Bradley Howes
164 Days ago
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  • 😎
  • Damn what is that attached to the mushroom, this is fresh
  • But with a big bail lol
  • Damn man this is amazing i need one dm me a price lol


Bradley Howes

Comment from Bradley Howes:

x @item9glass collab. There are many types of mushrooms however few produce psychedelic effects. This particular species produces intense hallucinations, usually ideas that manifest themselves as bold new creations. This species grows on top of vitreous silver veins found only in California and Iowa. Some of the silver usually leaches into the mushroom and is responsible for the colors on the surface as well as the unique psychedelic properties. DM for inquires about pricing and use of this rare shroom. Better pictures once the harvest is complete. glass collab silver silvertech silverlife mushroom pendy pendant fume fumelife fumetech psychedelic shrooms