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Abbie Higley


Comment from Abbie Higley:

Selling my 11 in tall (14mm) rig/bong!!! Originally a $200 set up. Includes thick quartz banger. Asking $75 or 2g of wax. Obo. Message me if you're interested 😊😊 dab weed bong recycler bho dailydabs smokewithme girlswhosmoke puffpuffpass dabwithme wax shatter crumble

3 Minutes ago



Comment from DabMastaAG:

morningmeltshot of this GorillaGlue4 from @anomaly.extracts 🔥🔥 I can get enough of these nug run terps! Come check us out at @shattershotsesh if you have your Rec/ID and take some free dabs!!!!! It's going to be a blast! shattershot comeoutNdplay comedab AnomalyExtracts nugrun shatter cleanmeds firemeds taste tasty terpy terps loudpacksally recycler gorillaglue heady headyglass lit dailydabbers 420 710

5 Minutes ago

Mike Lowrey


Comment from Mike Lowrey:

I See Niggas Face When I Pull Up Yeah Niggas Frowning Life Desiigner GucciMane Pink Resin Shatter TeamWwcs CheechRig NYCDiesel WwcsTerra Wwcs OGGlass OGBong Beaker TitanStem Cheech CheechGlass CheechBong DankGlass Recycler BioBong BioGlass Toronto TDot 6ix CloudsOverCanada ACMPR Cannabis4Us 420Canada BongRips

6 Minutes ago

Glass House Gallery DC


Comment from Glass House Gallery DC:

Happy Sunday stoneysunday collab thumbprint rainbow cflglass cfl recycle recycler boro artist 710 420 dabs dab dabsdaily washingtondc denver colorado cali seattle thebay highlife @eboxglassart @liquidglassarts

7 Minutes ago

McLean McNamara


Comment from McLean McNamara:

Tonic and terps single available, thanks! 🙏mcsquared mcsquaredglass nofilter glassofig ncglass glassforsale heady boro boroforsale art bestofglass recycler recycle functiononpoint cleanwatertail

7 Minutes ago



Comment from Kaipotss_:

Perfect weather for outdoor dabbing this morning out the @robinhoodglass traditional style recycler🌪🙏😊

12 Minutes ago

Cristina Regala Cosas


Comment from Cristina Regala Cosas:

Repost @stopbasura: Recycling a heavy "metal" ♻🎸🎶😁 basura waste residuo trash ecologia ecofriendly medioambiente reciclaje sostenibilidad recycle reciclar recycled recycler residu residus garbage sustainability recycling evolucion joke chiste metal heavy heavymetal

15 Minutes ago

KG 🤘👽🤘


Comment from KG 🤘👽🤘:

Orange Creamsicle Double Uptake Recycler orange creamsicle recycler opal 10mm 10mmmafia nattyperc borosilicateglass glassofig glassmaps glassfeatures glassmaps terps terpsauce cakes shredonpoint gher gherglass stirthehoneypot loudglasspipes

33 Minutes ago

David (DBL Heady Glass)


Comment from David (DBL Heady Glass):

***SWIPE FOR FUNCTION VIDEO*** Production recycler 14mm banger hanger 2 hole perc dblheadyglass dlewisglassart dblprodoglass glass glassart glassfigure glassofig glassofinstagram beastcoast dabachusetts recycler 14mm dabbersdaily dabsnslabs dabstagram dabs waxgang vtartist vtmade

34 Minutes ago

Alex Schmalex Glass


Comment from Alex Schmalex Glass:

39 Minutes ago



Comment from klynn.fevin:

43 Minutes ago

Cloud Nine Headshop and Lounge


Comment from Cloud Nine Headshop and Lounge:

🔥🔥🔥 @buckleeglass 710 recycler available at @cloud9hamilton ☁️▫️DM for pricing and inquiries 📫▫️Shipping and layaway available! 📦▫️canadianart canadianboro canadianglass canadianglassart 🇨🇦🇨🇦▫️weshouldsmoke cannabiscommunity supportcanadianartists glassporn glassart glassofig bestofglass glassforsale boroforsale boro 710life cannabiscommunity hamont hamiltonontario cloudsovercanada toronto buckleeglass

45 Minutes ago



Comment from curlydeadheaddabber:

🌪 BluV X PurpleLollipop DoubleDouble SandwichErikmann waterspinner functiongameonpoint nosplash Recycler hotglass bestofglass hightimes cannabiscup kushstock moodmats blacklistsesh boroforsale glassforsale shatterday ganja hash cannabis kushstockfestival worldreefers justblazeig uvglass whirlpoolwatchers 10mmmafia glassmaps kleinrecycler @sandwicherikmann

49 Minutes ago

Aaron Jewett


Comment from Aaron Jewett:

Here's an instant classic from yesterday's class w/ @steve_sizelove everyone busting out the phones to shoot the just finished recycler! More were behind me doing the same! It was an epic class w/ an unparalleled amount of knowledge dropped! You don't need a lathe to apply all the lessons Steve shared w/ us levelup classrecycler

50 Minutes ago

Russell/Mike Shull


Comment from Russell/Mike Shull:

Recycle Dabber With Shower Head Perk. Call or DM For Price. Free Shipping. Please Follow Us And Like This Dabber. @quickstopsmokeshop @imaglassinternational quickstopsmokeshop imaglass glassforsale glassdabber glassaddict forsale orangecounty boro boroforsale boroart swissperk shatter shatterlife wax 710life 710society 710 smokeshop smokedaily superiorborosales dabbers dabberdaily dabbersdaily recycler

59 Minutes ago



Comment from RUCKUS GALLERY:

JULY 14th - @dreamlabglass Drop! We'll be dropping a grip of new Dreamlab glass! Stay tuned for more deets! philadelphia newyork baltimore washingtondc glassart glassofig glass headpiece headyglass pipe thousanddollarsmoke dreamlab recycler minitube glassofig joep 😉

1 Hours ago

Bethany Ann


Comment from Bethany Ann:

Found some awesome vintage lamps someone was going to trash. FREE is always awesome. They had a few scratches on them that I've tried numerous things to get them out. When all else fails paint an elegant design on them and move along to the nextproject designonadime vintagelamp shabbychicdecor drabtofab antique diyfix diyhomedecor diyhome diy recycler upgrade upcycle revamp revamoed revampedmisfits

1 Hours ago

Pop D Glass Art Co.


Comment from Pop D Glass Art Co.:

"Kienzan" aka Destructo Disc. Made with @northstarglass Exp.19 and @glassalchemy Brozay. Features dual uptake single drain propulsion system. 10mm female hand forged female joint, equipped with a 4 hole condenser jetty. Stands just under 7.5" tall. Going to be doing a deal on this plus any finished work. 15-40% off sale till 7/10. Please feel free to DM me for more details. 🖤🌈🏺 xxix exp19 brozay popdglass popdglassart qcb hypecolorsonlyplease recycler heady17 waterspinner keepitchronic dabbersdaily 710 dabbers_unite boro boroassassin boroaficionado borosilicate glassporn glassauction glassofig glassart bestofglass fortheloveofboro loveforglass glassforsale coloradosprings colorado 2017 lovenpeace

1 Hours ago



Comment from Ali:

Always Sunny 🌞☀️ seshsupply apollo recycler dankgeek summer mornings summerdays summerdabs rig bestwaytospendaday

1 Hours ago

Mitzel Glass 🐾🐉💨


Comment from Mitzel Glass 🐾🐉💨:

Still have two recyclers and the mini rainbow Dino available 🤗🌈🐾🌪🐲♻️recyclerfreshglass glasskeepitglassyheadyglassbor ssborohandmadeartartworkglassa lassart420710highsocietywfayoc fayocannabisoilsupportyourloca rlocalglassblowerglassforsaled

1 Hours ago

Ken Adair


Comment from Ken Adair:

Ken Adair your ebay security nerd for 17years flipped,ebaysellers ebay ebaystore recycler

1 Hours ago



Comment from Irl:

Sometimes the everyday real life shit is the most pretty ❤️🌈🌺 . . . . realshit reallife irl recycler recycledart recycle noparking noparkingzone sign signage dab dabs dabstagram aestheticsovereverything aesthetic aesthetictumblr garbage

1 Hours ago

Julian Shultz


Comment from Julian Shultz:

Function video of a recent recycler. This one is made with @greasyglassnshit funky cheese. @amorphousglass glassofig glassart boroofig midwestglass oprahsbookclub recycler function freshglass functionalglassart bestofglass julian_j_glass

1 Hours ago

Steezy Mageezy


Comment from Steezy Mageezy:

Oh it's lit!!!! You best come through to the @popupsesh tonite and kickit with @thelegionofbloomca crew it's gonna be stupid terpy my hands down favorite Sesh to attend as a patient and we're doing it for the first time as vendors so I couldn't be more psyched! I would say definitely go cop some terps from the homies at the @terpenstein71o booth but that's probably why you came anyway 🔥😂 let's get irie mo fos!!!!!______________________ ____________________________ b 710 710society heady headyglass stopdropandglob brokeboyz prodigy bayareaglass bayareaterps 925glass prop215 weahouldsmoke weshouldeat glockteam doubledouble yeezy thousanddollarsmoke thousanddollarglass jointhelegion recycler doubledouble ninjadab santacruzglass sanfrancisco adidas yeezyboost350 popupshop popupsesh

1 Hours ago



Comment from CeX:

The Recycler lays down the law......rax! CeX Recycler Lorax DrSeuss MCMcomiccon MCMBelfast MCMNorthernIreland Memes Cosplay BuySellExchange Recycle Recycling

2 Hours ago

cory schneider


Comment from cory schneider:

King of the jungle 🌳 🌳 glassart glassofinstagram goliathglass photography canon glassphotography recycler osiris goliath 710life weshouldsmoke headyglass dabbersunite dabbersdaily

2 Hours ago

Culture Rising Port Credit


Comment from Culture Rising Port Credit:

🍊🍏🍇 These 3 JonK Drop Drain Recyclers are available - Tangelo, Illuminati and Purple Lollipop. DM us for more info 🍊🍏🍇

2 Hours ago



Comment from 710stu:

@quaveglass Hojo klein. Can't wait to be back in Cali with these views 💪quave quavegang quaveklein quavers quavo quaveclubbanger kevinquave triforce hojo klein recycler thousanddollarsmoke glassart glassporn glasslife glassofig headyart headyglass bestofglass dabbersdaily dabbers_unite

3 Hours ago

Christian C-TAIN Farrington


Comment from Christian C-TAIN Farrington:

First floating recycler I've made. Thank you @prestypantsglass for having me over and pushing me to do this. glass glassporn recycler floatingrecycler glasspipe dabrig dab dabs glassrecycler glassofig floridaglass oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub

3 Hours ago



Comment from DC:

3 Hours ago

Juan Cruz


Comment from Juan Cruz:

Otra aventura junto a mi alma de ojosbonitos @chonchimartin free vida vanlifers vanlifeideas vanlife fordtransitvan handmade reciclaje recycler vanbuild campervanmagazine campervanlicious fordtransit summer slow alegría

3 Hours ago

Miguel Alexio Bosman 🇿🇦👌🇬🇧✌🇵🇹🤘


Comment from Miguel Alexio Bosman 🇿🇦👌🇬🇧✌🇵🇹🤘:

The Piccadilly Circus street drummer😁👌✌little show for my lunch break at work😂londonpiccadillycircuspi cuspiccadillycitylifecentrallo rallondondrummerstreetperforme formerstreetmusicmusicdrumming mmingcreativewhyitraveltourism urismstreetsoflondon🇬🇧instal nstalikesomethingfromnothingsu

3 Hours ago



Comment from Mango:

Pomegranate 🚀! 👽music :) Dark Matter Secret mangoglass glass glassart glassofig rig recycler klein mini micro nano bangerhanger pocketrocket waterspinner metal alien primitive raw nofilter thankyouforlooking

3 Hours ago