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OneStop SmokeshopHb


Comment from OneStop SmokeshopHb:

Pendants 20% off ! pendantsofig huntingtonbeach sale

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Drew Kups


Comment from Drew Kups:

@themichiganglassproject - ✨🎶✨This years music lineup! Along with our DJs inside, we also have a stage outside...very excited for this years expansion! Big thank you's to all these artists for joining the cause! 🎶✨🎶 teamworkmakesthedreamwork 2017mgp michiganglassproject giftisthenewbling arthatgivesback musicthatgivesback glassofig pendantsofig weshouldsmoke wfayo michigancrew ✨🎶✨ @khandmusic @therealdezandres @djhead313 @sportinglife @deantoniparks @waajeed_ @___blacknoise @bevincredible @m_clarke32 @ernotheinferno @peoples_records @count_mack @lt.dan_detroitmince Defiant DJRec @massabuilda DJPsycho @melwonderful 2Lanes @cratecrate999 @emthornhill RankingGimp @djglasshouse Wiccans @chuckflask @pr.ruiz Moppy @rex_bravo @peteypiperglass @_night_seeker_ @aurelius98 @eastsidejon313 @dark_red @megapowersmusic K @tdog Natcam DrPizza @jdet313 Yukikko PureRave @_reed_richards_ AlexV Dr.Pia Mr.B @meftahdj BrianBorsa @tree_onetree Flaquito DarrenLong @alexandercalhoun @y.p.r_invictus @djbet313 FLYER ART 🔥 @etairahmil -

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Zach The Potent Polymist


Comment from Zach The Potent Polymist:

One of my favorite tile pendants, had to let this one go a while ago :) cheers everyone 💚✌🏼pendantsofig

3 Minutes ago

OneStop SmokeshopHb


Comment from OneStop SmokeshopHb:

Pendants 20% off! pendants huntingtonbeach pendantsofig

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The Pendant Palace


Comment from The Pendant Palace:

🌼This flower implosion by @EntangledGlass is available on our website for only $19.99 shipped! Check the link in our bio or DM us with any inquiries✌️️

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Hollow ammonite pendant dm for pricing fossil ammonite glassofig boroofig pendantsofig boro coe33 canadianglass canadianboro pendant

8 Minutes ago

♎ Kyle Lee ♎


Comment from ♎ Kyle Lee ♎:

Hey look, i got a thing 🌞 Was 115 in here the other day so its actually feeling pretty breezy right now 😂🔥🔥🔥 gttmirage sacramentoartist grandpaglass qualityfreshglass oprahsbookclub glassofig glassart glassporn glassblowing pendantsofig thousanddollarsmoke headyart headyglass heady handmade blownglass seriousleeglassworks amberpurpleforlife herbwindandfire sacramentostoners 710 420

9 Minutes ago

Andrew Taylor


Comment from Andrew Taylor:

2 Up⬆️, 2 Down⬇️ Stoked on my new Purple Rain @hemlockglass spirit guide! Thanks again @level42gallery for the awesome service 🙏 hemlockglass jointheherd spiritguide vitamino purplerain level42 glassofig pendantsofig headyglass headypendants headyart bestofglass VAglass vaisforglasslovers supportlocalglass supportlocalglassblowers nofilter glassporn

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Tech Glass


Comment from Tech Glass:

Hit me up if you need a dabber 🍯📌 - borofam lampwork techglass headyshit sparklepantsranch citrusexplosion localglass glassofig glassart coe33 710 dabs wasteittotasteit pendant skull floridaglass headyglass globs handmadeglass pendysofig glassforsale wfayo dabbers_unite shatter pendantsofig errl pendantsforsale borosilicate glasslove

12 Minutes ago

Alexander Fritz


Comment from Alexander Fritz:

Found a little left over Illuminati! . . glassofig pendant fritzglassart pendantsofig glassblowharder glassblowing glass glassofig glassforsale boro boroforsale borosilicateglass borosilicate glassblowersofamerica illuminati atomicstardust uvreactive uv uvglass blacklight flatcane

17 Minutes ago

Glass Art


Comment from Glass Art:

I'm going to try to get more detailed pics but all that aside Cleveland get ready here I come !!!!!!! 👊👊👊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👊👍👍 glassart glassofinsta glassforsale glassauction colorado art pendant pendantsofig instaart instaglass glassfortrade headyart boro headyglass blownglass glassartist carbcap carbcaps

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Comment from ROK:

****AUCTION**** Opening bid is any whole number ending in a zero. Increments of any whole number ending in a zero. Auction ends Wednesday at 9pm EST. Fun litte cobalt and silver fume pendant. Woo! I pay shipping and fees in the US. Please be PayPal ready and make payment within 24 hours. Thanks for the support. glassauction wfayo oprahsbookclub love family grateful oil errl smoking oprahswookclub boroauction glass4sale glassforsale

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Comment from Soak:

SERIES 3 blueberry Cheesecake 40 (Available threw my BIG CARTEL link to website in my bio) Nug run pendant glass glassart glassofig glassporn glasspendant pendy pendants pendantsofig jewelry bongbeauties art artporn marijuana 420 710 heady headyglass highlife hightimes highsociety nugpendant nugrun medicalmarijuana medical dabs cannabis stoners kush

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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet_Glass:

I have 6 absolute 🔥🔥🔥 dotstack heaters available now from my homie and amazing artist @olour_glass including some Lemon 🍋 drop and peach 🍑 heat 🔥🔥🔥 I have 4 incredible dotstack Pendants available including one with a beautiful @grandpaglass opal 💎💎 A sick dotstack and lemon drop Sherlock 💨💨💨 and more lemon 🍋 sickness in a heady dragon 🐉 pendy with sick pink slyme horns 😈😈 The pic I had up before didn't do them justice and neither does this honestly but if you swipe left on the original post below on my page you'll see each piece individually and they're all even better in person 🔥🔥💎💎💎 glassforsale glassofig glassporn sherlock glasspipes glasspipe lemondrop glassdragon heady headyglass headypendy headypendants headypendants pendy pendant pendants pendantporn pendantsofig pendantsforsale 420 topshelflife highendglass bestofglass dotstack vitamino

28 Minutes ago

The Fool


Comment from The Fool:

AUCTION ENDS TONIGHT check out 👉 @the_fools_creations on original post! no Bids as of right now get in on this big guy while you still can🤓🙋💥🙈💨 . . . fool fools foolscreations foolthatiam pendy pendant pendantsofig pendantsforsale imsuchafoolforyou art artintheheart selfemployed mom mamabear artmama loveyouson ilovemyjob workhard playhard 420 710 cannabiscommunity cantstopwontstop possitivevibes

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💎$1 AUCTION💎 funky Firefly 🌡Bidding starts at $15 ⚖Increments of $1 🕚Ends when it's over 🎠 Going once, twice style ✈️🎨Artist: @slightlyirrelephant (me)🔬🌈Color: black x Illuminati Theheadykingdomboroforsaleqcbp eqcbpowstaybootedglasspornthou nthousanddollarsmokeboroballer allersheadyglassballersonlygla lyglassheadborohustlerglassofi ssofigoprahsbookclubpendanthig nthigh_larry_usglassforsaleoil leoilrigfuckcancerf4fglassauct sauction710loverosintechtokert

31 Minutes ago

Cody Chron


Comment from Cody Chron:

Added this big boy to the collection yesterday. @rushglass killed it, can't wait to get a rig to match. rightthroughyou prop203 710 pendantsofig

31 Minutes ago



Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet_Glass:

I only have one absolutely incredible pendy available now from @kitkanzglass and as you can see the amazing detail 💎💎💎💎 this heady is over 2 inches wide of pure sickness 😈😈 and only 100$$ shipped in the US 😲🤘so If you're looking for some new 🔥🔥🔥 for your neck hit my dm cause this beauty is ready to be your new heady 😈😈 glassforsale glassofig glassporn glasspendants glasspendant pendy pendant pendants pendantporn pendantsofig pendantsforsale heady headyglass headyglassforsale headypendant headypendants headypendy bestofglass

32 Minutes ago

Ventura California July1st


Comment from Ventura California July1st:

Auction!!!! Serum crystal dabber shifts from champagne to bright saturated pink because its thick. Happy bidding yo! Starts at 0 Shipping on me Increments of 10 BIN 250 reserve in place boroforsale borosilicate dab 710 oil dabber glassforsale highendglass 10mm bubblecap thermalp wax girlswhosmoke weshouldsmoke dabbersdaily crystal pendantsofig oprahsbookclub glasspipe pipe ganjagirls crystals bongbeauties suhdude waterpipe pendantsofig pendants glasspendants carbcap glasspendant

35 Minutes ago

Steven L. Owens


Comment from Steven L. Owens:

AUCTION 1 post back > 420 710 710society glass glassofig glassporn glassblowing glassforsale glassauctions pendants pendantsofig gore blood hands trinidad trinidadcolorado trinidadnottobago colorado coloradomade coloradoglass dabbersdaily keepitchronic bongbeauties denver pueblo coloradosprings oprahsbookclub

35 Minutes ago

Patrick Entenmann


Comment from Patrick Entenmann:

boro uv coral reef implosion pendant with opal sphere focal. Backed with bluv and syzygy for added cflreactive effect. Available in my etsy store. Use the link on my profile. pendantsofig headyglass uvglass glassofigforsale glassart

38 Minutes ago

Jason Burruss


Comment from Jason Burruss:

X @ryancoonglass collab jammer with green tourmaline 💎💚💎 Available, DM for pricing and details. Thanks everyone for the love and support!

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Comment from FOOLS FOR YOU:

No bids yet on this fat Pendy!!!get in while you still can!! Auction ends tonight check out the original post 🖤☉ on this page :) . . . . auction glassauction pendant pendy pendantsofig pendyofig possitivevibes cantstopwontstop 420 710 cannabiscommunity fool fools foolscreations foolthatiam love uvcolor imsuchafoolforyou art artintheheart selfemployed mom mamabear artmama loveyouson ilovemyjob workhard playhard

41 Minutes ago

Princess Tunacorn Glass


Comment from Princess Tunacorn Glass:

Orange Tangelo drippy Panda pendant! 🔥🍊💛🐼 . . available itgoesdowninthedm panda pandapendant drippypanda glasspanda pandalove pandalover tangelo ptcglass

41 Minutes ago

Elisha 🦋🌿💜


Comment from Elisha 🦋🌿💜:

Re-post~ Hello beautiful people ✨🦋 I'd love to do another giveaway for when I reach 2k followers ☺ I'll be giving away this tree pendant with Emerald in the roots and a Demantoid Garnet in the branches, as well as 2nd & 3rd places with surprise crystal prizes. All you have to do is 1) Be following me and 2) Re-post any of my wire wrapped jewellery pics with the hashtag CrystalWellTreeGiveaway ✨💫🌟 Please limit yourself to 3 posts maximum. Best of luck and thank you for your continued support ☺💚🙏🏼 ~ ~ ~ handmade jewellery jewelry healing healingjewelry crystaljewelry crystaljewellery wirewrap wirewrapped boho hippie hippy unique madewithlove goodvibes wrapsofig pendantsofig love chakras chakrahealing blessed thecrystalwell etsyseller smallbusiness pendant amulet wirewrappedpendant giveaway etsygiveaway

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Edgar V


Comment from Edgar V:

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Comment from Matt:

Made this fume implosion last night with instruction from my shop mate @mrpaleo17 he's been doing some real nice fume lately!! Go check him out! fume goldfume silverfume implosion boro ohioboro lampwork glass flameworking teambethlehem ohigho oprasbookclub pendy pendant necklace jewelry ohioglass pendantsofig 33coe glassforsale 420 710

45 Minutes ago

MIKA Malas by Monica Fraser🌟


Comment from MIKA Malas by Monica Fraser🌟:

Feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to turn this Auralite 23 pendant into a mala for an incredibly courageous woman whom I know of yet haven't yet met in person. The union of Auralite 24, a stone representing the New Consciousness and DNA activation, with African Turquoise, the stone of New Beginnings felt right. Lava to support a simmering yet calm inner fire, and Smoky Quartz to help her stay grounded and release unwanted energies as she anchors into positive change and her highest potential. . iamlionhearted

50 Minutes ago

Timothy Doane Glass


Comment from Timothy Doane Glass:

🚨🚨AVAILABLE NOW🚨🚨 $65 SHIPPED🚨🚨 FREE SURPRISE 🚨🚨 FREE STICKER 🚨🚨 DM IF INTERESTED 🚨🚨Glass GlassForSale GlassOfIg GlassPendants GlassPendant 710 420 PendantsForSale PendantsOfIg Pendant GlassArt dope Headyglass GlassPorn Shatter THC l4l f4f 710society bestofglass GlassDimentionz

51 Minutes ago

YANi ✌


Comment from YANi ✌:

So amazed with these Princess Mononoke inspired Crystal Daggers, made by two of my favorite ladies in the game 😍💎 Glass by @whitechocolateglass and seed beading by @aglick1011! princessmononoke studioghibli crystaldagger anime animependant

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Comment from banditledhead:

Threw a pendant on Lil Foot 😂Looking fly🚀 710society pendy pendantsofig dino landbeforetime dabs glassofig heady glasses purplelollipop oprahsbookclub positivevibes topshelf weshouldsmoke weedstagram420 dabstagram biteme concert pinkfloyd staplescenter stoner blessed cannabiscommunity dailydabbers

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Pete berna


Comment from Pete berna:

Brand new Hessonite Garnet and pink Tourmaline pendant!! Wrapped in Sterling silver and 14kt gold fill. It is double-bailed so it can be worn either way! Hessonite Garnet - asbestos mine, Quebec Tourmaline - Brazil (2-3mm cabs) $200 allwrappedupdesign allwrappedup art artist artwork artistsofig pendant peteberna pendantsofig petebernadesign heady headyart yoga jewel jewelry jeweler jewelrydesigner gem gems gemstone gemstones garnet tourmaline

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Comment from Laraine:

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