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Comment from Sextracts:

I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of @sextracts_710 sauce, but I can say that we are always experimenting at the lab! Lets see how the next two weeks pan out. Sextracts dabbers_unite topshelflife oprahsbookclub weshouldsmoke glassofig quartznail 710society dablife dabs bho qcb errl hightimes glassart liveresin bhombingamerica heady concentrates dabsrus highsociety quartzbanger dabbersdaily edibles terpsauce denverdabbers lowtemp fire

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Comment from LooptyGloop:

Fortune Cookies on the left, Do-Si-Dos on the right. Been ripping bowls of these two plus globs of some new super lemon haze. Staying toasty on this fine Thursday. FortuneCookies DoSiDos PrivateReserve Cannabis 710Society WeDontSmokeTheSame Heady Terps

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Critter's Crafts


Comment from Critter's Crafts:

🙀NEW Peridot and Ethiopian Wello Opal ring wrapped in all sterling silver🙀 ➰SIZE 7 💍✅$85 shipped✅ • *******(can be sized down to a 6.5)******* • • • Really love the color in this batch of peridots. The green really pops and some of them have inclusions. I also love these tiny opal cans as always, plan on getting some more of these. Enjoy getting better on my braids and making more of his style! Plan on letting all of my simple ones go for ***$55-75*** SHIPPED! DM me to see the current stock or talk about getting a custom started whether it be a pendant or a ring, thank you for all the support! 💚💀⚡️ peridot opal braid springfield missouri midwest family giftideas giftsforher birthstone gemstones crystal geology wirewrap 710society 420 green rainbow naturelove earthart jewelry silver custom grateful tipper metaphysical heady healing

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Jesse L McClain


Comment from Jesse L McClain:

our favorite Netflix and Chillum from Greece 2500 years ago... reborn through the mastery of... . 💙💎Lammi💎💙 @lammiglass . .jlm. .. .. .. lammilifestyle smokinggirls autismawareness oprahsbookclub pdx chillum fashion freethetree realrecognizereal autism cannabis hiking adventure rave autundrum techno ganja love glasslove heady blunt terps vaporart dab equality boro ballersection

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New Zippo-style clippers in stock! Comes with a case. Stop by @stayflysmokeshop to get hooked up on all of your smoking and vaping needs. stayfly rocklin rocklinca roseville rosevilleca sacramento sacramentoca norcal norcalvapers smokeshop vapeshop smokeandvape 916 530 heady glassofig glassart glass boro boroart deals discount smoke vape subohm subohmorgohome clouds 420 420sale freshquartz

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Comment from 💙💙💙💙:

The go to😍 terps terp terpene dab dabs dablife dabstagram slab masoncaps williambglass heady love happy weedstagram weed high stoned stoners highsociety like4like followforfollow instagood

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Culture Rising Port Credit


Comment from Culture Rising Port Credit:

A Mothership drop is about to go down at Culture Rising Port Credit! Please email us at portcredit with price inquiries. . These pieces will be available for purchase IN-STORE for ONE HOUR on Saturday July 29th, starting at 11:30am EST. We will be conducting this release as fairly as possible and ask that everyone interested please review the details of this process. *At 11:30am, everyone in the shop will be given a ticket and a draw will be held to determine buyer order *As this is a limited drop, and in fairness to everyone who comes out, we are limiting purchase to 1 functional set per person until everyone in line has been served. After this point, we will issue new draw tickets to anyone wishing to obtain additional pieces. There is no accessory limit in place. . Following 1 hour of IN-STORE ONLY availability, remaining pieces will be available to be shipped via EMAIL dibs starting no earlier than 12:30:00pm EST on Saturday July 29th. Email dibs sent before this time will not be considered. Please send over a list of what you would like in order with your first, second, third choice, etc. . The following FULL SETS will be available: Exosphere Elite Blasted with Matching Mega Pot set w/ Pelican 7 7/8" Clear Faberge Egg with Clear MegaPot Set w/ Pelican 9 3/16" Clear Ball Rig with Clear Mega Pot set w/ Pelican 8 1/2" Mini Torus with Clear Mega Pot Set w/ Pelican 7 1/8" Clear Klein with Clear Mega Pot Set w/ Pelican 7 3/4" Frosted Mega Straight Fab w/ Pelican 6 7/8" Frosted Mega Bub w/ Pelican 5 1/2" Frosted Bell Beaker w/ Pelican 6 7/8" . ACCESSORIES: Jake C Elite Honey Pot Set Color MegaPot with Cap and Swing Clear MegaPot with Cap and Swing Standard Frosted OFZ Standard Clear OFZ Launch Pad 5" Laser Cut Wooden Coaster (5 Inch) Launch Pad 7" Laser Cut Wooden Coaster (7 Inch) Etched Mega Swing of Life (Full Colour Dials) Toddy Cloth Space Mandala Slides

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One Stop Shop🏪


Comment from One Stop Shop🏪:

GlassForSale AVAILABLE Ball Rig 💪💪 This bad boy is made with a 14mm Joint & has a 4 hold disk perc 💦💦 Features 2 pattern millies by the man himself @dynamic_glass and also a mint chip encased opal & Plus another one underneath the joint 🛠🛠 This guy moves water like a champ and it's going for a STEAL 🤤🤤 Don't sleep on this , Hit the DM to claim it today 😎😎 ❎ Tag a Friend that needs to see this ❎ _____________________________ ____________________________ WuapSquad Mothership Hightimes WeedHumor HighSocietyPushtrees glassmarket ThousandDollarGlass CannabisCommunity BoroForSale Cannabis FueledByBHO Mothershipglass MotherShipGlassForSale FreshSqueezedDaily WasteItToTasteIt ShatterUp GlobFamilia Heady MarijuanaCentre TheHeadyReserve DabbingInSpace followforfollow Dabs Concentrates Boro TopShelfLifeHeadyGlassForSale ⚠ ⚠

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Comment from DXXLORD/Amatoxin/FAIT1:

We getting there dxxlordonthetrack dxxlord beat music instrumental massive nativeinstruments ableton abletonlive rap terps terpenes produce producer production heat heady forsale smoke nofreebies tfc tmbh flstudio fruityloops trap trill zaytoven 808mafia metroboomin trill tfc tmbh

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Comment from RaspberryRoach:

New Lerma Glass Sherlock 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 sherlock faf glassofig glassforsale headyglass classyglass highendglass rosin shatter drypipe heady 420 orangecountyoilers iwillmarrymary wfayo 710 oprahsbookclub allthewayup major🔑

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N-Hale™ Smoking Accessories


Comment from N-Hale™ Smoking Accessories:

DM ME FOR ALL INQUIRIES!!!!!! Big thank you to @2pistolcrystal @oil_glass_contraptions and @piece_love_and_pendants for collaborating to custom make this ONE OF A KIND Ariel hanger!! I told @2pistolcrystal my vision and they really brought it to life for me!! glass globs glassart glassporn glassforsale glassofig boroporn boro boro4sale boroofig borobabes mermaid mermaidrig mermaidpipe arielrig headyglass headyglassforsale headylife heady headyforsale 710 710glass 710girls mermaiddabs girlswhodab girlswhoglob girlswhosmoke

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Comment from magik_hat:

A little night time preview. Shout out to the man @rooz_kashani for hooking me up with some designs to use. I loved this one on walnut so much I had to test it in some glass. SacredG GlassOfIG 24k heady HeadyGlass floweroflife Fol Flglass ohioGlass FestiLife ballersection oprahsbookclub Pendantsofig Boro Glass Glassporn GlassArt Artglass

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Comment from dabberanonymous:

solid sesh today for both our departures @globs_for_days the mini serum vector & @talent_glass crystaldabber love the whistle 😙🌈💨✌🏼🔥⚡️🤙🏼🔮🎟 somuchclaim serum certo xlquave qcb bradleymiller

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Terp Gang DC


Comment from Terp Gang DC:

Shout out to @dc.concentrated71 for the bless! Safe travels man! terpgang terps terpsauce dabs dabstagram concentrates cannabis marijuana bud weed hash oil extracts stoners smoke love 710 420 heady bong shatter liveresin pho crumble sugarwax

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Knuckles Glass


Comment from Knuckles Glass:

@localrootsglass - Terps Hammer with Fade to black made here at Local Roots on 710! Hit the DM shes available!! @chrisdragsglass X @knucklesglass X @dohnjoeglass terps boro fadetoblack edmonds localroots dragsglass cfl heady errl hammer spoon localglass bestofglass glassofig pnwglass pnw i502 glassart - regrann

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Comment from bdawg710:

What's up to all my new followers!👊🏼😎 I hope everyone is having a good Thursday evening, dabbin on anything tasty?🍯🔥🙏🏼💯 BestOfGlass GlassOfIG Marijuana Cannabis 710Society MarijuanaCommunity Heady HeadyGlass CannabisCommunity MeltShot WakeNBake FueledByBHO FueledByTHC Topshelf ThousandDollarSmoke Motheship MothershipGlass TopShelfLife 420Society DabCommunity FaceYourMaker FYM 710Life Terps Terpenes Terpy TerpsSonTerps MotherShipMini ShatterDay StopDropAndGlob

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Comment from Glass Gallery:

*****AUCTION***** Clampitt Glass - Lockjaw mini Rig w/ UV accents Auction Starts at $120 Increments of at least $10 Buy It Now $200 Be able to pay immediately after by debit or credit card Auction Ends 3 hours after first bid 2LoudAuctions glassauctions glasssuction dabstagram glassofig heady glassart 710 710society dab dabbers

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Comment from JC-ARTGALLERY:

Still have this 5"x18" tray/painting available!! Asking $45 shipped! rollingtray rollingtrays forsale customrollingtray art artist artistsofinstagram inspiration painting acrylics acrylicpainting canvas canvaspainting canvasart 710 710art 710artist 710gallery 710society dabbersunite 710life dabs iwillmarrymary heady headyart weshouldsmoke dab oprahsbookclub

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Comment from ✌️🐝🍯💀👽😎🍕🍔🍗👌:

Neeedsss more of this 🔥⛽️🔥⛽️🔥 from @grape__god CookiesNCream 6StarRosin MakeAmericaGrapeAgain

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Matt Vincent


Comment from Matt Vincent:

Heady loop vibes on the amp 🤙 expanders espguitars wah guitar electricguitar sixstring heady vibes reggaepops reggae line6

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Captncronic Glass


Comment from Captncronic Glass:

Bouta call this auction! Get get your last minute bids in! Couple @posts back captncronic glassart glassporn glassalchemy glassforsale glassauction heady headyart headylife headyglass thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass

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Comment from JC-ARTGALLERY:

8"x8" rolling tray available $35 shipped! rollingtray rollingtrays forsale customrollingtray art artist artistsofinstagram inspiration painting acrylics acrylicpainting canvas canvaspainting canvasart 710 710art 710artist 710gallery 710society dabbersunite 710life dabs iwillmarrymary heady headyart weshouldsmoke dab oprahsbookclub

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Comment from JC-ARTGALLERY:

8"x6" rolling tray available! $25 shipped! rollingtray rollingtrays forsale customrollingtray art artist artistsofinstagram inspiration painting acrylics acrylicpainting canvas canvaspainting canvasart 710 710art 710artist 710gallery 710society dabbersunite 710life dabs iwillmarrymary heady headyart weshouldsmoke dab oprahsbookclub

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🍃ᴠɪsɪᴏɴᴀʀʏ 🌈 ᴘsʏᴄʜᴇᴅᴇʟɪᴄ ᴀʀᴛ🍃


Comment from 🍃ᴠɪsɪᴏɴᴀʀʏ 🌈 ᴘsʏᴄʜᴇᴅᴇʟɪᴄ ᴀʀᴛ🍃:

new pιece ιn progreѕѕ 🕉🌊 naмe ѕυggeѕтιonѕ? 📸 ᴀʀᴛ ʙʏ: @cate.farrand • • • • sacredgeometry chakrahealing floweroflife goldenratio ayahuasca lucidityfestival burningman synchronicity visionaryart lsd vibrant visuals spiritualart raiseyourvibration fractalart mystical trippyart 1111 rainbowtribe merkaba crystalhealing pinealgland entheogens shamanicart festivalvibes spiritualwarrior edcvegas spiralout psyfamily sonicbloom

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Comment from shlable710:

So glad I still get to see this. Still a gem 💎💎💎❤❤ Owner : @t_peso710 mothershipmini mothershipglass glassofig bestofglass thousanddollarsmoke boro boroofig boroballers borosilicateglass glassart glass functionalart functiononpoint functionalglassart heady headyart headyglass headyglassart headysmoke dabbersdaily dabsofig shatter 710 oprahsbookclub oprahswookclub ohigho moodmats

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Comment from OldManDabbin:

Missed having this rig around everyday 2drainz dab dabs hash wax dailydabber weed potporn dabrig thc cbd heady glassart boro recycler recyclerrig

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Comment from Gubs:

The last few space pendants I have available! Each pendant is a little bit different making them One Of A Kind Space Scenes! Message me to get yours today gubsglass spacependant spacetheme bestofig glassforsale glassofig heady highsociety headyglass highend boro hightimes glassart handmade successfulstoners cannabiscommunity california gifts sandiegoglass locallymade

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Comment from Yunghunt:

Check out @orionglass_co for all your local heady glass goodies👍🏼 localart localglass azglass glassofaz orionglass heady glassporn glasstube dabrig

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Comment from Glass Gallery:

Niko Cray - Hammerhead DM us with questions or to purchase. headylife headyglassforsale nikocray heady boroforsale 710society nikocray

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🍯Danny Dabberelli🍯


Comment from 🍯Danny Dabberelli🍯:

Off work n time to unwind 😤🤤 lil dab of 24k on the @bakerrl710 minitube👌🏼💪🏼BHOmbingAmeric BHOmbingPortland DRexDabs qcb h3gang successfulstoner terpinitup oregon headyglass topshelflife itslit twaxgang claritycounts shatter ganjafarmer weedfarmer forthepatients dontsmokemids dabbersunite 503 wethebest mothership bongbeauties heady iloveweed weedstagram

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All In One - Lincoln


Comment from All In One - Lincoln:

This beautiful little guy is made by @benjamindanklin_glass Dm or call for any inquiries. functionalglass rigsforsale waterpipe rig stonernation heady headyglass headyglassforsale dablife dabsociety dabstagram 420 420life 420society 420lifestyle 710 710life 710society 710lifestyle glassporn boroporn glassforsale scientificglass highsociety highendglass nebraska smokeshop smoking

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Dylan Renner


Comment from Dylan Renner:

New colab between @jewelrybyjosephmiller and myself! This baby is loaded and looking for a home :) message us if interested! 💚🍔 • • • • • oddpieceoddpiec dpiecedesignspendantpendantsof ntsofigwirewrapwirewrappedwire dwirewrappedjewelrywirejewelry welrybongbeautiesstayhighhigh_ high_larry_uswfayoheadyheadygl adyglassheadyartriojewelerpear rpearl14ksterlingsilveretsyjew syjewelryetsyhandmadejewelrycr lrycrystalhealingquartzamethys

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Lil Mids


Comment from Lil Mids:

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