Photos of Firenze, Piazza Del Duomo

Loïc Hervo


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Florence vue du campanile

3 Minutes ago

Loïc Hervo


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Cathédrale de Florence nofiltre

6 Minutes ago



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새로운 친구들과 감동스런 야경🤤 떠나기 아쉬운 영화같은 비오는 피렌체🙈🙊 . . dailyphotooftheday heday피렌체야경niceviewfirenzeraint

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Lucia Magionami


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Il cielo sopra il duomo. Passeggiare per Firenze in una calda estate. notte florence

21 Minutes ago

Tom Griffith


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Fastest moving clouds I've ever seen.

29 Minutes ago



Comment from brittneywake❂̇:

always missing my coral ✨

36 Minutes ago



Comment from Sharon(Hsin-I):

Cute❤travel trip europe italy florence historic city travelgram

47 Minutes ago

Giovanni Pacini


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duomo earlymorning noturists firenze florence italy italia

56 Minutes ago

Andrew Giles


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florence italy piazza del duomo

1 Hours ago

Berlin Eng


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I did a Firenze Jump before Florence Throwback

1 Hours ago

Marty Brueggemann


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Morning through the window (time lapse inspired by the great @stevepycroft ) florence

1 Hours ago

Olga Zubkova


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Glass Half Full Type Of Girl


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I'm looking back through my photos and came across this picture of these church doors. I remember studying this in art class. "The gates of paradise" were done in 1425 by Ghiberti.--When you're surrounded by so much beauty it's hard to describe what you're feeling. I almost missed these doors because I was swept up by the huge duomo behind me. I was in a trance. I guess I can see these doors again in my dreams tonight. 😴😴

1 Hours ago



Comment from ARB:

Im the one and only

1 Hours ago



Comment from SHON:

One last stroll around town at sunrise. Just me and the birds ☺️

1 Hours ago

Heidi Zickefoose


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Gelato art...

2 Hours ago



Comment from Alexandr:

italy florence италия флоренция

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Comment from Sebastian:

fa·cade fəˈsäd/ noun the face of a building, especially the principal front that looks onto a street or open space.

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Comment from Sebastian:

gelateria edoardo 🍦

2 Hours ago



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