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The Emerald Tablet


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✨Summer Clothing is in✨Check out our New Selection of Boho Hooded Tops, Wrap Skirts & Pants!! hippielife heady instalike instagood sharonpa shop buy boho bohochic bohostyle bohofashion ponchos guatemalan backpack fallfashion fall wrapskirt wrappants festivals rasta

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FOX + FIRE ~ Jessica Veilleux


Comment from FOX + FIRE ~ Jessica Veilleux:

If you're from the South you can appreciate this...holy honeysuckle! The air smells like sweet ambrosia. project365 photoaday2017 new honeysuckle ambrosia heady mayflowersarriving

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only the best fucktherest 📲⛽🔌?


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💎💎💎🌊🌊🌊 retti heady awglass gold ccc organic eastcoastdabber downsouth

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Chase Hardman


Comment from Chase Hardman:

Glass clothespin rig 4. This piece is currently available. Spectacular photos from windhome really show the detail!! glassclothespin glassofig glassart glass boro headyglass glassporn 710 headyart 420 art pendantsofig glasslove glasslife lampworking glass_of_ig lampwork glassforsale coe33 heady pendant dabs borosilicate dabbersdaily flameworking dabberhandmade

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Comment from HEADY:

• J o l i e . C l a u d i n e • Tellement de douceur dans ce joli look de printemps! Retrouvez nos cols sur • • pour sublimer vos tenues de printemps 😘 © Céline Au détour d'un chemin

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Weed StonerSPot✌🏻😚💨


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weedlife hippies hippiestyle hippie weedmeme weedmemes weedstagram weedhead heady headylife weedsociety weedculture weedgirls weedsmokers weedporndaily weed420feed weedheads cannabis weed cannabiscommunity cannabisculture cannabissociety marijuana marijuanamania maryjane pothead pot dankmemes dank dankmeme

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Comment from overdosedart:

Auction Melty morty Perfect addition to any dab station 🙌 . Mini canvas size: 7cm X 7cm easel inc. . Starts at $0 Min bid $5 Worldwide shipping $15 . No buyout no reserve . Ends 7.10pm newyork time tonight. Good luck 🙌💚 . . meltymorty rickandmorty globs errl shatter dabs dabart wasteittotasteit wakeandbake weedstagram 420 710 bho bhombingamerica uk420 uk710 heady minicanvas overdosedart2017

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Comment from vapingterps:

@exclusivextracts Ghost Train Haze 5 🔥🔌😍 canadianterps fireinfireout dabs 710 420 shatter glassofig dab dablife dabbersdaily errl wax glass oil highlife highsociety glassart bho boro marijuana stoner carbcap weedstagram heady cannabiscommunity concentrates drdabber

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River🐕nCreek🐶 Growing🌱💪


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Always have wood in the morn 😐cannabis organic 710 weedporn hightimes plant thc weednerd growyourown heady weshouldsmoke oil ganja bho wax shatter cannabiscommunity 420 highlife dab dabs

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Vendeττa Solutions


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Nothing compared to @glassfingerstudios 👌🏼🔥💎🏆topshelfheadyartprop203710societydankshots420dabaholicswaxgangdankographyheadyglassheady420waxshattermedicalmarijuanamacrobakedwedontsmokethesame glassfingernation

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River🐕nCreek🐶 Growing🌱💪


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Hazy daze 💨cannabis organic 710 weedporn hightimes plant thc weednerd growyourown heady weshouldsmoke oil ganja bho wax shatter cannabiscommunity 420 highlife dab dabs

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Srie Agustini


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Don't look back don't look back start new lifequotes lifehacks future go ahead heady

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@TerpyFilms | #TerpyFilms


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oprahsbookclub fueledbybho bhombingamerica dabsrus thousanddollarsmoke dailydabs heady headyglass headyglassart glasscollector topshelf topshelflife onlydabthefinest wedontsmokethesame terpyfilms

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Headhunterz Austria 🇦🇹


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We can't wait to see YOU @headhunterz on this stage in some weeks ❤️🇦🇹🙏 our highlight on @electricloveaut stillhhzbestdjbestproduceredmhardstylefuturebassfuckgenresmusicloveinspirationtrapindiedutchheadhunterzheadyinspiredbyyoubestmusictalenteddjbestofallvlogshardwithstylenetherlandswillemrebergenmusicthatcomesfromwithinproducertruedragonbloodneverdiespassionforeveryouheadhunterzaustriaaustrialovesyou

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The names sara ✌


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~ Really liked smoking out of this amazing beauty glassmaps artby banjoglass glassofig headyglass glassart cannabis topshelflife glass cannabiscommunity instaweed boro teamtomi wax somegirlsgethigh like4like dab greenbuds glassporn glasspipes 420photography hightimes bongbeauties bestofglass munchies goonsquadglass michiganmade headyart heady art

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Comment from heady_z:

Steal city folks! This 💎 is available for $400 shipped! Hit my dm! SlateGlass glassforsale headyglassforsale itgoesdowninthedm topshelflife headyglass heady dabs glob dailydabber fueledbythc concentrate errl dabbers_unite dablife dab marijuana oil wax shatter solventlessdabs dabbindaily dabsrus 710 420 thousanddollarsmoke dabbersofig dabbersdaily eastcoastdabbers

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Comment from OG:

Managed to snap a pic of the lens magnifying the sun and illuminating a trichome head pritty magical for me 😂🔬🔥💯👌europeanglass ukboro ukglass boro bestoftheday trichomeviewer trichomes topshelflife heady og originalglass originalglassuk teameurope

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The Hummingbird Bakery


Comment from The Hummingbird Bakery:

Raise a toast to golden vanilla Kentucky Bourbon Cake drizzled in Jim Beam bourbon whiskey sugar glaze.🥃 Each slice of this moreish cake is a celebration of Southern flavours.🇺🇸 toast golden jimbeam kentuckybourboncake kentuckybourbon kentucky bourbon whiskey americanbakery lifeissweet southern buttery vanilla glaze heady smoky butterscotch flavournotes warming

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Comment from jgwntworth710:

710 420 shatter torocrew boro toroglass glass dab vape vapor dabs wfayo weshouldsmoke stoner dope bayarea heady topshelf weedstagram smoke marijuana dank terps cali art glassofig ogkush highlyeducated

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Comment from DrRazorbeam:

A better look at the SketchToob giveaway piece...totes. (2 posts back) glassblowing glassaddict pwnglass glassartist glassaholic glassofinstagram glassporn bestofglass instaglam glass glassblowing mnglassenthusiast weedart glassart marijuana dabstagram dabs dabtastic boro heady functionalglass glassofig 710 420 thc weed smoke oilrig dab

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Comment from blondiesgotbud:

@52ndgang has some great new glass in their collections 🤤 Tag owners and what your/their scoop collab is below! ⬇️ Mine is far left in pic 1, and sandwiched in between the Cheeto and Javelin 😜 in pic 2: light blue sparkle with a (dark blue) tip and serum eraser 😍✌🏻💎💚 squadgoals stonerfam dabbersdaily dablife headyglass glassofig blownglass art glassart functional uv uvreactive cfl serum heady dabbers sherbet sherbetglass glasscollabs glasscollector thousanddollarsmoke @sherbetglassart goodtimes greatpeople

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Marianne S.


Comment from Marianne S.:

Here we have it! My version of a clearance album! These are some of my early designs, sitting and waiting patiently to be adopted! Please check them out over on Facebook - link in my Bio! :) ;) wirewrap wirewraps sale wirewrappedjewelry savings stoptheinsanity blackwidowwirewraps courtenaybc comoxvalley vancouverisland canada canadian canadamn 420 dabs cannabiscommunity cannabisculture headystyle heady

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Chet Halvorson


Comment from Chet Halvorson:

Got my boys @taylorbennett @melomakesmusic and @brianfresco to sign this $10 at the show tonight always glad to learn about new artist and see one of my favorites they're all such humble and great guys . pdx pdxdabbers savemoney taylorbennett heady dabsociety dabstagram wedontsmokethesame letsgetstoned fueldbythc fueledbybho weedstagram money thousanddollarsmoke

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Day Cheese


Comment from Day Cheese:

Couple beugs for the boys down under! 🎺🔥 post420buegs post420blues tomatosauce blazeit

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Comment from pip:

So this is what everyone is losing their minds over 😂 in the end can we all please just let us do us, and let people dab what they like? Never mind, I'm not going to join this dumb shit sauce war 😂 gorillaglue4 🐵⛽ royal jelly but really it's some amazing fse separating into derps and nabbanoids 👀 I'm sorry, but I can't stop with all this hilarious butt hurt happening over this stuff 😊 👽 Stay trippy everyone 👽 _______________________________ dabs dailydabbers errl 710 weed 420 norcal bayarea california topshelf cannabis bho weedstagram 710society dabbersofig headyglass boro heady loyaltotheoil terps bhomb weshouldsmoke thousanddollarsmoke dabsociety dabsocietyglass puddlesquad globsquad globfamilia hempcon

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Comment from Malaquias:

Love this little kitty! 🐺

2 Hours ago

@TerpyFilms | #TerpyFilms


Comment from @TerpyFilms | #TerpyFilms:

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KiF Glass


Comment from KiF Glass:

"Heroic Doses" double recycler 14mm @damianjrgongmarley I saw your face lol 😎 DM me if you want to make a deal this piece is available! And of course @wutangmanual let me know when you want a custom set! glassart glassofig boro boroballers boroaddict boroforsale heady glasslife headylife cannabiscup thousanddollarsmoke 420 710 710society 420life dabs guyswhosmokeweed girlswhodab blowglassharder oprahsbookclub rigsofig kif kifglass smokewithme lucy illumanti glassaddict dabstagram damianmarley

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Comment from missdabprincezz:

Nice dab to end the night cbd rosin dosidos solventlesssolutions dank dabs dankdabs dankdivas somegirlsdabhard stonerchick dabbeauties dabsociety cannabis 710 trex serumglass elboglass serum headyglass heady flawless quave thousanddollarsmoke 💚

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Comment from 604HighLife:

Mothership 🚀🚀🚀 mothershipglass mothership heady headyglass mothershipforsale ms quartz swings ofz optimalflavorzone jakec scottdeppe mothershipcrew mothershipgang highlife highsociety 604highlife mmj vancitystoners vancity vancityhighlife

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Luke Nathaniel Walker


Comment from Luke Nathaniel Walker:

The answer to your question "What's Poppin?". Wrap by @smn_jewelry . Chain from @fraktal_frequencies . Hit both these boys up for the dope wraps. . . . . wirewrap silver jewelry handmade earthart mullet fineart heady

7 Hours ago

KiF Glass


Comment from KiF Glass:

"This my chedda - U93" posted with official geniuses smokewithme glassaddict dabs cannabiscup thousanddollarsmoke oprahsbookclub 420 710 710society 420life boroaddict boroballers kifglass kif dabstagram glassofig heady headylife rigsofig oilrif 10mm bangerhanger

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KiF Glass


Comment from KiF Glass:

"Heroic doses" @cannabiscup @methodmanofficial @redmangilla boroaddict glassart glassart glasslife 420 421 420life 710 710society cannabiscup glassaddict kif kifglass smokewithme glassaddict wutang methodman redman heady headylife boro boroballers oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke glassofig guyswhosmokeweed girlswhodab

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