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  • Fire as all fucks...the best @firefly_glass 👊👊👊 respek homie
  • That's so sick!!! 😍😍😍
  • @cali_cannabis_culture some people don't realize that one of these pendants has around 100-200 dollar worth of raw materials before dude even lights his torch up ...
  • Nice scoop 🔥🔥🙌🏽💎💎 some people just don't understand 😂
  • Baller as fuck🙏
  • @dabnetree_420 he is the king. Acid eatter pendants are priceless to a big collector
  • Worth every penny. Killer piece 🔥🔥🔥
  • @Kristendabs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 💎💎
  • @cali_cannabis_culture how do people pay $810 for this??? it's simple... wake up, hustle, sleep, eat, repeat. = obtain things you want. $810, $81,000 or $8.1 million....same formula.
  • funny how some people politely flip out when you discuss expensive things
  • Sick af!! Killin it!
  • @cali_cannabis_culture ya wanna check out some auctions for pendys that'll make ur head spin on the price check out @origionalgongster $7.6k for a pendy is ridiculous even for me.
  • @dabnetree_420 💪💪❤🙏
  • Sick piece
  • @cali_cannabis_culture if you don't understand the price of something then it wasn't meant for you. That wasn't being mean, my glass collection is probably over 10k but my car is a piece of crap. It gets me from here to there. I don't understand people who buy new cars and lose 7k by driving it off the lot. Wife has the nice car. I just go to work.



Comment from -~=FireFly=~-:

AUCTION!!! I have this @sherbetglassart colab up for auction! This opal eyed gorilla dabber is also a pendant. Functions really well because the gorilla holds up your dab when you set it down. It is ti signed/dated on back and measures 4.5" length. Comes with free shipping, 22" stainless steel chain, and killa gorilla hat pin. Ends when I call it. Serious bidders only please thanks!