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Tom Schweitzer


Comment from Tom Schweitzer:

Smaller recyclers. I've had a lot of requests for them and I've been watching @dlmglass and @freeekglass lower the limbo bar in our shop recently so I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring. This one stands just shy of 4 inches, function vid tomorrow. glass glassofig recycler recyclers recyclersofig space glassforsale availableglass slab slabs rosin terps shatter icewax wfayo oprahsbookclub yogapants mini tiny tinyrecycler fume fumes layer 10mm 2hole sunrise sunset bam

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Fred Flint Stoned


Comment from Fred Flint Stoned:

@rudeboyglass cheato cluster pendent up for grabs. headyglassglassofigglassartboroofigboroofigbestofglasscheatoheadyglassfortradeglassforsalebuyborosuperiorborosalespendentsofigpendentforsaleglasspornophrahsbookclubglass4saletopshelflifependybuyselltradeglass

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Comment from #):

To show our love for you all we are having a Giveaway Extravaganza!!! At 420 followers i will pick one lucky person in the comments to receive this @hiveceramics 18mm direct inject ceramic nail!To enter the giveaway like this photo, tag 5 of your friends in the comments and share this photo and tag us and @hiveceramics Good luck and cheers!!! hivenail glassgiveaway glassofig glassforsale dabbersdaily dabbers dab smoke weed everyday 420 710 420daily marijuana

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Comment from stoned_jones:

STEAL ALERT For Sale: @yook_glass 2017 Camo Tech Banger Hanger. 10 mm female includes matching camo pendant and carbcap and peli 1200. DM serious inquiries only please yookglass bobyooker glassforsale boroforsale headyglassforsale krushmore

4 Minutes ago

Dom Greco


Comment from Dom Greco:

New wizard stick. Think this one is 4? But who's counting.. White & Transparent Black skull with a triangle handle and Lucy implosion. Available. DM me. nobodycares glassofig glassforsale pittsburghglass domgrecoglass wizardstickorwhatever nobodycares

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Comment from Cloverpipe/Cloverglass:

Clover New Water Pipe On Sale . Any Interest Pls Contact Me . Skype : winna.wang1 WhatsApp/WeChat :+8613570883281 Website : cloverglass cloverbong highendglass headyglass headshop herbal handpipe bong glass glassbong glassforsale glassofig glassware glassporn glassart glasswaterpipe waterpipe weedporn bubbler recycler oilrig ashcatcher quartznail beaker cloverpiperecyclers recyclersofig beakerbongdabrigsmokeshops

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Comment from BKG:

If you ever thought about buying a joint forming tool hit up @joshdatum he makes custom tools or just the standard top lip :) can make whatever you want I love my joints so much after getting the datum tool :) 6 mm sphere provided by @dopalsopals 420 710 heady glassofig pendy pendantsofig headyglass thousanddollarsmoke glassporn oprahsbookclub glassforsale glassfortrade glassart glassporn glassaddict rig headypendant vitaminO bestofglass boromarket profoundglass

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Presidential Smoke Shop


Comment from Presidential Smoke Shop:

•Creator royalsglass •Fumed out Bubbler with Pink Lollipop •Bubbler Rig for a QCB Joint •2 Fumed Leafs/ 1 is 5"Tall/4"Tall •1 Fumicello Marble •1 Fumed Implosion Marbles •3 Hole Diffy •7.5"Tall •2.5" Rd Base •2050 Series Pelican Included •For Additional Photos Let me know DM for Inquires RoyalGlassRoyalRoyalcrewRoyalsGlassFumecrewFumeFumicelloSpokaneBangerHangerHeadyheadyglassHeadiestglassglassartGlassOfIGglasspornGlassAddictsGlassCultureGlassForsaleRigsOfIGrigsboroTopShelfTopShelfLifethcWaxShatterCannabisCommunity702PresidentialSmokeShop

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Columbia River Glass


Comment from Columbia River Glass:

Small Illuminati bong with violet glow wrap by Special K Glass. The UV is around 9 posts back if you're curious. Beautiful work. @specialkglass Avaliable on our website.

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Comment from velosuhhraptor:

Let me know if y'all find another @rollerghoster Godzilla cuz ya aint!! Dont miss this chance!! 🔥🔥check other post for more info 🔥 710 ghostglass glassforsale buyboro buyglass boroforsale highsociety higherthanmost orangecountyoilers westcoastdabbers topshelflife weedpraylove oprahsbookclub topshelfdaily 10kCallitADay youknowitsdank onlysmokethefinest glassart glassofig glass4sale boro4sale functionalglass headyglass headyglassforsale

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Isaac J


Comment from Isaac J:

Close up of the bitten chocolate cherry cream drop aka one of my personal favorites from the batch 😁 available through glass glassartist glassart heady headyart headyglass glassforsale art artist artistsoninstagram glassporn glasslife glassofig softglass handmade outdoors weed cannabis dabs chocolate candy sweet foodporn food sugar cherry jewelry pendant

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Comment from #teamTHC:

700$ for the slyme set and elite swing steal foryoubestprice mothershipglass mothershipgang mothershipcrew mothershipforsale mothershipelite glassforsale buyselltradeglass oprahsbookclub glassart glassblowing glassofig bestofglass thousanddollarsmoke slyme thc heady headyglass bhombingamerica dabbersdaily dabsrus fueledbythc 710 cannabiscommunity hightimes mothershipbucket topshelflife terps sightnsound

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Comment from David:

1.2k obo bowmanglass x phdglass x grampafacets . . . . glassforsale glass4sale boroforsale boro4sale borobook seshmarket glassmaps bongbarter headyglass buyboro boromarket thousanddollarsmoke oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub wfayo high_Larry_us notrades cashonly obo

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Comment from Dabisland:

Send me your offers for this piece. Also have a new 14mm male 90degree thermal p from pukin beagle for sale. Its coming in saturday. Brand new unopened. glassforsale pukinbeagleforsale thermalpforsale buyselltradeglass buyselltradeboro thousanddollarsmoke ionicquartz mothershipglass purpskurp

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7 Wonders Gallery


Comment from 7 Wonders Gallery:

This dope 💥 @upgradeglass 🎨 Sherlock pendant is available on‼️💯🌐 We our constantly loading our website, keep your eye open!👁✨ arizonaproject sherlock pendantsofig cannabiscommunity fueldbythc azmmj az710 ariztoner northernarizonauniversity downtownflagstaff arizonaartist heady hotsauce lit azlocal

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Living The Highlife 🔥🍯💨


Comment from Living The Highlife 🔥🍯💨:

‼️FOR SALE ‼️ Hearing offers on my serum/experimental 19 2016 @bigzglass Spacekey carb cap! 💎💎💎 This carb cap is big and bad ass! Serious offers only! marijuana errl onlysmokethefinest weshouldsmoke dablife dab fueledbythc weedstagram420 high_larry_us highsociety hightimes highlife florida cannabiscommunity dabbersdaily 710 420 bhombingamerica glassforsale glassporn glassart glassofig headyglass bestofglass highendglass thousanddollarsmoke glassfortrade heady oprahsbookclub carbcap

20 Minutes ago

Deep Dish Glass & Apparel INC.

Comment from Deep Dish Glass & Apparel INC.:

Don't forget about our auction happening for this xlcarbcap a couple posts back... glassart glassporn glassofig glassauction glassforsale buyboro buyselltradeglass americanmadeglass terps 710 dabbersdaily dabs dank weshouldsmoke illinoil iwillmarrymary

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Comment from [0hn0]:

Another week down😎 Can't wait to see Metallica in a few months. [0hn0] naileditaceditcantbestopped Rex TrexLifeStyle metallica headyglass 710 dablife ocoilers seedoflife glassforsale cthulhu oldones emazinglights thrash

23 Minutes ago

Mr Vick


Comment from Mr Vick:

Thermal cap collab with our good buddy @steve_sizelove glassofig glassart glassporn lowtemp glassforsale glassauction dabs dabber dabbing dabbersdaily 710 7tenglass 710society wax weshouldsmoke weedstagram pukinbeagle

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Cloris Chan


Comment from Cloris Chan:

NEW Clover Silicone oilrigs Pre Ordering. DM me for more info. WhatsApp/WeChat: +8615361695210 Website: Email: sales03 cloverglasssilicanehighendglassheadyglassheadshopoilrigs handpipebongglassglassbongglassforsaleglassofigglassworkglasswareglasspornglassartglasswaterpipewaterpipeweedweedpornbubblerrecycleroilrigashcatcherquartznailbeaker420life710society

23 Minutes ago

Ricky Soptic Glass


Comment from Ricky Soptic Glass:

Anybody want to buy a this beauty available right now for a steal. Hit the DM for purchasing. kleinforsale Klein forsale glassforsale boroforsale spreadthelove sharethelove youknowyouwantit charlos

24 Minutes ago

🦄🎀 Petal Rebel 🎀🦄


Comment from 🦄🎀 Petal Rebel 🎀🦄:

Illuminati and bluev carb caps fit a standard size qcb $40 each available glassforsale forsale boro carbcaps illuminati bluev glassart

26 Minutes ago



Comment from caged_conscious:

A little hot😂😤☁☁wait for that slomo cloud hahaha using the @happycatzglass rig dabstagram 420 710 highsociety weshouldsmoke letssmoke letsdab glassofig cannabiscommunity terps 710society 420society glassforsale glassfortrade bhomingamerica bongrips glassart milkybongrips smokebetter loyaltotheoil wedontsmokethesame glasscommunity

27 Minutes ago



Comment from Dakis_Dabs710:

This Was A Lot Funnier When I Was Super Smacked The Last Week 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ weshouldsmoke weshouldsesh lidabbers hightimes marijuana thc dab concentrates shatter bho thousanddollarsmoke wax bud dabbersdaily wasteittotasteit 420 bestofglass terps nugrun 710 glassforsale rosin liveresin mothership mothershipglass quave smokersonly quaveclubbanger highsociety dakisdabs

27 Minutes ago

กระเป๋า baobao 1 แถม 1 ทุกรุ่น


Comment from กระเป๋า baobao 1 แถม 1 ทุกรุ่น:

คุ้มยิ่งกว่าคุ้ม แถมอีกใบรุ่นไหนก็ได้ จัดโปรด่วนนน issey miyake baobao ซื้อ 1 แถม 1 ใบ รุ่นไหนก็ได้ในร้านเรา ใบแถมต้องราคาต่ำกว่า รุ่นไหนก้ได้ งานเหมือนแท้มิลเลอร์ หนังไม่เป็นรอยง่าย อะไหล่ปั้มทุกจุด พับงอได้เหมือนของแท้ งานขึ้นห้างไม่ใช่งานตลาดนัด ร้านอื่นขายพันอัพแน่นอน สอบถามสั่งซื้อหรือขอรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม **ถ่ายจากสินค้าจริง เบาเบา 1 แถม 1 เรทราคาของแต่ละรุ่นปรับใหม่ค่า กระเป๋าสตางค์ 590 สะพายเล็ก 7" 650 สะพายเล็ก 9" 690 2 ทรง 10 นิ้ว 990 2 ทรง 12 นิ้ว 1090 14" 1290 เป้ 1290 เปลี่ยนสีได้ +150 จากรุ่นปกติ ซื้อแค่ใบเดียวลด 200 บาท ปล.ลายเพชรเพิ่ม 100 บาทน่ะค้าาาา kankenthailand kankenclassic kankenbag kankenmirror bags backpack nikeshoes nikethailand glassforsale eyewear ตามหา item​ newbalance​ ​ musthave​ siambrandname fjallraven fjallravenkanken nikeshoes nikethailand glassforsale glasses eyewear style bags anello anellobag anellothailand anellomini anellorucksack anello2waybag isseymiyake baobaobag baobaothailand ตามหาจนเจอ baobaomirror

27 Minutes ago

👋 22/MN 👋


Comment from 👋 22/MN 👋:

Function video for the @bonelordglass tube I have up for sale one post back. Wish I had a better setup to show this off, but this'll have to do. This is with the 2 hole downstem. Looking to move this fast DM me for me information. glassforsale hash hashoil dabs lowtempdabs dabbing dabaholic dailydabber dabbersdaily dabbers_unite daily420 bho wax shatter 710 710society smoke wfayo highsociety high_larry_us staylifted topshelflife fueledbythc fueledbybho oprahsbookclub glassofig glassart cannabiscommunity smokeup

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Comment from thewronghole93:

Make an offer 👏🏽 DM glassofig glassforsale headyglassforsale quartzbucket quartzbanger

29 Minutes ago



Comment from Shocknawesmokeshop:

Back side. Skateboarding Mummy by @crondo619 glasspipe,glassart,glassforsale,glassofig,glassoninstagram,headyglass,headshop,handblownglass,highendglass,handpipes,affordableglasspipes,shocknawe,functionalart,420,710,girlswhosmoke,eastcoastglass,bangerhanger,waterpipe,smokeshop,rig,artgallery,oprah,glassporn,skateboard,skateboarding, mummy

29 Minutes ago

AJJA Market


Comment from AJJA Market:

glasspipes glassporn glassforsale glasses glassart glassblowing glasslife weed🍁 weed🌿 weedporn weed weedstagram weedstagram420 weedsociety smokeweedeveryday smoke pipe fumeporn fume forsale ...collect your piece before it gets sold out.... AJJA Market, western-lemongrove, Los Angles.

29 Minutes ago

AJJA Market


Comment from AJJA Market:

glasspipes glassporn glassforsale glasses glassart glassblowing glasslife weed🍁 weed🌿 weedporn weed weedstagram weedstagram420 weedsociety smokeweedeveryday smoke pipe fumeporn fume forsale ...collect your piece before it gets sold out.... AJJA Market, western-lemongrove, Los Angles.

30 Minutes ago

AJJA Market


Comment from AJJA Market:

glasspipes glassporn glassforsale glasses glassart glassblowing glasslife weed🍁 weed🌿 weedporn weed weedstagram weedstagram420 weedsociety smokeweedeveryday smoke pipe fumeporn fume forsale ...collect your piece before it gets sold out.... AJJA Market, western-lemongrove, Los Angles.

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Comment from 💰🍊🗿:

🍊JUICE🍊dabventure lyonsglass ---------------------------------------------------- chaingang heady headyglass headyart glassforsale glassofig glassart glassporn pendant pendantsofig glassfortrade glass headyasfuck headylife 710 420 weshouldsmoke dab dabs rosin icewax wax thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass stopdroppendyshot 🍊 Terps topshelflife

32 Minutes ago

Bone's Smoke Shop


Comment from Bone's Smoke Shop:

liquidsci hitman colabs raffling off a bunch of these days on grand opening weekend 4/20/17 oilrig dabs oregonshatter oregonheadshop oregonsmokers oregon420 oregon710 gresham710 gresham420 greshamoregon greshamsmokeshop kingofgresham quartz ceramicnail quartz colabs juicebox americanglass glassofig glassforsale quartzbanger pacificnw glassporn glassrigs dablife dabstagram

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