I 🖤 Things That Spin Water 🌀
168 Days ago
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  • DM sent
  • I feel ya good luck dude
  • @saucyyung as dope as yours is I only need straight cash to fund a new scoop, otherwise I'll just keep it.
  • Trade u my yellow n purple dbe plus 50 bucks? Mine has a peli as well. Shoulda posted this like 3 weeks ago an I woulda just straight out bought it lol
  • @migwels not even remotely close 😂😂
  • So many people sleepin! 😴
  • Bucket for Klein lol
  • It's so purty thouuuuuu
  • So much heat bro fuck


I 🖤 Things That Spin Water 🌀

Comment from I 🖤 Things That Spin Water 🌀:

I've had a lot of interest in my raindrop @dbe503 Klein but nobody has hit the right number yet 💸 or been serious enough when it comes down to it. 😴 I'm looking to either sell just the Klein in its peli OR the Klein, used XLQCB and matching cap as a set in peli for not much more. 🙌🏻 DM me with legit offers and let's make something happen. 💎 GlassForSale Raindrop WhirlpoolWatchers XLQCB InvestInHeadies Recycler HighEndGlass MeltShot DabPorn Terps Heady HeadyGlass FueledByBHO Shatter Wax WFAYO CannabisCommunity Weed Dabs Dab 710 420 DabbersDaily Mothership MothershipGlass Instaweed GlassPorn 710Community TopShelfLife WeShouldSmoke