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Grace 🎨

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throwbackthursday Posting some of my old paintings which I failed to share .. I hope even a little spark can motivate and inspire people to start a big move.. This was my very first digital painting which I done back in 2014. Before that I never used to paint anything with colors in digital/traditional way.. I started to draw when I was in grade 6 and that too for a fun competitions... I never realised my gift for arts and done that for fun throughout my school days. In 2014, with all possible challenges I decided to bring my best and this came out as a voice for my calling... then I tired to paint traditionally with all possible mediums to find out my signature 😊.. Im proud and thankful for everything happened so far in my life🙏 I'll continues to post some interesting stuff with my arts in near future.. thank u... By the way, this was completely drawn in GIMP FOSS and Linux Mint oldpainting eye eyepainting enchantressgrace digitalart digitalpainting firstdigitalpainting opensourcesoftware painting art throwback digitalartist inspiration motivation thursday nofilter picoftheday photooftheday instadaily instagood tbt love instagram instamoment life