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Úrsula Nádasdy


Comment from Úrsula Nádasdy:

Aquí os dejo lo esta maravillosa foto de Croqueta volando hacia su planeta de origen. Sí, tengo mucho tiempo libre, si es vuestra pregunta. He de decir también que me inspiré en lo mucho que le gustan a @mskywalker_ los montajes intergalácticos. cat gato croqueta montaje cutre gimp atope aiuda matadme tiempolibre croquetauniverse alisia jajasaludos siosdoypenamd

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Gaia Marfurt


Comment from Gaia Marfurt:

Drawing a rabbit using Gimp and a Wacom tablet. Music is "The overhanging leaf" by Robert Farmer. gimp drawing wacom rabbit robertfarmer art draw digitaldraw

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Kryspin Ziolo #PolskiArtysta


Comment from Kryspin Ziolo #PolskiArtysta:

JP:可愛い! EN:she's so cute POL: Ale słodka! I hope you like it and click follow button (^_^)/ Follow @funartpoland ---------------------------- anime animes animeworld chibi cute kawaii art artist chibiart animeart draw drawing gimp horror blood insta instagram artistic artists arte artwork illustration graphicdesign polska pencil beautiful polishart polishartists アニメ bestartist

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Comment from Alvaro:

Día 23: El parque escondido 365dias ________________________________________________ Day 23: The hidden park 365project ________________________________________________ photography fotografia parque park brown color nature naturaleza instapic picoftheday photooftheday canonphotography canon700D canonglobal canonespaña creativeoptic creative fantasy fantasia gimp

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Dale Hocutt


Comment from Dale Hocutt:

This was taken at Reservoir 6 in West Hartford.  You could pretty much see what weather was about to hit you from all directions there.  This just passed us by.  There was this annoying lamp post that I had to remove in Gimp.  Can you guess where it was? clouds weather nikond3300 landscape rain summer photography nikon contrast gimp brilliant lookup

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Comment from Gazza.:

Treatment. illustration artwork borders faded art artist lines pastel digital gimp layers cartoon neon lamp 80s design print fade abstract lowbrow lowbrowart greenteam loud shades drippin shapes zonk stayfaded gary3k 2016

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Mel Ringstead 💋


Comment from Mel Ringstead 💋:

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Simon Simon


Comment from Simon Simon:

Some gimp action for all cat lovers :) . . . . . cat cats catlover universe art photooftheweek fun gimp photoshop animals poster selfmade awesome awesomeearth loveanimals lovenature vegan sweet baby cutie cute eyes beautifuleye

1 Hours ago

Thảo Lương


Comment from Thảo Lương:

SF9 sf9youngbin sf9taeyang sf9dawon sf9inseong sf9chani sf9jaeyoon sf9hwiyoung sf9rowoon sf9zuho gimp black

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Russell Morey


Comment from Russell Morey:

What up South Louisiana @chrissytheartist MassLayers stencilart stencils art layers multilayer boston liquitex montana montanablack montana94 smallbusiness xacto gimp

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Alexa Jade


Comment from Alexa Jade:

"you will feel better than this, maybe not yet, but you will. You just keep living until you are alive again" justkeepswimming

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Josette ジェラス


Comment from Josette ジェラス:

Another one of my OC edits // I did this for a Czech guy I think it was, or maybe it was Russian? All I know is that this dude got me into foreign rap - So hardcore. 💀💀💀 _____________________ sadsquad myedit myoc beforeandafter aesthetic aestheticaccount aesthetics vaporwave vaporwaveaesthetic edits gengar alien myediting pink blue mywork itakerequests foreigner aestheticedits 💊 👽 🌴 pokemon alienmovies gimp editrequests vaporwave aestheticallypleasing sadboys yunglean

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Peace & Prosperity.


Comment from Peace & Prosperity.:

Taste my StarBurst. passion creativity expression consciousness awareness fun love freedom mind thirdeye lightworker energy psychedelic psychedelicart vibration frequency gimp alignment light buddha power knowledge soulfood mind body soul pleadians

2 Hours ago

Jay Host


Comment from Jay Host:

Portrait drawing @chleaux_81 portrait gimp photoshop couples jhproduction blackandwhitephotography family

2 Hours ago

Jay Host


Comment from Jay Host:

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Alex Foster


Comment from Alex Foster:

@unionbarbell check it out! My stupid lanky cousin looking all macho and serious! He has supported me throughout my lifting career so I want to show some support back. These tshirts are fantastic and apparently give you an extra 20kg on squat! Go get it! clothing sportsclothing gym strength strengthtraining strengthandconditioning powerlifter powerlifting olylifting olympiclifting crossfit gimp girlswhopowerlift soshelifts strongman

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Comment from tay_dreamer:

Forgot how fun it was to draw Furple mlp art drawing sketch hybrid alicorn unicorn brony pony pegasus friend myart copic marker copicmarker gimp wacom stylus paint painttoolsai myoc mine original love adore

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Comment from ipiou:

Trying something new catsdrawingdrawdigitaldigitalartcatpinkcuteartgimpkittenmagic

3 Hours ago

Miss M


Comment from Miss M:

Last night a gagged topbutton shirtwanker was trying to tell me how big his penis was. That was an overestimation. I've seen it. peanut 😂 gimp publichumiliation sph

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Freya Stowe


Comment from Freya Stowe:

Who needs pockets when you have fishnets? thrifty art gimp creative iwanthisladder doititllbefunny myarseisgettingsore

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Miss Eternidades Fotografía


Comment from Miss Eternidades Fotografía:

Modelo : Diana Guillot Fotografía : Beatriz Moñino Maquillaje : Diana Guillot MISSETERNIDADES photo followme cute photography spanishgirl gimp girl model outfit moda follow4follow make instagirl retrato foto instagram

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Curtis Wetselaar


Comment from Curtis Wetselaar:

Articuno redandblue gameboy kanto gen1 articuno pokemon sunandmoon pokemongo pokemonshuffle nintendo gamefreak alola 3ds drawing doodle character design characterdesign digital digitalart gimp portrait caricature icon art oc graphic graphicdesign cartoon

4 Hours ago

Peter Lie


Comment from Peter Lie:

My second attempt with gimp 2.8 and 'out of bounds' photography instagood instamoment instaarchitecture picoftheday instalike photooftheday photographyeveryday nikon gimp instagram seabridge imageediting

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Comment from meto:

korban-tersangka2-tersangka1 😅😅😅 art🎨 digitalart gimp . . . . . . . . . art artist art🎨 artwork artworks artgram arts arts_help likeart instaart likeforlike draw drawing pencil sketch sketchbook digital digitalart chibi girl lineart cartoon animasi gimp digitalart wip

5 Hours ago

Alex DS


Comment from Alex DS:

Editando algumas fotos antigas. @jujufrasceto portrait retrato ensaio fotografia photo nikon d90 lowkey lr gimp sunsets goldenhour

5 Hours ago

Brett Rex Martin


Comment from Brett Rex Martin:

Fucking lol funny weird instafunny instavideo picoftheday me gimp instagood zerochill sumtingwong gangsterrapmademedoit @jessicajohnsie

5 Hours ago

Emelie Henriksson


Comment from Emelie Henriksson:

Pyret, bempa o Morfar! ❤ kågedalen at turteatern ! mua makeup makeupartist maskör smink teater theatre granddad grandfather gimp bed hospital äldreomsorgeniövrekågedalen kågedalen morfar pyret scenkonst nilspoletti ramaj ramajproduction

5 Hours ago

Veronica Ohara


Comment from Veronica Ohara:

sketch oc fanart gimp ubuntu hyunsdojo Quick test with GIMP on Ubuntu. Fanart of Squishy, upcoming duelist. Not bad but need custom tool alot......

6 Hours ago

Janine Brinkhaus


Comment from Janine Brinkhaus:

Der Wind in den Bäumen ruft mich lauter als zuvor derw märchenwald trees fairytale baum naturephotography nature_perfection natureshots natureporn light licht naturfotografie wald gimp instamood moody düster frühling primavera spring smile love naturelovers gooutstayout naturegram

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Kryspin Ziolo #PolskiArtysta


Comment from Kryspin Ziolo #PolskiArtysta:

I hope you like it and click follow button (^_^)/ Follow @funartpoland ---------------------------- anime animes animeworld chibi cute kawaii art artist chibiart animeart draw drawing gimp horror blood insta instagram artistic artists arte artwork illustration graphicdesign polska pencil beautiful polishart polishartists アニメ bestartist

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Bolt Inking


Comment from Bolt Inking:

ALL MIGHT - BokuNoHero AllMight fanart manga digitalart sketch painting digitalpaint gimp illustration manga geek otaku overpower dekugo bokunoheroacademia

6 Hours ago

PS. M E S S . A R T


Comment from PS. M E S S . A R T:

BLAST - One Punch Man blast saitama opm onepunchman manga digitalart sketch painting digitalpaint gimp illustration manga geek otaku overpower garou sketchbook evil demon enemy metalbat

6 Hours ago

anne-marie || 18


Comment from anne-marie || 18:

The pink haired one is Belladonna she's one of Alexs good/best friends. I don't know if I've mentioned this but Alex and the rest of the Diazs are fully mexican, Belladonna is chinese/mexican mix and they both met in their freshman year before Alex dropped out. Cotton is Alexs favorite boss (she had a very short/weird crush on his younger brother when she was a kid) but he's a cool guy and a really good boss. Belladonna has a thing for him. Personal stuff unimportant (I think this is the last thing I'll get around to doing until we get moved -- our apartments gave us a 2 bedroom even though for the past 5 months we've been waiting for a 3 bedroom. Everything should be solved by the weekend and we should get in... hopefully everything will work out and the place will be nice) Draw Drawing Illustration Art Digitalart Digital Originalcharacter OC Artwork Gimp OCs

6 Hours ago