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Jon King showing how it's done. Demo at 2016 Clay Fest at the Lane Events Center. throwingpots pottery vase handmadepottery surfacedecoration oregonpotters opa oregonpottersassn ceramicshowcase

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Beautiful spring has come to eugene oregon with the arrival of tiny cherryblossom tree flowers.

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i.m. ruzz


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Ashley Marion


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☔️ This clip was filmed in a two week period at the Shelter indoor in Eugene, 2007 (?), on a borrowed camera with a super busy work schedule. We would beg Dominic (the owner) to let us in for 30 mins for $2 basically everyday for those two weeks. He wasn't stoked but said if I got bangers he was down. Thank you Dom! Thanks to @benjaminspok for putting in work 📽 with me, and thanks @staylame for filming a clip too! Sorry about the random DOS clip, no clue how that got in there. Highlights were getting props from SBN on the hardflip, and finally doing kickflip backflips down the rail, which supposedly is no where to be found. Shelter was sooo fun! @lipstickskateboards @bodytemplepotions @stretchmore @shrediskateboarding @therealgza 👐GZA wutang skateanddestroy toasteroven footy trainingfacility indoor skatepark shelter eugene exploregon skatelife skateboarding historylesson pj popflipboom kickflipnoseslide shreditv shrediskateboarding ninjasauce wayoftheshredi

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Chuck Fahl


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Liz Foote Treacy


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Hello, Gorgeous~ rainydayoregonrainbowconnections

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Don't let one cloud obliterate the whole sky cloudporn anaisnin clouds oregon

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Mikel Maria


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The bright side of all this rain rainbow trafficlight waitingforthebus lovebus

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I know she meant "best" but I like it better this way. beastmode coolbeast

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Brittany Bayer


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Feeling terrible. But I am going to get lunch soon. . . . . . . . . . memes wannadie killme avocado korean is hard headache lunch food foodie selfie foodstagram school college korea learning learningkorean

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Rachel Gion


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Coffee, clear thoughts, open perspective, and a journal, all I'm missing is Nature. 🌲

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Noelle Pflanz


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"I had a theory that if I could understand the South, I would understand something about California." vsco vscocam joandidion southandwest books newbooks springreads bookstagram

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Robert J Ouellette


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This is my first taste out of a kombucha I was processing. I'm going to give it 3 to 4 more days and bottle it. This is a picture of what I taste it last night absolutely perfect🙏 !! makingmymedicine realmedicine kombucha fermentation livefood eattolive eatvegan plantsnotpills eatorganic chronssurvivor fuckbigpharma diverticulitis probiotics seed7extractions immortalsoul wickedrad iloveoregon loveyourself ilovelife oneness ilove 41andprime

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Phillip Farris


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Eduardo Luna


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El piston tomando su shake

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Mr. B Grieves


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The Ultimate 8"x10" Acrylics on canvas board I thought it only appropriate to immortalize the immortal spirit of the Ultimate Warrior by presenting his ring gear. You know you love it. . . . . . outsiderart lowbrowart lowbrow art stonerart machoman ultimatewarrior wwe wweart wwf wwefanart originalart dopesmoker bullshitartist ineeditgreasy bizarre weirdo buymyart buymyshit igotdogstofeed lowbrowclown bizarreart weirdoart strangeart dude scanme freak weedstagram

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Mr. B Grieves


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Ultimate Warrior crotch, work in progress. You know you love it. Almost finished with this one. Just needs some tassels. . outsiderart lowbrowart lowbrow art stonerart ultimate warrior ultimatewarrior wwe wweart wwf wwefanart originalart

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Ernest Harris


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If we are being honest. You have never seen the real Ernest until you've seen me out wearing this shirt. 5 years later it still fits and the party never stops. partyanimals itsalwaysthesame partypanda haveyoubeenlucky isitsummeryet

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Talib Lamont


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I'm way up I feel blessed😌

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Alicia Perkins


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Borrowed from a friend... yes, tired happens. But more often we fall away from our goals because we lose the excitement of the first moment we set out on our journey. Working on any goal takes a bit of mundane effort and we allow ourselves to be discouraged. There is never a PERFECT time to change your life. There will ALWAYS be challenges. Today has just as much opportunity for success as any other day so GET TO IT!!! 21dayfix 21dayfixchallenge beprepared beachbody motivationalquotes dontgiveup fitness fitmom goals keeptrying nevergiveup

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Always a blast tattooing this guy. Had so much fun this weekend! @snowbros3ph thanks for the good times!!!

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Mr. B Grieves


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Late night quickie! His name is Knot Boy, 5"x7" acrylics on canvas board. Just having fun, wanted to paint something weird. He's for sale, 20$, cheap, free shipping in the U.S. Send me a message if you're interested! . . . . outsiderart lowbrowart lowbrow art stonerart blazing bong weedstagram marijuana dopesmoker bullshitartist ineeditgreasy bizarre weirdo buymyart buymyshit igotdogstofeed lowbrowclown bizarreart weirdoart strangeart dude scanme freak originalart

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Super Touch


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Adding the Super Touch on a chevy truck. Contact me to get that Super Touch on your ride👌🏼

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