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RadRitual Herbs


Comment from RadRitual Herbs:

❤️ You All! Early Evening CBDab Sending Relaxing Vibes. Join me Buy Isolate today! NEED ANY ? 99+% CBDistillery Isolate 🔥We got U! Shout out to @radritualpgh if you need any All natural beauty and healing products! Amazing stuff I use daily! Also to @cannabisencyclopedia for showing the world how versatile CBD Isolate is! . . Order now DM or 🌎 Dab, Eat, Drink or put in a bath 🛀 Enjoy 😊 🔥 💨 We have fast Shipping 💨 . . Using my @domoredealie All CBD Products are for sale on Used on bongappetit . . . . rosintech cbdabs medicinalmarijuana mmj cbdlove cbddab cbdisolate cbd dealiebuddy dabsociety errlsquad 710 710society globs slablife clubcannabis cannabisarmy globsquad thecbdistillery 710gallery thecbdistillery terpenes terpsauce radritual oprahsbookclub stopdropandglob cbdcures bongappetit

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Gas Father⛽️


Comment from Gas Father⛽️:

😂😂😭⚰ cannabiscommunity 420friendly 710 710society errl dabbing rosinrevolution fueledbythc topshelfonly stankyydankyy legalizeit weshouldsmoke weedstagram terpsonterps terptalk terptown goodvibesonly rawlife247 rawovereverything live globmob high_larry_us rosinrevolution eastcoastdabbers dabnation bitxhimhigh exotics nofilter gasgang twaxedup twax

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Steve H Glass


Comment from Steve H Glass:

- Bite My Shiny Metal Ass - Available 🤖🍺 for wholesale to stores or retail to collectors through DM. Have a great day, thanks for looking!!!

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Blunt Queen👑


Comment from Blunt Queen👑:

Dabs of the Candyland Og 😍 dabstagram fatdabs globs girlsglobharder terps globbing globbinggirls candyland og dabs 710 710kittens 710society blondie blazingbeauties thc blazingblonde og wax clouds shatterwax waxgirls stonerbabe follow

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Comment from Nathan:

I did a version of this post a couple minutes ago and for whatever reason I decided to include some negativity... Not cool... Anyway for those of you that may have seen that first post, here's the replacement. Have a wonderful day and here's what is on its way into my hashlab!! orangecrush 710society mtmmj Any further description should be in the video...hope you enjoy!

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Dick Farm Glass


Comment from Dick Farm Glass:

I have this amber purple cap up for grabs. Letting it go with the 20$ off sale I'm doing on my website. So get it for 60$. Snag one before they go back to regular price. Hit me or @tjoewell on the DM to scoop dickfarmglass glassofig glass glassporb glassforsale carbcap 710 710society oprahsbookclub oprahswookclub

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Christopher Froney


Comment from Christopher Froney:

Finished this pendant with everything you see (except the finishings on the necklace) was handmade by me!!! wirewraphandmadeworkoflovehear guidanceselflovewirewrappingca 710communityetsyetsyshop etsyhandmadeforsale wirewrappingdesignflow

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West Valley Patients Group


Comment from West Valley Patients Group:

These little @710kingpen babies are so hard to keep on the shelves. Come see what all the fuss is about, our weedmaps page always has our current stock up to date. 710 710society concentrates quality topself budtenderschoice 420 thc weedstagram wax terps cartridge cannabiscommunity cannabis cannabisculture vape

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Comment from tWellephant🐘:

🚨DIBS ALERT🚨 First to drop a "Dibs" will snag this Amber Purple XL Spinner for ONLY $60‼️ 🔹39 MM Outer Ring 🔹16MM Insert 🎨 Artist: @dickfarmglass 🐓 spinner glass glassforsale glassofig glassblowing glasslife glassporn glassart boro boroforsale handmade americanmade twellephant colorado ganjagirls bongbeauties girlswhosmoke girlswhodab 710 710society heady headyglass auction glassauction boroauction oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke

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Ellie Boudreaux


Comment from Ellie Boudreaux:

420 dabs!! 😛 This is exactly what I love doing on my days off 💨 Stress free no worries • 420 dabs colorado denver relaxitslegal weshouldsmoke cannabiscommunity potheadsociety 710society 710 thermalbanger wax clouds girlswhodab dabberladies leaveinthecough

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Stoner / MMJ Industry


Comment from Stoner / MMJ Industry:

eycerig dabrig nature flatirons boulder 🔥 710

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lα вrujítα 🌙🥀


Comment from lα вrujítα 🌙🥀:

Bomb terps always make me catch feels. 😍✨🤘🏽💖🔥🌹 concentratequeens 559dabbers cannabiscommunity 710kittens lowtemp highsociety dabdolls somegirlsgethigh stonernation weshouldsmoke worldreefers dabqueen ganjagoddess globfairy 710society prop215 710 prettypotheads dabs terps topshelflife highlife

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Comment from cheetopuffer710:

Shredding a little baby dab of some lemon lush 🍋 out of the @shoulderworx refined incycler owned by my boy @terpdabber wfayo headyglass terps

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Comment from кяємιiи:

🐅⚡️NFS Throwback To a few weeks ago going in on this Serum Chester Jammer w my dude @rudeboyglass 🙏🏻😎This Cat went quick n I forgot put it up here! Super rad piece decked out w Dichro Hater Blockerz and my rare and infamous Lightning Bolt Perc ⚡️Be sure to keep ur eyes peeled for more KRMLN x Rudeboy as well as solo work from him at his upcoming show July 15th ❗️itainteasy KREMFAM stelmosquad rockymtnhighaf boro art life friends 710 710society dabbersdaily glassofig thousanddollarsmoke CFL storm

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Sicker than your average♕


Comment from Sicker than your average♕:

bcbud marijuana weedstagram kush kusharmy brunette frostynugs stonerbabe girlswhosmokeweed girlswhodab 604 vancity 710 highsociety bongbeauties weshouldsmoke stonernation 420 710society dabchamps shatter dabs canadianstoners

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➖ Shani ➖


Comment from ➖ Shani ➖:

This shatter tasted sooooo bad lol but it got the job done. Have I mentioned how much I love my new rig?? Lol . . . . . dabs dabs dabbersdaily cannabis cannabiscommunity 710 710society highlife highsociety stoner stonernation fibromyalgia anxiety marijuana medicine medicalmarijuana medicate dabstagram dabsallday dabsociety

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WE'RE KICKING OFF 7/10 EARLY!!! COME GET LIT WITH RAWKSTAR EXOTICS! *SATURDAY, JULY 8 AT URBAN PHARM'S DAB LOUNGE in SAN FRANCISCO!* we will be hosting a FREE DAB BAR, dropping some beats, and YES, THERE WILL BE GIVEAWAYS!!! so come SAY HIGH and get your tolerance levels up in time for 7-10! sample some SUPER LEGIT, SOLVENTLESS TERP ROSIN and LIVE RESIN!!! it's not just FREE... IT'S PRICELESS!!! freedabs rawkstarexotics everybodyisastar 710 420 free bayareastoners up415 harborsidehealthcenter medithrive medithrivesf vapo grassrootssf highsociety solventless solvent-free 710 420 bayareadispensaries 710society wfayo shatter shatterday concentrates meetartsesh popupmarketsf letssmokethesame terps terphall goodenergy oakland popupmarketsf dabbarsdaily

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Night Owlchemist


Comment from Night Owlchemist:

Absolutely ecstatic to have this lil dude added to my cfl personal collection. Big ups to @drewbieglass this batch was perfect, can't wait for the next order and huge shout out to for being my favorite glass artist and showing me what's time it is. . . . . . . . TerpShots loyaltotheoil ChronicallyDank oregoonies errlsquad globsquad globmob globsdaily dailydabbers dabbingdaily puddlegang dabstagram710 ommp cannabiscommunity wfayo hazedlife blowingclouds errl mmj worldreefers iwillmarrymary 710life staymedicated stonernation hdydabber topshelflife topshelfonly weshouldsmoke bitxhimhigh oprahsbookclub

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Comment from jude:

On its way to @conartistnyc for 20dollarartshow Dollar store Watercolor, pencil, and ink on priority mail shipping box cheapart 20artshow conartistcollective 20dollar nycarts nycart longislandartist longislandart makeart stickerartist uspsart slaps tattooflash tattooskull skulls eye dabs 710society nycstreetart tripping lowborwart recycledart diyordie streetarteverywhere

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Comment from Gusto:

Post work relaxation 🍇❕💦 Going in on some sourdeisel shatter to ease my nerves after a long day. Working on editing new photos this evening and getting them finished so please stay posted 👀❤️❕🙏🏽💯👁💎 Thanks for lookin ! • • glassofig ommp glassforsale dabs dabbersdaily cannabiscommunity prop215 dank thousanddollarsmoke bomblife topshelp fueledbythc thc glassfortrade 710 headyculture 710society dabsrus terps buyboro glassfortrade instaweed glass wax hash 710visions bestofglass hash

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Comment from Adam:

Rhythm is a fckn dancer!!!! CHEAHHHH 👌😜😂😂😂 I'm a baked potato after this one you guys 😩🙄🤦‍♂️😂😂

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Comment from NoJudgement:

Make it aware! PTSD sucks so lets spread the word to those that might not know where they can find relief. Knowledge is power! Repost @integraproducts ( @get_repost) June 27 is National PTSDAwarenessDay PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is an anxiety condition caused by disturbing episodes, such as military combat or sexual assault. 3 classes of symptoms characterize PTSD: re-experiencing, avoidance, and hyper arousal (e.g., flashbacks, social isolation, insomnia). .The persistence of PTSD over time is attributed to changes in brain chemistry that occur at the time of the trauma, when adrenaline and stress hormones are hyper-responsive. .According to Researchers, people with PTSD had lower levels of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid compound, compared to those who did not show signs of PTSD... . .Lee (director of project CBD) wrote, “Innate to all mammals, anandamide (our inner cannabis, so to speak) triggers the same receptors that are activated by THC and other components of the marijuana plant.” . .In other words, one pillar of PTSD is an endocannabinoid deficiency: the body stops producing enough endocannabinoids to fill receptor sites, and this is where the cannabinoids found in marijuana play a therapeutic role. .By replenishing these missing endocannabinoids with those found in cannabis, researchers think marijuana pharmaceuticals might bring PTSD patients relief from their memories. More information on how cannabis effectively treats ptsd here: Via leafly. mmj leafly anandamide endocannabinoid growmeds cannabinoids thc cannabis cannabiscommunity

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Illadelph All In One SmokeShop


Comment from Illadelph All In One SmokeShop:

The Fuminatti recycler by @benjamindanklin_glass now available at our pennstate and Philly locations. DM for inquiries phillyglass 710 710society headyglass americanmade weare allinonesmokeshope

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BV Glass Art


Comment from BV Glass Art:

👽👽 AUCTION 👽👽 XL Heavy Stardust @subtl Radial Triangles pendant with 6mm Trillion Opal! Adjustable cord included 🚀 1️⃣ Bidding starts at $60, increments of $5, no reserve! Please add $3 for shipping to the U.S. 📦 2️⃣ Please do not bid if you will not be PayPal/Venmo ready within 24 hours, non payers will be blocked 🚫 3️⃣ Ends tonight when we call it (going once, going twice) ✅ bvglassart vitaminO dichro dichroic sacredgeometry glassauction glassauctions boroauction glassforsale availableglass auction boroauctions 710society dabstagram dabbersdaily glassofig glassart headyglass staymedicated headyglassforsale glassforsale bestofglass borosilicate boro hustleboro supportlocalglass nasaknows

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allen prus


Comment from allen prus:

Meltshot from the story 🍯🍯 deathstar OG ⛽️⛽️ faded 🤤

15 Minutes ago

Seven Ten


Comment from Seven Ten:

Möbius Clutch Polygon 6 for sale. Hearing offers! Looking for $700 shipped‼️ or $760 with used Toro grail XL- ‼️Will include all of the goodies shown and shipped in a case & bombproof! ❇️Includes everything shown! -Möbius Clutch Polygon 6 -Möbius peach flower slide -Peach airflow carb cap -Peach duckie carb cap ❇️The piece itself is in immaculate condition.. has only seen distilled water and regularly cleaned. DM any questions. NO TRADES. mobius mobiusglass mobiusclutch polygon6 mobiuspolygon peach peachgang peachboro peachglass peachmobius peachlife peachglassforsale peachglass710 peachglassgiveaway peachglass420 glass4sale glassforsale boroforsale boro dabs dabstagram dab concentrates 710time 710life 710society 710lifestyle 420 weedstagram420

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Comment from JEN:

"Helloooo nurse!" 😍😁😄😆 . Wakko

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Comment from MidsouthMarijuanaMovement™:

Maan finally tried these new Raw Black Papers they are🔥🔥dude at the shop was asking me the difference I gave the whole @rawkandroll Ferrari speech 😁.. my new everyday flyers ✌💚😃 . . 901nugs 901 thc 420 legalizethemidsouth high_larry_us settingfiretotrees cannabis4everyone cannabis4all friedlikemyegg 710society wedontsmokethesame topshelfmeds topshelflife weshouldsmoke loveyourplants lungslikeclouds rawlife raw247 weedstagram weedporn highsociety instaweed lungslikeclouds lungsjustfilthy stonednapoleon mylungslikeclouds topshelfmeds topshelflife wakeandbake weedfeed rollitup lightitup

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The Baker


Comment from The Baker:

There is only 1 spot left on the list. You know you want it and 22$ could get it for you. Thank you for supporting my little corner of the Universe. AmericanGlass FunctionalGlass FunctionaGlassArt Handblown HandblownGlass HighendGlass GlassArt GlassPorn GlassOfIG GlassforSale Glass4Sale BestofGlass BestofBoro StonerStatusSymbol 710Society ThousandDollarSmoke TheBakeryFGA IGAuctioneersDontWasteMyTimeIW NoMugshots JustTheHandsThatGive

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Comment from ‼️DDbangerz‼️:

If in need of a quality banger for an affordable price hit my DM 💪 ddbangerz quartzbanger dailydabbers dabbers_unite 710society prop215 dabs 710

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James M


Comment from James M:

🚨Auction🚨 Tonight I have this super clean carb cap with UV PINK PROTON marble this baby fits regular to large size bangers and really spins those terps! 🛑Rules🛑 1️⃣starts at $5 2️⃣add $5 domestic shipping 3️⃣ends 24 hrs after first bid 4️⃣must be PayPal ready 5️⃣1$ min increments Good Luck! ✌️ glassgiveaway borobook boroglass glassauction wedontsmokethesame dabber 710 dabs oil dab dabbing 420 cannabiscommunity wax HashmeApp 710society bho liveresin dabbers dabcity dablife dabsrus terps fullmelt 420friendly boroforsale dabberauction giveaway

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Marijuana User & Advocate 🐲


Comment from Marijuana User & Advocate 🐲:

Enjoying my @alphapuffkit papers 💯 Gunna fill them up with this Grandaddy Purple 🔥🔥🤤🚀🐉⚜️🐺🔑 alfastoner stoners stonersociety weed weedstagram thc cannabis hash highlife420 hightimes weed🍁 blunts cannabiscomunity weedporn weedstagram420 710 710community 710society marijuana joint joints maryjane 420 maryjanemania emeraldharvest appreciatetheganja

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Comment from Xhalecity:

Check out our stores on 7-10 for some sweet deals ✌

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