🔥⛽️💣💨💨💨 Cannafornia710 ______________________________ ______________________________ @mohawkglass GrommyTube 🔩🔥 • @ionicquartz XL IonicQuartz 💎🔥 • @js_glass Peach Double Lip NoTempCarbCap 🍑🔥 • @ewikim KoreaTownGlassGallery KorkMat 🙏🏽🙌🏽 _____________________ ______________________________ boro4sale glass4sale glassforsale boroforsale borobook headyglass bestofglass boromarket cannabis ganja bho errl shatter hash nugrun 420 710 justblazeig worldreefers

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Comment from winterhatxtractz:

@boof_bagwells HolyGrail from @dna_genetics CrocketFamilyFarms at day 27. rxgreensolutions YKiD TerpFactory TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork BoofBagwells BtBites WinterHatXtracts

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Eric Ramirez 💨😤😥🔥🤘🖕💵🛢⚗🍯🛫🛬⏳⚾🏈🚬


Comment from Eric Ramirez 💨😤😥🔥🤘🖕💵🛢⚗🍯🛫🛬⏳⚾🏈🚬:

MAN YALL NEED TO CHECK THIS SWEET GIVEAWAY @alienlabs it throwing down for the @chalicefestival NEED TO BE THERE TO WIN MAN ITS GOING DOWN IN CALI JULY 7-9 VICTORVILLE CALIFORNIA cant wait im ready Repost @alienlabs ・・・ We're doing a @chalicefestival giveaway. Prize package includes a half ounce of your choice of flowers, 7 grams of concentrates, 2 alienlabs shirts, and a secret prize you'll have to see if you win. Very easy to enter: repost this video, and tell the your Instagram followers to give us a follow. We'll announce the winner at chalice and you MUST be attending chalice to enter. If you don't have tickets to chalice I'm sure I can make it happen but you'll need to be at chalice to collect your winnings. Good luck everyone! contest chalice wfayo cannabis california iwillmarrymary instaweed girlswhosmokeweed weshouldsmoke highlife hightimes hightimesmagazine stoner mmj fueledbythc contest check out @brooklandbandit for your animation needs. Top notch shit.

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T O M M Y🦉H A N S E N ™


Comment from T O M M Y🦉H A N S E N ™:

We are not blessed with a good life or a bad life. We are GIVEN life. What a person chooses is up to their own vice's...™🌎🍃🗣🍃✌🏼WFAYO⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ views👀 classics thirstythursday LiveLikeNick deepthinker jetlife✈️ elevate elevated365 topshelflife highlife moneyman thirdeyeopen psychedelic handlebars Hiiipower blessedlife mindtrip cannabis indica kushclouds concentrates 710original purplehaze irie vibrations PQ PQoriginal StargazeAve

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Comment from Cody:

When you randomly find out that your @hetmanglass X @apacheflameworks has UV sections worked into it. 👌💯 UVglass canadianglassart itglows bluv headymugs glassart glassappreciation functionalglassart glassofig highsociety hetmanglass wfayo glassporn canadianglassart uvglassart topshelflife 604

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CompCaps 19+


Comment from CompCaps 19+:

CanadianStoners 🔸 CannabisCommunity 🔸 CannabisCulture 🔸CloudsOverCanada 🔸 Dabstagram 🔸 DabbersDaily 🔸 Dabs 🔸 FueledByTHC 🔸 GanjaGirls 🔸 NugRun 🔸 OnlySmokeTheFinest 🔸 ostf 🔸 TopShelfLife 🔸 Shatter 🔸 Vansterdam 🔸 710 🔸 w420 🔸 wfayo 🔸

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му иαмє ιѕ иιиα ғυcĸn αѕнℓєу


Comment from му иαмє ιѕ иιиα ғυcĸn αѕнℓєу:

zoмвιeѕ 💀 нollaaa infinitewarfare ps4 wfayo zombies galaxycones cityoftrees forumcookies cherrycheese yourhighness stillblazintho

40 Minutes ago

Il Paradiso Del Fumatore


Comment from Il Paradiso Del Fumatore:

@weedpalace @ilparadisodelfumatore letsgethigh legalizeit stonersociety 710 weedporn prop215 stonerlife legalize maryjane cannabiscup thc worldreefers stonernation wfayo topshelf medicalmarijuana 420photography marijuana weedlife high_larry_us weedstagram420 420 smokeweed cannabisculture weedsociety blunt fueledbythc legalizemarijuana kush iwillmarrymary kusharmy mmj cannabis cannabiscommunity stoner smokeweedeveryday staylifted staymedicated medicated stoners gethigh ganja medicalcannabis rollingpapers smokingweed weshouldsmoke stonerdays 420life weedstagram hightimes

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Comment from P⃟S⃟I⃟L⃟L⃟O⃟C⃟Y⃟B⃟I⃟N⃟:

@dabbinchronic and I took the gems on a hike today 🤘🏼 | SaltGlass KucheKap 710 ThousandDollarSmoke TopShelfLife Cannabis HighSociety DabbersDaily ErrlOfIG StayLifted DenverDabbers OprahsBookClub BHO FueledByBHO Terps DabSoHard Heady Rosin PuddleGang WasteItToTasteIt BHOmbColorado FreshSqueezedDaily PositivelyVibe CannabisCommunity DividerPro WeShouldSmoke GlassForSale WFAYO

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Comment from immaculateglass:

Full terps tube with Space and terps encased opal 🌌🚀🌌 710 dabs glassofig glassart dabsrus blow_smoke westcoastdabbers wfayo bho terpslut highlyeducated dab oil errl errlsquad globsnob bestofglass

41 Minutes ago

Dylan Renner


Comment from Dylan Renner:

oddpiecedesigns - Skull series - Fall 2016 • • • • • • oddpieceoddpi oddpiecedesignspendantpendants dantsofigwirewrapwirewrappedwi pedwirewrappedjewelrywirejewel jewelrybongbeautiesstayhighhig ghhigh_larry_uswfayoheadyheady headyglassheadyartriojewelerpe lerpearl14ksterlingsilveretsyj etsyjewelryetsyhandmadejewelry welrycrystalhealingherkimerdia

42 Minutes ago

Matt Coats


Comment from Matt Coats:

Purple Punch 🍇👊 ❄️🍰🍭🍬☁️🔥⛽️Super-bomb, floral, talcum powdery sugary grape aroma, upon break-up releases smells of blueberry muffins, gummy worms and very-flavored blue Powerade mixed with carbonated grape soda, pancake batter, lavender & perfume 💎☔️💎☔️🚂🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 weedporn oprahsbookclub greenwolf cannabis sanfrancisco dankshots420 onlysmokethefinest topshelflife prop215 🔝🔚🏝🏖🌋 ( gdp x larryog ) cookies bayarea sauce norcal cookiefam terps fueledbythc losganjales highsociety high_larry_us connoisseur wfayo weedstagram420 cannabiscommunity cookiesSF purplepunch cookiesorbetter chalicefestival

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Comment from Ed:

bitterbrotherslittlebrothercit ercitraipaindiapalealesandiego diegobeergeekbeersnobbeerpornb pornbeertimebeermecraftbeerbee erbeerstagrambeersofighightime htimeshigh_larry_usweshouldsmo

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