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  • Ahhh that's siiiick!! I'm so excited I can't wait!! @gnosyglass
  • @cottonkandy420 i have not forgotten about you and i have one of these for u free, and custom pink dichroic accessories for your minimilker z for free, will be awhile before shipping tho sorry ✌😢
  • Sold @cannablissed thankyou
  • BIN Might as well make it a pair!
  • @710original thankyou for your bid, how many gnosyglass carbcaps do u want
  • @wizwrd thankyou for starting this off, Thabongshop goodluck
  • @upnsmokeonline thankyou for your bid, how many gnosyglass carbcaps do you want for your store?
  • 15
  • $10
  • Very cute
  • 5



Comment from gnosy:

This auction has been closed SOLD THANKYOU ,i have this exact art in stock, see my feed for new auction AUCTION bids start 1$ BIN BUY IT NOW 20$ twenty dollars googlewallet only, coments orders welcome, we are looking at the top hole of a gnosyglass carbcap directional flow, 710society quartzbanger thousanddollarsmoke glassofinstagram dabbers dabbersdaily dabstars dab dabstagram dabsrus dabsociety dabsohard dab dabs glass_of_ig glassofig highsociety highlife headshop smokeshop boroballers bhombingamerica bhombing_america bestofglass high_larry_us stankyydankyy blackroses i can be contacted kik gnosyglass, 📢 psa tag your local headshop, thabongshop for instance, if you want to see these there , directional airflow carb cap is a standard and mandatory dabbing accessory,using only a dabber and no carb cap specifically a directional carb cap will not give you the equivalent dab, opinions welcome see functional vid on my feed, this features a weighted bottom, thankyou all that bid and thumbed up, please turn on my feed notifications for daily pics, vids, flash sales of my glass