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Rae Marie


Comment from Rae Marie:

Just ripped this glob 💨💨💨 So stoned right now it's amazing!! @violaextracts shatter!! terps terpenes denver denverdabber dab dabs dablife globs globsquad 710 710girls 710life oil thc thca liveresin live thousanddollarsmoke meltshot weshouldsmoke stoner stonergirl girlswhodab succesfulstoner dabstagram dabsrus gethigh

3 Minutes ago



Comment from wife💍:

😇weedwomen weedclan weedthenorthenjoystonerdays topshelflife topshelfkitty iwillmarrymaryonebakedbetchpotheadsocietyloyaltotheoilkushqueenskushgoonsganjagirlsglobmobglockteamfueledbythcdanksocietydabbersdailydabsruscanadianstonerscannabellasbhoqueen👑

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Comment from TheBudLife™:

🍯shark-bite OG 🍯thebudlife weedstagram oil710 bud weed thebudfather bigbudshatter dablife dab dabs daba-day dabsrus

6 Minutes ago



Comment from heady_z:

Way too hot🔥 MohawkGlass x MayoralQuartz x HoverGlass x LuckysGlass

8 Minutes ago



Comment from 710og:

Final four bound bitchhh what a fucking game the ceiling is the roof 🐏 chipglass 10milmafia hefeglass sherlocks raleighcollective high_larry_us wfayo dabbersdaily 710society fueledbythc iwillmarrymary weedstagram dabstagram ncdabbers 710 cannabiscommunity bho ccc420 wedontsmokethesame dabs dablife dabsrus weshouldsmoke loyaltotheoil highsociety highlife eastcoastdabbin eastcoastdabbers

8 Minutes ago



Comment from mcglob:

👋🏽First post in 8 months📅 👀 comin' back with this beautiful 2016 💎Baby Blue Cheese💎 @stakloglass ♻️ with a matching mothership bucket set💠💎mothershipmonday thousanddollarsmoke Owner: @the_dab_king_710

13 Minutes ago



Comment from chicago_dabs:

Snakedabs 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 kicking my ass hardcore tonight!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💯💯💯💯💯. Tonight we flyyyyyy!!!! Sending Love and Good Vibes to all the Fam!!!!!! Using the Ghost White 👻👻👻 @sherbetglassart ✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️ sherbetglass shatter chidabs chicagodabs dabchicago 420 710 bho high_larry_us pushtreesinc highsociety iwillmarrymary topshelflife TWAXGanG wfayo weedstagram420 cannabiscommunity midwestdabbers chicagoskyhigh chidabbers dab dabs dabsrus weshouldsmoke claritycounts fueledbybho fueledbythc ykid dank bhombingamerica

13 Minutes ago

Jason Link


Comment from Jason Link:

💥Auction! 💥 one post back. 710 minirig glassauction zelda cannabisculture instaglass dabstagram shatter 420 rosin shatter glassofig solventless dabsrus nugrun terps concentrates dablife fueledbybho glasslife bongbeauties 710society boroforsale girlswhosmokeweed bestofglass dailydabbers legendofzelda topshelflife cannabiscommunity oprahsbookclub

16 Minutes ago



Comment from Mike:

Dessert 💪😉🖕 Citranana Split sauce @beezleextracts dabsforthepeople dabnothinbutthefinest bayareadabbers fire flavors topshelfdabs cleanmeds terphogz hoggin primofarms liveresin sauce citrananasplit dablife terplife baylife fueledbyBHO fueledbyTHC dabAholic dabsRus bhombingamerica dtfo ftw

20 Minutes ago



Comment from Cameron:

"Remember way back then? I was tryna get it right, hit up Mickey D's then split it with my friends Remember way back then?" riseandgrind azmmj medicated azsmoke errl errlybird marrymary downtodab dtd prop203 dankonomics hightimes naturalmedicine mmj azmeds azmedz bhombingamerica strictlyogs dabsrus topshelf twax highrise highsociety keepitchronic letsdabaz 710 dabbersdaily istayblazed

23 Minutes ago



Comment from monkey_dabs:

No music just function 🚁🚁 letting this mzee tube go for a steal also, 650 obo 🤑 . . . . . glassofig uv uvglass crushedopal heady headyglass boro glassforsale glass4sale buyselltradeglass dabsrus dailydabber eastcoastdabbers bhombingamerica weshouldsmoke oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke qcb bigzglass aterrl boroforsale culture dabs 710 710society glassfortrade reedoglass goliathglass terps rosin

24 Minutes ago



Comment from pure_extracted_:

Repost of @terpy_genetics with our pureskyproject 805terps resinglands thc thrichomes terpygenetics highsociety cannabis cannabisculture cannabiscommunity weedofig weshouldsmoke dank 420 dablife stankyydankyy growswitch growyourown dropseedsnotbhombs dropseedsnotbombs potheadsociety iwillmarrymary ilovemaryjane dabsrus dankshots420 topshelflife weedstagram pureextracted instaweed weedporn

24 Minutes ago

Fweedom Cannabis Seattle


Comment from Fweedom Cannabis Seattle:

Who doesn't love Pink Tacos and Rosè?! fweedom WARNING: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. Should not be used by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug.

24 Minutes ago



Comment from madam.mota:

🌼🔥💋💨 Here's a selfie for your StoneySunday Fun Fact; I'm actually 5'3" 😝 How tall are you? ---------- Bong: @diamondglassinc Pendant: @Subtl

28 Minutes ago



Comment from Nick:

Perfect tane soup pour. Very little solivent. Looking good so far. dabstagram bho staymedicated lifted qualitytrees dabsrus shatter

30 Minutes ago

A Rig For All Budgets


Comment from A Rig For All Budgets:

Hey IG, hope you've had a great weekend 😄 **Please read all the rules below👇🏼 before placing a bid** Starting now, we having a 👉🏼No Reserve👈🏼 💎Auction💎 for this 10mm Traveler🔥 by @inferno_glassworks This dope piece is about 41/2" tall, with a hand tooled female joint, and a 2 hole fixed diffy🙌🏼 It's base is concave, which channels the bubbles away from perc, so it shreds💯without a drop of splash💦 There's a sweet swirled🌀 Colbalt Accent on the back and matching Inclamo rings on the base🤘🏼It's easy to take on the go or it would make a great Daily Driver😙💨Please place your bids on this page below👇🏼if you are interested. Good Luck 🍀 Thanks😄🙏🏼 🔶 This Auction ️⃣ 233 starts now and ends Monday, March 27th at 7:00 P.M. M.S.T. 🔶 Starting bid is $20 and please bid in increments of at least $5 or more 🔶 No Reserve 🔶 10 Minute Snipe Rule in Place 🔶$10 for Priority Shipping in the USA and $15 to Canada 🔶 You MUST PLEASE be either PayPal, Google Wallet, Debit/Credit Card, or Venmo ready before bidding🙏🏼 and able to make payment within 24 hours of winning, no exceptions🚫 If the winner doesn't pay within 24 hours the 2nd Place bidder Wins the auction!! Please DM us before bidding if you have an unusual circumstances and can not follow these rules. 🔶 Please only Serious Bidders participate, if you can't 💰pay💰 then don't play. Failure to make payment or deleting a bid will result in you being blocked from all of our future Auctions and Giveaways😎✌🏼 💥➡️ Shop Anytime on our 🌐Website🌐 Which has More Functional Glass Art, Pendants, Dabbers, Nails, and Accessories💯 The Link is in our Bio above⬆ rigdepot glassofig glass_of_ig glassauction glassauctions buyboro glassporn boroforsale bangerhanger minitube high_larry_us weshouldsmoke oprahsbookclub weedstagram420 headyglass dabsrus dabbersdaily topshelflife stankyydankyy wfayo 710society glassforsale instaglass glasslife fueledbythc ganjagirls bongbeauties bestofglass girlswhosmoke dablife

30 Minutes ago



Comment from 🇺🇸🇯🇲:

💯🙌🏼 Snapple facts highsociety stoner weed high topshelflife girswhosmoke girlswhosmokeweed cannabiscommunity stoned elcc eastlondoncannabisclub 710 bud weedstagram stonernation hightimes highlife dankofengland potporn weshouldsmoke cannabis stayhigh dank instaweed bongbeauties 420 weedstagram420 weedporn wakeandbake dabsrus

31 Minutes ago



Comment from drippinterps:

@ewokglass Mini Pocket Rocket Prototype w/ a custom 9mm @eternal_quartz Eternal Skillet downing lemon G @wookcrystals 🍋💪💪. . EternalQuartz FreshSqueezedDaily QuartzBanger FreshQuartz HCFSE fueledbythc dabbers_unitemarijuana thc weshouldsmokeglassofig 710 710society dablife dabs bho waxerrl hightimes meltshot 420shatterbhombingamerica TERPS solventlessdabsrus highsociety dabbersdailycrumble rosin

33 Minutes ago



Comment from immaculateglass:

1 2 3 ☺ 710 dabs glassofig glassart dabsrus blow_smoke westcoastdabbers wfayo bho terpslut highlyeducated dab oil errl errlsquad globsnob

34 Minutes ago

King Dread


Comment from King Dread:

Went to work, got told I didn't have to work today. I'm chill with that! 11 hours yesterday killed me. Here's a video of the new bong doin its thing.

36 Minutes ago

Toker Pad


Comment from Toker Pad:

Tag someone who would do this😂😂😂 tokerpadsmokingwithstyle 420daily b8ked bestnugs weedmemes weedmeme 420everyday granddadypurp hempire cannabiscommunity cannabissociety 710life dabsrus keeponerolled 420lifestyle 420photography cannabiscup topshelflife weedhumor stonerlife getmedicated weshoulddab dabdaily dailydabbers kusharmye

37 Minutes ago



Comment from SlumpedInTime:

Posting my half gram dab tonight🤙🏽sorry for the lag lol goodafternoon memes dab dabs dailydabber 710 cannabis cannabiscommunity dankmemes lmao 420 710society 420society terps 420life smokeweed weed weedhumor weedstagram420 SlumpedInTime sunday sundayfunday dud wax dabsrus banger concentrates dead

39 Minutes ago

#TerpShots #ChronicallyDank


Comment from #TerpShots #ChronicallyDank:

📊Finding new ways to stack& make people nervous as hell haha😂 💎Made by: @__goliath__ . . . . . . . . . . TerpShots loyaltotheoil ChronicallyDank oregoonies errlsquad globsquad globmob globsdaily dailydabbers dabbingdaily puddlegang dabstagram710 ommp cannabiscommunity wfayo hazedlife blowingclouds errl mmj worldreefers iwillmarrymary 710life staymedicated stonernation headydabber topshelflife topshelfonly weshouldsmoke bitxhimhigh oprahsbookclub

40 Minutes ago



Comment from DabsOfDetriot:

Blue dream🐝🐝🍯🍯 DopeDabs concentrates closedloopextractions dabsrus slabsunday terps thcfueled dabsofdetriot dabbingcouple hempheals marijuanamovement killthepharmindustry hempnation waxaddict oilhead spreadlovegivedabs

41 Minutes ago

Boroaddicted ™


Comment from Boroaddicted ™:

Dabs of AZSourDiesel ⛽️🍋⛽️🍋⛽️🍋🔥💨🔥💨 @azexclusiveextracts AZglobmob 710 highsociety MMJ Prop203 THC dabs fueledbythc high_larry_us dabsrus dabbersdaily dabbers_unite iwillmarrymary hightimes dabstagram ffourtwenty smoke365 topshelflife oil wax shatter hashoil HashHabit terps dank dabarizona highlife OSTF

41 Minutes ago

Tahoe Honey Company™


Comment from Tahoe Honey Company™:

The FinalFour is set friends!! We've got 4 concentrates on 20% OFF until they play next weekend!! donthibernate TerpsCure GetTerpsSaveMoney TahoeHoneyCo MarchDabness dabsketball dabsohard dabbersdaily dabwizard dablife dabcity dablife 710 710life 710society 420 dab dabs dabsrus dabstagram dabsociety dabsondabs

42 Minutes ago



Comment from instabaker710:

Back in the states, back to seshing. Thanks to @finest_flowers for bring the rainbow @merritt__badge through. dabs dabsrus dabaholic bho hash thc shatter boro rainbow thousanddollarsmoke meltshot fueledbythc eastcoastdabbers bradleymillerglass quaveclubbanger 710society 710 420

42 Minutes ago

Pipeline Smokeshop


Comment from Pipeline Smokeshop:

ALL TUBES ARE $100 or LESS!! 🔥🔥 EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF!🙌🙌 Excludes red/green tags Hit us up today 8086774700 open 10-9 pipeline2waipahu glassart piplinesmokeshop cannabiscommunity 420 710 luckywelivehawaii 808 aloha pakalolo dabs highersociety resinate 420hawaii cannabis 710society dabstagram dabsrus weed weedporn weedstagram 420life oahu high stayhigh lit stoner stoners thewalkingdead

43 Minutes ago

Venessa Silva


Comment from Venessa Silva:

A better look at that croptop made by @reylene15 beccascreativecreations 😘 dabbing on some cherries jubilee by @losangeleskush_extracts 🙌🙏🔥 I hope everyone is enjoying a StoneySunday ✌👽 excuse my messy room as I pack to head back to LA 😝 sundayvibes GoodVibesOnly kickinback vibing imchillin LosAngelesKushExtracts LAKlifeSTYLE LAKUSHlifeSTYLE stonergirls inkedgirls piercedgirls wfayo 710 blowsmoke fueledbythc topshelfkitty ErrlGrrl concentratequeens dabs dabsrus naturalbornstoner dablife 710society prettypotheads girlswhodab bhombingamerica supportthosewhosupportyou

45 Minutes ago



Comment from HippyBudz:

Spring Sale Going On! Save 20% Off On All Orders! Use Code: hippy20 Made by @illuminati_glass Green Fade Minitube with Wag Size: 14mm Female 4mm Quartz Banger and Cap Included •Free Shipping and Tracking in the USA •We Ship Worldwide Link in bio! hippybudz headyglass glassforsale tobacco pipes waterpipes dabbers glassofig pendants dabs dabsrus dabstagram 710 710society bho illuminati concentratesdailydabbers headyglass dabber shatter stoner stoned dablife marijuana terps cannabis ganja cannabiscommunity highsociety 420

47 Minutes ago



Comment from 🇺🇸🇯🇲:

Be bringing your bitch to them cheap motels 💯👱🏽‍♀️🤣🤢 highsociety stoner weed high topshelflife girswhosmoke girlswhosmokeweed cannabiscommunity stoned elcc eastlondoncannabisclub 710 bud weedstagram stonernation hightimes highlife dankofengland potporn weshouldsmoke cannabis stayhigh dank instaweed bongbeauties 420 weedstagram420 weedporn wakeandbake dabsrus

47 Minutes ago



Comment from manbehindthecurtains:

Globbin on some CKF Banana Kush Rosin by @xtractology710__ out of my daily driver. Hesitated cause I thought it was a lil too hot and it still was. 10mmmafia elixirglass dabsrus eastcoastdabbers beastcoast nowhackshit fucknewerarap cannabiscommunity 710society pigsnout bluv uv pukinbeagle thermalp doyouownaPB opalporn xtractology rosin sho dabberdan mmmp mmj w420 forthepatients

48 Minutes ago

Nectar King Extracts


Comment from Nectar King Extracts:

Jupiter Og 420 710 closedloop dabkings nectarkingextracts dab dablife dabsrus dabs shatter slabporn cannabis og claritycounts concentrates mmj

53 Minutes ago