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Comment from tommie_trichomes:

You don't wanna miss this. Come get down with us! @nlnation @howloutmafia @ecg207 @jasperextracts rap jarrenbenton hiphop dabs dab cannabis cannabiscommunity herb maryjane marijuana 710 710life 710society weed weedstagram mmj ganja thc cbd dab30

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Dusty Pewonka


Comment from Dusty Pewonka:

Have you heard of tarikrosin yet?? These guys are taking over the Personal Rosin Press game! There's 3 different models and a newer BIGGER version coming soon! You gotta check these out if your an avid Dabber, no solvents! Treat your lungs and yourself! rosin rosinpress solventless solventfree whykillyourlungs 420 420somewhere weed dope marijuana 710 710society diy whatareyouwaitingfor getyours dabs dabbersdaily theoriginals keepthedreamalive

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Comment from BUN CHALICE:

Hyper colours in the sun fullspectrum boro elevatorglass digitaltheory brebestech glass glassart glassofig pendant pendantofig pendantsofig 420 710 dope colours alien skull outandabout awesomesauce oneofakind 1of1

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Dr. Johnny Greenthumb


Comment from Dr. Johnny Greenthumb:

👉 Good Morning from OCD Ranch. Jack Frost, Blueberry Trainwreck. Open Trellised. Hoping to have these ladies a lot Bushier. Like a 70's porn Queen. So far the idea is working🤔🤓😎☯️☮️ .. southerno wakeandbake ommp medicine topshelflife growyourown crafter of fine herbs thc 420 710 cbd cannabis canna cannabiscommunity music art culture mind body spirit soul rocknroll vintage retro record collector musician gardening ibanezguitars

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Comment from clean_extractions:

Prices are in Canadian + shipping. 3x3 $425 3x6 $520 4x7 $575. That's for plates and dual control box fully assembled ready to attach to you press and plug into the wall. rosin rosintech rosinpress rosinrevolution solventless hashoil i502 710 prop203 prop215 sho dabs flowerrosin hightimes cannabisculture kush cannabiscommunity bubblehash weed rollitup fuckcombustion shatter nugrun rosinbudder terps kush rosinbags bubblehash iwe

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Ninja Dabber


Comment from Ninja Dabber:

I love the slow-mo function vids 😎🌪🌪🌪 this @chipglass refined klein is still for sale! Scoop it while you can! chipg chipgang chipgforsale forsale heady headyglass headyforsale headyfortrade headyglassart headyglassofig headyglassforsale headyglassfortrade glassart glassofig glassforsale glassfortrade boroart boroofig boroforsale borofortrade oprahsbookclub oprahswookclub 710 710society thousanddollarglass thousanddollarsmoke refinedklein recycler bestofglass

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Comment from Dirty:

Wake and bake wakenbake weedporn weed bong bongrips 420 420society 710society 710

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Comment from Alex:

One from yesterday fume prep preplife goldandsilver glassart glass boro headyglass glassporn 710 headyart 420 art pendantsofig glasslove glasslife lampworking glass_of_ig boroforsale glassforsale heady pendant dabs borosilicate dabbersdaily flameworking glasspipes MountainManGlass love

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Donald Byers


Comment from Donald Byers:

💎Auction! Blue Opal Mini Sherly Kickstand marble Signed & dated. -Rules- •Auction closes 3 hours from first bid! •Starts at whatever •Minimum $5 bid •Steal $80 Dibs price •$6 USA shipping. Dm for International. •PayPal, Credit & Debit are accepted. --- Good luck! ~Byers

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Eяιкα 🌸


Comment from Eяιкα 🌸:

highsociety kush bluntculture fueledbych stoner stoned ganja cannabis dope wfayo 710 420 weedstagram dank smoke iphonesia sky swag girlswhosmokeweed girl gay lesbian likeforlike followforfollow follow4follow fashion spamforspam spamforspam marijuana

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Comment from newjerseyninja:

What do you guys use to clean pH probes? I rinse it off after use and store it properly but after a few grows it gets shitty, I'm gonna research it a bit either way just wanted to see what you guys do

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Comment from fixit:

👆🍁Dosidos👌Blue Gelato😧Schwartz Yogurt👊Lemon Shortbread🤗 Nice 1 @dublin_buds 👆🍁😧👊Lovely stuff 👌 . . . . 420 710 topshelf cali2dublin dublindank fuckcancer

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Top Shelf Only


Comment from Top Shelf Only:

Big Boulders of Bacio Gelato 41 🍨🍦 @sherbzilla_inc whiteashes loudpack ismokeloud bitxhimhigh glockteam pushtrees high_larry_us priteam fueledbythc hightimes dankshots420 cookiesorbetter hightimes teambackwood dankshots420 weedstagram420 cannabiscommunity cannabisculture medicalmarijuana medicalcannabis marijuana cannabis maryjane thc 420 710 sherbzillagrown sherbzilla

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Matt - Canadian Lampworker


Comment from Matt - Canadian Lampworker:

I think I need to incorporate linework into my pieces more often. Agua Azul and 50/50 Jailhouse Clear wigs. Also featuring my like 8th retti ever. Finally starting to dial in my stringer work 😬 710 420 eraglassworks yyc 403 403highlife nextlevelarmy errl dabs errlofig keepitchronic cloudsovercanada dowhatyoulove lovewhatyoudo supportlocalart boroballers dabbersparadise canadianglass albertaglass teamberta pipemaker glassofig dabchamps oprahswookclub staylifted stayhumble degenerateart teamgtt mirage

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GG ☕💨🔥💚💫💎


Comment from GG ☕💨🔥💚💫💎:

Sparkkkk & Shine, loves!! 🔥💎💖 It's YourWednesdayJustGotDanker time, sooo come get some Pisaa 🍕 with us at TheMeltdown. All your favorite people will be in the house! Maybe some NinjaTurtles 🐢 PullUP who knows- DontSleep TerpyLove GanjaLove Danklicious 420 710 TheMove GetHipQuick 👀👀👀🚨🚨🚨Just Announced🚨🚨🚨👀👀👀 @wake.bake.goodzdc_llc will be giving away infused Pizza Bites to the first 50 people at the door. Get there early tomorrow🐢🐢🐢🔥🔥🔥🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 DM any vendor for location

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Not Another Glass Shop


Comment from Not Another Glass Shop:

When one of our customers decks out their bike with our stickers 😍😍😍😍

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Comment from UnderBoobSweat:

Decisions decisions.... Follow @under_boob_sweat 4 more green memes 👍🌱 - - - - - 420 cannabis weed weedstagram ganja highsociety maryjane stoner 710 kush highlife cannabiscommunity dank thc hightimes high weedporn smoke pot stoned dabs weedstagram420 stonernation dope mmj shatter fueledbythc topshelflife instagood instaweed

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Comment from Piece_Please:

Second auction of today everybody! . AUCTION STARTING NOW . Talk about unique! I see vortexes, and I see pipes, but I surely don’t see them together too often. This one of a kind cobalt blue spoon with a vortex marble on the side. pictures just don’t do a vortex any justice, you really have to see them for yourself! 🔻Starting Bid: $35 🔻NO reserve! 🔻Bid increments of at least $5 🔻BIN: $50 SHIPPED👀 🔻Auction ends 24 hours after first bid 🔻Buyer pays shipping (Excluding BIN offer) 🔻Must message back within 24 hours of auction end. . Enjoy the auction everyone, and good luck! If you have a friend who might like this, make sure to tag them too! . . . Thank you for tagging friends. For those of you who don’t know, much of my exposure comes from when people tag their friends on my posts. Although it is a simple gesture for you and only takes a couple seconds, it is extremely thoughtful to me because it supports me being able to do what I love. So once again, thanks for tagging friends! 🙌

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Cristian Arias


Comment from Cristian Arias:

My new piece.. dabstagram dabsbeforework dablife dablove 420love 420 420love 710dabs 710 710love weedporn weedlife staylit dank theplug bongrips newdabrig stoners stonersnation

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Alex 18+ ONLY


Comment from Alex 18+ ONLY:

My first attempt at an eyeball pendant/working with milli in general really... The 🌈 eye milli was made and given to me by the pencil machine himself @sherbetglassart! Some of the first pendants I saw way back in the day were Sherb's, and it's pretty fun to look at mine next to the couple super old Sherb ones my friends and I have! Oh also this one cracked in a few places so it'll be staying with me 👍 👁 💜 milli 🌈 eyeseeyou sherbet classics gannettglasscolor celerystick planemoglass glassart glassofig glassporn massglass beastcoast boro buylocal supportthemakers stonersofig errl shatter dabbers dabachusetts 420 710

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FattyJawn Inc


Comment from FattyJawn Inc:

Low temper with some new Berner bumpin 😎✌🏻 dabs terps onlysmokethefinest lowtemp allgoldeverything dablife dabbersdaily dabbers_unite dabtime concentrates errl 710 420 weed weedstagram cannabis cannabiscommunity highlife stayhigh letssmoke

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Comment from PicsOfGanja🌍:

Firee🔥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tag your Friends🗣 Thanks for watching😗 We love ganja 💚 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 ➖➖ marijuana cannabis CannaSociety420 bud hightimes herb 710 greensociety kronic ganja pot ganja highsociety thc 420 w420 weedgram massroots medical dank pothead herblife stonerday bluntculture green highlifepicsofganja.

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Mark Whittaker


Comment from Mark Whittaker:

This dab got me not caring about how this morning has gone. Medication is the key ingredient to what helps me cope with the day. Other2ise I wouldn't be able to move on with my morning and enjoy the rest of my day. Here's to being lit af and now I may finally enjoy my day!!! 😎👊🔥💨💯 distillate 710 shatter errl dailydabs mmjlife 420 weed weedstagram 710photography 710society dank cannabis marijuana ganga medicated medicalpatient stoneyforaliving weshouldsmoke highlife highsociety cloudsovercanada cloudsfordays canadianstoners canadiandabbers

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James Tiberius Kirk


Comment from James Tiberius Kirk:

This is what "they" think. They think they are prepared to fight SWAT teams and state National Guards. @Regrann from @stonedagegear - 🔥This is actually going around on Christian fb sites and they want a sided war🔥 They are waiting for the call to serve their dictator! Stay awake! They are silently trying to silence us! Thank you @house615 for the time you took to share this! Kool Aid drinking leads to traitor THINKING! Stay woke ✊👎 💂👺💂👺💂👺💂👺💂 ORANGUT IN CHIEF IS A TREASONOUS RUSSIAN SELL OUT!! constitutionalcrisis NEVER NORMALIZING THAT whinylittlebitch TRUMP! _________💚___________ billma meme mexican cannabiscommunity medicalmarijuana weshouldsmoke impeachtrump HEWILLNOTDIVIDEUS shepersisted 710 dabbersdaily indivisible resist highlife sisterresistors topshelflife instaweed ryeroll prop215 cannabisculture dabs notmypresident

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i love my man


Comment from i love my man:

All of u can enjoy this photo of me, incredibly happy, turnt as hell, holding this little, fatty puppy 💟🎂🐶 happy itsmabirthday latepost tb puppy americanbulldog kingshephard socute adorable turnt lit highsociety higherthanmost higherconsciousness topshelflife 710 onlysmokethefinest onebakedbetch kushgoons kushqueens drunk puppylove bongbeauties

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Comment from rsokillscancercells:

Free all cannabis drug POW's and end prohibition in every state! cannabis 420 mainemmj mainemmjpatient mainegrown painmanagement growyourown makeyourown mmj 207 207grower thc cbd tentfarmer 710 oil idontgrowenoughforyou nosales legalize letitgrow qwiso qwet rso makeyourownmedicine fuckbigpharma nature art photography rp

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Weed Memes


Comment from Weed Memes:

When the WakeAndBake gets you good 😇🔥

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Bill McMahon


Comment from Bill McMahon:

Super stable gorillaglue crumble by @ladybugcannabis for this beautiful wax wednesdays save some green with dope concentrate discounts @arbors_wellness weshoulddab clean quality marijuana cannabis thc highlife hightimes highsociety highgrade 710 710society cannabiscommunity catsthatdab quaveclubbanger illego

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Comment from theglassaffiliate: Free Shipping Within the U.S. Loads of deals going on currently on the site! Come take a look for yourself! @TheGlassAffiliate Backup: @TheGlassAdvocate ------- weed marijuana dabs bud dailydabber heady iwanttomarrymary glassforsale glassofig headyglass mmj tube pipe bong dabrig forsale 420 710 cannabiscommunity topshelf blowtrees cheapglass dab errl stoner dank maryjane shatter boro theglassaffiliate

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Comment from DrAe:

Ive seen this video all over IG but I honestly can't get over it. So amazing. @erik.nugshots has maaaaaaad skills, check out his page. Just filthy what he can do with a camera 💎💎💎📸📸🔥🔥 --- repost @erik.nugshots

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Tanner Castle


Comment from Tanner Castle:

Bob Marley Implosion 1 - 1.37'' This marble has the unusual effect of forcing its observer to begin singing their favorite Bob Marley song; science still cannot explain why. 🔮🎤💚 Theorists suspect it has something to do with the hypnotic tornado of green gases that surround a crystal emerald substance, while other's hypothesize it is the psychedelic visions imprinted on the rear of the marble. 🌀❇️🍄 Though there may be some disagreement in scientific circle, one thing is universally accepted: "It's pretty far out, man.” 🔬🌐💚 This marble and many others are available on my website. 🔮 🔥 🔥 ❗️ Link is also in my bio ❗️ Feel free to message me with any questions 🔮 📷 Photograph by @glasslama glassforsale boroforsale boro glass glassart glassofig glassporn headyglass headyart marble marbles marblesofig mibs fume dichroicalchemy dichroicglass dichro bobmarley implosion profoundglass opal vitamino florida glasslife glassblowing lampworking oprahsbookclub 420 710

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Comment from globbyjohnson710:

Good morning 🤣

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