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Rosin Revolution


Comment from Rosin Revolution:

From @rakkems - chocolope sourD SourTangieXheadBand GorillaGlue4 or CannalopeHaze ??? 31 flavors so many decisions. Whats your med of choice? indoor fullspectrum solventlesshashoil rosin rosinsociety IWE icewaterextraction solventless highsociety 420 dabs 710society hightimes cannabiscommunity sb420 prop215 concentrates 710 dailydabbers terps terpsurp RosinRevolution wpff frozin wegetzhigh "Rosin refers to an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from your initial starting material."

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🍃420 Web Designs📱


Comment from 🍃420 Web Designs📱:

25% OFF Logo Designs 🦁 📧 admin or DM for details☁️🌬 Offer ends 7/1/17

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Dr. Patman


Comment from Dr. Patman:

Took a fat glob of some DeathStar rosin out of the beautiful @chaddlacy serum whale 😤🐳 nothin like chuggin some ass before bed 😎✊🏽 anyhow this rosin was pressed at 195F and I couldn't be happier with the melt! Enjoy everyone 🤙🏽❤️ drpatmanglass teamsizelove teamrosinpress docsdabs docsterps terps terpenes terpyastits trichomes wedontsmokethesame weshouldsmoke quavecb glassofig glassofigforsale glassforsale boro boroglass boroforsale bigglobsonly classysmoke thousanddollarsmoke driptech fancydabbin lerkerlife lerkertheworld getlerked chugginwhaleass dab dabs dablife

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Dirt Ninja Farm


Comment from Dirt Ninja Farm:

Ready to stock up for 4thofjuly Fun? Join us and sooo many more @cloud_sesh this fridaynight DM @cloud_sesh to get on the list.....always 🔥💨 beyondorganic healingofthenation . . . Rp @cloud_sesh ・・・ Hell yeah!! dirtninjafarm and @dirtninjaextracts back on 🔒for Friday's CloudSesh ☁️☁️ All Organic.. HighCBD .. Award Winning Terps .. DM @cloud_sesh to get verified and save your spot on the Lit List🔥📝 -PRIVATE EVENT- VALID CA215 REQUIRED TO ATTEND- 420 hash cbd thc sungrown solventless nobho terps Cannabis CannabisCommunity bayareastoners 420events norcallife enjoyyourself

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Comment from Ferris:

Mmmmmm so tasty 😋 terps terpedout lit taystee delicious deelishis yummy sauce olio sauced dabs dablife dabs weed weedstagram weedporn fragrance fragranceoftheday saveferris

2 Minutes ago

SPEC:Top Shelf concentrate


Comment from SPEC:Top Shelf concentrate:

Had a buddy stop by today, hooked me up with a distillate cartridge. It's ran with supercritical oil, then put into a distillation unit.. this stuff tastes amazing, 3 hits and I'm high lol mmj dankmemes mmmp dankmeme dabs distillate chemistry thc cbd co2 hightimes highquality terps vape vapenation clear 710 cannabis cannabiscommunity cannabisculture lab stuff organic solventless zigzag

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Comment from OG_Dabbz:

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Comment from CrispyGramz:

ultimatecookies cookiekush from @magnoliaroad_cc 🔥 - smokesesh coloradocannabis recreationalmarijuana terps marijuana nugrun ogkush stonersdaily

3 Minutes ago

Ryan Killgannon


Comment from Ryan Killgannon:

. When the homie @goober_gabe comes through with the red wag like requested! I will never stop buying his stuff; amazing dude with equally amazing glass art. Go give him a follow and join the goobersquad !!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 a1sinceday1 goobersquadplatinummemeber altitudefam stoneyscrew thousanddollarsmoke instagrams thc terps iwillmarrymary mothershipMN 710 claritysquad topshelflife dabstagram terpenes glassart wasteittotasteit minnesotadabbersclub loyaltyisroyalty smallcircle weshouldsmoke highsociety cannabiscommunity

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NE Glass Art


Comment from NE Glass Art:

Evan Shore Quartz + Bradley Miller Caps.... Match made in heaven. Both available now NEGLASSART.COM @evanshorebangers @_bradleymiller_ directionalcap bmglass carbcap terps lowtemp 35mmquartz 25mmquartz xxlquartzbanger quartzbanger glassofig glassporn glass4sale glasspipes quartzforsale quartzofig esq evanshorebanger 710 lowtempdabs eastcoastdabbers westcoastdabbers americanquartz

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Comment from 316dtpc:

@thclear_co available now at DowntownPerrisCollective!! Honey pot available in many strains & 50/50 available 91% THC each!!

4 Minutes ago



Comment from captainchron024:

This Purple Punch smells amazing... 🙏🏻

5 Minutes ago



Comment from theconequeen420:

When you forget it's the first dab of the day and kill yourself with a glob 🤣🤣

5 Minutes ago

Bryan Adams


Comment from Bryan Adams:

Yummy dab of Do-Si-Glue covered in Pablo Escobar OG distillate ☺️ terps lowtemp distillate

5 Minutes ago

Moore Herbs


Comment from Moore Herbs:

My favorite brand @yetifarmsco. This packet happens to be XJ13. The taste is delicious. dabs wax terps 710society bho mmj blondesugar dabersdaily

5 Minutes ago

evulsion llc


Comment from evulsion llc:

dabbachusetts theclear thcdistillate 710 terps extractions

6 Minutes ago

The Flavor God


Comment from The Flavor God:

•THOSE BABIES SOUNDED SO NICE• toomuchsauce seasoned lasvegas wet hungry fed fire terps foodie food foodporn foodphoto foodblogger foodcoma steak steakdinner grilling grilled charcoal instafood amatuerchef instagood iNeedANewGrill grillmaster

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Comment from ThreeHighGuys:

Dos-si-cake from @terpminerextracts smells so sweet and tastes so good. I should of bought 2. Nowhere else will you get this good of a mix. Killing it @patientcarefirst dabporn terps wax shatter claritycounts oil concentrates 710 seethrough highgrade prop215 liveresin prop215compliant cleanmeds

6 Minutes ago



Comment from terp.melter:

They grow so fast.. I remember when the stalks were pencil sized just 4 short weeks ago. rosin terps terpy fullmelt fullmeltfam solventless iwe shatter wax concentrates PNW highlife dank topshelf hightimes headyglass thousanddollarsmoke headyasfuck glassforsale glassfortrade boroforsale borofortrade headyglassforsale glassart dabstagram pnwdabbers topshelflife stayhigh shatter bho onlysmokethefinest

6 Minutes ago

Ruckus Recreational


Comment from Ruckus Recreational:

Wax Wednesday. dontjudgeaterpbyitscolorjkyoub kyoubetterterps710society710da

7 Minutes ago



Comment from captainchron024:


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Frosty Shrubs


Comment from Frosty Shrubs:

The 5 ufocookies on the brink of showing their sex. And the 2 kingkongs are in buckets now. inmydreams spose spizzyspose chriswebby sincityseeds strains homeofthedank bigbuddahseeds cannabis staymedicated dank thc homegrown growyourown lasvegasgrown terps lasvegascannabisweed newstrains newstrainalert

8 Minutes ago

New England Canna


Comment from New England Canna:

Blue Fuel HTFSE in a vial.. Just demanding to be poured. terps dabbersdaily dabstagram macromob errl onlysmokethefinest topshelf nextlevel heady terps thca nydabbers eastcoastdabbin dabsohard dabeasy highlife terpy topshelflife terpenes bostondabbers extractioneering dabporn dank mainestoners 207growers 207stoner weedporn

8 Minutes ago

Shawn McCallum


Comment from Shawn McCallum:

dank i502 weed weedporn chronic marijuana cannabis terps terpsauce washingtongrown 509 okanoganhighlands wow ganja sungrown mycreation c a

8 Minutes ago

mvry jane


Comment from mvry jane:

Selection for this hump day! Stopped by @tbrosbudtenders and picked up @errls_ love blend let's get it hope everyone had a good day cheers 🍻i502 pnwcollective dablife dabbersdaily dabstagram 710society 710life concentrates prop215 weshouldsmoke cannabiscommunity medicalmarijuana topshelf mmj fueledbythc dank dabaholic terps errl

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Comment from _ghostslife_:

Waffles & Syrup 🍯 Waffles TimelessRefinery AlwaysTimeless TasteTheTerps Terpz Terps TWAXGanG MostHated dabbersdaily dabbers_unite CrackingNugs itsjustaplant dankonomics dankshots420 hrbnlife weedofig werunleafs Kronic ThatOceanGrown topshelflife timetoconcentrate GlockTeam macrogoons Flightclub_420 kushgoons High_larry_us teamextendo

9 Minutes ago

evulsion llc


Comment from evulsion llc:

dabbachusetts theclear thcdistillate 710 terps extractions

9 Minutes ago



Comment from obdurateolive:

Impromptu national park trip.. ELK! 😍 stoner weed 420 stonergirls cannabis bluntculture errl hash ganjadaily cannabisdaily 420daily marihuana dabs 420life 420 litladies cannabiscommunity liftedladies somegirlsgethigh girlsgoneweed smokeweed dankdivas stayliftedtopshelfonly onlysmokethefinest marijuana terps 710 iwillmarrymary stonergirl

10 Minutes ago


Comment from KRONIC CHILLER™:

What would the Chillers do.??? 🤔🤔🤔 Tag ya Kronic Chillers below!!!! 🤘🏼😗💨 • • • • • •

11 Minutes ago



Comment from Hazy💨Dayys:

hazy_dayys indica sativa marijuana cannabis hemp solventless hash rosin wax shatter stable strains cannabiscommunity mmj dailydabbers kronic prop215 420 710 weedstagram thc cbd topshelf medicalcannabis maryjane ganja weed terps weshouldsmoke

11 Minutes ago

Terp Johnson


Comment from Terp Johnson:

11 Minutes ago



Comment from theburnouts710:

🔥💨 weed and theoffice kusharmy weedporn kushsociety weshouldsmoke thousanddollarsmoke terps glassforsale marijuana stoner wedontsmokethesame 420 710 710society

16 Minutes ago

👑💙 ŁØV€ Rųn$ Tinģ$ 💙👑


Comment from 👑💙 ŁØV€ Rųn$ Tinģ$ 💙👑:

🕵TAKING IT DOWN TO THE ROACH BRINGIN OUT THAT ONE EYED PIRATE SWAG!!!🎯DoubleTap&Show❤If Your About Smoking That Good Down To The Filter!!!🤓🗯⬇What You Think!!! stonernation stonedaf potheadsociety 420life 420 weshouldsmoke highsociety massroots instaweed420 weedstagram420 terps

3 Hours ago