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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet:

I have 4 absolutely incredible pieces available now from my friend and amazing artist @arrow_dryden including 3 10mm with the 💎💎💎 being the orange crush rainbow heater and the lemon 🍋 drop Dabzy that's the only 14mm has a 14/14 matching drop 👌👌 dabzys are no longer available except by custom order only so if you're looking for one I've got the only one available now 🤘🤘So if you see something that catches your 👀👀 hit my dm cause 2 have @grandpaglass opals and the 2 in the center have flip bases 😱🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥 glassforsale glassofig glassporn 420 710 710society 10mm 10mmmafia heady headyglass headyglassforsale bestofglass dab dabs dabstagram dablife dabbersdaily dabbers_unite dailydabber dailydabbers stonernation stoner staylifted bangerhanger arrowdryden

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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet:

I have 5 absolute 🔥🔥🔥 10mm minis available now from my homie and amazing artist @kevlarglass including a full absinthe and an amber purple and alien 👽 tech heady 😈😈 all with matching carbcaps except the 10mm alien 👽 tech but Ill include an @aaroncampbellglass clear cap with it on me ✌️So if you like anything you see hit my dm cause Ive got a LOT of functionals available now 🤘🤘🤘glassforsale glassofig glassporn 420 710 710society 10mm 10mmmafia minirig smallerisballer heady headyglass headyglassforsale bangerhanger dab dabs dabstagram dablife dabbersdaily dabbers_unite dailydabber dailydabbers staylifted hightimes travelrig bestofglass highlife

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Jamalee 🍁


Comment from Jamalee 🍁:

I could photograph cows for hours on end... 🐮 SoCute Cow Adorable Steer Heifer BlueSkies SundayFunday Jersey FeedLot Photography Nikon D7000 WideAngle Sigma 10mm Fun GetOutdoors Spring Canada Beautiful BritishColumbia FarmLife

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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet:

Also have ✌️absolute 🔥🔥🔥 10mm 2hole mini heaters 💎💎 available now from my homie and amazing artist @slo_glass including an incredible cobalt and a pomegranate just a bit taller and both are thick and sick as hell and ready for some serious work 💨💨💨 And I'm gonna do a special this week on these ✌️at only 115$ shipped each in the US your choice 🤘🤘first come first serve 😆😆 So if you're looking some color and don't have tons of cash 💰no worries I have multiple options because my crew hook me up and I pass that on to you 👊🤘So wether you're looking for some higher end or on a budget hit my dm cause if I don't have it I know someone who can make it 🔥🔥🔥 glassforsale glassofig glassporn 420 710 710society 10mm 10mmmafia heady headyglass headyglassforsale bangerhanger dab dabs dabstagram dablife dabbersdaily dabbers_unite dailydabber dailydabbers staylifted stonernation stoner hightimes highlife smallerisballer

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Jon Marino


Comment from Jon Marino:

Ever wonder what full power 10mm rounds look, sound, and feel like. Well here's a GoPro's take on a glock 20 with 10mm nosler hollow points. glock glock20 10mm hollowpoints fullpower nosler glockporn gopro goproview pewpewlife pewpew gunporn everydayglock gunsofinstagram barneys rangetime range shooting fun gladiators

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Comment from 보니따뷰티:

속눈썹연장 늘 러시안볼륨 하시는데 이제는 자연스럽게 내 것 처럼 하고 싶으시다고 C컬10mm 로 연장하셨어요^^ 대구아이라인대구점막아이라인대구자연눈썹대구틴트입술미백관리커버드비비잡티커버피부관리봄철피부관리대구왁싱대구속눈썹연장메이크업업스타일물광피부촉촉한피부대구피부관리잘하는곳 ♥토탈뷰티샵 보니따뷰티♥ 🎶왁싱,속눈썹연장,네일,자연눈썹,점막아이라인,틴트입술,밀크필,mts,업스타일,메이크업을 한 곳에서🎶 📞예약문의 010 9211 7045 📱카톡 sosrjf ⌚영업시간 AM11시~PM08시 😄메이크업,헤어 영업시간외 예약가능 ★ 일요일도 정상영업해요 대구죽전네거리대우월드마크상가2층 ☞☞네이버에서 보니따뷰티 or 대구아이라인 검색해주세용 블로그 오픈행사 클릭클릭

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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet:

Also have 3 incredible pieces available now from my homie and amazing artist @gorfitsglass including a 10mm orange elvis, a 14mm blood red, and the 10mm serendipity with a matching bucket set from my friend and amazing artist @akhanglass and the old pic was degraded as a lot are so Ill be posting up new pics and multiple views so you can see the 🔥🔥🔥 in full detail and the love put in every piece from the artist 💪💪 Truly amazed I still have these beautiful pieces including ✌️3hole percs and the serendipity is a 4 hole circ 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪 glassforsale glassofig glassporn 420 710 710society bangerhanger bestofglass 10mm 10mmmafia heady headyglass headyglassforsale topshelflife dabstagram dabbersdaily dabbers_unite dailydabbers dailydabbers staylifted hightimes highlife honeybucket serendipity highendglass topshelflife

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Federico Manzetti


Comment from Federico Manzetti:

Non tutti gli arcobaleni arrivano dopo la pioggia 🌇🔥🌙 . . . photo photogrid photography photographer sunset rainbow colorful colors river nikon d3300 samyang 10mm sky clouds reflection night 2017 red blue black light love passion travel italy torino ig_turin stars spring

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Comment from Yuika613:

まつげエクステシングルラッシュ 自然10mm9mm8mm cjミックス マスカラ塗ってる時みたいな仕上がり希望だったので自然な濃さと長さを🤗💡

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Jordan Caballero


Comment from Jordan Caballero:

Half g of crater lake... best oil ive had in a minute 🎶💎🔥💨🙌 torus minitorus mini rig recycler incycler glass oilrig ganja baked dab cannabis concentrate glob drain function 420 710 10mm enail oil shatter sugarwax clear

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Taurus Han Tiancheng


Comment from Taurus Han Tiancheng:

B&W 19/365 10mm melbourne monochrome everydayisanewday blackandwhite flashback film

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Comment from SgK_Glass:

Up for a couple wag pendants before I start another batch. You pick witch line tubing you would like and pick the back color. Hit me up in the Dm if interested. Thanks outdoorsledzeppelinhollowtubeminihanger10mm420420society710710societyoprahsbookclubglassartglassofigdabdabberfumesilverfumegoldfumebangermaria wigwagthickarkansasmadelinesspiralsparkle

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La Pistola


Comment from La Pistola:

repost @youngbuckdave: SIGsaturday with the @sigsauerinc P220 HUNTER chambered in 10MM found at @pro_armament YoungBuckDave YBD ▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪ sigsauer p220 10mm sig firearmphotography igmilitia igmilitiaoh beast dtom gunsofig gunsofinstagram gunporn metal gunrights beastmode kryptek edc 2A molonlabe camo firearmphotography 10 2ndamendment usa merica goodmorning pewpew

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Hideki Suzuki


Comment from Hideki Suzuki:

sold out ハウライト 10mm ブレスレット 天然石Crearth

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Comment from Xdillerxr:

~Atualizando o diário última postagem minha acho que meu peso estava oscilando e variando entre 88,00 kgs -Bem desde então regredi nos treinos porém uma pausa estratégica não estou na minha melhor condição é acho difícil voltar a ser o que era porém o trabalho está sendo feito ....... -BF: 11% -DOBRAS ABS : 10MM Sim a pele está bem fina graças algumas manobras estratégias 🤔 Altura : 1,70 Protocolo :? 1 depo pharmagrade a cada 13 dias Bold eqfort veterinária : 600 mg / s ... Acredite se quiser eu sei é difícil mas ..... Dieta : 4,500 kcals diário -Aprendi a trabalhar com o que possuo em mãos é assim vamos seguindo , reclamar menos e ir sempre no teu objetivo Então seguimos não é off nem contest 👊👊👊 ccb amempai contrariandoasestatisticas soquemedelasabeoqueacontece amempai canibalinc ~psicólogo esportivo: @gustavo_mohallem para maiores infos chame ele no inbox o cara é fera

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Sap Glass


Comment from Sap Glass:

This 10mm Blueberry Hawaiian Punch Rig is a Ripper!!! Up for auction a few posts back! We appreciate the support 🙏 sapglass vaughnglassworks collab 10mm blueberry hawaiian punch set rig pipe waterpipe glass glassart glassofig handmade art artist artwork glassauction hawkhillranch hawkhillstudio dots dotstack dotsovernodots dowork provethemwrong realrecognizereal

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Theis Holsters


Comment from Theis Holsters:

SpeedyClip OWB Holster for a SigSauer 1911 full size from

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Jonnie Weiss


Comment from Jonnie Weiss:

I have this piece up for auction 1 post back! The auction ends at 9:00pm pst and the current highest bid is only at $135!! glassauction dewartube dragonseye 10mm minitube oprahsbookclub 710 glassforsale

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Comment from freeekshow710:

Still have the akira 10mm kuzel for sale. 1150 shipped! First to DM me takes it. ryanfitt ryanfittglass gabehalliday glassheads headyglassforsale heady akira akiratoriyama headies headylife headyglass headyforsale hett boro boroglass boromarket boroforsale boroauction thousanddollarglass thousanddollarsmoke anime pukinbeagle 10mm

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Comment from SMASH:

Pomegranate carved mini tube with @tpaulky!!! Stoked on these minis...Hope you like them as much as we do! 10mm with removable diffy. 4.5 in. NFS smashglass glassart minitube minirig carvedglass ftballins 10mm metaterrania Pomegranate coloradocolorcompany coloradoglass

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esteban guerrero


Comment from esteban guerrero:

El cosmos es to lo que es, todo lo que fue y todo lo que será. Sabemos que nos aproximamos al mas grande de los misterios. Carl Sagan universetoday astrofotografia milkywaychasers milkyway universe picoftheday iquique fotografoschile cielosdechile canon 10mm shoot2kill photopills skylover vialactea pampa landscape natgeo natgeotravel photooftheday fantasticuniverse

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Fernando Lara


Comment from Fernando Lara:

wideanglelens artisticportrait mexicocity cdmx 1022mmlens 10mm canon monochrome blackandwhite monochromatic

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Martin Nekro


Comment from Martin Nekro:

streching 10mm 12mm baal44 piercing bodmods

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Pnw Glass Ventures


Comment from Pnw Glass Ventures:

The chug on @itsbeaker most recent tube is something fierce. I couldn't keep the camera still it was rumbling so hard! This one is looking for a home so hit us up for details 🍋🍈🍋🍈 wheresbeaker pnwglassventures scientificheadies madewithlove illuminatioverchartreuse darkclear 10mm stringerperc availableglass glassforsale

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Gabriel Denis


Comment from Gabriel Denis:

Spring time fun Ft. Beach with Maia! Canon 700d with Sigma 10mm f/2.8 fisheye lens FortPierce florida floridalife photooftheday photography canon sigma fisheye fisheyelens lovethefort autism autismawareness 10mm fun sunset blueskies beach jetty southcausewaypark

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Shawn Sartelle


Comment from Shawn Sartelle:

ThinBlueLine Glock 10mm Change Looks Regularly Always Diffrent Ordered

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Going in on a .5 of sidewalker fuck it why not _____________________________________ Dabbing: @creamextracts Sidewalker OG _____________________________________ Using: @dabberjones bottle _____________________________________ headyglass headymule feedthemule errllife sleepteamextracts😴 sleepteamextracts oil wax cleanmedsonly russianassassinboyz og cannabiscommunity cannabis fuckcancer bho glassofig guruglass 10mm 10milmafia johnnybrashglass venturicaps

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Giveaway @ 3k


Comment from Giveaway @ 3k:

The swanger that's going with the colab set. Going for a steal over on @sapglass page. prettypotheads staymedicated stonergirlsdoitbetter potheadsociety 10mm 2016 420feed fullmelt dabsrus 710society nasaknows rosin solventless thousanddollarsmoke moneybagmonday oprahsbookclub iohone6s stonernation millyrock marijuana highsociety cannabiscommunity shatter dabbersdaily wax weedstagram concentrates copiousamountsofcannabis

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Jason Sandoval


Comment from Jason Sandoval:

Great day outside to do some shooting. 10mm 380 308sniperrifle oneshotonekill usmc glock10mm glock380 militarytrained

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Provisional Survival Concepts


Comment from Provisional Survival Concepts:

Sunday gunday is time to mod up your guns.. @glockinc 29 getting some love and cleaned and polished. Not sure if I'm going to stipple the 10mm but who knows... It will definitely be getting a @t5customkydex holster cause thats the only way to carry ... 2a guns survival PSC edc ccw nra maga 2ndamendment glock

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Comment from Paul:

Regular speed function on the @captncronic blue stardust recycler. glassforsale glassofig glassporn trautmanartglass 10mm buyboro boroofig boroforsale boro dabbersdaily midwestdabbers oilhead waterspinner recycler bluestardust forsale glassart

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Comment from choicenug:

Chillin' down here in Oakland for the week with @knastagardens! Dabbing some Creme Brûlée budda we pressed using the @powersplates nebglass rosin flowerrosin cookies glassofig glassporn 10mm qcb solventless

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B6 cab power


Comment from B6 cab power:

マルシン8mmハンドキャノン ガンブルー仕様Hand CanonBREN TEN10mm

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