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Going in on some @willamettevalleyalchemy live resin I got from @fireside.dispensary1. Let's make it a stopdropandglob and I challenge @kushkoala710 @nature_dabs_101 and @michigan_dabs_hard Good luck thousanddollarsmoke straightfab bhombingoregon dab dabstagram fueledbyBHO WYAFO droppingbhombs bhoregon bho shatter ommp smokewithme dabs weedstagram weedstagram420 710 710society clarity claritycounts wasteittotasteit puddlegang topshelf topshelflife gangganggang tallglassofmilk dabbersdaily oprahsbookclub downtosmoke

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bishnutz #bishnutzphoto #i502


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shattershuttle dabbndans Repost @yabadabado420 ( @get_repost) ・・・ Let's try this again.... IG Police took the last post down!! 🔥🔥🔥 allgasnobrakes certifiedhoodclassic 253 tacomastoners twoticketstoterptown tempdownturpsup tastetheflamebro wasteittotasteit wedontsmokethesame thousanddollarsmoke cannabiscommunity weedstagram 710photography 710 errl errlporn dabstagram dabstars pufftuff hightimes topshelflife classyasfuck getyousomeofthat

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Bongz & Thongz


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Rozay/Brozay @mr.voorhees master piece enjoying a beautiful day here in Ann Arbor! Honestly the detail with color combo makes this such amazing eye candy, then after hearing this baby shred, it is a true meaning of funtionalart. voorhees voorheesglass Marijuana Cannabis Hemp Pot Ogkush kush dank Nug Bud 420 mmj hightimes stone wakeandbake stoner stonersociety backwood bluntculture rozay weedstagram420 highsociety voorhees dab rawlife smoke thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass

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These guys are headed to @thehighestcloud9 hit them up for more info. dumdumlife heady headies 710society glassart 710 mmj oregonmade inkzglass dumdum thousanddollarsmoke

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Frosty's Fresh


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Frosty Number 102 Collab with the homie @sanpe_glass frostysfresh qtipholder peepmyheadytoo FreshNeverFrozen glassart headyglass boroforsale concentrate thousanddollarsmoke mothershipglass highlife topshelf prop203 headyglass highsociety dank stoners cannabis frostysfreshforsale stoned bho nugrun wedontsmokethesame az mmj hightimes iwillmarrymary headypendant glassforsale FreeFrosty

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For the Stunt- Russ🤙🏻 Glob of Chem🔬Sis grown by the @iccollective extracted by @frostynugman 🔥 mothershipglass mayoralquartz bestofglass glassart glassofig weshouldsmoke wedontsmokethesame weshouldsesh freshsqueezeddaily high_larry_us headyglass oprahsbookclub bradleymiller eastcoastdabbers thousanddollarsmoke dailydabs dailydabbers

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Rex Trimm


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AUCTION ONE POST BACK Rare rick orgy scene with unity Sacred geometry bottom

9 Minutes ago

Glerb Master Flex


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@reedoglass wizardhat 🌈💎💣🔥👊❤️💪⛽️✌️

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✌️😚💨 🌪💦🌪💦


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Getseeds Righthere 18+ only


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♤♡◇♧AUCTION ♧◇♡♤ . Starts at 7pm Denver time today. 30 pack of regular seeds. . Grape Crack from @hbkgenitics . (Grape Stomper x Cherry Pie) x (Riot's Green Fucking Crack x Kandy Kush). . This wont be released until early 2018, heres your chance to get them before anyone else. . seeds seedbank seedsofig 420 w420 ganja potporn instaweed stoned thc kush chemdog 420life auction seeds seedauction 420photography stonernation dabbersdaily kusharmy dabs topshelflife dabs dabsaway dabsallday weedstagram growyourown weshouldsmoke thousanddollarsmoke oprahsbookclub getseedsrighthere

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Comment from MellowKush:

Wayyyy too high temp 😂😂😂 Tasted great but the tears they ran lmao. Gotta get me another egg

12 Minutes ago



Comment from Crimson710:

Hell yeah i only seen one other guy with a @mr.voorhees and it was the Haterade @alexvicknairglass colab soo epic🔥🔥🔥 had a good time at the 2017 @hightimesmagazine Cannabis Cup👍👍super pack but a good stoney time!! hightimescannabiscup hightimes mrvoorhees mrvoorheesglass vrhsgang vrhs vrhsglass vrhsarmy voorhees boroglass 1kcallitaday 5kcallitaday 10kcallitaday thousanddollarsmoke shatter dab bho errl oil wax dabs liveresin crumble concentrates medicate medicated mmmp thc Crimson710

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Comment from gkap716:

These juice cans are the best $90.00 nail you can get

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Comment from Dakis_Dabs710:

Some Frostyy Asss Purpsss 🔥👅🔥👅😱🔥🔥🤤🔥🤤🤤🔥🤤🤤🔥 �🤤🔥👅👅😤😤🤦🏻‍♂️😤🤤😤😤🤤 weshouldsesh lidabbers hightimes marijuana thc dab concentrates shatter bho thousanddollarsmoke wax bud dabbersdaily wasteittotasteit 420 bestofglass terps nugrun 710 glassforsale rosin liveresin mothership mothershipglass dabitat smokersonly quaveclubbanger highsociety dakisdabs

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Lunch time dabs!! 😊 NotForSalePigs Team_Terpalicious TerpSquad Terpalicious TerpaliciousExtracts LampKing TerpSlut TopShelfLife WestCoastDabbers HighLife DabbersDaily SuccessfulStoners FunctionalGlassArt DankShots420 BluegrassGlass AKMglass MothershipGlass Mothership GlassOfIG ThousandDollarSmoke HeadyGlass BestOfGlass TopShelfGlass MyHatersLoveMe ScottyTerps

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Comment from MellowKush:

Throwback to dabbing in the dorms out of the first rig I ever got. Damn it was basic but it still did the job function

15 Minutes ago



Comment from prismglassworks:

Dope supersmoker rig by @micgcheck. Available in our gallery! $950 shipped, includes stand. DM to claim this piece. heady rigs rigsofig rigsforsale headyglass glasslife highlife hightimes bestofglass glassofig topshelflife boro 518 518glass 710 710society cannabisculture availableglass thousanddollarsmoke boroforsale glassforsale oprahsbookclub glass functionalglass functionalglassart enjoytroy troyny supportlocalartists

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Dabbers glassofig pendy pendantsofig headyglass thousanddollarsmoke glassporn oprahsbookclub glassforsale glassfortrade glassart glassporn glassaddict rig headypendant vitaminO bestofglass boromarket profoundglass

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Glass Art Gallery (18+)


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UP FOR AUCTION GOING FOR A STEAL 🔥🔥🔥 Bid on original!!!

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Comment from Terpaholic:

Nice tasty hit of some GG 4 sauce😋!!! weshouldsmoke wedontsmokethesame thousanddollarsmoke eastcoastdabbers eastcoastdabbin cannabiscommunity cannabis headyglass cursefam curseglass mothershipglass mothershipglass highsociety highlyeducatedti highlyeducated oprahsbookclub pokerlife 420 710 highsociety highlyeducated highlyeducatedti hiveceramic

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Comment from Cosmos:

The morning was going wonderfully so I thought I'd share a new piece of artwork I finished recently titled: "Wandering Thoughts" 🤔 💭 "Aries" was created by @malaquiasglass and is the first of the Zodiac Series ♈️ Pendant: "Shred my Mind" @gpsglass 🏂 Dabber: @cosmelts Carbcap: @thumpglass Banger: @mayoralquartz 🎵 "Manifest" - @russ

20 Minutes ago

High Shelf Society


Comment from High Shelf Society:

@ickeglass x @map_glass collab is seriously flexing 💪🏽🔮🔥💎💥 love this heater! Made at the dope spot @theportalstudio 🔥💥👏🏽💪🏽 definitely High Shelf!!!!!!! highshelfglass highshelf thousanddollarsmoke highglasssociety perfect dank dabs onlysmokethefinest milehighclub dabbersdaily glass piece blowingglass gem 710 420 boro heady headyglass headylife headyart blessed quality glassporn bestofglass highsociety

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Comment from tWellephant🐘:

🚨DIBS ALERT🚨 First 2 to drop a Dibs Left or Dibs Right in the comments will snag one of these spinners for only $60‼️ ONLY 1 EACH IN STOCK👌🏻 📦$4 Shipping US $12 International📦 💭Dm for more info💭 🐓 Artist: @dickfarmglass 🐓 spinner glass glassforsale glassofig glassblowing glasslife glassporn glassart boro boroforsale handmade americanmade twellephant colorado ganjagirls bongbeauties girlswhosmoke girlswhodab 710 710society heady headyglass oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke

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Ryan McCoy


Comment from Ryan McCoy:

Letting this go out of my personal collection. Ran into car troubles and need loot fast so my loss is your gain. Letting this go for $2,000 today only! Shipping and fees on the buyer, local sale preferred! akm akmglass akmforsale heady headyart headyglass headyforsale headyglassforsale crushedopal nowthatsheady oprahsbookclub opals eastcoastglass virginia thousanddollarsmoke

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Matthew Chaet

Comment from Matthew Chaet:

Just cut the sides down again on the hawk 😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂💪💪🔥 glassblowing VacantGlass glassofig savage stoner stonernation girlswithtattoos stonergirl 420 710society bhombingamerica headyglass memes 710 girlswhosmokeweed errlgrrl dabs sëxcoфe weedstagram stopdropandglob fatglobs thousanddollarsmoke hippie 561

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High Shelf Society


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@justanotherglassblower x @gpsglass " money tree! 💰🌲! Dope af!! Love this collab!! Definitely High Shelf!!! highshelfglass highshelf thousanddollarsmoke highglasssociety perfect dank dabs onlysmokethefinest milehighclub dabbersdaily glass piece blowingglass gem 710 420 boro heady headyglass headylife headyart blessed quality glassporn bestofglass highsociety

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The Baker


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So who wants to add one of these amazing pieces to their collection? 155$ and one could yours. DM for details. Thank you for supporting my little corner of the Universe. AmericanGlass FunctionalGlass FunctionaGlassArt Handblown HandblownGlass HighendGlass GlassArt GlassPorn GlassOfIG GlassforSale Glass4Sale BestofGlass BestofBoro StonerStatusSymbol 710Society ThousandDollarSmoke TheBakeryFGA IGAuctioneersDontWasteMyTimeIW NoMugshots JustTheHandsThatGive

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azsippers muddyboyz supermeds siplean mudshots prop203 azgotdanky codeine leanin leanteam realjuice powstaybooted wockhardt quali tech muddy promethazine priteam straightdrop blackoutboyz slumped slumpgod slumpgang gooddrank purpledrink azmmj azdabbers azsmokers strictlyogs thousanddollarsmoke

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Bill Bambu Aka The Grey Ghost


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✈️🍯💨 Steady Puffin


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Beautiful sky's and beautiful glass 🌞 • • • brent503 brentmartindale mothershipglass thousanddollarsmoke headyglass purplerain ftk boroart boroglass boroballers glass glassart glassofig rigsofig dablife dabaholic dabstagram dailydabber eastcoastdabbers wasteittoharvesthatertears wasteittotasteit 420community 710 710society 710community cannabiscommunity terps torograil toroglass bradleymiller

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