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GreenStone Society


Comment from GreenStone Society:

This new kushberry is awesome! Perhaps too good for the bottom shelf 😏😉 Come scoop some and see for yourself! We are open from 10-8, with parking validated for the lot across the street! - - - kush berry og ogkush indica hybrid a2 annarbor annarbordispensary cbd cannabis marijuana mmmp dispensary flower nug nugs dank

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Comment from Riane!:

🎥 Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean 12- 'Welcome to Singapore, again la!' 🎥 15daychallenge latergRam JuneSGmoviechallenge sgiloveyoula singapore southeastasia wanderlust CBD cityskyline tropicalcity lioncity exploresg passionpassport

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Coleen Mckechnie


Comment from Coleen Mckechnie:

Last night's sunset. It had the potential to be a STUNNER but the cloud placement and thickness was a little off for perfection. It was still dramatic though! (This is sped up 8x.)

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Happy Monday! Hope you feel like King of the World! 😎🌿💨

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Comment from docta_fez:

Some animal cookies for the win! weedporn thc cbd animalcookies frosty

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Comment from WEIRD HERB:

After a long time and many different CBD oils... These 2 have the most positive effects for me. (I use the active+ daily) / Richest in terpenes & greatest variety of cannabinoids 💚❗️💯 dutchnaturalhealing

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Comment from HBT:

Flowering @herba_list farmer herbalist herbs buds ganja sativa mercy growers 876 rasta THC CBD trichomes smokeweed ledgrow medical high

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Comment from Ann:

Current mood. Why do I attract idiots who then piss me off. Happy Monday 😐 cannabis marijuana cbd thc mmpr weed pot pothead prettypothead acmpr stoner stoned stonedaf weedstagram stonernation highaf naturalmeds maryjane cannabiscommunity dank ganjagirls girlswhosmokeweed mmj joint ganja stoners stonerchick herbalife

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Dan Honoré


Comment from Dan Honoré:

@youpluscbd cbd cbdoil 25mg 30ct bottles are 10% off @gojuiceswild this week! CO2 extraction makes this CBD solventless solventfree always nongmo glutenfree and fully decarboxylated make sure and follow @youpluscbd for the latest in CBD science! chronicpain cannabidiol endocannabinoidsystem positivity motherearth vibrations goodvibes vibes live love life gwinnett buford sugarhill atlanta localbusiness community greensmoothie juice juicebar

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Comment from stinkingbeyond805:

@ganjaghost_westcoast nectarstick nectarbabes nectarstickfarms waterclearnectar clearwaternectar cleardistillate nectarstickliveresin liveresin thc cbd teamnectarstick 420 710 cannabis cannabiscommunity california newyork teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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GLOBSonGLOBS IN THE NEW DIRTY 30MM The Homies over @bernqrue ALWAYS DROPPING GLOBS ON that Custom Kuzel !!! Perfect Temp in the new 30mm thermebowl Stonersipsum daybydaylifestyles dabs thc cbd mmj cannabiscommunity oprahsbookclub shatter liveresin bho pho stillhot quartz errl dabsondabs dabstagram weed nofilter

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Motives Made Just 4 Athletes


Comment from Motives Made Just 4 Athletes:

MMJ4Athletes ™ "Education Through Quality Content " ModivesMadeJust4Athletes ™ PlayingHigh ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖ ➡️ ⬅️

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Comment from james.theegiant:

cbd wake and bake

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Comment from BM:

My number one sativa strain ☝🏻 Congolese is always a winner, it's the perfect wake and bake smoke, delicious sweet/earthy taste. Sometimes I can't even describe how tasty and enjoyable this is, that's why you guys gotta try this bitch 😅 Trust me, it is a bitch, it makes you not want to let it go. Lol @gastown_collective @firstclassmedicinal2.0

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Comment from ygreen_disposable_pen:

Our premium cartridge, welcome DM me!cbdcartridge sativa cannabis cannabiscommunity cannabisculture marijuana vape SC thc vapepen vapenation marijuana vape prop215 mmj 710society 710vapecartridge cbd thc vapepen extracts cannabis concentrate hemp extract indica weed terps dabs dab dablife 420 ygreenygl

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Comment from roofratmi: for your cup winning genetics.🏆🏆 radiclegenetics teamradicle growyourown CBD kozmicgardens 🏆popbeans grow your own.

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Comment from Steel__Rollin👻🍒:

👷🏻👷🏻Make it a great week👷🏻👷🏻 thca cbd cbdistillery dabs 710 cannabiscommunity 420 hashchurch dabstars hemp colorado thc dabstagram hempxxx terpsolate hash dablife purecbd cannabis chalicefestival dab dab wfayo bongappetit stonersociety stoner 710society

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Betsy Buchanan


Comment from Betsy Buchanan:

When I found out I had Lupus it hit me like a ton of bricks. When I found out that Lupus attacked my Liver causing Cirrhosis I was devastated. Learning to cope with both diseases was very hard. I still have days that I say why me?, but I am strong, I have a good relationship with God, I have a husband and a mother who give me so much support and strength. That can not be replaced by anything! So, so grateful❤️ I have found ways to help manage my pains and my anxiety without harming my body and liver. There are natural products that do help!! * lupus cirrhosis healyourbodynaturally nutritionalsprays lupuswarrior cirrhosissucks eattoheal eatfromtheearth successisachoice supportsmallbusiness lupie mdc success shield peak cbd hemp hempworx mydailychoice cardiachealth butyoudontlooksick networkmarketing mlm ❤️️ vascularhealth cleanlife cleanwater medicinefromtheearth

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Comment from Gibbs:

Trying to treat my many woes naturally. cbd cbdoil naturalmedicine inflamation anxiety

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Comment from lifexsquarexsg:

shadesofblue exploresingapore architexture city cbd design office sgarchitecture town building art arts architecturelovers abstract archilovers architectureporn workinglife archidaily composition geometry singaporeinsiders geometric adultlife thisissingapore wonderlustsingapore singaporelife singaporeinsiders singaporestyle sg2020 singaporeinsta

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Comment from Jean:

People of Jozi. 'take my picture, and don't delete it' lol jozi johannesburg gauteng scout scouting jozi cbd

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Ygreen CBD carts


Comment from Ygreen CBD carts:

Our ceremic cartridge, high quality, competitive price, welcome to DM me! cbdcartridge sativa cannabis cannabiscommunity cannabisculture marijuana vape SC thc vapepen vapenation marijuana vape prop215 mmj 710society 710vapecartridge cbd thc vapepen extracts cannabis concentrate hemp extract indica weed terps dabs dab dablife 420 ygreenygl

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Comment from lameguage:

This guy, my hero 😂💁 dmterrldabbersunitehighti ightimesrosinftpsadboysleandoe andoermarijuanadabs420blunthig nthighkushdopehighlifedankwfay kwfayocbdcannabisstonerbeastco astcoastindigosmokeyoshicityka

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Natural Wellness


Comment from Natural Wellness:

If your CBD oil is not 💯% Bioavailabile , your missing the boat. Absorption is Key! NaturalWellness.primemyb hempoil cbd 100% pure bioavailability yleo youngliving supplement natural green musthave love family goals

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🔥🌳 Sexy Strain Still 👉🏻 Seawarp

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Wouldn't know what to do without ya. 😘🌳

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Sherry Nucci


Comment from Sherry Nucci:

Gdm gdm rise n shine hope all my I g peeps n cannafam cannafriends have a great day you know what time it iswakeandbake goodmorningpost cannameme procannabis cbd cbdcures cbdvape cbddabs naturalpainrelief plant onelove stonerunite staymedicated peace love happiness onelove spreadthelove cannacommunity 🌞🌞✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻💚💚💚😊😊😊😊😘

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Comment from harddabbin710:

Hope everyone's having a great Monday morning😁 I'm going in on some nice Skittles, with some Tangie Terpsolate 🤘🏼🤘🏼 I'm really starting to like CBD but Terpsolate is where it's at👍🏼 Enjoy your day and Dab Hard💪🏼💨💨 harddabbin concentrates shatter wax onlythefinest rosin weshouldsmoke dabbingdaily cannabisculture thc cbd dablife stankyydankyy wfayo ostf wedontsmokethesame stonernation high_larry_us oprahsbookclub dabz mmj prop203 dabaholic dabstagram terps highsociety 710society medicated hightimes dabbing

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Comment from NYC MMJ:

Is Cannabis 🌳🏥 Better for Chronic Pain ⚡⚡Than Opioids 💊? JEREMY KOSSEN When it comes to cannabis and cannabinoid-based formulations, chronic pain is one of the best studied conditions. Everyone’s biology is unique and will respond differently to cannabis depending on a number of variables, including what type of chronic pain they experience, dosage, strain, and administration method. (vaping, edibles, tinctures, etc.). In a comprehensive, Harvard-led systematic review of 28 studies examining the efficacy of exo-cannabinoids, the author concluded, "Use of marijuana for chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis is supported by high quality evidence.” THC and CBD in cannabis are known to elicit analgesic effects, especially when used together due to their congruent chemical synergies. An increasing number of studies provide evidence that many patients can use cannabis instead of opioids to treat their pain, or they can significantly reduce their reliance on opioids. nycmmj medicalmarijuana nycmedicalmarijuana nymedicalmarijuana THC CBD chronicpain cannabinoids multiplesclerosis neuropathicpain

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Love for the Herb™


Comment from Love for the Herb™:

Good morning cannabiscommunity !! I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! So, as soon as we get done editing it down, this is what the herblove will be rolling out with next! Are you loving it as much as I am!?? Shout out to William for the design! I'm loving this one so much! Be looking out for it! Once I get done recovering, I will officially open my web store and get off of Teespring but for now, beggars can't be choosers so I am gonna make do with what I got! I love you guys! ❤️💛💚 cannabis cannabislove cannabislife cannabisculture cannabiscommunity cannabispatient cannabisindustry cannabisactivist cbd cbdoil cbdsaves cbdheals epilepsy epilepsywarrior epilepsyawareness epilepsycommunity whatsyourcolor iwearpurpleforme illegallyhealed imnotacriminal itsmymedicine itsnature lovefortheherb herblove onelove ceo

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Doc's Apothecary


Comment from Doc's Apothecary:

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Green Austria 🍁🇦🇹


Comment from Green Austria 🍁🇦🇹:

Sativa harvest 😍😍😍 sativa harvest weedharvest cannabis herb thc cbd cannabis smokeweed stoned high 420 420blazeit blazeitup greenaustria austrianganjaman cannabisharvest leaf blüten buds bigbuds

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Blowing Smoke🍯


Comment from Blowing Smoke🍯:

Morning meltshot going in low temp on some live resin to start the day 🌞thousanddollarsmoke highsociety staylifted stopdropandglob savetheterps thc cbd topshelf shatter positivevibes dab nugrun letssesh amsterdam joint kush maryjane sunshine flobuds glassofig headyglass kush

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